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January 4, 2016 6:28 pm

Palestinian News Agency Alleges Israel Responsible for Cancer in Gaza, West Bank

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A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. PHOTO: Alalam.

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. PHOTO: Alalam.

Palestine Press Agency reports that 70 Gazans are being diagnosed with cancer every month. West Bank Arabs are also getting more cancer diagnoses, with an increase of 40%  between 2010 and 2014.

While the article mentions that things like the high rate of smoking among Palestinians (22% of all adults) and the use of chemical pesticides in farms may account for some of this increase, it spends three paragraphs saying that Israel could be responsible for much of the cancer spike.

Because Israel is accused of using depleted uranium (DU) in the recent wars in Gaza.

In 2009, the IAEA said that it would investigate claims that Israel used DU in the first Gaza war. Israel said it would cooperate with the investigation. I cannot find any results.

One NGO claimed to have found evidence of a ridiculous 75,000 kg of DU dropped in Gaza. That study was released by the impartial sounding “Action of Citizens for the Total Dismantling of Nukes” and paid for by the Arab Commission on Human Rights. The study itself is a joke and provides no evidence at all. Which tells you a lot more about how NGOs can create whatever they are asked for rather than report any facts.

I’ve also investigated a report that Israel used DU in a Syria airstrike, and found that the claims were simply made up.

Yet Arabs keep making the accusation, and over time they gain currency among the usual haters — and no one actually does any investigations.

Why Israel’s alleged use of DU in Gaza would increase cancer among Arabs in the West Bank is just one of those mysteries that another NGO will need to find a reason for. Perhaps they will discover that Jews are poisoning the wells.

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  • Albert Einstein expressed this opinion long ago:

    He said that two problems remained to be solved. One was the extent of the universe which he believed would be determined in time.

    The other was the extent of human stupidity and that he was not too sure about.

    Remember the story about the Nazi and the Jew having a discussion? I was going to write “joke” but it is not funny. The Nazi alleged that all the evil and suffering in the world was caused by Jews. The Jew replied: “And by the bicycle riders.” “Why the bicycle riders?” asked the Nazi. “Why the Jews?” responded the Jew.

  • shosh

    Maybe their cancer is a just punishment from Hashem to these
    Jews haters and jews killers.

  • Reform School

    Jewish responsibility for JGS (Judean Gaza Samaria) Cancer is its acquiescence to Islamist schools of terror within its outer borders. Every state in the area beside goody-two-shoes Israel would have cut off UNRWA’s head from Day 1.

    • Tomm

      Israel must accept full responsibility for the rampant ignorance of Arabs within the Mandated JEWISH Palestine.

      It will take twenty years to expand the education system to fully prepare Arabs as well as Jews for a longer and healthier existence.

      It was either reckless or spiteful to abandon these children of the Mandate to the care of others. Convenient and Naïve.

  • Just a bunch of HOGWASH!!!

    • By the Way that is not KOSHER.

  • Mickey Oberman

    The only cancers in Judea and Samaria are its barbarian, bloodthirsty, Islamic residents who exist only to kill and die.
    They cause more deaths than all the other cancers in the Middle East.

  • stevenl

    These Pal are highly addicted to Goebbels principles and they will die from these principles.
    For antisemites any and every lis must be believed. This is a dogma.

  • Actually, the PLO terrorist entity is directly responsible for the “Jew-hatred” cancer it spreads throughout the world. And Hamas-controlled Gazans suffer from DC (Depleted Cranium), due to deliberate brainwashing from the Hamas terrorist entity.

  • William C. McKee

    This DU issue is repeatedly brought up, and usually dismissed with back of the hand arguments along the lines that the U-238 (the DU) must be purified of undesired isotopes along with the U-235/U-238 mixture that is sent back to the nuclear reactors. That is a far too simplistic way of looking at the situation. The idea is to place considerable time and money into securing a relatively pure blend of U-235/U-238 to be sent back to the nuclear reactor, often making sure to remove any excess Pu-239 that makes it to that blend.

    But the fission of U-235 or any other fissionable isotope is very far from simple. On average about 200 MeV (something like 20% of the mass of a proton) is given up per fissioned atom. This mass difference of “binding energies” between fuel atoms and the two (or more) resultant fission atoms (on average) accounts for the 200 MeV:

    [(mass of free proton)*(number of bound protons)
    +(mass of free neutrons)*(number of bound neutrons)
    -(mass of interested isotope on spectroscope)]*c^2
    = (Binding Energy of interested isotope)

    (Energy of fission)
    = (BE of U-235) – [(BE of atom(A))+(BE of atom(B)]

    That seems a simple enough expression, except that the possibilities of the combinations of “A” and “B” are distributed among the 91 elements that have a lighter atomic number than the 92 electrons (and protons) of all isotopes of Uranium. Specifically U-235 has 92 protons and (235-92) = 143 neutrons.

    Note that isotope fission combinations can (and do) have a far greater number of perhaps temporary neutron arrangements than might be found in nature. It is however the number of protons that determine the given atom’s chemistry. When the averaging forces of Quantum Mechanics demands it, some of these temporary isotopes “decay” into something lighter by several methods and paths.

    The bottom line is that predicting the average products of fission is non-trivial, and usually handled with statistics and experiments. What is more, isotopes can and do bump up and down in their atomic numbers (their chemistry).

    Getting a pure product of at least reactor waste generated U-238 or U-235/U-238 is by what I have shown, highly problematic. And in practice no one goes to that effort. The effort is to send a product that will adequately work in a reactor. Or, to reduce the out right known radioactive isotopes in the U-238, most likely by chemical processes. But alas, some of the isotopes (though chemically purified) will decay and become other radioactive isotopes, with different chemistry. And no methods exist that can avoid this.

    So, the U-238 that comes out of this program is radioactively safe enough to incorporate into the shell of a battle tank or to be used in the aircraft industry to add mass to certain wing or stabilizing elements. But its use in DU military rounds unavoidably generates matters of questionable ethics. [The point of this article.] Leaving ethics solely to the needs of the military is a problem. They would argue (and rightly so) that nothing else on the market meets their need in the area of conducting war against a hardened target. For example the DU round is hard enough and dense enough to penetrate the armour of a tank. And once it has done so, to heat up upon penetration and burn rather like a magnesium flair utterly destroying the tank’s interior. That is their need. The conductors of war, are usually not required in their portion of the ethical process, to go much past this. And extra-war ethics can be hidden under security arguments. Much as was the case with “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War. But had the product packaging instructions been obeyed much suffering post war could have been avoided. The breathing of DU powder or oxidized gas has never been approved. Just the use in tanks and aircraft components.

    I see two workarounds:

    (1) That devoted and purified separators of U-235 from bulk U-235/U-238 that [ONLY] uses NATURAL URANIUM. Natural Uranium is old enough to have a more pure distribution of acceptable isotopes.

    (2) That Darpa experiment with rounds of Tungsten that have a thick jacket of Thorium. The Tungsten has roughly the same density and hardness as Uranium. And the Thorium would have much of the same high temperature chemistry.

    The ethics of war has its own problems and concerns. But if we desire to be a people of peace, we must impose extra-war considerations upon the people that fall to that last solution of war.

    It would be my hope that Israel answer such considerations, if they continue to call upon such devices. And to not shy away from responsibility (even if in ignorance or security considerations) from the probable side-effects of advanced weapons. They could better the world by that example.

  • Garry

    I seem to remember seeing somewhere that rocket fuel is a carcinogen.

    • Atilla


      Any form of vermin eradication is good.