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November 21, 2015 12:00 pm

Palestinian Fatah Official Praises Toddler for Wanting to Shoot Israelis

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On Palestinian Authority television, Palestinian Fatah official Tawfiq Tirawi praises his 2-year-old son's desire to shoot Israelis. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch.

On Palestinian Authority television, Palestinian Fatah official Tawfiq Tirawi praises his 2-year-old son’s desire to shoot Israelis. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch. Amid the wave of Palestinian terror attacks, an official from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, Tawfiq Tirawi, expressed pride in his 2-year-old son for wanting to shoot Israelis.

“Listen, my son is 2 years and 10 months old. Yesterday, he sang to his mother, ‘Escort the martyr to his wedding.’ He doesn’t know the meaning of this song (i.e., the Islamic belief that martyrs marry 72 Virgins in Paradise),” Tirawi said on Palestinian Authority TVPalestinian Media Watch reported.

“Today his mother told me that he sang, ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists.’ A boy who is not yet three! A Palestinian grows up with a feeling of belonging to the land, the homeland, and the people,” added Tirawi.

Tirawi, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, has in the past rejected any notion of coexistence with Israel. He was also involved with overseeing acts of terror during the second intifada.

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  • Anke Philipp

    That is sick

  • rbockman

    classy, real classy, these cousin marrying, decapitators

  • The media loves offering false analogies to Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. But the Jews were a stateless people then. They had no country of their own go to. Muslims have more countries than nearly every other religion on the planet. They choose to go to the wealthiest Western countries, rejecting Slovenia and Bulgaria for Germany and Sweden, because they want money and they want easy money

    Also the world needs to understand, not just France, and not just Russia, but the entire world – is that kowtowing to Islamofascists and Arab dictators never pays off. If you’re not like them – if you’re not dictatorial, or if you’re not a religious extremist willing to kill in the name of your god, you will ultimately be the target. Temporarily they may call you an ally or even a friend, but the Assads of the world, the Al Baghdadis of the world, the Bin Ladens of the world, will ultimately have nothing but contempt for you. If you can help them today, you become a means unto an end, but in the end, they want you dead too. It’s a sad but sobering reality.

    Can plight of Syrian refugees today, Jewish refugees in WWII be compared?

    Fresh angst about whether to admit refugees or turn them away has put spotlight back on 1939 shunning of the St. Louis

  • brenrod

    this man and his children are a danger to all Jews… I cannot understand why Israel allows such folks to remain alive in the Jewish homeland.

    apparently eretz Yisroel is really ersatz Yiroel

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    SADLY Western civilization has learned little about the nature of terrorism during the fourteen years since 3000 Americans died on 9/11.
    The psychology of terrorism was no different in New York City, or in Israel and now in Paris. Terrorism is nothing more than extreme egotism which seeks to enshrine undistinguished and unproductive selves in a cowardly attack upon a helpless populace. Not a single terrorist has thus inspired a noble consequence for Islam, not even with the recent apologetic speeches by Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.
    If Allah is truly great then Islam must teach its youth greatness, not terror.