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December 17, 2015 3:27 pm

Israeli Columnist Applauded at Haaretz Conference for Calling Aliyah a Crime

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Amira Hass (pictured) called Jewish immigration to Israel a crime. Photo: Wikipedia.

Haaretz columnist Amira Hass, who called Jewish immigration to Israel a crime. Photo: Wikipedia.

A veteran Haaretz columnist was applauded at the Israeli daily’s conference this week in New York, after calling Jewish immigration to Israel (aliyah) a crime, the Israeli news site nrg reported on Thursday.

Amira Hass made the comment while moderating a panel on “struggles for equality” in Israel. The long-time publicist, who is known for her extreme left-wing views, pointed to the fact that, unlike an American Jew, an American of Palestinian origin wishing to immigrate to Israel would not be granted citizenship.

“Because of that, any [Jewish] individual who is planning to make aliyah should know that he is about to commit a crime,” Hass said, eliciting applause from the largely Jewish audience and no counter-argument from panel participants.

“At any given moment, every American Jew has rights in Israel that are denied to Palestinians,” she continued, claiming that while American Jews can visit, work or live anywhere in the country at any time, some Palestinians born in Israel don’t have those same rights.

In light of the above, said Hass — an Israeli Jew who has lived in Palestinian Authority-controlled Ramallah since 1997 — “Jewish immigration to Israel is a conscious choice of partnership in the dispossession and expulsion of Palestinians and the establishment of apartheid in practice.”

Since apartheid is a crime, reasoned Hass, “immigration to Israel under today’s circumstances — especially on the part of citizens of free Western countries — constitutes complicity in the crime.”

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  • devorah marks

    To quote Voltaire “I do not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for byourv right to say it” Those who hurl crude insults at Amira Hass (and Gifeon Levy) only demean themselves and contribute nothing to the argument. I admire and respect their journalistic integrity in writing the truth, however unpalatable. We are bombarded with government propaganda, that bit is refreshing and reassuring to read their writings, insread of villifying them, we should be applauding.

  • drdon

    Only from the foul mouth of a self hating left wing Jew will you hear this treasonous talk. If she were an Arab woman it would be curtains for her with possible stoning to death. Even beheading is a possibility. The collection of trash attending the conference will require the room to be fumigated for vermin.

  • Ms. Hass has a last name that translates from German as ‘hate’. How appropriate.

  • martia

    How about the millions of Jews murdered or expelled from Arab countries. What about their right of return that is denied. I wonder if she had her way and allowed an influx of Arabs into Israel how long her head would be attached to her neck.

  • Is this the same conference where President Rivlin participated?

    What does it say about him?

  • Zero Mostel

    Does Ms. Amira Hass know her last name means “Hate” in German. She seems to be working hard to live up to it.

  • Zero Mostel

    Does Ms.Amira Hass know her last name means “Hate” in German. She seems to be working hard to live up to it.

  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    A slightly contrarian view-

    There is no defending her or her paper or their views.

    OK now take a breath. Whatever the price we pay for her obnoxious opinions, we get back 100 times from the certain knowledge that we are truly free in our homeland and that the Zionist dream has triumphed to unimaginable proportions to the dreams of our forefathers.

    The fact that such creatures are free in Israel’s policial menagerie ensre liberty and justice- they firmly plant a stake at one extreme and this anchors us all to reality and truth. There ae other extremists and we must equally eschew their ideoloy as well. But you never want to live in a society that does not permit the furthest expressions of idiocy.

    So do not be bothered too much by her. Build up the land. Do one really Zionist act every day, plant tree and love your fellow Jews and watch as she passes into the void, a failed hated voice that only found love in the arms of our enemies who used her in their failed efforts to bring us all down.

    I say sing and dance! We are alive and it is good. We built Israel from nothing to a great country in less than 100 years and the best is yet to come.

    Be at peace in your hearts and never let people like this get to you. They are a joke and the last laugh, from the sweet revenge of living well, is on them.

    Now let’s get more “criminals” to Israel so we can cure cancer, feed the world, light the world and bless the world.

  • Bear Klein

    Haas I believe has completely taken on the identity of those who would also kill her the Arabs now called Palestinians. Why I do not know because I am not a trained psychiatrist.

    Haas (hate in German) has truly become a self hater. She has lived with the Palestinians but they eventually kick her out because so many are determined to harm her physically.

  • Joseph Stein

    One only has to examine the record of the rich historical and legal history of Israel favoring Jewish migration to our Homeland to find the facts fist-hand and shut down these applause seeking clowns.

    The 24 June League of Nations Mandate for Palestine was signed by 51 member nations an states:

    ART. 6. ‘The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, SHALL FACILITATE JEWISH IMMIGRATION (ALLIYAH) under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.’

    The United States ratified the articles of the Balfour Declaration in its own Lodge-Fish resolution of 21 Sept 1922. This resolution, passed by the both houses of Congress and signed by President Warren Harding, is US law. This resolution as the LONMP before it, encourages CLOSE SETTLEMENT OF JEWS on the land (that’s all of the Palestine Mandate including all of Jerusalem, Gaza, the Golan Heights, Judea & Samaria)
    Under article 80 of the United Nations Charter and the legal doctrine of Estoppel, the right of the Jewish people to RECONSTITUTE the Jewish homeland in Ha Eretz not only remains protected and facilitated under international treaty law, but also by the laws of the United States. The articles of these treaties stating are written in plain language, so no excuses and no wiggle room for snakes to twist words.
    One may conclude that the only criminals here are the politicians, journalists, diplomats and other professional liars that revel in the applause that comes from feeding the ignorant and bigoted a steady diet of deception.

  • H

    Perhaps Ms. Hass would like to discuss her perspective within the larger global context? That of course would require her to bone up on the region. Perhaps she doesn’t know Jews are not welcome to become citizens in Arab countries that represent more than 100 times the land israel occupies. She might then note that on an area basis, Israel accepts far more people than any other country. When the rest of the world, particularly the Moslem world, welcomes Jews equally as it does Moslems, she might have a valid point. Until then, she is just another journalist seeking the destruction of the worlds on Jewish state.

  • Andrew

    These people are so ridiculous in their thinking it comes close to mental illness, the Haaretz paper is nothing but extreme left wing propaganda.

    • Sloeb

      It IS a mental disorder

  • Ploni

    In the end the fate of Juliano Mer-Khamis will be her fate as well. The people bent on hate and genocide want to kill us all, they will only kill her last. Ha’aretz has no credibility within Israeli society and should be continuously ridiculed and those who site it should be ridiculed, until one of several other locally produces English news sources is replaced as “Israel’s paper of record” in the western world.

    • “In the end the fate of Juliano Mer-Khamis will be her fate as well. The people bent on hate and genocide want to kill us all, they will only kill her last.”

      That is where you are totally wrong. As we have seen before by plenty of examples, “they” the Arabs, will kill her first.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    No, no, no, no!!! Ms. Amira Hass, you have got it all turned around. Every Jew that makes aliyah commits a mitzvah and should and will be blessed by Hashem. Israel is the one and only Jewish nation. It is and was explicitly designed for the settlement of any and every Jew who wishes it as his or her home. First and foremost, Israel is the Jewish nation homeland. If you disagree, please stay in Ramallah and live as a displaced person, not a refugee, for you have chosen to live out of history. Israel is a historical fact. You, my lady, are living in a place where Jews are forbidden to live. I wonder how you are able to live there, and why in the world you would want to live there. The vast majority of people living in the PA do not recognise the State of Israel. The charter of the PLO does not recognise the sovereignty of the State of Israel. And you live there? How is that possible? Do you have a worker’s visa to work in Israel? If not, you certainly should.

  • Steven

    She is a self hating jew a piece of trash shame on anyonegiving her a platform for her antisemitic garbage my wish for her is to live in gaza!
    ימח שמה וזכרה!!!

  • Mikey P

    She should be committed to an insane asylum outside of the Haaretz offices.

    • Peter

      FYI — the Haaretz IS an insane asylum.

  • Lior Toren

    Amira Hess and Gideon Levi these two from Haaretz are two of the most vociferous anti Zionist anti Israel anti everything…These two must have been weaned on vinegar as babies…In any Arab or Muslim state these two would be put against a wall and disposed of…In Israel these two are free to smear and malign Israel…When will we start treating these treacherous subversive Quislings the same way that the PLO treats people like them…After all these two are great admirers of the PLO……

  • USA is a country of emigrants! I left Israel in 1978 to Norway. Is that a crime? No! A free decision! In Norway my mind was attacked by neo Nazis by fake staged events for many years. Norway did claim me anti – Palestinian in 2004 under all-round staged fake political events is a crime! I never did talk politics or had any opinion on geopolitical issues. In fact in my school Oslo Photo Art School had infiltrated fake student’s unseen solders in civil cloths that had contact with Palestinians. We all know that a lot of western feminist became fashion “ Palestinianist” without been real feminist out of boredom. I was shocked that a Norwegian fake student did produce an anti – Israeli photography which has nothing to do with her own cultural perception background under visual art communication that observes the whole as the rules of law does! The infiltrated fake student mother V.L. did a propaganda short movie in Gaza abusing children under fake staged event in 2005. In fact coward Norwegian foreign minister at that time did claim not having contact with Hamas leader who indeed had contact whit Hamas leader. We by fact know that Hamas to day is linked to ISIL. In fact the infiltrated fake student was abused in childhood been used as a criminal political tool to attack men’s mind into believing a reality which do not exist. Man can not be converted into becoming something man is NOT! If I decide to move to Israel is not a crime! Why? Because evolutions law says that threats brings out the best in us!

  • Amira Hass and the entire staff of HaAretz should be thrown in jail and never released alive, because they are a great security-threat against Jews in Israel and Jews everywhere.

    Some people might say that Amira Hass and the entire staff of HaAretz have earned rodaif status.

    PS: * * * *

  • Scott

    People like Ms. Haas are why civilizations collapse.

  • Shimon

    Her name fits her. Hassis “hate” in German.

  • anthony Lefco

    If it is a crime for American Jews to live in Israel, then of course it is a crime for Israeli Jews to live in Israel. When are you leaving? Can I help you pack? I will pay for your ticket to Tehran.

  • David Marks

    This woman’s comments are beneath contempt.

  • In the interest of Ms. Hass speaking on a “struggle for equality” conference, what if I’m a Jew who wants to live in Gaza or the Palestinian territories? Would I have to convert to Islam? I guess I could ask the same question about most of the other Arab and Muslim nations and states. I understand there are a few exceptions where Jews are allowed to live, such as Morocco and Tunisia. But for this argument, we’re definitely talking Gaza, Samaria, and Judea, which, as I and the rest of the world understood it, are off limits to Jewish people.

  • CriminalUncovered

    Great, I think Ms. Haas should turn herself in. She may not have emigrated, but she has benefitted from the “crime of aliyah”. She should be the first to turn herself in. What hypocrisy!

  • Eliyahu

    Maybe that is because Arabs already have 22 states (not including ISIS and Hamastan) most of them Judenrein.

  • Linda Rivera

    This vile, evil God-hater is a very dangerous person. This evil being maintains a sinful, wicked silence over Muslim God-haters who constantly carry out stabbing attacks on Jewish innocents. SILENCE IS CONSENT.

  • shnitzlman

    Sick bastards. Her very presence is displacing a Palestinian Arab, she should immediately vacate to Gaza, or Raqqah.

  • howiej

    Hass’ definition of who is a “Palestinian” is interesting. If one looks up the various organizations with “Palestine” in their names pre-1948, one will find that they were almost all Jewish organizations. I believe that she is referring to “Palestinian Arabs”. Those living in Israel are Israeli-Arabs. I believe that Haas is most comfortable living with those she feels loyalty to in Ramallah. Where will she move if a “Palestinian State if formed? According to the “Palestinian” Arabs, no Israelis will be permitted to live within its borders.

  • The German media company owns 20% of HaAretz and presents it as a “liberal and independent daily with a worldwide high reputation. Editors uphold valuable reports and detailed analyses…. and have a view what’s happening in the Near East“.

    My personal view is, that namely the staff members Amira Hass, who lives in her beloved “Palestine”, and Gideon Levy are both obsessed with pathological hatred of Israel and Zionism. This media supports everything and everyone supporting the Palestinian cause, namely anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist NGOs and maintains a strictly biased view of Israel.

    HaAretz presents the ideologies of Jews- and Israel bashers, Anti-Semites, Anti-Zionist and those supporting the Palestinian cause. With their perverted “liberalism” they are strong supporters of the BDS-Movement and are damaging Israel.

    Would anti-Jewish and Anti-Israeli NGO such as the infamous NIF be successful without the ideological and media support they receive from HaAretz and their Teutonic masters?