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November 3, 2015 3:58 pm

Palestinian Human Rights Activist: Media ‘Full of Antisemitism, Hatred for Israel’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid. Photo: Facebook.

Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid. Photo: Facebook.

A prominent Palestinian human rights activist lamented on Monday night what he called the media’s unfair treatment of the Jewish state.

At a pro-Israel gathering hosted by advocacy group StandWithUs in New York City, Bassem Eid, a Jerusalemite, said the press, which is “full of antisemitism” and “hatred,” is “much more interested in fighting against Israel” than discovering the truth. So, he added, “Let us [Palestinians] tell the world what we are really suffering from.”

Eid, a former director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG), said Palestinians are “fed up and hopeless,” and have lost trust in the Palestinian Authority (PA). Meanwhile, he asserted, Israel is “the safest place” for Palestinians in the Middle East.

He continued, “When Israeli Arabs complain about Israel, I tell them, ‘So move to Syria, go to Yemen…’ And they can, but it’ll be worse for them there.” He also cited a recent survey conducted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy which revealed that a majority of east Jerusalem Arabs would prefer living under Israeli rule than Palestinian.

Talking about the current wave of terrorism sweeping Israel, Eid said, “When I watch TV and see a Palestinian youth — 13, 14 or 15 years old — holding a knife in his hand, running in the street and wanting to stab and kill, I think it’s the most barbaric thing I’ve ever seen. Will stabbing Jews solve my problems? Will killing a Jew solve my problems? Look at Hamas — in the past nine years they’ve been shooting rockets. What have we, as Palestinians, achieved? Let us be a little bit realistic.”

He went on, “I [as a Palestinian] don’t want to be a victim anymore… I want to be considered as a human being who has full control of my own future and my children’s future.”

Eid also claimed that Jerusalem has become “a victim” of several competing Palestinian political movements, including Fatah, Hamas and even Islamic movements inside Israel, who, he said, are all “adding oil to the flame.” He said Fatah’s only interest at the moment is to escalate the violence in Israel, and that even if Abbas were to call on Palestinians to calm tensions in east Jerusalem, “No one would listen to him.”

This is one of many reasons Eid believes that Palestinians will have to wait at least another generation — “20-25 years” — for a solution to their plight.

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  • Mr.Bassam Eid should get the most publicity from all the media of the world.He is one of the rare decent Palestinians on Earth.Israel should assist him in spreading the message that peace is something that can be achieved.

  • I applaud. I fear too that he will not be listen to. I doubt like other people commenting here that things will change as, indeed, the hate is brainwashed at birth. Something new must be imagined. Maybe some cure to brainwashing. Palestinians should understand that peace is made impossible by countries like Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. They are the real enemies of the palestinians, Israeli and any secular people in the world.

  • Barbara Tatarcuk

    Sir, all I can say is…thank you. Thank you for speaking truth. Truth, to me, has now become the most important thing. Once again, thank you.

  • David Tsal

    Bassam Eid: “Will stabbing Jews solve my problems? Will killing a Jew solve my problems? Look at Hamas — in the past nine years they’ve been shooting rockets. What have we, as Palestinians, achieved? Let us be a little bit realistic.”

    This reminded me of a poem, written by a Palestinian living in the West at the time of the first intifadah (about 1987-89). The poem was very popular among Palestinians, it was taken very negatively by Israelis, and the foreign media wondered what was in it that Israelis found objectionable.

    Referring to the intifadis, it said (from memory): “Oh brothers in Palestine! We in the West have become too rational, too realistic, too sane. Please teach us to be crazy!”

    No, there will be no realism in a generation. Because Palestinian girls are being indoctrinated to “be crazy” today. Boys too, of course, but Palestinian leaders (Fatah, Hamas, and the rest) place particular emphasis on girls, because girls are future mothers, and indoctrinating them means that the next generation too will drink “crazy” literally with their mothers’ milk.

    Bassam Eid is a lone voice of realism (reason, sanity), crying in the wilderness.

  • Yamit

    Finalmente un Palestinese con cervello, complimenti. Abbiamo molto apprezzato questo articolo di qualcuno che dice le cose come stanno.
    Shabat Shalom a tutti che amano Israele!

  • Judith Yacov

    Bassam Eid:

    You really need to visit South Africa, where the government and ruling ANC party have just welcomed Hamas as a means to becoming an honest broker and partner in an Israeli-Palestinian peace effort.

    Your efforts are much admired.

    Judith Yacov

    • Andria

      Sadly the new Canadian government is about to undo 10 years of truth and honesty, in its determination not to be a strong Israel supporter but some nebulous, useless honest broker. How can one do honest business with dishonest regimes? With those who won’t recognize Israel? With those whose sole aim is anti democratic and destructive? We will lose our moral compass under the new PM and his foreign affairs minister.

  • Sofia B

    Bassem Eid, telling the truth, and such a breath of fresh air, to try to change the minds of young Palestinians, after all, what have they done all these years, except hate and murder of innocent people.

    Israel is the only safe Democratic Country in the Middle East, it may not be perfect, but I will live there before I would live anywhere else. Having been to Israel seven times, once for three months, I know the beautiful country well, and it was made by the Jewish people, so many that came from Concentration Camps and suffered unimaginable horrors.
    Thank you Bassem Eid.

  • Shahna

    “Meanwhile, he asserted, Israel is “the safest place” for Palestinians in the Middle East.”
    Looking at the current state of affairs in the ME promulgated by Western Powers —- that has got to be THE most facetious remark I’ve seen for a long time!

    • Judith Yacov

      Where is it safer to be a Palestinian if you aren’t upper echelon PLO and Hamas sitting on piles of money stolen from your people and living at their expense?

  • Ralph Falkenstein

    The next generation will not be a better partner for real peace and understanding unless the current vile, hate-filled education and indoctrination process ceases. It may already be too late.

  • TLagun

    Palestinian authorities don’t care about Palestinian children or Israeli children being killed.
    If conflict between Israel and Palestine is resolved they will stop receiving money form the rest of the world. Their interest to continue the conflict so they can fund their insignificant lives of reach and infamous.
    Yassef Arafat was worth $300 mln. when he died. Where did he get this money? Did he build a business? Did he discovered anything? No. All he did is capitalized on human tragedy that he made sure is continued indefinitely. His wife Suha Arafat is enjoying her life in Paris. Shopping in all most expensive stores and leaving in the most expensive district of Paris.
    Now there is a new generation of Palestinian authorities that have to still money for themselves and their families. There is no resolution to this conflict unless Palestinian people will understand that they are just a tool for their politicians enrichment.

  • Esther

    What an amazing spokesman Bassam Eid is. He should be travelling the world to speak. Come to Australia! We would welcome you and I would help you with the organisation, transport, travel, accommodation.

  • true,if muslim living is so good why are they running instead of helping there country.the ones in israel can also leave nobody willstop them.they know israel is a better place to live and always will be.

  • Alexander Ocheretyansky

    Absolutely right!!

  • Brian McMorris

    Unfortunately, I must disagree with the level-headed Eid on his last line that Palestinians will need to wait for the next generation to solve problems (peacefully). How so when the Palestinian children are being programmed to hate and kill from birth? THAT is the next generation

  • The world’s eyes and ears are closed to any argument that contradicts their predetermined agenda.

    All attempts at reason and cooperation with Palestinians are doomed to fail as they immediately come under pressure and deligitimisation by the Palestinian leadership.

    Whether it be sport or culture, the Palestinians who want to participate are stopped from doing so.


    Bassem Eid is a beacon of light in the Israel-Palestine conflict. I have seen him lecture, I have read his interviews, and I have witnessed his bravery in saying what he does. We should all applaud him: not just because he is pro Israel / pro Palestine / pro Peace, but because he is one of a few who will stand up for what he believes is right. The more support that we all give him, the clearer his message will be heard.

  • Robert Davis

    Main Stream western medias are responsible for the impossibility to end this conflict and their governments are even worse since they support politically and financially these medias. However a rightwing Israel’s government could do what is needed to end it if it would first of all give a damn for what the medias say.

    • Robert Davis

      Some Wonder whether this conflict’s motivation is the land or the religion : since arabs’ Policy has been imperialist from the start at the 7th C. and has never ceased to be imperialist I would say it is first the land but religion is a tool to enslaven the people whom they conquer. So it is both but the land comes first.

  • Bernard

    This says it all ! Thank you .

    I hope abu Mazen is listening and pray that some knife happy little boy does not attack this brave man for telling the truth

  • Abiodun A. Ali

    How unbelievable, I thought there was never going to be a Palestianian who would come to light on the endless media’s apparent but unequivocal anti-semitism. This is a victory for peace, and in time this truth will simmer through the minds of many more palestinians. only in this truth, that a creditble peace proce would emerge. I hereby call on the media to kindly stop spreading (subliminal) antisemitic information and contribute to the peace process.

  • Ephraim

    Oh, if only the lame stream press and the neo-Nazis in Europe would listen to him.

  • nelson marans

    Certainly,The New York Times and CNBC have led a media charge to delegitimize Israel and approve of Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leaders whether Fatah or Hamas. The warping of the truth or outright lies has been the trademark of the New York Times going back to the Holocaust. It is the paper that prints all the news that castigates Israel whether fiction or false.

    • Markus Elkana Brajtman

      Nelson Marans.
      The NYT is the worst used toilet paper in the world.
      They are not interrested in the truth. What sell newspapers?
      As Goebbels said. The bigger the lie, the moore often told, the more the prople will believe it.
      So NYT sells lies, so that they can sell more of their used toilet paper.
      Create sensational lies, and people want to read it.
      The answer is for every Jew and every Christian in NY to boycott NYT, not advertise, and keep writing to the NYT that if they dont change their hate speech, they will land up with no advertising, no sales, and eventually, being closed down, and flushed down the toilet where they belong,

    • Esther

      Wow, that’s such a strong reply Nelson Marans, thank you. Couldn’t put it better myself. And the good man Bassam Eid, should take the place of the idiot Arab politicians who join the call for violence in Israel. With his honest outlook and level-headedness, he has a vision for the future – he would be a better representative and supporter of all Israeli Arabs imho.

  • rhea pollock

    well said and much appreciated..

  • isahiah62

    I have heard of this guy and read his work. Whenever I advocate removal of all Muslim from Israel (Kahane was right – separation is the only way)I feel sorry for him.
    Because he is one of so very few who actually think or say this truth about his fellow Arabs in Israel. The ones outside Israel are killed by the other Muslims for saying it.
    If things continue to escalate, the time will come when Israel has to throw out the good with the bad. And people like him will have to go with PA or HAMAS and work with them. Or move to Jordan, their state carved from Israel mandate- occupied Israel land. Jews agreed to peace and living together long ago. Gave 77% of the best land, gave Gaza and Sinai for nothing or less. It’s obvious “peace” & “co-existence” does not work for the Israelis no matter what they do.
    The 3rd intifada, the continual attacks, both physical and verbal, the refusal of the rest to co-exist inside the borders of Eretz make it impossible to continue. There is no way to tell which one of them will go Sudden Jihad Syndrome.
    And it looks like all the rest of nations with these hostiles within (EU, USA, Australia,UK) will have to do the same or face the same consequence of doing the same thing over and over- many dead civilians.
    One who acts with compassion when firmness is called for will eventually act with cruelty when compassion is needed (Koheles Rabbah 7:33)
    “The difference between a Jewish liberal and a Jewish conservative is that when a Jewish liberal walks out of the Holocaust Museum, he feels, “This shows why we need to have more tolerance and multiculturalism.”
    The Jewish conservative feels, “We should have killed a lot more Nazis, and sooner.”” – Philip Klein
    I hope Israel wakes up and does what is necessary to protect it’s own

    • Alexander Ocheretyansky

      Absolutely right!

  • Bassam Eid is clearly a modern who bears out my analysis of anti-Semitism as resistance to modernity. See, and note the concluding paragraph that explains that moderns are compared by those stuck in the medieval world as fallen angels, lost.