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November 17, 2015 10:35 am

Barack Obama Saving the World…

avatar by Mordechai Friedman

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"Barack Obama  saving the World..." by Mordechai Friedman.

“Barack Obama Saving the World…” by Mordechai Friedman.

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  • Lonnie

    The cartoon could not be more explicit! its not a message that the artist is sending…its a picture of what is ACTUALLY happening. ISIS terrorists will be amongst those poor people that enter the country as refugees. It does not matter whether you are a democrat or a republican…this is what is happening.

  • Ilan Elkaim

    The cartoon says it all.its that simple

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Will the US Jews wake up now as to who that monster they elected as POTUS really is? And Hilary Clinton and John Kelly

    It seems as though they are working with and for the Islamic terrorists.
    will Jews wake up that to vote for a DemS candidate is SUICIDE.


    If I wanted to settle in USA, it would be very difficult for me to get a green card. Yet, Obama has allowed thousands of terrorists into USA.

    Germany and Britain have allowed those terrorists in.Did they not realise that Islam has an agenda for hundreds of years to take over the world? USA, Germany, Britain and others have given Islam the go ahead to tAke over the world.

    Will they wake up, and send them back to the deserts to save the world from Islamic domination?
    i hope that they will tell Hitlery to “jump in the lake” and get out of politics.

    There are so many outstanding candidates standing foer the vote for POTUS,

    Who ever it is, will have to undo all the evil that Obam and his gang have created.

    A Christian friend, said that it is up to the Christians to help those in distredd.
    Where were they when Hitler murdered 6 milliion Jews?
    Oh, I forgot. They were only Jews, and Jews are dispensable.
    Jews have no right to defend themselves against the most evil monster in the world, Islam


  • Jeff jaffe

    Again..let’s be really clear about what the USA does for Israel. This Obama bashing horse manure is just indoctrination of its’ own kind manifested in the awesomely talented cartoonist’s abilities…misguided as they are

    • (pointed at Jeffjaffe-assuming the lower case is intentional)Still reading the Kapo gazette? What a schmuck! They’re getting a deserved lesson in Germany today. Make sure you renew your BDS card. Fool. I guess you got a rightr to be anti semitic, but anti American is frowned upon.

  • mark saltzman

    Mordechai’s cartoon is spot on. It’s inevitable that there will be some terrorist infiltrators amongst the Syrian refugees being allowed into the USA in the name of political correctness

  • Lauren Goldman

    Well, the future Europistan has been sleep-walking with blinders on for decades and may well have gone past the tipping point. Take in a steady flow of people whose religious writings call for the subjugation of humanity under a worldwide caliphate and suddenly….. Surprise! Islamic jihad is in your neighborhood. Although ISIS urges ‘lone wolf’ attacks, there have been sleeper cells there for decades (and yes, in America, too). A misconception about sleeper cells is that they are a group of people. That is one form, however, it is the single operative which will catch everyone off guard. Sleeper cells often consist of a single person, who has been programmed to carry out a specific terrorist action. The person comes to this country, settles down, has a family, etc. However, when the phone call comes, on goes the bomb vest (or a gun, whatever) and suddenly Mr. PTA blows up a shopping mall, or a café, or a bus; whatever he was trained to do. Given the FBI’s stellar record of ‘keeping an eye on’ those with known terrorist connections, and then being surprised when people are killed, falling into a false sense of security is easy. The shooter a the Jewish Community Center and Jewish senior housing, in Kansas, was ‘being watched’ by the FBI. They are also ‘keeping watch’ on radical imams who preach violence and terror. Those who go to fight with ISIS, et al., should immediately lose their citizenship and be put on a shoot-to-kill no entry list. Letting them return is simply insane.

  • Haile Stressor

    In 2008, when Obama spoke in Berlin and Paris before campaigning in America, he denounced America as a meddler in international affairs, and promised to diminish America if elected. The crowds cheered him; the media reported the cheers, but not his message.

    He is the first President whose intentions and actions are deliberately harmful to this Nation, and he’s not finished yet!

  • steven L

    The Procrastinator in Chief is waiting to be at the right place at the right time!!! Jan 20, 2017 Washington D.C.

  • Victor Perkel

    Obama bashing has always been supported by untruths and extension of partial truths. So what’s new. One could second guess how Obama has handled the situation but the real issue is who created the mess in the first place and who is best equipped to deal with it. I would not trust any one of the Republican clowns debating for the presidential nomination.

    • Howard Kahan

      Perkel: There is only one answer to your question. There may be no one around to correct this situation,(in the democratic party), but the situation is all obamas. You see and I quote obama,”the ISIS is the JV and no worry”. The Syria refugee situation is all obama,s when he did NOTHING after drawing a red line there. His major strength is talk alot and do nothing.

  • Ian Joseph

    AFAIK they have not stopped any refugees from Syria. Paul RYan is looking to put together legislation to stop them, governors from 27 states, all but one Republican, have spoken out against it, even though immigration is a federal affair and not a state affair.

  • Jonathan taylor

    love the artwork. However, satire is usually funnier if it is true. US has stopped all refugees from Syria, haven’t they? Mind you, that probably only happened when you had already finished the drawing and it is a pity to waste such good artwork. Then again, you could have just changed the card to read “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect Jihad”.

    • Jay

      Jonathan, it is true. Republicans in congress were able to pause the influx of moslem, just to check on the screening process. If it were up to Obama they would be pouring in nonstop.

    • rulierose

      unfortunately, no, the US has NOT stopped all refugees from Syria. nor have we stopped ANY refugees from Syria. in fact, administration officials have assured us that they will not be stopping Syrian refugees.

    • Howard Kahan

      NO THEY HAVEN’T ! obama has invited 10,000 as of this date. 11 17 15

    • W. Marne

      No. The U.S. has not stopped all refugees from Syria. A number of U.S. politicians have called for that, but President Obama has doubled down on bringing in many thousands who, despite his assurances to the contrary, cannot be effectively vetted. In that respect, the cartoon is regrettably accurate.

    • Elisheva

      As far as I know Obama is not stopping the inflow. Some States are refusing to take them.

  • Mike

    Scary, scary, scary.Is this what the world has come to? this is one of the harshest, “in your face” images that I have ever been exposed to.
    Lets pray that its not too late for the world to awaken

    • Howard Kahan

      NO THEY HAVEN’T ! obama has invited 10,000 as of this date. 11 17 15