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November 15, 2015 3:22 am

France, Israel Stands With You

avatar by Chava Light

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France, Israel Stands With You, by Chava Light.

France, Israel Stands With You, by Chava Light.

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  • If your French get as far away from the Zionist entity that you can, it’s the “Root” cause of all the Mideast’s problems today .

    Five Star General George Marshall , the Greatest American of the 20th century told President Truman that Placing a homeland for European Jewry in the the Mist of the Arab World would destabilize the Hold region.

  • Kris Kristian

    Time for France to stand with Israel.
    Some people will say I am nuts.

    But I think Mari La Penn has the right idea.
    Kick all the Muslims out of France.\

    Now, so many countries have taken in hundreds of thousands of “migrants”. How many are ISIS?
    What a wonderful way to get ISIS into most countries

    And if you and I would love to live in France, Britain, England etc. We will have a hard time to get residence
    permits.those “migrants” will work? Learn the countries language?
    It wont ne long before they will build more mosques and demand Sharia law.
    In maybe 15 years time, they will become the majority in those countries which have taken them in, and ‘Either convert to Islam, or die by the sword.

    heaven forbid that those countries do not wake up NOW!! =

  • It would be nice if the French reciprocated.

  • The rest of the free world also stands with France and with Israel. You are our beacons.

  • Gary Vidor

    Time that European nations realise who their friends are and py
    Public ally stand for Israel !!! Israeli s have been living with
    These terror attacks and more for over 50 years and never have the nations
    Of Europe stood up for israel. Shame Europe shame

  • mortimerlevy

    Am a child of WW II when France gladly shipped out hundreds of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz to the applause of 40% of the population. In recent years, those Jews have been generously replaced by Muslims. That’s GOD’S revenge.

  • steven L

    Israel can wait for reciprocity.

  • I. M. Israel

    Speak for yourselves. Both the Israeli and French governments have not only enabled & encouraged terrorists, they have supported terrorism in more ways than imaginable. No, the corrupt leftist government of Israel does not represent, and does not speak for the Israeli people. As for France, who gives a rat’s ass about the Jew hating Eurotrash?

  • Dante

    May France stand with Israel to the same extent. And, of course, with its own Jewish citizens who are long beaten, raped, stabbed and killed by autochthonous jihadi zombies.

  • Sandrene

    How poignant. Paris, you are in our prayers.

    • HaroldT

      And when has France EVER stood with Israel??

  • rbockman