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January 6, 2016 9:24 am

Israeli Rocker’s Christmas and New Year’s Tracks Go Viral (VIDEO)

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Israeli rocker Lazer Lloyd. The musician's song 'X-Mas Blues' has gone viral on social media. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli rocker Lazer Lloyd. The musician’s song ‘X-Mas Blues’ has gone viral on social media. Photo: Screenshot.

An Israeli singer’s Christmas tune has gone viral on social media, prompting him to release a New Year’s track that has also attracted much attention.

On Christmas eve, Lazer Lloyd — known as “Israel’s King of Blues Rock” — posted a video of himself playing the guitar and singing an original song he wrote called “X-Mas Blues on Facebook. The clip drew more than 300,000 views and hundreds of comments. The viral hit also garnered the musician more than 15,000 new followers in less than a week.

On Monday, Lloyd uploaded another clip to Facebook, this one called “New Years Blues, which attracted more than 1 million views and 15,000 likes. Both clips were later uploaded to YouTube.

One comment he received was, “As a Christian bluesman…let me say, ‘Thank you,’ my Jewish brother.”

The Israeli musician said in a public statement that “X-Mas Blues” was inspired by his friends and fans in the US. He would hear them complain about the pressures of the holiday season and how they dread that time of year because of the competitiveness and loneliness it arouses.

“This is something I hear from both my family and friends from all backgrounds around the holiday season so I wanted to give over a message on the deeper meaning around the holidays.” Lloyd said. “I think the holidays to many people represents a time of loneliness and exclusion and I wanted my blues to be a cure to that…Within about 24 hours, as we climbed above 100,000 views, I realized that the song had really touched a nerve.”
Lloyd said “New Year’s Blues” was written “from a place of deep pain” — but also hope — as Israel and the world faces a wave of terror attacks. He said the message of the song is to connect people who are suffering from terrorist attacks and help heal their pain.

The Israeli musician’s track, “Burning Thunder,” is the #2 song of 2015 on the Blues Rock chart in the US, and “Broken Dreams” is #6.

Hear “X-Mas Blues” below:

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  • Hank Bayer

    This guy would do much better for himself if he laid down the guitar, picked up a shoe shine box, went into the street and tried to earn a few pennies shinning shoes. He looks like a hobo, sounds like a hobo and is a disgrace to identify himself as a Jew.

    • EJ

      Dear Hank Bayer,

      If a Jew can’t do the blues than who can?

      Not only is Mister Lloyd a master Bluesman, perfect in the traditional form, he is also an accomplished modern musician whose talent far exceeds the rank and file.

      While one may forgive your lack of musical sophistication, your hardness of heart makes it hard to believe that you know much about what it means to be “Jewish”.

      In other words, your opinions on Mr. Lloyd’s musical abilities and his representative capacity as a Jewish man are obviously highly unqualified.

    • Arik

      Hank, I thought I might forstall your next comment but letting you know that no he does not have horns, does not believe that Jesus is the son of God nor is he a lawyer or a doctor or own a bank or part of some grand conspiracy or cabal to rule the world. Just thought we could get those questions out of the way so you spend your valuable time in other endeavors.

      P.S. I thought he was really good. I enjoyed his song.

    • Tzvi

      Hey man, looks are only superficial. It’s what’s inside that matters most.

  • Yo Seidman

    This is Lazer’s “New Years Blues” written in response to the painful terrorism in 2015 viewed 1.2 million times on Facebook