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January 14, 2016 6:02 pm

Major Jewish Group Urges Sweden to Exhibit ‘Respect for Israel’s Proven Commitment to Rule of Law’

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Anti-Semitic graffiti painted outside a Stockholm school. Photo: Calle Nathanson via Twitter.

Antisemitic graffiti painted outside a Stockholm school. Photo: Calle Nathanson via Twitter.

A major Jewish human rights organization turned up the pressure on Sweden on Wednesday with a letter to its prime minister demanding a different attitude towards the Jewish state and its response to terrorism.

“We urge you to ensure that official Swedish statements demonstrate respect for, and knowledge of, Israel’s proven commitment to the rule of law, support for its security challenges, even as it faces armed threats on a scale which Sweden is fortunate not to know,” wrote Anti-Defamation League CEO and national director Jonathan A. Greenblatt.

Greenblatt was responding to Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, who criticized Israel’s response to the random stabbings, car-rammings and shootings which have been convulsing the country for months as possible “extrajudicial killings,” a claim an Israeli Foreign Ministry official told The Algemeiner played into the hands of Palestinian incitement.

“Sweden is joining the worst Palestinian incitement suggesting Israel is randomly shooting innocent Palestinians in the streets and planting knives in their hands to frame them,” the official said.

Palestinian officials have claimed that Israel has deliberately killed some Palestinians and planted weapons in their hands to fabricate attacks. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas erroneously claimed that Israelis had executed a teenage stabber in October, who was later found to be alive and receiving medical treatment at an Israeli hospital.

“We take no pleasure in the growing perception of Sweden as a country with unfriendly policies for Jews and the Jewish State,” wrote Greenblatt. “The sad reality is that today, Sweden is more known for Malmo’s Jews fleeing anti-Semitism, for blood libels and comparisons of Israel to the Nazis in its newspapers, for counterproductive recognition of Palestine as a state, and increasingly for Foreign Minister Margot Wallström’s offensive statements on Israel.”

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  • jakob wasi

    La Dee Dah! Israel doesn’t respect rule of law unless it suits it.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Does liberalism end in insanity? In WW2 Sweden accepted the entire Danish Jewish community, recuing them from deportation by the Nazis who occupied Denmark.Today Israel is probably the only Middle East country that can be called a liberal democracy with the rule of Law comparable to Britain who helped set up Israel’s unwritten constitution. Ignoring this, Sweden declares war on Israel, repeating lies that are contradicted by closed circuit camera films and other reliable evidence. Swedish King Karl XVI Gustaf should ask his FM to stop bringing Sweden into disrepute.

  • HaroldT

    Why are Jews still living in that Nazi country?

  • Michael

    It’s a lost cause. Anti-Semitism today in Sweden is widespread and accepted, especially in media and the liberal-left. And of course within the big Muslim minority in Sweden. Sweden today is nauseating.

  • Robert Davis

    It is a good idea to take on sweden that cattle nation but how can a gangster such as sweden’s pm who lost the elections and still is not leaving the govt. with utmost dishonesty and acting in the same totalitarian attitude as abbas the other “palestinian” terrorist, accept democratic methods? he is a gangster and sides naturally with the gangsters of his own ilk.

  • Thank you for telling the truth about Sweden’s antisemitic government!Swedish leftist media suppressed it systematicly.

  • Swedish law states that “loss of life or permanent bodily injury is rarely justified UNLESS the defending party is in danger of being subjected to the same.” Thus the right to self defence allowed to Swedes by their own law is denied to the Israelis by Wallstrom. This not only makes her an hypocrite but a racist according to the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination .

  • Rabbi M Friedman

    Sweden is anti Semitic. Greenblatt of ADL is discredited since he worked for Obama the most anti Semitic president since Jimmy Carter. We did not vote for ADL to be advocate for Jewish causes.

    • Agreed

    • With all due respect rabbi. Nobody has ever been voted to be an advocate for Jewish causes. Your reasons for not being in support of greenblatts statement are idiotic. If you have an issue with the statements substance please share that. But your opposition to it because he “worked” for Obama is a little childish and rather GOP-ish if I might add.

  • sam goldman

    Extrajudicial killings?
    Last I heard, the following countries have recently killed and do kill terrorists in action:
    America, Indonesia, France, Australia, Russia, Canada, Nigeria, China, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Every Country involved in the alliance bombing Iraq & Syria, almost every country in the Middle East, Mexico, to name just a few, and oh yes Israel.
    Sweden has a myopic vision that urgently needs treatment.

    • stevenl

      Just antisemitism. A core value of international socialism and communism.

  • No one pretending to represent Israel should debase Israel by responding to anything nonsensical stated by a Swedish “diplomat.”

  • Eric R.

    The ADL once again shows how f****ng useless it is. Since Sweden is a leftist government, the ADL goes easy on them.

    If it were a conservative government, the comrades at ADL would be denouncing them angrily.