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January 13, 2016 2:48 pm

Dershowitz: ‘When I Speak About Israel on Campuses, I Need Armed Guards to Protect Me From Radical Leftist Students’ (VIDEO)

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Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said he needs arms guards to protect him when he speaks in support of Israel on US college campuses. Photo: Screenshot.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on Fox. Photo: Screenshot.

Former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz revealed on Tuesday the extent of the danger in which he sometimes finds himself as a result of his support for the Jewish state.

“When I speak on college campuses in favor of Israel I need armed guards protecting me from radical leftist students who use physical intimidation,” the author of The Case for Israel said in an appearance on Fox and Friends. “They won’t give me a safe space; they won’t give pro-Israel students a safe space; they won’t give Christian students a safe space.”

Dershowitz said that campus speakers who are not “politically correct” these days are physically at risk, and that colleges in the US have become “places where people are afraid of ideas.” He added that students think they know the “truth” about a variety of topics, and are not interested in hearing positions that differ from their own.

“Opposing points of view just offend them,” the international law expert said.

Watch Dershowitz’s appearance on Fox and Friends in the video below:

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  • I’ve read all the comments and they all talk about Obama. The article was about being able to speak without fear from people who don’t agree with you.
    This is the beginning of losing free speech for all. It sounds like we are in Europe where there is nothing but anti semitism which is strong here too. Remember once they get rid of one group they will come after another group. People open your eyes to what is happening all over the world because of the extremists filtering into every nook and cranny in all the countries around the world. If you want to be a free people like our country was built on we need to unite to stop all this, instead of blaming Obama. We as people need to respect every religion as long as we don’t criticize the ones who let everyone believe in what they want as long as they don’t try to destroy the others. The internet has been a great creation but also a destructive one. Too much propaganda is nothing but garbage to incite people. That is how Hitler started, posters, slogans, unrealistic ideals which people followed causing blood shed and mass killings. Do you want this again, open your eyes to what is happening around the world in small doses which could get bigger and bigger. You don’t like certain people because of their views but are they killing people and being destructive, no just stating views
    Don’t let us lose our Freedom of Speech. Open you eyes to democracy no matter what side you are on. Listen first, think about we you are saying and where it could lead. We want to remain free.

  • walter richards

    Dershowitz has no right to complain. He endorsed and voted for
    Obama two times. The first time was bad enough. He ignored Obama’s twenty year relationship with “Rev” Wright.” The second time was inexcusable. It was very clear how hostile Obama was to Israel. Obama, is in part, responsible for the anti Semitic fascists who call themselves “Leftists” for the atmosphere on campus.

    • Digitus Impudicus

      Apparently, Dershowitz’ vote for President offends you (along with those of a majority of voters in the US!)–which proves his point about political correctness. It must be an nightmare for you to find that you live in a democracy.

  • Jim Austin

    Time for Congress to amend Title IX to deny funds to universities that fail to uphold free speech.

  • Doug Mayfield

    One way to put a stop to this vicious malevolent Left wing attack on freedom of speech on campus is to get Congress to pass a law removing all federal financial support for any university or college which permits such intimidation.

  • DockyWocky

    I guess we can thank Barack Obama for the extent of radical leftism in our nation’s colleges and universities. This is obviously a part of Obama’s agenda to destroy the former United States, because imagine if we actually had to engage in a hot war on radical islam? Would our colleges and universities provide men for this war, or would the reactions of college and university men make the “Hell no, we won’t go” reaction of the Vietnam era look like child’s play.

    Think about it.

    Looking forward to the day when Barack Obama actually gets what he deserves for ruining the United States.

  • Theodore “Ted” Crawford

    What should the new youth movement be called? Where exactly did this “New Left” political intransigence originate?

    “Obama Youth”?

    “Sig Heil!”

  • Jacob

    Who did you vote for, Alan? Would you vote for him again? When the radical left suspects the president may be a leftist Jihadist what do you think they are going to do to Jews? Persecute and kill them? Their was a time when you were probably one of the most respected lawyers on this planet and most people would turn their tv up just to have the opportunity to hear your opinions. I am one of those people. But now you have become a target and you would probably still pick Obama over Trump. That’s what I don’t get about left wingers they never get it until a knife is at their throat and then in most instances they find a reason to justify the person holding it. The crows have come home to roost and America is a fertile nesting site for them. They are allowing our country and the world to be taken over by those who want to kill everyone who isn’t screaming aaaaalah Akbar. And the left will continue to assist in perpetrating this fraudulent religion until their heads are cut off.

    • Linda reboh

      The infiltration of the muslin brotherhood supported bt the front group CAIR who poses as a civil rights group for all muslins and the muslin student association another front group for CAIR. Saudi money given to universities and very left wing administration such as Janet napolitno at UCLA and other uc campuses. I wish Alan would call what it is that is the problem with the left.

    • Digitus Impudicus

      Apparently, Dershowitz’ vote for President offends you (along with those of a majority of voters in the US in 2008 and 2012!)–which proves his point about political correctness. It must be an nightmare for you to find that you live in a democracy.

  • Zahav

    There are many ideals of the left that I value. Especially personal freedoms.

    Unfortunately, the left in this century is becoming totalitarian, oppressive, and more like N-zis were in the previous century.

    German patriotism and German values are good. But N-zi extremism is evil.

    Leftist universalism and Leftist values are good. But Leftist extremism is evil.

    • jim

      The Left, Jews, socialist, liberals are the destroyers of White, “Christian America, 1776”, usA, Republic, God Given Un-aleinable, eternal rights and replaced these Rights with 14th Amend, Fraud, “civil rights”, “citizens”, “property” of the state of the US CORP., Fraud, Democracy of PC fraud of CODE, color of law, fraud, after the 1861-65 “civil war”, with the fraud called the US CORP., Democracy. An invention of the 1776 Illuminati Zionist jews and Free Masons.

  • Michael R Davies

    Ian convinced such “political correctness” and left Liberal ideas come from the ruling Liberal/left intelligentsia in the West. One is no longer able to say, for example that homosexual behavior is immoral even though one knows the Scriptures say so.
    Also consider how many American Jews supported gay marriage and abortion!!!!!!
    How many American Jews do not support Israel?
    We are losing the Judeo Christian culture of the recent past. G-d is no longer honoured and the teaching of the scriptures is banned from our schools today. once it was mandatory. Actually was a law in Briton. Mike

  • Jose Duran

    It figures, the left is to in love with itself, as it is the right trying to fix everything with violence and following reaganomics when those approaches do not work. The only thing that Obama has done well is screwed up healthcare by creating multiple payer system that is inefficient, and eventually will fail and leave the space open for the profit monger so of the health industry, the other most dangerous mistake was the firing of all those military commanders that did not kiss his ass and dare to call him a moron.

  • Alan you sold your soul by supporting Obama twice. No sympathy here. Being a loyal German did not help the Jews who died at Auschwitz. Go cry to Rashid Khalidi and Reverend Wright and all of Obama’s antisemitic friends. You made your bed, so lay in it!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Unfortunately this situation is one of Obama’s very few successes.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Professor Dershowitz is a Harvard professor, and I would think that he lectures primarily at Ivy League colleges and universities. His experiences as an itinerary speaker would afford him a very temporary audience with the attending attitude of less commitment to being attentive to whatever he had to say. Whereas I taught my classes across from the police station for six out of eight years at College of Lake County. The general atmosphere was not so intimidating at that college, but I noticed that the entire police staff started wearing guns about half-way through my time teaching there. That in itself was most telling. I asked one officer why the change in apparel. His response was thoughtfully fitting a security professional: “If I needed to protect you from certain physical harm and I was unable to do so because I was unarmed, you would have wished that I had been armed, right?” How could anyone disagree with that. College of Lake County was not an environment where terrorism occurred; notwithstanding, in the last two years that I taught there, I felt a certain vacuum in many students’ willingness to listen to others, including myself as well as the loss of interest in applying themselves to doing their best. This type of behaviour was virtually unremarkable during the first six years of my teaching experience there. Many factors caused such changes in behaviour, especially more students having to work full time while they had to attend school at least twelve hours a week and an epidemic of narcotic addiction in the wealthier communities in addition to an increased level of divorce, domestic abuse, and poverty in the more modest communities.

  • Sherrie Mathieson

    Today ultra-liberals are totally intolerant! Universities mustn’t tolerate–and certainly not capitulate to the bullying of students. Whether it’s Alan or Condoleezza Rice –every peaceful point of view (not meant to incite but rather to reflect on) is worth hearing!

  • Linda Goudsmit

    Freedom of speech is the most important quality of a free society. The candid open expression of ideas is what makes a free society grow and thrive. Freedom of speech is the underpinning of the meritocracy where ideas that have merit succeed and help free societies flourish and ideas that cannot stand up to rational scrutiny end up in the trash bin of bad ideas. When free speech is restricted by political correctness and intimidation what follows is a regression back to a primitive society of force where might makes right whether it is brute force, verbal intimidation, or social shunning. The idea that anyone expressing an opposing idea on an American campus needs armed guards for protection is very chilling. Of all places in America it is the university campus where civility in discourse should prevail.

  • Emanuel

    We love you Dersh! Please protect our 2nd Amendment! The lawlessness of the Left only grows and spreads we must be able to defend ourselves.

  • Doc

    The First Amendment PROTECTS “hate speech” the Supreme Court has ruled. I agree. When ANY speech is restricted, we loose freedom. That is why the actions on some University campuses is so scary. Colleges are where ideas must be open and discussed. .