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December 9, 2015 7:45 am

Google News Continues to Index Conspiracy Sites as Legitimate

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Google News. Photo: Wiki.

Google News. Photo: Screenshot.

A few years ago, I spent some time documenting how some conspiracy websites with antisemitic articles were being indexed by Google News as legitimate news sites. I had a brief and funny battle with “The People’s Voice,” which seems to have been finally removed from Google News, along with Uruknet. I also haven’t seen any antisemitic articles being indexed in Google News from Veteran’s Today lately.

But new antisemitic “news” sites keep appearing and getting indexed by Google as “news” sites. (I’m referring of course to English language sites — Google News indexes tons of antisemitic Arabic articles.)

Today’s example is from “Kashmir Watch:”

In wake of America’s continued fake global war on terror, various drastic developments such as Syrian crisis, terror-activities of the Islamic State group (ISIS), tension between Russia and Turkey, the post-November 13 phenomena of Paris attacks, backlash against the Muslims in Europe and the US are, though part of the double game of the US-led Israel, but have seriously been creating economic instability in the world, thereby harming the financial interests of the Jews. This cognitive dissonance of the Jews is not only surprising for the international community, but is also alarming.

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It is notable that visibly or invisibly, many big cartels of the world are owned by the Jews. By controlling the major multinational corporations, arms factories, five star hotels, oil companies, liquor business, food industries, technologies, mining and mineral resources, banks, film industry, print and electronic media in the US in particular and the world in general—having influence on the UNO, financial institutes like World Bank, IMF through the sole superpower, Jews have direct and indirect hold on the global economy.

In this regard, many intellectuals like Don Allen and others reveal, “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in New York City by Col. Edward Mandell House (real name: Haus–Jewish), chief adviser to President Woodrow Wilson, in league with stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank…was part of a conspiracy to gain control of both US political parties to use them as instruments…seventy-three percent of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations are Jews. There are a number of organizations that comprise the Invisible Government that runs America and the world…from behind the scenes. A Jewish group which is in control of national governments and multinational corporations promotes world government through control of the military, media, foundation grants and education including NGOs…and controls and guides the issues of the day, and thus they control most options available. They will manage the money, the land, the food, and the guns of everyone in the world.”

The funniest part of the article is a disclaimer by the author to try to forestall any criticism of him as a Jew-hater:

Note: My article is not about all the Jews as a community, as I have received emails in relation to my previous article.


Iran’s PressTV is usually more careful, only referring to “Zionists”:

“What we have now, is you have the same Zionist media and you have this Zionist-occupied government of America as well, which are pushing this clash of civilizations between the Christian and Muslim world,” the analyst added.

[James] Morris, editor of, noted that this policy falls in line with the “Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan,” under which the stage is being set for more wars in the Middle East.

Uninformed people in the US and other parts of the world being “geared up” by the Zionist media to fight an all-out war between the followers of Islam and Christianity, Morris said.

(Oded Yinon wrote an obscure article in the 1980s that has been misused by conspiracy theorists as a blueprint for Jewish world domination.)

You can report antisemitic “news” articles to Google here. They will remain indexed in Google itself — as they should, because people need to know that this hate exists. But they should not be featured as news articles.

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