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November 19, 2015 10:29 pm

Massachusetts Teen Ezra Schwartz Among Victims of Palestinian Terror Attack

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Ezra Schwartz. Credit: Facebook.

Ezra Schwartz. Credit: Facebook. Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year-old American yeshiva student from Massachusetts, was among the three people killed in a Palestinian terror attack in Gush Etzion on Thursday.

Schwartz was riding in a van with five of his friends from Yeshivat Ashreinu in Beit Shemesh when a Palestinian terrorist driving in the opposite direction opened fire on the van and other cars stuck in traffic. The students were heading back to the yeshiva after handing out food to IDF soldiers.

“Ezra wanted nothing more than to help feed another person, to study Torah and his faith, and to live a life in peace. That opportunity was stolen from him and from us,” said a joint statement from Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies and Jewish Community Relations Council.

Two others—one Israeli and one Palestinian (not the terrorist)—were killed in Thursday’s attack in Gush Etzion, and seven were lightly wounded.

Raised in a family of five children, Schwartz grew up in the Boston suburb of Sharon and was a recent graduate of Maimonides Jewish Day School in Brookline, Mass. He had attended Camp Yavneh, a Jewish summer camp in Northwood, N.H. The camp said on Facebook that its community is “heartbroken to share the sad news that long time camper and counselor, Ezra Schwartz, was murdered in a terrorist attack in Israel today.”

Schwartz was also a participant in the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Masa Israel Journey program.

“Ezra came to Israel not only to study but also to be a part of the vibrant Israeli experience. This makes his death even more tragic,” said Jewish Agency Chairman of the Executive Natan Sharansky.

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  • snag

    Give me and yourself a break and wait for someone to prize you instead running your mouth and bragging.

    Google; ‘Israel ranks low in international giving’ and educate yourself

    A philanthropy expert says citizens could actually legitimize the state of Israel as a part of the world family by giving more to support other people.

  • Andrew

    RIP, Obama comments on the treatment of an Palestinian American rioter, but no comment on an American killed in Israel by so called Palestinians.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    What a sad loss for the Jewish people and humanity. It seems that this young man had a huge heart and a great love for Israel and the Jewish people. Hatred recognises no face, not even the countenance of an angel.May Ezra’s soul be forever blessed with eternal peace and may his memory be for a blessing. May his family and friends be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

  • Brenda

    I am a gentile who is heartbroken at the loss of Ezra and all Jewish people who have suffered from the inhuman violence of Palestinian and other terrorists. What is happening (and has always happened) to the Jewish people in Israel and other parts of the world at the hands of terrorists is nothing short of pure evil. There is no doubt in my mind that these terrorists are literally possessed by Satan himself. I want Ezra’s parents and family to know that there are many, many gentiles out here who are heartbroken at the loss of their beautiful boy, Ezra. I know that nothing can ease their pain over the loss of precious Ezra, save the comforting, healing salve of the love of Hashem. To Ezra’s parents: This gentile shares your sorrow, truly. I am so, so incredibly sorry for your loss.

    “To One in Sorrow” by Grace Noll Crowell

    Let me come in where you are weeping, friend,
    And let me take your hand.
    I, who have known a sorrow such as yours,
    Can understand.

    Let me come in — I would be very still
    Beside you in your grief;
    I would not bid you cease your weeping, friend,
    Tears can bring relief.

    Let me come in — I would only breathe a prayer,
    And hold your hand,
    For I have known a sorrow such as yours,
    And understand.

    • Wendy Gardner

      Thank you for that. I am RC and live in MA, and could never have found the words to express my sorrow and grief over this poor boy. This is every parent’s nightmare.

  • snag

    Crap! Schwartz was part of a group of Yeshiva volunteers from Bet Shemesh, who travelled to the area in order to hand out food to soldiers guarding a settlement on stolen land ,…

    US Armed Forces not good enough for him?

    • snag

      It looks to me like you’re one ignorant gentile. US Marines weren’t good enough for him so he had to serve i foreign army doing what occupying and stealing land from rightful owners?

      • A Zionist

        Only an antisemite could churn out such vile hatred.

        The late Primo Levi wrote, “that to confuse murderers with their victims is a moral disease, or an aesthetic affectation or a sinister sign of complicity; above all it is a precious service rendered (intentionally or not), to the negators of truth.”

      • snag

        He was born, brought up and educated in US what was he doing on Palestinian soil in occupiers uniform?

        Give me a one good reason why should I weep.

    • Carol

      Yep! That’s what you are full of ?.

  • Carol

    My heart is broken once more. We as Jews, are always bearing the brunt of the stupidity that exists in the world. We have to stop being so humane, inasmuch helping with their wounded, starving, etc. They are our enemy amongst us, so they must not be coddled.

    No more excuses for any evil, Satanic, individuals. Live by the sword, die by the sword! I am not advocating violence, but many Jews are being attacked, murdered, and enough is enough, already.

    • snag

      Give me and yourself a break and wait for someone to prize you instead running your mouth and bragging.

      Google; ‘Israel ranks low in international giving’ and educate yourself

      A philanthropy expert says citizens could actually legitimize the state of Israel as a part of the world family by giving more to support other people.

      • A Zionist

        snag (noun)

        an unexpected or hidden obstacle or drawback.

        synonyms:complication, difficulty, catch, hitch, hiccup, obstacle, stumbling block, pitfall, problem, impediment, hindrance, inconvenience, setback, hurdle, disadvantage, downside, drawback

        “the snag is an obstacle, pitfall, a problem, an impediment and a problem” because he is an antisemite. Snag is more than an inconvenience, a disadvantage to anyone other than an Israel-hating antisemite.

        a sharp, angular, or jagged projection.

        synonyms:sharp projection, jag;

        snag as a verb

        catch or tear (something) on a projection.

        synonyms: tear, rip

        snag, is therefore a projection of antisemitic hatred.

  • Jeffrey Class

    My heart breaks for the family and friends of this fine young man, as well as all of the innocent victims of evil in Israel. This evil is now being unleashed all over the world, and the wake up call is clear, we must join together to expose and root out those who would savagely murder and terrorize the world. I stand with Israel, and all who love freedom. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for the protection of Israel. I pray for all being persecuted, Christians,Jews, men, women, and children. No one is safe, until we are all safe.

  • michelle kahn

    This is just way to much….. revoke their Israeli citizenship and send them to Abbas and anyone else who will have them!

  • Ezra Schwartz’ death unfortunately was predicted in 1899 by Winston Churchill who wrote with great prescience in The River War: ” Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog.”