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December 17, 2015 8:00 am

Israel Is Not the World’s Doormat

avatar by Judith Bergman

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Passport control at London's Heathrow Airport. Photo: Wikipedia.

Passport control at London’s Heathrow Airport. Photo: Wikipedia.

A Jew, a Muslim and a Christian all land at a British airport. The Muslim is the first to go through passport control and encounters no problems whatsoever. The Christian also breezes through. The Jew is summarily arrested and interrogated for hours over “war crimes.”

If this were a joke it would probably be deemed politically incorrect by the liberal thought police for reasons that my brain is not wired to comprehend. Unfortunately, however, it is not a joke. A few weeks ago, a retired IDF officer was detained when he landed in the United Kingdom for a business trip, and questioned over allegations that he was involved in “war crimes” during the Gaza war in the summer of 2014.

The officer was questioned for hours and was only released following intervention by the Foreign Ministry and the IDF’s Operations Directorate and International Law Department. Furthermore, according to media reports, the officer was only released because it was a matter of mistaken identity. The British authorities subsequently apologized to the officer, but apparently only for arresting someone who was not on the list.

In an interview with The Algemeiner, international law expert Avi Bell said: “The British authorities arrested an Israeli under the power of universal jurisdiction. Apparently, anti-Israel activists produced a list of Israelis that they want arrested in the UK on the basis of false charges of war crimes, and the relevant British authorities are obeying the demands of the anti-Israel activists. According to media reports, the only reason the British released the Israeli was that he was not on the list of people that the anti-Israel activists demand be held for a show trial. These reports do not show that the British have apologized for the outrage of agreeing to arrest Israelis on trumped-up charges from a list prepared by anti-Israel activists. Rather, they indicate that the British have only apologized for arresting someone who was not on the list.”

Has the rule of law been abolished in the UK? How can British law enforcement authorities be acting on the orders of anti-Israel activists? Did the British Parliament pass a law that Israeli officers are outlaws as soon as they set foot on British soil?

The Brits have a sordid history of arresting Jews, which they did with considerable deceit and glee when they held the mandate of Palestine. Perfidious Albion clearly finds it hard to change its ways.

Israel should not accept this apology. It is time to respond in kind. For one thing, if at all possible, Israel should proceed to sue on behalf of the officer who was arrested in this way and not settle for a disingenuous apology from the British authorities. What the British did is serious and if Israel does not respond harshly it will be signaling that Jewish rights can be violated with impunity.

However, Israel should not stop there. Hostile measures toward Israel should be met in kind with refusals of cooperation in vital areas where assistance from Israel is indispensable. The European Union wants to boycott Israeli goods from Judea and Samaria, it should be forced to pay a price for this extremely hostile move. It should have to pay that price on several levels: Diplomatically, legally and where it hurts the most: intelligence sharing.

It was a specific intelligence warning from Israel that led German authorities to call off a soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands on November 17, German media reported back in November. Around the same time, German department stores were removing Israeli wine from their shelves because Germany is part of the European Union, which had at that time released its new guidelines on the labeling of Israeli goods from Judea and Samaria.

Why is Israel supplying Germany with intelligence while Germany is labeling Israeli goods and even removing them from its stores?

Likewise, Israel supplies the world with amazing technology and medications that even the worst Jew-haters have no qualms about using as long as it saves their sorry lives.

World leaders, several of whom not only wish to boycott Israel but wish to see it disappear from the face of the earth, were protected in Paris during the 11-day climate summit by an Israeli-made Skystar 180 aerostat surveillance balloon. The Skystar 180 is one of several aerostat models designed and manufactured in Yavne by RT Systems for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications.

Israel should of course continue to put its unique inventions out there and it obviously cannot stop them from being used by those who are hostile to us. It would be infantile to try.

However, there is a limit. Actively aiding those who wish us harm in one way or another — like the EU — in matters of vital importance to them, and being met with hostility in return is not clever government policy. It only encourages disrespect and more of the same denigration and hostility.

We owe the world nothing. Everything we ever accomplished we did despite long and intense efforts on the part of other world powers to destroy us. We do not need to prove ourselves, explain ourselves or pay off any debts.

We are not the world’s doormat. Can we please stop acting like one?

This article was originally published by Israel Hayom. 

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  • Adam Rosen

    Israel has voluntarily choosen to be the most EU integrated country in the World besides the EU member states.
    But in all the member countries the Citizens knows that the EU funds, the EU common programs and the EU integration comes with a price as you give up a lot of your independence, expecially your ability to have an independent foreign policy.
    Greeze, Hungary, Poland and several other countries are today painfully Learning that EU was not only a chari´ty but a union with federal ambitions.
    The embarrasing Learning for Isarel is that the extreme EU integration has taken Place witout any discussion. It a total embarrasement that leading Israeli politicians seems surprised over EU´s conditions of Horizon, Product labelling, the ENP conditions with exclusion of Judea/Samaria etc…
    But only an idiot can be surprised, EU´s official policy is called “more for more” = “more EU funds means more acceptance of EU policies”.
    UK is today considering leaving the EU by the spoecific reason that they want to be able to decide their own politics, as long as Israel gladly recieves Eu funds but start weining over labeling and horizon conditions it will be treated as a joke in Brussels. It´s totally unbeliavlble that Judith Bergman totally fails to explain the basic dilemma. To calim the “we Owe the World nothing ” ate the same time Israel stands first in the line begging for EU funds or integration will only be seen as an embarrasing joke in Brussels. We must understand that EU funds and EU program comes with a price, that price is that EU demands influence over the politics in the recieving country. In every EU country there is a steady criticism aganins the federal EU, but also every member country has voted and educated it´s Citizens of the nature of EU. Israel is Always first in line but neither general public, mediua or most of the politicians has even a basic understaing of the nature of EU. Tosay no to labeling, to say no the Horizon-exclusion of Judea/Samaria, for isareli banks to work on the EU market without excluding Judea/Samaria it´s also a must to say no to EU funding , program and integration.

  • Rony Katz

    Wise words! I wish our impotent government would have the guts to do so!

  • Rivka

    This whole story is outrageous. We just have to remember to think and act like adults in this situation and not descend into a childlike tit-for-tat feud. Rather than harming our higher level intelligence relationships, how about getting our friends in intelligence to lean on these airport troublemakers and make them quit? This idea ‘they bully us so lets bully them’ belongs in the playground, and not even there. Further, its damaging as it can spiral into heavier and heavier sanctions. In this case all over a bunch of numbskulls who probably used a loophole or two and acted on their own volition to hold Israelis up at the airport. I would like to hope that those loopholes have already been quietly closed and that this won’t happen again.

  • Kate

    As a Brit, I want to say that this treatment disgusts me.

    You are quite right, Albion is perfidious – and we deserve everything that God is judging us for … Please, though, don’t hope that as Jewish people, you will be treated well by the nations, including Britain, in spite of the horrendous past.
    You have a divine calling, and those who have a divine calling will be hated by the world. It was always this way. Keep your eyes on your Creator and not on man.

  • Atilla

    A list should be compiled of all these UKistan / Eurabia cowards who comply with the anti-Israel filth, and used as live practice for the Mossad’s Kidon unit trainees.

  • AndreiVincenzo

    Judith Bergman’s article was very insightful and I very much appreciate her bringing to light the plight of this former IDF officer. I think Bergman’s suggestion of “Hostile measures toward Israel should be met in kind with refusals of cooperation in vital areas where assistance from Israel is indispensable.” Israel has been a very giving country to the world community, sharing knowledge and advanced techniques in the medical field, water recovery and numerous other contributions.

    Israel officials should shame and spotlight obviously bias treatment by the EU, US or other state whenever such treatment of Jews occurs. Both Judith Bergman and Algemeiner serve as in the important roles as clarions against anti-Semitism.

    I would like to see those of Algeminer’s readership who agree with it’s views post these articles on there own time line as I have done.

    Reaching out to our friends, family and the community at large is best way to spread these acts of hostility towards the Jews and state of Israel. Maybe by posting this awareness, it will open more eyes and we can effect a change in hearts and minds of like minded individuals, It certainly can hurt!

  • EJ

    Israel should teach Germany a hard lesson and give back all of its Dolphin class submarines.

    • Mordecai Ben Natan


      You are either an idiot to make such a reduiculaous statement, or yu are an Islamic lover.

      EJ, you can kis my arse.

  • Sam Omekara

    The Brits have been coaxed to surrender their independence of rationality to the enemies of Israel.
    The Brit society is dying gradually. The future Islamic republic of Albion is on the ascendancy. Little wonder a list prepared by antisemitic activists becomes the arrest warrant of HMG. What a perfidy.!

    • Jim

      You’re wrong the Brit society is dying quickly not slowly

  • Lior Toren

    We might be good in fact we excel on the battle fields,but we suck big time in the propaganda stakes and in the Media…Our Hasbara is the absolute pits.Our enemies make us look like absolute fools…
    Where is the Jewish brain power,it is needed now more than ever…Hit these Brits where it hurts them most….In their hip pockets….SUE THEM….

    • Simon Hedges

      In which court?

    • Victoria Habib

      I agree 100%! All countries in Europe should not make use of any of our new technologies.

  • Heinz Schneier

    It is highly regretable, the Israel is not reacting in kind to such incidents.

    It is shameful, that Israel is only defending itself against having its army personel dragged into international courts, while not suing such war criminals like Iranian Prime ministers who are officially demanding, that a whole country should be wiped off hte map.

    It is shamful for us, that Jews are sued in European courts for daring to defend themselves, while not suing such war criminals like the heads of Hamas, Hisbollah and the Paletinian Authority , for constantly killing – and constantly inciting to kill – Jewish civilians.

    It is shameful and humilating for the whole Jewish world, that Israel does not sever it’s diplomatic ties with such anitsemitic countries like Sweden, who’s politicians are constantly slandering and insulting Israel and who are financing Israel enemies through antisemitic NGOs.

    Heinz Schneier

  • Mickey Oberman

    Turn about.
    Now Israel should send the British authorities a list of Muslim war criminals who should be apprehended. A very long list.

    • Mordecai Ben Natan

      I agree 100%

  • When PM Netanyahu addressed the UN General Assembly earlier this fall, he proved Israel did not act like the world’s doormat.
    However, when the retired IDF officer was recently detained in England, it proved how backward and intolerant England has become.

    • Mordecai Ben Natan


      England has always been intolerant towards Jews.
      The y protected the Muslims when they had the mandate, but arrested Jews,
      The Britisg=h is no better than Hamas.

  • Yosef

    Germany bought off Israel with a gift of 5 submarines (possibly nuclear cruise missile capable after conversion in Israel). However, it would have been nice if the Skystar blimp had made in Judea in really large letters in accord with the EU regulations on labeling imported products of “Jewish settlement” origin.

    Europe murdered most of its Jews and now is being overrun by Muslims who are conspiring to take Europe over. How ironic!

  • nelson marans

    Money talks in Great Britain and it is Arab money. However antisemitism in Great Britain has a long and not pleasant history, no matter who is in power.

  • I agree. The solution is to stop providing Europe with military intelligence.

  • steven L

    Many Brits will never forgive the indigenous people of the land of Israel for kicking the behind of the Brits out their land.

    • Simon Hedges

      “Many Brits will never forgive the indigenous people of the land of Israel for kicking the behind of the Brits out their land.” – So which other countries do you think Britain will “never forgive” for this reason? The USA? India? Kenya? South Africa? Or any of the other 70 or so former colonies or protectorates. In this regard, Israel is not special.

  • anon

    Unbelievable hypocracy. The British as well as the US, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, etc. etc. are bombing in the Middle East with much less care for civilians than was taken by the IDF in Gaza.

    • Uriel Priwes

      You are absolutely right! All power to your elbow!

  • Esther Kaplan

    Great Britain and its anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic stance continues to dismay me. The one “ally” woven into the creation history of Israel never fails to dismiss the Jewish state or to belittle its residents. Well. Pooh.

  • Dale Gohr

    I can somewhat understand the Islam / Muslim hatred (Albeit without sensible merit) against Jews and even more understandable is their Jealous, Bitterness and hatred for Christians, (which is because of them being deceived by Satanic forces). The thing I do not understand is why so many, who call themselves “Christian” can go along on the side of the “Satanically Inspired Stupidity” of “Hating Jews”. Hey; fellow Christian Newsflash: Jesus was, is and always will be a “Jew”; and you going against his heritage and family does not endear you to him: He Loves you the same as he does all humans, including those that hate him.

  • Juan Vega

    As a Catholic that has always believed in the absolute right of Israel to exist.I always tells those that are closet Jew haters that the land of Judea belongs to the Jews and not to the make believe nation and citizens of Palestine.

    The world seems to forget that the Arabs were allies of Hitler and complicit in the Shoa. If Israel ceases to exist I doubt if Europe will survive as a culture and civilization. Perhaps that is divine justice. How would a woman in a burka will look elegant in Paris Cafe’s and maybe they will push Elton John off the Tower.

    • Reform School

      If they remain true to their history, the day Islam conquers France it will resurrect the guillotine for the infidel men, strip and rape the infidel women, and send all the infidel children to Heaven to resupply it with virgins. It will be done in public and televised world- wide. From that day forth, English-speaking countries will remember the Eiffel Tower as the Eyeful Tower!

  • Simon Hedges

    The police have a duty to investigate a crime, regardless of who reports it. Also, the guy was arrested because he was an IDF officer accused of a war crime, not he was a Jew. And the “Christian the Muslim and the Jew” example tries to bring it all down to religion: plenty of Christians and Muslims are detained for questioning after landing at Heathrow. Get the chip off your shoulders, and complain about the facts of the case, rather than whinge about it in “poor us” generalities. As for “The Brits have a sordid history of arresting Jews, which they did with considerable deceit and glee when they held the mandate of Palestine.”, I could argue that the Jews have a sordid history of blowing things up with considerable deceit and glee as was demonstrate by the King David hotel bomb of 1946 – but I recognise that that occurred 69 years ago and is of no relevance.

    • Hey Simon, What kind of history do Christians have of killing, torturing and brutilizing…since day on, over 2000 years ago???

    • Mordecai Ben Natan

      Simon Hedges.

      Yes, the Jews blew up the one wing of the King David Hotel, which was used as the British HQ in their fight against the Jews.
      BUT, dont forget that the Jews warned the Brits to get out, as that sectio will be blown up.
      The Brits answered that they do not take orders from Jews.
      Those idiot Jew haters, were blown up. They got what they deserved.

      The difference between what the Jews did and what the Muslims in Israel do, is that the Jews gave the Brits a warning to get out,
      The mUslims are the most evil swines in the world. They never give a warming. They blow themselves up, so that they can kill Jews

  • Michael Vermont

    Excellent article Judith. Paul gives some good attention to concerns I have re trade and keeping your Air Force supplied. However I differ with him on the popular vogue position , that he expresses about Judea & Samaria.
    Your attitude is most appropriate for the facts , but the ugly reality of what real effects trade embargoes can & have had on very strong leaders are realities , that brought capitulation from strong leaders like Menachem Begin , ” the only man ” in Ben Gurion’s cabinet when she was PM , & Ariel Sharon.
    Yitzhak Shamir , they never seemed to mess with , using innuendo and threats. If a courageous leader could get his secret and implement it again , whenever they want to unjustly manipulate Israel , then they would think twice before wiping their feet on us. Definitely the correct attitude is yours all the way.

  • Paul

    Sure, we owe the world nothing.
    Nothing at all.
    Except that we depend on the world for trade.
    And we depend on the US for our airplanes, weapons and jet fuel, without which we would have no air force within two weeks.
    We are NOT the world’s doormat, but we are NOT as independent as you would like to make out. Hubris such as yours was the forerunner of the demise of many, greater countries than ours.
    There is much true ant-semitism and anti Israel bias.
    But our civilian settlement in the West bank unifies everyone against us, including our best friends and those who are NOT biased. It is supported only by messianic extremists, or misguided people who do not thing things through.
    The attacks on Israelis for the “war crimes” should be regarded mainly as proof of how successful our enemies are in capturing the minds of the western world. They are beating the hell out of us.

    • Daniel

      Paul confuses hubris with a spine. Israel is a small but powerful country and Israel’s relations with the outside world are mutually beneficial.

      The vast majority of the Jews in Judea and Samaria are decent and law-abiding people. The settlements are legal under international law (too bad EU and the UN don’t know International law)and they are just an unconvincing excuse for hating Israel and Jews. Israel’s departure from Gaza did not produce peace but even more terror against Israeli civilians. The same thing happened after Israel left Lebanon. The same world opinion which looks the other way when Jews are attacked and murdered, only wake up and show “outrage” when the Jews of Israel dare to defend themselves.

    • opensoc

      our civilian settlements in the West bank defend our borders. They are peopled by heroes.the 8000 settlers whom we pulled out of Gaza,brought us war. It is suicidal madness to think that half a million will be removed from Judea and Samaria.

    • steven L

      The war of the West against the Jews goes UN-abated.

    • philip morrison

      Paul, spot on. I knew there was someone out there who could separate intellect from emotion.

      • Reform School

        Phillip Morrison? Simon [Benson] Hedges? Paul Maul? The “Belles of St. Trinian’s” constable castigated for “allowing Mr. Free to visit his daughter Fancy” would hardly raise an eyebrow among 2015’s crop of “Blithering Idiots.”

        How many other trolls are lurking in the shadows?

    • Ike Semaya

      As true as what you say it is true.
      The thing that irks me about this whole thing is that the people who work for the Israeli companies in the West Bank, are being forced to moVe into Israel proper. The Arab worker in mow out of their jobs with the Israeli company. They lose a pay check that is equal to the same amount that the Israeli workers are paid.
      The Arab and the people in the Western world who promote these boycotts harm the Arab worker. THEY RATHER HURT THEM BECAUSE THE HAVE FOUND WORK AT WELL PAYING JOBS AT ISRAELI COMPANIES AND SEE THEM SUFFER.

    • Manuel Gold

      Paul, how utterly ridiculous to claim that Israel should leave the West Bank before the Palestinians are willing to reach a negotiated peace, stop honoring terrorists, and change an educational system that teaches children from their earliest ages, that destroying Israel is a lifelong goal. Would leaving those areas bring peace and stability? How could one then prevent Hamas or ISIS from gaining control as they have in Gaza?
      The world is willing to tell Israel what it must do, but not tell the Palestinian Authorty what it must do. The fault lies with the failures of the present Obama administration, by acts of commission and omission to undermine Israel by leading the world to condemn only Israel. When Obama leaves, in one year, the next president of either party will bring sanity back to our foreign policy.

      • Mordecai Ben Natan

        Michael Gold

        As long as Hilary Clinton does not occupy the WH> She is no better than the Muslim who occupies the WH now.
        She may even be worse.

        Time for USA to have Republicn government with a POTUS who will be prop Israel.

  • An excellent article, shows an uncanny understanding of how the world reacts!If we do not respect ourselves and stand up for our rights, The things will just get worse.

  • Banknote

    After shaking hands with Germany or the EU, count your fingers.

  • Banknote

    After shaking hands with Germany/the European Union, count your fingers.

  • francis

    wow, Judith….

    I have no words to add.

    Long Live Israel.

  • Lauren Goldman

    This from a country where there are no-go zones in muslim majority neighborhoods, which are patrolled by sharia police, and islam is taught in public schools.