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November 16, 2015 2:17 pm

Following Paris Attacks, Iranian Media Resurrects Jewish Conspiracy Libels

avatar by David Daoud

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A Paris synagogue. Photo: Wikipedia.

A Paris synagogue. Photo: Wikipedia.

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency published an op-ed on Monday rife with Jewish conspiracy theories.

According to the piece, “In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, it is certain once again that French Jews were aware that the massacre would occur, exactly like the September 11 attacks 14 years earlier, when Jews employed at the Twin Towers did not show up for work.”

The article also twisted a quote by French-Israeli Journalist Jonathan-Simon Sellem about officials in the French-Jewish community having been informed of the very real possibility of an impending large-scale terrorist attack in the country — and were accordingly on high alert — into proof of malicious Jewish foreknowledge.

“What has become apparent is that Zionist media and officials planned to exploit this incident just as they did with the Charlie Hebdo attack on January 7, 2015,” the writer asserted.

The Zionists were exploiting these attacks, claimed the writer, in order to implement their “private goals.” He cited French journalist Dominique Rizet’s comparison between the attacks in France and terrorist attacks carried out against Israel — and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s solidarity with France and offer of intelligence cooperation — as proof.

The op-ed also falsified a Times of Israel piece, claiming that the Bataclan theater — where 89 attendees at the Eagles of Death Metal concert were murdered — provided funding to the Israeli army. The original TOI article states that “the Jewish [former] owners often put on pro-Israel events,” at the theater.

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  • Xavier

    Shouldn’t Algemeiner should reconsider the award it gave Jonathan Simon Sellem last year? Sellem is the person whose absurd comments gave birth to these appalling, antisemitic rumors.

    Sellem is the one who told a journalist of the ‘Times of Israel’ that the Jewish community had been alerted of a possible attack the morning before one took place in Paris. See here his exact words to the Times of Israel (this is a screenshot of the original article, made by JewPop, a French Jewish website:)

    • Bertrand

      Dear Xavier,
      I don’t get your point. The words of M. Sellem were distorted by antisemites and conspiracy ppl. Why do you attack M. Sellem ? I mean, i said that Jews were prepared in case of an attack, he never said that “jews knew” that it would happened.
      The link you gave is playing the game of antisemite and is just an personal attack, a non-sens. If the authors of your article were honest, they would have contacted M. Sellem and asked him directly if he knew about the “conspiracy” or not. And obviously, of course not.
      By the way, I found the article of the Times of Israel. He never said that he knew. If someone believe so, then, he doesn’t understand english.
      To conclude, I would say that Xavier is the author of this conspiracy article attacking a french-jewish leader, or Xavier is an antisemite faking to be our friend to attach one of us.

      • Robert

        Dear Bertrand, please refer to the article of French-Jewish magazine JewPop. They have a screen shot showing that Jonathan Simon Sellem did tell a Times of Israel journalist that “Jews knew about the upcoming attack” on the Friday morning before it took place, which of course is false. Sellem’s words were then quoted by several antisemitic websites. Jewpop shows very clearly that what Sellem told the Times of Israel was inaccurate. The Times’ journalist corrected her article after being contacted by Jewpop, but the damage was done.

        Sellem behaved in an irresponsible manner; he should apologize.’écran-2015-11-16-à-21.38.09.png

  • French

    These rumors come from a quote from by Jonathan Simon Sellem, a man who received an award from the Algemeiner. Sellem’s own website is highly controversial due to repeated, personal attacks launched against respected members of the French and Israeli Jewish communities.

    Please find below a translation of the article published by French Jewish magazine JewPop on this today:

    « Considering the fake scoops published by Jonathan Simon Sellem, such as the assassination of Bashar al Assad by his bodyguard, or the Paris synagogue which he said was targeted by people firing a Kalashnikov when they actually used a… stone slingshot, one has to ask how a journalist working for the Time of Israel chose to interview Sellem, a citizen living in Israel who happened to be in Paris by chance, and who has no credibility. It is with caution first, and then bewilderment, that we discovered that a media like Time of Israel had published such an information.

    We contacted the SPCJ – The Protection Service of the Jewish Community – to confirm or deny Jonathan Simon Sellem’s information. We also contacted people in charge of several at-risk Jewish locations, including synagogues which could be potential targets. All people in charge of security told us that Jonathan Simon Sellem’s assertions were lies.

    The Times of Israel article has since been reprinted by several anti-Semitic and conspirationist websites, translated into English and Italian, and even published by Iranian media.

    We cannot imagine the motivations of Jonathan Simon Sellem, Zionism’s useful idiot, but he has to be ‘thanked’ for contributing, with the support of a respectable newspaper and a journalist who did not do her work, to propagating nauseating and dangerous rumors.”

    • Bertrand

      Well, M. French,

      the article you are speaking about was written by “AMOS LERAH” and not M. Sellem.
      It was quoting leader of the syrian opposition.
      And Fox News, the BBC and CNN already spoke about the death of Assad, like this article…

      It seems that you are attacking M. Sellem personaly for reasons that are personals. You are dirty.

      • Robert

        JSS News is not a media, it is the personal blog of Jonathan Simon Sellem, who uses it from time to time to attack respected members of the Jewish community in France and Israel. The website is mostly a copy-paste of articles he found in French newpapers. If you are interested in a real French-Israeli media, please refer to Jaffa-based i24 News, whose team is made of real journalists who actually write articles instead of copying-pasting what they found online.

  • Why does NATO insist Assad must go?

    So that Iran will not be able to protect/work with Hezbolla and Israel can steal Golan and South Lebanon.

    What positive is there for US or UK or French or EU citizens in the murderous chaos they have created?