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December 30, 2015 8:03 am

UK Report on Muslim Brotherhood Shows 2014 BBC Article Was Misleading, Erroneous

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British Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo: Facebook.

British Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo: Facebook.

On December 17, the UK government published the main findings of an internal review of  Muslim Brotherhood activity, which was commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron also made a written statement to Parliament on the topic.

The findings were the subject of a report titled “UK will not ban Muslim Brotherhood, says David Cameron,” which appeared on the BBC News website’s UK page.

Another article relating to the same topic and published in October 2014 still appears on the same webpage, under the headline, “Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Cleared of UK terrorism link’.” The opening paragraph of that report tells readers that:

A review of the Muslim Brotherhood’s UK activity has cleared it of links to terrorism, its lawyers have said. [emphasis added]

Later analysis by the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner includes the following:

Whitehall insiders have been saying privately that – while there are concerns about some individual members – nothing has emerged to link the Brotherhood as an institution to any acts of terrorism. [emphasis added]

That article was published long before the review’s findings were made public, and, as can be seen below, those findings now call the accuracy of the above statements into question, both in terms of material and ideological support.

In his statement to Parliament, Mr. Cameron noted that:

Parts of the Muslim Brotherhood have a highly ambiguous relationship with violent extremism.


Individuals closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK have supported suicide bombing and other attacks in Israel by Hamas, an organisation whose military wing has been proscribed in the UK since 2001 as a terrorist organisation, and which describes itself as the Palestinian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The published main findings state that:

The Hamas founding charter claims they are the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood treat them as such. In the past ten years support for Hamas (including in particular funding) has been an important priority for the MB in Egypt and the MB international network.


…the Muslim Brotherhood at all levels have repeatedly defended Hamas attacks against Israel, including the use of suicide bombers and the killing of civilians. The Muslim Brotherhood facilitate funding for Hamas. The leadership of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, its Jordanian counterpart and Hamas are closely connected. There are wider links with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates throughout the region. Senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood routinely use virulent, anti-Semitic language…


They have deliberately, wittingly and openly incubated and sustained an organisation – Hamas – whose military wing has been proscribed in the UK as a terrorist organisation (and which has been proscribed in its entirety by other countries).

The report goes on to state:

Many Brotherhood groups have raised funds in the UK. A complex network of charities associated with the Muslim Brotherhood has developed here over many years. Whilst some of these seem to be raising funds only for the Brotherhood in the UK others have been linked to Hamas. In 2003 the UK charity Interpal was designated as a terrorist entity by the US Treasury, primarily on the grounds of alleged links to Hamas. Interpal has been investigated three times by the Charity Commission in the UK. In 2006 the Charity Commission found that Interpal was a member of the Union of Good, a wider group of charities believed to have Hamas links and that in 2003 an Interpal partner was designated as a terrorist entity under UK law. The Charity Commission took regulatory action against Interpal in 2009. Though never publicly acknowledged by the Muslim Brotherhood charities in the UK are an important part of the Hamas and Brotherhood infrastructure in this country. […]

The Muslim Brotherhood has not been linked to terrorist related activity in and against the UK. […] However, in common with the Muslim Brotherhood elsewhere, Muslim Brotherhood-related organisations and individuals in the UK have openly supported the activities of Hamas. People associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK have applauded suicide bombing by Hamas, in some cases against civilians. Hamas terrorist activities have not been publicly disowned or condemned.

Among the report’s conclusions is the following:

…aspects of Muslim Brotherhood ideology and tactics, in this country and overseas, are contrary to our values and have been contrary to our national interests and our national security.

The statements from the October 2014 article highlighted above obviously do not present BBC audiences with an accurate picture of the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach to and relationship with Hamas terrorism, according to the findings of the government review. The BBC’s editorial guidelines on the subject of online content management state:

News pages and any content that advertises its topicality, or where users might reasonably expect it to be topical, must be kept up to date. Content that appears to be topical but is, in fact, clearly out of date may undermine the BBC’s reputation for high editorial standards.  This includes databases of material gathered over time.

Clearly, then, this article requires appropriate amendment in order for it to be accurate and up to date.

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  • Yadja

    BBC and Al Jazeera don’t like America. Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization that has no place in any government. Ask Egypt.

    When 2016 puts a Real President in the WH of America Muslim Brotherhood will be gone from our Homeland Security, CAIR will be investigated again and out of our government and good for us.

    • Dear Yadja,
      What and whom do you mean by “real president”?
      My comment is late, but maybe you ‘ll still read it

  • I watch the BBC and AL YAZEERA almost daily. Any news pertaining to Israel. Apart from interpretation there are often significant differences in what these two report on the same occurrance.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  • So what do you expect from the BBC? Honesty?

    • Julian Clovelley

      I have certainly learnt not to expect it from some Zionist Algemeiner commentators on world media

      The error seems to be to take items out of context. For example here the presumption is that an article written by one writer expresses the opinion of an entire media entity – it does not. The BBC is an organisation that has debate at its very core. Indeed it set the standard for encouraging broadcast debate even before the Second World War. On the BBC you are likely to hear all sides. The British Broadcasting Corporation is the reason the British knew so much about the activities of fascism before the war and were encouraged to stand against it. BBC Radio Europe became the last broadcaster of free Europe during the war. Your commentators have short memories or are perhaps too young. Maybe they should listen again to Richard Dimblebys heart rending broadcast from Belsen in 1945. Richard set the standard of BBC journalism by threatening to resign if his contribution were not broadcast – Initially the BBC found it described horrors beyond belief – and then they broadcast the truth worldwide in the name of the Corporation.

      What concerns me is that your Zionist commentators seem to want ONLY their view and analysis published. In this THEY are the ones seeking to censor – and worse still to vilify those media outlets – including the BBC and the Guardian – who do most to publish or broadcast the entire spectrum of understanding. Yet it is this broad spectrum accompanied by debate that makes it possible to separate fact from fiction

      There are times when I cannot do that with Algemeiner – and I find that sad, particularly since the cause seems to lie with individuals who have an obvious pro settler Zionist agenda, being allowed by editors to express an uncontested view. If I were to take this as representative of the standard of Israeli Journalism in Netanyahu’s Conservative dominated Israel, rather than as an eccentric American Zionist view, then I would have great concerns for Israel’s future as an open Democratic State – for what this censorship expresses is a drift towards a monocultural apartheid

      Isn’t that promoting disunity amongst peoples what we are most trying to reconcile within the Middle East? Aren’t we seeking to encourage people to talk to, instead of kill, each other? The writers fall heavily into the very trap they are unjustifiably trying to set for others – they are promulgating factional propaganda as unbiased reporting – and one sided opinion as fact

      Choice of opinion we should have. Choice of fact in a Democratic society we should not. I think Algemeiner needs to look at its editorial policy in the interests of the integrity of the Journal