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November 17, 2015 7:14 am

Ted Cruz to Introduce Bill Barring Syrian Refugees From US

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GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Washington Post–Sen. Ted Cruz, who has said that the United States should not allow Syrian Muslim refugees into the country but should provide safe haven to fleeing Christians, plans to introduce legislation that would bar Syrian refugees from entering the country.

Cruz (R-Tex.) said after a campaign event here that the legislation is still being drafted and wouldn’t offer details of exactly what it would say. According to reports, Cruz told CNN that it would bar Syrian Muslim refugees from entering the United States.

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  • John Paris Jr.

    This has to stop and we need to all stand up and demand that politicians spreading fear, hatred be put on notice that we have heard enough, get your acts together or we will vote you out, even better maybe we need a multi million population march on Washington demanding the Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Ryan, all resign. Ted Cruz is a sorrowful individual with questionable comprehension capabilities which may be a mental weakness guided by greed, thirst to power & control, including possible danger of having a figure or plural individuals using him as a spoke person from behind the scene. No one can be that stupid sorry he just proved the contrary with some of his comments or thought process openly spoken. Ted Cruz has followers as the majority of ill intended people have always had. Cruz is blatantly challenged with his xenophobia. He also has the ignorance of not understanding that he cannot address or should not with a racist attitude which minorities have been accustomed to in the past, he himself not exactly what we would call a Caucasian but the son of an immigrant, who also showed complete ignorance toward our President, respect has its place regardless if we like the actual President or not. Maybe he is guided by something which can be treated maybe not! Shame on him and his son. Cruz makes many of the older generation squirm with some of his comments, the Syrian refugee one is an example; those who were around while the second world war was in place are also well aware of some sad comments and thought process spoken by some American politicians & general public concerning Jewish population who lost over 3 million children, women & men who were horribly killed by genocide, gas chambers, furnaces, buried alive, children and women raped and tortured, many used for medical experiences and much more. In America many political figures were aware of the plight of Jewish population but closed their eyes and ears until 1944. During all that period of time USA refused any relief, relaxation for change to Jewish quota immigration laws that existed. Activists were trying to make their point but were not listened to and some received threats and even lost employment. Many of the opponents to Jewish immigration refugees denied that atrocities existed in prison camps, that it was a Jewish ploy, hoax, others using political posturing & ignorance guided by xenophobia, anti Semitic intent racism and exclusion ruled the roost. Some political figures even went so far as to say that refugees could be German agents or used as such, that Jews were not like us and more. Politicians overlooked purposely to make aware the population of positive facts such as the support of Jewish soldiers who had joined the allied forces or fought alongside them, they did not speak about the Jewish resistance groups of the underground! Does this not remind you of a Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and others, shame on them. Christie stating that he would not even accept a 3 year old refugee orphan. These are sick individuals and they need to be voted out of office, even better they should be charged with spreading racism & hatred. Note: In 1944 under huge pressure from American Jewish community and activists proving the mass murders of the Jewish population and the outrageous treatment suffered by survivors, USA politicians and population had to backtrack, only then did they take some action. Previous to this they did not pursue any organized nor specific rescue plan or policy for the Jewish victims.
    We are much better than that group of racist motivated individuals who would leave children and others in dangerous situation.
    Cruz challenges President because he is well aware that no President would ever accept this childish ignorant ploy of attention. Cruz is a weakling and a bully, I challenge him to face a group of University true debaters who will stage a wake up call to him on stage. They will take him apart piece by piece, word by word and leave with a smile of having done a favor to American voters. Ted Cruz you have just been truly called out! The debate youths of to-day are much more prepared then in your day Cruz and you would find this out quickly!