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December 8, 2015 2:50 pm

US Jewish Leader: Obama’s Oval Office Speech ‘Frightening Disgrace’

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President Barack Obama. ZOA released a statement slamming his Oval Office speech on Sunday. Photo: Wikipedia.

President Barack Obama. ZOA released a statement slamming his Oval Office speech on Sunday. Photo: Wikipedia.

President Obama’s address to the nation from the Oval Office on Sunday was a “frightening disgrace,” said the head of a major US Jewish group on Monday.

In a harshly worded statement, Morton A. Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), slammed what he called “Obama’s terrorism speech” and listed what he considered to be the 16 “specific areas of concern” that emerged from it.

“Not only was there no new policy,” Klein’s statement read, “but it was filled with falsehoods about the daily intelligence briefings.”

The statement continued:

It misled us on his exaggerated bombing raids, intimidated Americans into silence of suspicious radical Muslim activity, while dismissing legitimate American concerns of bringing Syrian Muslim refugees to America. And why did he spend a disproportionate amount of time defending Muslims and warning us against anti-radical Muslim actions when there is no evidence of any outbreak of increased violence against American Muslims? In fact, the clear majority of hate crimes in America are against Jews — at four times the rate compared to Muslims. President Obama’s speech last night offered virtually nothing to comfort the American people’s well-warranted fears about the radical Islamist threat to our country. The president’s speech also included serious distractions from the real issues.   Moreover, many of the steps the president listed to combat ISIS are not being implemented as stated, are ineffective, unrealistic, and/or counterproductive.

Why is Pres. Obama refusing to use all of our resources to destroy the greatest scourge facing the world and America, namely radical Islamist Jihadist terrorism? Why won’t he state that we are at war with radical Islam, as President [Francoise] Hollande of France and others did? Obama’s speech brings to mind his refusal to attend the anti-radical Muslim rally in Paris, his ordering the deletion of the term “radical Islam” in our military documents, his releasing radical Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo, and his invitations to Muslim Brotherhood to meet at the White House. It reminds one of his attendance for 20 years at Rev. Wright’s anti-America, anti-Israel church, his claiming that Hezbollah and Hamas have legitimate claims, and telling Jewish leaders that Abbas is sincere about peace, but Jewish and Israeli leaders should search their souls to see if they are serious about peace, and his opposing sanctions on Iran every time they were introduced, and on and on. Is the president’s attitude toward radical Islam an appropriate attitude?

Klein’s key criticisms of the speech were that it appeared to show Obama:

1. Furthering political correctness, indicated by the hesitance expressed by the San Bernardino terrorists’ neighbors to contact police about suspicious activity going on next door – for fear of being accused of ethnic profiling.

2. Ignoring the American people’s legitimate worry about the ability of terrorists to infiltrate the United States as refugees.

3. Violating federal law by asserting that refugees should not be “tested” based on religion.

4. Failing to call the office gathering where the San Bernardino massacre took place a “Christmas party.”

5. Failing to acknowledge that the San Bernardino killers were part of an international terror group or of a “broader conspiracy at home.”

6. Refusing to use the term “radical Islamist terrorism.”

7. Persisting in the assertion that al-Qaeda has been “decimated.”

8. Refusing to make a connection between Islamists across the globe, limiting himself to al-Qaeda and ISIS, while ignoring Iran.

9. Persisting in claiming that he has been confronting terrorist threats by following the security briefings of US intelligence professionals.

10. Continuing to assert that anti-Muslim discrimination is a major problem in the US, though “FBI hate crime statistics throughout the past two decades confirm that bias offenses against Jews, Asians, whites, blacks, lesbians, other members of the LGBT community, Hispanics, and other ethnicities are all far greater than offenses against Muslims.”

11. Reiterating a false statement about the amount of training and equipment he is providing the Syrian and Iraqi forces fighting ISIS.

12. Exaggerating the number and impact of American air strikes on ISIS.

13. Asserting that the US is “hardening our defenses,” while defense spending has been severely cut.

14. Exaggerating the existence and strength of the anti-ISIS “coalition.”

15. Reiterating a push for gun control.

16. While warning against the “extremist ideology in some Muslim communities,” failing “to mention that the same hateful radical Islamist ideology is also shared by numerous other entities that incite terror and terrorize and murder innocent civilians in the name of Islam – including Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, the PLO/Palestinian Authority and Hezbollah.”

Obama’s speech came on the heels of last Wednesday’s shootings in San Bernardino, California, which left 14 people dead and at least 17 others wounded. The perpetrators, who were both shot and killed by police after a four-hour manhunt, were identified as Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik. The couple had left their six-month-old baby with grandparents to commit the mass murder, which took place during a Christmas party at the Inland Regional Center, where Farook had been employed.

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  • Don Reynolds

    Most of the critical comments here are structured in typical troll fashion. Ignore them. These plants will discredit anyone who questions the current administration.

  • Jonathan Ezor

    A few counters to Mr. Klein’s misstatements: First, according to the FBI, hate crimes in the U.S. are decreasing across the board, except for those against Muslims, which are rising, and even if there are more numerically against Jews than Muslims, there are ( Further, even if the San Bernardino killers may have been inspired by ISIS or other Islamic radicals, there is *zero* evidence that they were part of a broader plot or active members of such groups. Mr. Klein also conflates a reduction in total defense spending with an increase in strategic spending to both prevent terrorism and attack Islamic terrorists (30,000 of whom have been killed by attacks authorized by President Obama, per

  • There is nothing more upsetting then reading comments from LIBERAL, PRO-OBAMA Jews. When are you going to wake up already? He hates you, your people and Israel. I also think liberal Jews could care less for Israel and are also pro Arab. Regardless, your always right behind him marching in step sticking up for him and will probably help get Hillary elected which is another four to eight years of the same stuff. It is great and quite refreshing to see an article like those of Mr. Klein. What is going on in the world right now is due to the one and only Obama. Thanks liberal Jews who voted in lock step for him 80%. Shame on you, and you will repeat it like a broken record in 2016 as you can’t help yourselves.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Good for Mort Klein for speaking the truth, something most “Jewish leaders” work hard to avoid.

    What did we expect from a Community Organizer who spent 20 years as a member of Jerimiah Wight’s anti-Jew and anti-Israel church.

    How did Jews ever bring themselves to vote for an anti-Jew?

    What did they expect? Jews have always provided support to people who hate them thinking that if they gave them money they would like them.

    It didn’t work in Germany and it doesn’t work here.

    Obama should be impeached but he won’t because it would cause the blacks to rise up and revolt just as the fear of a riots forced the acquittal of OJ Simpson and look what happened.

  • Kevin epstein

    I am disgusted by the vitriol expressed here. If you had any knowledge at all about geopolitical a diplomacy, you would understand why the President said what he said. If he indicted all Islam, we will lose the ability to get the Islamic Arab countries to engage the enemy in their backyard. The party was a holiday party, not a Christmas party. It was undoubtedly celebrating the holiday season as I am sure that was at least one Jew their, and we know there were Muslims. I could not agree more with the president on gun control as it relates to automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. They have no place amongst the citizenry in a democratic society. I know you will all jump on me, but someone has to call you all out on all the misguided hate.

    • Cassandra Watson

      Kevin, I see no hatred in any of the facts that Ms Blum stated or the manner in which she stated them.
      All I see is a dry and emotionless presentation of the facts. Anyone can do the research and find out for themselves. Of course you already know this, as I suspect you are a shill.

    • Marlon

      Mr.Epstein. You are living In a fantasy world. I was near the World Trade Center when the towers fell, and yes there were Muslims celebrating in New Jersey that horrible day. It was a large amount but I don’t recall an exact amount.
      Stop with the BS PC terms . A Christmas Party is a generic term for a Holiday party, meaning all inclusive.
      And shove your gun control problem where the sun don’t shine. Chicago has the strictest gun controls as does Austrailia and they have violence plus terrorist acts taking place and guess what Mr. Epstein? The only ones with weapons are the criminals.
      And you sir can call me out on my hate because on 911 all the Muslim Stores aroun the area of the Trade Center were closed and I saw things that no human being should ever witness. People jumping out of windows to their death, people being vaporized. Wake up. The enemy is here and since we do not have a viable method of vetting I would not permit
      anybody from the Mideast of Muslim extraction come here. Also you mention our President playing nice to the Muslim Community so that they can help us against terrorism. They don’t care about their own. They want to lawn these terrorists off the Democratic Nations. BS. As seen in Iraq the U.S. spent millions of dollars training useless soldiers to fight, and when attacked they ran and Isis got all brand new US weaponry. Only 4 were viable soldiers do Mr.Epstein, please continue your bleeding heart diatribes, and don’t look for people like me to defend you when heaven forbid you are physically attacked, because you will shine and stand out like a diamond in sunlight.
      Wake up.

    • Mike

      Since you claim to have a lot of knowledge, maybe you should do your research and actually learn about what you post. Automatic weapons are legal to own only IF you apply for and receive a special license issued by ATF. This has been the LAW since just after the roaring 30’s Both you and the President should get some education instead of making up facts to suit your needs. Your statement on diplomacy and the type of party being held maybe correct. But given your lack of factual knowledge in the last area, all your comments are subject to suspicion also. Just say!

    • Elise

      Christmas, Holiday party doesn’t matter. These killers were planning the attack months before, and as with all the arguments against gun control, if anybody in the party had a gun, the number of casualties would have been much less or even zero, this is why living in Texas I feel more secure than anywhere in the US

    • HaroldT

      And I am disgusted at all you Quisling Jews that brought Obama to office.
      What will you say when he supports a UN resolution to establish a “Palestinian” state that aims to annihilate Israel, before he leaves office ??

      • Stefan

        Point taken.

    • Alan Silverman

      A thoughtful look at the situation shows that gun control would have done nothing to stop this attack. The problem in this case was with the fiancee visa, which program let her in; and with the failure of others to raise warning flags over the increasing religiosity of the guy, combined with other signals he evidently was giving to those close to him. After all, his mother lived with them. As to a Jew being present at the holiday party, the only reference I have seen is to a convert from some non-Jewish denomination to Messianic Judaism, a man for whom it was indeed a Christmas party.

      • Alan Silverman

        Please note that I agree with you, Epstein, about gun control…the only firearms the right to keep and bear should not be infringed are muzzle-loading flintlocks. Other arms for which non-infringement applies would be halberds, hauberks, and swords, but while the NRA never mentions these for reasons making good business sense, there is nothing preventing anyone else from pointing this out. To say Jefferson et al. would have approved of the stuff of today is to insult them, I think.

  • Edward

    Obama’s a TRAITOR, HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED. I think he has not been not been IMPEACHED because he’s black and the black community would riot across the country.

  • HaDaR

    Unfortunately, MOST US Jews and their organizations are sclerotic from all the cholesterol in their lobsters and shrimps, and have prosciutto-covered eyes.

  • Ariana

    Yes I agree! Most Muslims are peaceful and so have been all the sleeper cells, which have killed hundreds in western cities: London, Paris, Madrid, San Bernandino, Moscow, Sydney, Mumbai & others in Asia & Africa.
    Most members of ISIL were peaceful just a few years ago and so many others terrorist groups were peaceful only a few years ago. Those individuals members all up number now in their thousands. In order for those groups to thrive in spite of fighting on so many fronts and against so many govermeants they would need the help of at least triple their official estimated number in logistical support.The Islamic Brotherhood which boasts millions of members swore allegiance to ISIL. In the last few years this peaceful majority of Muslims is shrinking rapidly. A constant lesson from history is that a civilization in denial dooms its own children.Every member of every sleeper cells is was peaceful until they were activated.

  • Lewis E. Fenley

    When the news media and the American people finaly learn
    that oboma is a muslim every thing he has dune
    since day one will make fall into place

  • robert davis

    How can obanana speeches not be a disgrace since he is himself a disgrace? french françois holland is himself a disgrace but obanana is still worse! Yes hollande is fighting daech because the latter attacked France but he supports the fake “palestinian” terrorists who are even worse only because they attack “only” jews… Trying by a million tricks to weaken Israel is not the right way todefend either europe or the US since Israel is a bulwark against islam and this + antisemitismis why its enemies want to destroy it. obanana and holland are Israel’s worse enemies.

  • VictorMc

    Morton Klein ought to resign he’s total terrorist loving idiot. He’s the sort who got the Muslim in power in the WH.

  • Thank you, Mr. Klein, for expressing so clearly what many of us have been feeling for some time. Presidents of the United States have been the acknowledged leaders of the democratic world, and respected by the rest for generations. In recent years that leadership has been lacking, giving the impression that the present incumbent does not have the total commitment required for the job, or has a personal agenda/dichotomy. WW II had Roosevelt, we really need a strong, unifying leader now.

    • The way things are heading , we’ll get a strong leader all right , One of the hell-born who burn people alive, who’s going to stop them ???? The leader of the western world ????? The gentleman in the WHITE house ??????, I do not think so.

  • a yid

    Go Morty!!! That’s why we love Morton Klein ZOA!!! He always gives it straight!!! Gd bless you Morty!! Mor-ty Mor-ty Mor-ty!!!

  • The description of the real President Obama is frightening.

  • David Finley

    Obama has been a frightening disgrace since his election. In 2008 he declared the United States of America is NOT a christian nation and has tried his hardest to destroy it ever since

  • Charlie Hall

    Morton Klein is NOT a “US Jewish Leader”. He is a right wing ideologue who turned a once great organization onto a disgrace and even attacks the government of Israel when he doesn’t like what it is doing.

  • President Obama is lullabying Americans into a sleeplike trance. He is not naïve. It is intentional.

  • Douglas Brown

    All the information listed above is factual. It’s as plain as day. So what conclusion are fair minded people to reach? What type of an individual purposes to further an Islamist agenda, except ether a new convert, or an old tried and true adherent, or some sort of space cadet that just thinks Islam is cool. It baffles me. I don’t get it. Are the powers that be so numb that stopping this apparent treason is beyond their ability or comprehension?

  • yussi

    I foolishly voted for this president but he has proven to be a total disappointment.

    • pal88

      When will the American Jewish community finally realize that the democratic party is not the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy? It is full of far left leaning obamas…and inspite of this they will flock to the polls and vote for that crook hillary who will continue barrys Isreal hating policies.

    • ZORKA

      YOU PUT THAT SO LIGHTLY, SUGGESTION, DO THE RESEARCH ON OBAMA, I did prior to he being elected to the dictatorship, chilling!!!

  • Leon

    Because the American people have been hoodwinked and deceived by the demoncrats and the Obama president.
    About time they awoke and put thing right. The USA is being
    mislamitised from inside out starting from the very Top


    You are invited to join with other rabbis in demonstrating your support for Donald Trump. Rabbi DR. Bernhard Rosenberg and Shlomo Phillips are happy to announce the creation of the Rabbis For Trump Facebook Group.

    The purpose of this group is to unite Jewish support for his candidacy. We are requesting that all Rabbis who support Donald Trump for POTUS join us as we discuss and plan ways to assist in his election. Working with Mr. Trump we can Make America Great Again!

    While we appreciate the support of everyone, this group is focusing on the leadership of the Jewish people. For this reason, only rabbis will be admitted. The group will be open for everyone to read however, and we encourage everyone to check in often.

  • shoshana

    He should be impeached ! If it would have been a Republican President doing all the disgraceful things that Obama has been doing for the past 7 years of his presidency, they would have been already impeached.

  • nelson marans

    Again we have heard the usual tired rhetoric and meaningless promises from our president. In light of his inability to handle his continuing and increasing problems in foreigh policy,he should submit his resignation, accompanied by one from his secretary of state.

  • Tzvi Jacobs

    The Algemeiner is my main source of Jewish and Israeli news, so I don’t know if other so-called bigger media have presented this damning critique of President Obama’s speech. Will you please let your readers know who else has given editorial space to Mr. Klein’s insightful and ripping criticism. Our President has shown his pitiful posture in the face of the greatest threat to all men, women, and children in the United States–including Moslem Americans whose children have become terrorists–and other good people throughout the non-Moslem world.

  • Salomon

    Finally an American Jewish Leader with brain and balls…. so rare…

  • e.m.harari

    Its very clear that Obama since voted in the white house has demonstrated his staunch defense and promoition of Islam After
    all if anyone still isn’t yet convinced he is a muslim must have cork
    in his brains.In 7 years Obama he has consistently taken steps and made decisions completely detrimental to the interest and safety
    of our country.He always hated our country and had an Agenda to
    destroy it. WHEN will our citizens wake up and see him as he really is. As for the democratic party ( I’m a registered democrat ) it has gone so much to the left that I’m appalled
    to see these elcted democrats follow blindly the likes of Harry reid and nancy pelosi Whar a SHAME.

  • Jack Tucker

    Gosh, Mr. Morton Klein. I’m sure that we would be able to win over the support of the wold’s 1.6 million Muslims by telling them exactly what you think of them.

  • Francis Figliola

    Obama’s Muslim roots run deep, from his Muslim father, to the Islamic Madrasa in Indonesia, and to his associates and friends, the likes of race and Jew baiters, “reverends” Farrakhan, Sharpton, Wrong, and Jackson. He besmirches the office of the President of the United States with these individuals along with the incompetent “help” he has surrounded himself in his administration! This man is an historical disgrace.

  • Edna

    Mr. Obama has not changed. He is the same person, with the same rhetoric and they still chose him to be their president.

    They elected and re-elected him.

    Nu…..??? What are they complaining about ??

  • David Schneider

    So, if I understand it correctly – other than those 16 criticisms, Morton Klein is quite enthusiastic about Obama’s attitude regarding Islamic terror.

  • Arthur Palgon

    I wonder where his true beliefs really ly. Many of his actions and inactions cause one to wonder.

  • atilla

    Please Mossad, you know what is needed.

  • Lorraine James

    I don’t understand why proceedings haven’t started to impeach this guy. Get some dam proof regarding his connection to and support of radical islamic terrorists so that he can be tried for treason!

  • Hillside Avenue Jamaica Oy NY

    Barak Hussein Obama? Raised in Indonesia?
    “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”
    “Islam has always been part of America”
    “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”

    Hello? Anyone listening?

  • art

    As an aside Obama/Hillarys’ arab spring has totally disrupted any stability in the Mid East and has allowed the islamists to exploit the power vacumn. The premature and abrupt removal of US forces left Iraq vulnerable.’Obama has made the world a far less safe world than the one he inherited

  • Emily F. Korzenik

    The president’s speech to the nation was clearing intended to be reassuring. It was cautious and careful to be unoffending which is fine. But there was nothing offered that made me feel that America is capable of meeting the challenges that our own gun culture and the threats extremist Islam put before us.

  • Lynn K.Circle

    He is correct. I used to think they were crazies, who spoke of President Obama being a Muslim plant whose intention was to destroy our nation. Now, I am no longer as certain.

  • Coducta de Obama musulman es una verguenza, y peligro para sus ciudadanos, cualquier muerto que ocurra por su complicidad, sera su responsabilidad

  • Michael Kraft

    You headline is wrong in calling Mort Klien a “US Jewish Leader” and you give him far too much space. He is on the far right fringe of the Jewish organizations, notorious for his excessive language, and his group is relatively small.

  • Kerry M. Berger

    It is clear to me that these comments by Morton A. Klein contain flagrant distortions regarding what President Obama stated. My concern is number 3 on the list: “3. Violating federal law by asserting that refugees should not be “tested” based on religion.” The law of the land is the Government cannot enforce testing based on religion. The Government is secular, and there is no place in testing people on religion. Whose religion would you test. The people who have suggested religious testing are none other than Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz among other dimwitted Republicans. I’m saddened to see that Morton Klein is as extremist in his Judaism as any number of vitriolic Evangelical Christian Pastors and Ministers. Why is gun control a bad thing? We do have too many shootings in this country and bringing more guns into society makes us less safe. I”m disgusted at Klein’s lack of proof reading his arguments before making a complete ass of himself in the way he has. It shames all of us Jews, Secular and Religious.

  • Bonnie Loranger

    Great and true speech.

  • Jeff Saddlemire

    Americas need to wake up and relies that this being is a total danger to not just America but the world. He is systematically destroying the United States of America and he will get people killed. A great delusion has fallen on many of the people in America.

  • Carol

    An excellent piece and right-on points by Morton Klein.

    The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is completely useless when it comes to anything Islam.

    Thank God there are people/organizations like Klein and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

    We need to out Obama very quickly.

  • Robert Kesten

    Mr. Klein is a leader of a small minority within the Jewish community…those of the extreme right wing. Most American Jews have never even heard of him and would be appalled by his usual diatribes. All are entitled to their say, but suggesting he is a “leader” of the broad-based community is pushing it just a little.

  • raina

    G-D bless Mr Klein!!! he is 1000% correct. A disgrace indeed, this so called pres needs to be in jail for treason! Perhaps the USA will wake up and vote for a republican who is strong on defense. I think after this terror attack..Hillary will not have a chance. I can only hope he is impeached and we dont have to wait till 2016. He is a dangerous and evil person.Dont know how he got in twice!!