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November 6, 2015 3:41 pm

Canadian Zionist Group Says New FM Dion’s Pledge to Become ‘Honest Broker’ With Israel is Concerning

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Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Canadian chapter of Christians United for Israel, one of the world’s largest pro-Israel groups, expressed concern over just sworn-in Canadian Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion’s promise to have Canada become an “honest broker” with Israel.

“As a candidate to become Prime Minister, [Justin] Trudeau had promised to maintain the substance of Canada’s exemplary relationship with Israel, modifying only the tone,” the group said in a statement released on Friday. “However, just sworn-in Stephan Dion promises his ministry at Foreign Afffairs will return to the role of ‘honest broker’ vis a vis Israel.”

“Israel already has many ‘honest brokers’ among the Europeans. What Israel, a democracy surrounded by terrorist states and dictatorships needs is friends it can count on,” the group said.

“Canada needs to maintain the moral clarity to differentiate between sister democracies and violent, terrorist states if it is to strengthen and help its many strong friends and allies among whom Israel has always been counted,” CUFI Canada said.

The group was responding to comments by Dion criticizing the way former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper had conducted Israel policy. Dion said Harper made Israel a partisan issue and damaged the strength of Canada’s relationship with Israel, according to iPolitics.

Dion called for strengthening Canada’s relationship with other regional partners as well, mentioning Lebanon specifically, according to the report.

Indeed, Harper enjoyed a close relationship with Israel, becoming the first Canadian premier to speak at the Knesset, in 2014 during his visit to the region. Harper was also outspoken in his support for Israel and condemnation for Hamas and its war tactics during Operation Protective Edge that year.

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  • Sofia B

    We too voted for PM Harper, he understood how the world is today and was a fervent supporter of Israel. We have lost a good friend, and one who understands the evils that lurk all around us.
    Now we have all these bleeding hearts ready to open our borders to questionable migrants, as if two of our soldiers were murdered inside Canada just last October is no important.

    We tend to forget the past, and the future won’t be so rosy.

  • michelle kahn

    We need to watch out for anyone who even suggests Canada be an “honest broker” re Israel. That is the caption for all the pro muslim Trudeau supports. Look back at his past history when “canvassing” the Muslims.

  • Dr. . A. J. Kirshen

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, by the statement from Dione and Trudeau, about Canadian foreign policy vis a vis Israel. After all, isn’t the main job of politcians getting elected, spending our money, then tryig to bribe us with our money? We all should have known their promises were false – their lips were moving! God save us from this crew, please!

  • Robert Davis

    NO NO NO Israel does NOT want nor need any broker nor any meddling in its business. Dion can stay put with her dear antisemite trudeau and not start meddling. We all know how meddling starts how it continues with pressures and harrassment and waste Israel’s time!!! Ok trudeau will say he wants Jérusalem for arabs and then arabs anre the true hebrews, and then Jews never existed etc. She can keep her crap and broker Afghanistan, Sudan, syria etc. NOT ISRAEL.

  • dina van staalduinen

    This is a very grave decision by the new Liberal govt. Israel is the only little country in the middle east that is a democracy. All around her are hostile Arab nations who want to destroy her. We were so blessed to have PM Harper for the last 8 years because he was a friend of Israel. There is a verse in the Bible that says ” I will bless those who bless her and will curse those who curse her” We have had God ‘s blessing on our country for all the Harper years. We came through the big recession of 08 with flying colours. All the countries marvelled at Canada. Choosing to support a terrorist group called Hezbollah , is going to be very detrimental for Israel and Canada. We are opening up our country to divine judgement. Please Mr. Dion, and PM Trudeau reconsider this decision.

  • Shannon

    Stephen Harper was the Prime minister not premier

  • Reform School

    Unlike their recent Liberal predecessors, Socialists have no qualms about promising ANYTHING they believe will gain them power, knowing that once they reach that plateau they will pretend that they were misunderstood.
    When its Breaker becomes a Broker, the Ball is over!


  • Stéphane, we will watch you and make sure that you recognize and remember that Israel is the ONLY true democracy in the whole region and only wants peace!!!!
    Before you open your mouth take the time and visit Israel and the region so that you can see for yourself how Israel is being victimized daily by the PA and surrounding Terrorist organisations supported by Iran!!!

  • honest broker = pressure on Israel

  • steven L

    Lebanon. The most important country int he area according to Mssr Dion! Which other stable and democratic entity is he referring to?

  • nelson marans

    Israel lost its best friend internationally when Harper was defeated by the upstart Trudeau. He will mimic Obama’s policy toward Israel.

  • The defeat of Stephan Harper could not have come at a worse time. Israel has very few allies and now they have one less. When a right leaning government is in power, there is usually friendlier overtures towards Israel. Conversely, when a government of the left takes office, there is usually a more hostile and pro Arab sentiment. This will be the case in Canada as well. We will see a deterioration of relations between Israel and Canada. In today’s world, partisanship is more important than morality.

  • uyfuguy


  • MR S.Dion
    Maintaining a relationship with every one is great
    few points to remember
    make sure not to confuse terrorism & blame Victims / arabs are terrorist ,Jews are victims
    Make sure you know that there was never a palestine state why Now? asking a country to be within a country. this is not the Canadian space Israel is tiny . Arabs have 90% of the middle east they can pick any country they like and park there if they don’t get along sorry it is not Israel problem. Arabs love Israel but they want to destroy it and we won’t allow. The Jewish people were granted in 1920 less than 10% of the middle east .The mandate is signed by all the countries ,agreement sitting in San Remo Italy .
    everyone in the world has a country and the Jewish people deserve their country Israel .
    May God help you to see clear.

  • Florres

    Honest Broker means the most persecuted group in human history, is the power, thugh they are uniquely obsessed on, and Arab parts can and do, and always hhad destroyed all Jewish holy sites in their territory, their are almost no ancient Jewish holly sites int he 56 Muslim countries, because of the honest brokers, there are no Jews in the 21 Arab countries, there is a Jordanian law that no Jew may ever be a citizen. Egypt’s first representative to the UN admitted that there were still one million Jews just in Egypt in the early 20th Century. There is not one single Jewish community in Egypt today.

    Honest Broker (ie Islamophobia liars, colonialists are the good guys) means obsess on when the Jews do what every country, (taking land, killing terrorists, emptying those who don’t accept their existence) and every country in the Mideast does a million times worse, pretend that Jordan and Egypt which lost land in a war they instigated in 1967 lost an imaginary country, from the colonialist Muslims who erased all non-arabs in all of western Asia, with colonization, becuse antisemites have such outrageous gall to switch that on us. As always, y’know the Jews are pushy as any catholic will tell you.

    Honest Broker means racial abuse against the Jews, by 80 countries is equal to the persecuted. Because the Jews are so powerful.

    You know it is a scientific fact that the Arab ethnicity iis native to the western mid-east. Byzantine laws moving all the pre-Arab peoples out, never happened, before even the colonization, Jewish history never happened, Mohamed never mentions Jerusalem or “palestine” never happened. The whole thing is insane the Jews should have 1000 times the land they have now, if stealing land is an excuse, for foreign coloniization by the evil Euro UN.

    Honest Broker, where is a Druse State, Kurdistan, removal of all Catholics from South America, pre-Wahabist arabia, Native American states, also there never was in human history an Arab country called “palestine” most importantly not in 1966. Gaza was an impoverished more so than now, under the Soviets part of Egypt, it has not been an important or newsworthy place filled with murder and death (wars throughout the 1800s) for 1000 years, never news worthy to anyone, until Honest Brokers stepped in, to enhance a needed control over the powerful Jews, part of southern Egypt for 1000 plus years. Proof it was so impoverished is Egypt didn’t want it back with the Sinai, though it was Southern Egypt under the Ottoman Caliphate rather than Ottoman Musfarat of Syira which started just above Gaza, an impoverished place as 30% of Egypt is impoverished, worse under the Soviets than American support of Egypt and even worse than both under the Ottoman Caliph.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    Ha! In deed an Honest Broker from a liberal that means Israel get out of town.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Don’t trust Dion!

  • Edna

    As a Canadian who voted for Mr. Harper and the Conservatives, I am not surprised by Stephane Dion’s innocuous remarks.

    He is a charming, very classy, soft spoken, very polite, very tactful gentleman who never says anything of substance in case it may not be politically correct, and could perhaps/maybe offend someone.

    This said, we must all get used to a democratically elected Liberal government whose promises are a mile long, and pray that they keep none of them, else my beautiful Canada will become bankrupt.

    Like us, Israel will have to get used to double-speak (our indigenous people describe this as ‘white people speak with forked tongue’),

  • Barry lubotta

    As a Canadian, I and many others have feared this day for years. PM Harper was Israels’ greatest friend in the world, with no apologies.

    What we have elected is Obama north. A man whose sympathies lie directly with Arabs and Palestinians. Trudeau’s brother has done several documentaries that are 100% sided with Palestinians, where Israel is the enemy. That’s his brother who he has a close connection with.

    This Trudeau will be our equivalent of Obama. A reckless man who has accomplished little in his lifetime but won due to his sharing the same name as his late father who Prime Minister back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Pierre Trudeau for those who forget, counted amongst his closest friends Fidel Castro and China’s communist leader. His wife was quoted as saying that Castro was the sexiest person she had ever met.

    That the close relationship with Israel has come to an abrupt end is no surprise. The damage this PM will do over the coming years is incalculable. It’s going to be a tough ride.

  • Edna

    A Premier is a premier of a Canadian Province

    A Prime Minister is a Prime Minister of Canada. Ergo Mr. Harper was not a Canaudian premier, he was a Canadian PRIME MINISTER.