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December 31, 2015 4:10 pm

Report: Hamas Accelerating Its Tunnel-Digging Operations Toward Israeli Border Towns

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Hamas terrorists training to infiltrate Israeli communities. Photo: Screenshot.

Hamas terrorists training to infiltrate Israeli communities. Photo: Screenshot.

Hamas has accelerated its tunnel-building operations near the Gaza border towards Israeli towns and villages, Israeli military officials said according to Walla news.

Less than two years after Israel delivered Hamas’ tunnel infrastructure a serious blow during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 Hamas’s fighters have stepped up the pace of their excavations.

Israel believes Hamas wanted to use the tunnels burrowed into Israeli territory to stage a terrorist attack against an Israeli border community near Gaza, perhaps even taking over a whole kibbutz or town.

Military officials said however that Hamas had suspended digging operations beyond the border fence, fearing Israeli technology meant to detect such activity, according to the report. Earlier this year, Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Israel was deploying a state-of-the art tunnel detection system along the Gaza border.

Hamas has also stepped up its domestic rocket manufacturing, the officials said, despite the Israeli naval and air blockade and Egyptian operations to destroy the smuggling tunnel network between the Sinai peninsula and Rafah, on the Gazan border. Hamas and other militant groups possess rockets with ranges that can reach nearly all Israeli cities.

According to Israeli news website 0404, Hamas test-fired three rockets on Wednesday over the Mediterranean Sea.

Sources in the group told Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar that one of its cells, in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis, was organizing suicide attacks “deep in Israel,” according to Israel Radio also on Wednesday. Israeli intelligence uncovered the cell after a member of the group apparently tried to solicit fake documents from a Palestinian Authority employee.

In addition to the perpetual conflict with Israel, Hamas faces challenges domestically and abroad. A Hamas leader was reportedly recently expelled this month from Turkey, one of the group’s main backers, after the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said Jerusalem and Ankara were working to resume full relations. Reflecting vagueness over the details of the Israeli-Turkish rapprochement, some Hamas officials have rejected rumors that Turkey was seeking unrestricted access to and control of the Gaza Strip while other have expressed concern that Turkey would give up its preconditions for easing the Israeli blockade on Gaza to save face.

Hamas also faces domestic challenges by other radical groups, including some terrorist cells affiliated with ISIS. Some of these terrorist outfits possess rockets and they have fired them at Israel, often prompting an Israeli military response directed at Hamas, which Israel holds responsible for all rocket fire emanating from Gazan territory.

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  • Abbushuki

    Wait a minute guys: There’s a much cheaper way to go: China sells pigskin by the ton… cheap. Take a shipload, grind it up, and monthly crop dust a 500-1000 meter swath on the Gaza side of the border. Once they’re in contact with the stuff they lose Paradise and all those virgins and liquor they were promised. So simple. They’ll be stopped by their own superstitions.

  • bonifcae mwansasu

    The only solution is to destroy them before harming innocent civilians.IDF ,What did you do in the last summer?Destroy it now.

  • Bruce Richardson

    With existing technology, Israel has to know where the tunneling is and how far they have gotten. Maybe the strategy is to let HAMAS invest resources into building the tunnels. When they have reached a certain point, the tunnels can be destroyed.

    Another possibility might be to plant explosives so that the tunnels can be blocked at the border and at the terminus. When it becomes apparent that there are a bunch of terrorists moving through the tunnels, trap them inside. Turn their tunnels into vermin traps.

  • Sarah

    Buy or borrow a Chunnel digger. Dig a DEEP ditch around Gaza. Line it with concrete and trim it with barbed wire. Fill it with sea water and crocodiles. Gaza Island. Problem solved.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Did anyone ever hear of an atomic bomb?

  • HaroldT

    When will the Israeli’s learn??
    Drill a hole into the tunnel, and with a few tanks standing by, fill the tunnels with the toxic diesel fumes from the tanks. Then enlarge the opening and lower in a robot with a 50kilo bomb that travels to the start of the tunnel, and ..boom.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    What would the UK do if potential terrorists were coming out of a tunnel into the UK? Wait, the Channel Tunnel was causing just that scenario and the UK sent in soldiers to turn back the illegals trying to enter the UK from Calais. Israel must use technology to locate the entry points of tunnels into Israel and ‘close’ those exit points with whatever is needed to make the tunnels useless.

  • Gnomercy9

    Flood the terror tunnels with gaza’s drinking water. Let them drink their Jew-hatred.

  • VictorMc

    Why doesn’t Israel blow them up, flood them (as the Egyptians are doing), tear gas them, whateverm surely they can’t just leave the terrorists – it’s asking for trouble….What is going on IDF ?? Bibi??

  • So the only real answer is for Israel to make and underground wall of material they cannot cut drill whatever without alarms on Israels side. Just make one underground wall with big sheets of the bullet proof stuff that someone was trying to smuggle into Gaza.

  • I don’t want war anymore than say, Ban Ki Moon or Barak Hussein Obama, but perhaps in the next round it will be a good idea to destroy Hamas for once and for all. I know they say ‘better to deal with the devil you know’, but what is the worst we can get ISIS? Maybe if we show the Arabs that we can destroy Hamas, those ‘moderates’ in the Palestinian Authority will decide peace with the infidel (Israel) is better than war. All I want is secure borders and peaceful neighbours.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Egypt found and used a solution to the tunnel danger.
    It flooded them.

    Surely Israel with its western boundary being the Mediterranean Sea, could do the same.

    Fire fighting water bombers might also be used.

    Please, Israel. Do something. Don’t just sit and watch and wait. Do it now!

  • dante

    terror tunnels? rockets? suicide bombers? stabbers? car attackers?the e.u., norway and sweden and switzerland, unrwa, etc. support them all.

    but, Israeli self-defense? they all oppose that.

  • shosh

    Why doesn’t Israel flood the tunnels like Egypt is doing?

    • Max

      Israel’s leadership is infected with the Diaspora mentality, they are always looking to make a “Deal”. They have yet for some unexplained reason understood that making a deal with Satan is a bad deal no matter how good the terms are. I left Israel as a child and a I learned a lot living in the USA with regular normal people. Something that the inbred inward looking political elite in Israel is ignorant off. The foolish political elite in Israel is always looking for a deal, when will the fools understand that a satanic religion must not be dealt possibly with in conventional means. The Tora tells us right off to eliminate the Amalek. This is ignored and of course the result is an endless war and death. All the pretty words and jewish deals will not change Amalek.

  • nelson marans

    This is the same Hamas that Turkey wants Israel to lift the blockade so that Hamas can obtain sophisticated weapons from Iran. Negotiations with Turkey are fruitless as long as Erdogan continues to demand that Israel lift the blockade of Gaza.

  • martin

    sooner or later gaza will have to be destroyed

  • Ephraim

    If they are building them, why is Israel not destroying them?!?!?!

  • Kerry M. Berger

    What I cannot understand is if HAMAS is digging tunnels and these tunnels already have crossed the border, why the heck won’t the IDF retaliate and destroy these tunnels. HAMAS is violating Israeli territorial integrity and the right to defend one’s territory is only common-sense, even if there is global criticism. Israeils just have to document each and every tunnel and file a World Court complaint against the PA and HAMAS. I’m tired of seeing Israel made the bad guy all the time. It takes two to tango.

    • AaronL

      The tunnels have not crossed the border. Read the article again:
      “Military officials said however that Hamas had suspended digging operations beyond the border fence, fearing Israeli technology meant to detect such activity, according to the report.”

      They are building tunnels approaching the fence waiting for an opportune moment (perhaps in an actual war) to, in a spurt of effort extend the tunnels into Israel.

      They won’t succeed.

    • HamanSlayer

      Kerry M. Berger, This is not a dance for two — it’s a whora (sic), with most of the world’s wonderful countries joining paws in the circle.

      Israel does not recognize the so-called world court, and doing anything that would depend on bringing evidence to this would-be-kangaroo court is ludicrous. Better to dance the tango…

      Where did you get the idea that the Hamas tunnels have already gone into Israel past the border? Or, for that matter, that Israel has been doing nothing about them? It only shows how easy the media finds it to manipulate and to take advantage of rumor mongering….!

  • Sam Harris

    Israel must pump gas into the tunnels.