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December 10, 2015 12:36 pm

Kosher Dills Among Seinfeld’s Demands Ahead of Israel Trip Next Week

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Jerry Seinfeld. Photo: Wikipedia.

Jerry Seinfeld. Photo: Wikipedia.

American-Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld provided an itemized list of products he needs on hand when he arrives in Israel next week, Israel’s Channel 10 reported on Thursday.

Among his requests, Seinfeld has insisted that his dressing room be stocked with 18 small water bottles, kept in a bowl of ice; 15 bottles of fruit-flavored Poland Spring soda water (easily found in the US, but not sold in Israel); a tray of sliced fruit and vegetables; and the type of sour kosher dill pickles commonly found in New York delis.

The “Seinfeld” sitcom legend will be putting on four performances at Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena, according to Channel 10.

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  • Rebyendor

    I’m sorry, but I’m lost. Who is this Seinfeld. I have heard the name but never read any of his books (isn’t he the best selling author) or. If not the author, been to his NYC synagogue (I always confuse the author with the famous reform Rabbi) in future, could you please clarify who these people are that you discuss and not assume universal knowledge .

  • Stormin’Norm

    It’s a BIG JOKE….come on… “Poland Water & Kosher Pickles”????

    What about a dish of only Blue M & M’s???

  • Shulamith Goodman

    Who cares what Seinfeld ordered?

    Get a life people!

  • Judah I Jacobs

    It would not hurt to have a Gus Pickles worldwide.

  • Shari Epstein

    Seinfeld was probably asked what he wanted. It’s somebody’s job to provide it for him. Water and pickles? Not a big deal. People just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

  • LMA

    Why can’t HE bring his own pickles and Poland water. Probably flying 1st class and getting 2 suitcases!
    Hope someone films it and posts it on the internet! I can’t afford his performance and don’t want to contribute to his `perks’.

  • Haim Shalom

    These request lists are prepared by his entourage who are paid to make him comfortable and know what he likes, so they send a very orderly list to whoever is in charge of catering and hospitality, so that it can all be ordered in time and arrangements made. He will make a fortune off these four nights. His requirements will cost another couple of hundred dollars – it’s no big deal, but articles like this are part of a horrible culture of capitalist greed which is designed to make us both hate and want to be celebrities. Not news.

  • Wackin Wall

    The more important you think you are, the less important you become.

  • I can certainly understand him. I’ve been living in Israel for about 20 years. There are three things from the US that I still miss and that are hard to come by in Israel: backpacking, normal lines at the post office and grocery store and decent pickles.

    • Raoul Schur

      Americans think the whole world must revolve around their culture and way of doing things. For example, doesn’t seem as they will be going metric any time soon.

      • Elmo Glick

        Metric? What’s that? I’ve heard of going postal, but not going metric.

  • I know he really Loves Israel, he just wants to highlight a point regarding kosher “pickles”

  • When you’re Seinfeld, you can demand anything you like. He’s not coming here to immerse himself in Israeli culture.

  • duPont

    Rather typical self important celebrity. When in Rome. . . . . . .

  • Gary Dalin

    It might sound a bit prima donnaish, but it’s nothing compared with some other celebrities demand for their dressing rooms.