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January 15, 2016 4:18 pm

Antisemitic Student Becomes First Expelled From Major French University Since 1872

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Amira Jumaa. The 20-year-old was expelled from the prestigious Science Po university after making antisemitic comments on Facebook. Photo: Twitter.

Amira Jumaa. The 20-year-old was expelled from the prestigious Science Po university after making antisemitic comments on Facebook. Photo: Twitter.

A student who posted rabidly antisemitic remarks on Facebook became the first to be expelled from the prestigious Science Po university in Paris since the institution was founded in 1872, the UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported on Friday.

During an online debate with an Israeli student, Amira Jumaa, 20, wrote: “You don’t belong anywhere in this world — that’s why you guys are scum and rats and discriminated against wherever you are. Do not blame it on the poor Palestinians.”

In response to being accused of racism, Jumaa, a Kuwaiti, called the Israeli student a “dispersed rat,” and added, “I am not an immigrant from France. I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.”

After the antisemitism watchdog blog TheInglouriousBasterds first published her comments in October, Jumaa was suspended from Science Po, officially known as The Paris Institute of Political Studies. She was also fired from an internship at the French embassy in New York.

A disciplinary committee of professors and students at Science Po decided on Jumaa’s expulsion in December but it was not widely publicized at the university. The announcement was only made via a notice posted on a university bulletin board, according to the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur, which discovered the paper and published the story this week.

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  • Henri Moyal

    I wonder if family money got her into Science Po, quite a prestigious school!? Also wonder if family money would have bought her diploma since she seems very deficient in octal intelligence! Also, bon débarras!

    • Henri Moyal

      I meant ´social’ intelligence …

  • Leo

    I more understand now why in Arab countries women are not allowed to speak up.
    Educating an idiot makes the idiot dangerous

    • Melvin Houston

      I wonder if rather than suspending her from Science Po, it if would help or change anything had she been taken to Israel and shown what that country has done for all persons living in Israel. Nothing is ever 100% one way or another so it is not impossible to consider some comment caused her outburst. it is also possible that the visit could cause her to question the validity of her remarks.

    • shocked

      LEO – are you saying that all women are idiots?…

    • Jaideep Mookherjee

      No matter how much you educate Arabs, they remain barbarians.

  • Angela Garcia, PhD

    I am from Spain and I shout: !!Bravo!! as I am so proud of Institutions and Organizations and for that matter, anybody who would take action against someone insulting and denigrating another human being. We are all equal in our human dignity, regardless of creed, race or color. Human life and human dignity are sacred. Congratulations to the prestigious Science Po university in Paris.

  • scottindallas

    ah yes, political correctness, where we act like words hurt more than sticks, stones, bombs, drones, apartheid, war, extrajudicial killings, land theft, genocide and systematicly bigoted policies. What did the Israeli say? Or do we just get one side of the conversation? French supports free speech my ass. She didn’t say anything more offensive than Charlie Hebdo, further, her words weren’t backed with bombs, and foreign policy

    • Carmen

      You’re an idiot.

      • Intelligent comment.

        Insulting a person for stating that there are two sides to an argument.

        Who is the idiot again?

        • Greg

          Don’t be absurd, he’s another knee-jerk anti-semite that knows nothing of the history of the Levant and it’s people. Carmen was perfectly correct in calling him an idiot. When you are that stupid you don’t deserve a civilized answer. And when you side with terrorists be happy that all you get is the label idiot.

    • Michael Mann

      It’s called hate speech. It represents incitetment to violence and for that reasonn is a criminal code offense in jurisdictions that observe the rule of law. She was raised in Kuwait and likely does not understand what “rule of law” means. That isn’t an excuse. It implies deficiencies in the Kuwaiti education system.

    • C. Brose

      Her words were backed with history. The target of her words belongs to a people, a significant portion of whom were shoved into ovens.

    • E P Campbell

      “I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.” Is this acceptable in your book of protest?

    • Rosie

      So if someone said that you and your people were hated, were rats and should be out in ovens (as in the Holocaust) you would find that acceptable? With the right of free speech comes the responsibility to use speech sensibly. This is not political correctness, but common sense

    • Larry Goldfield

      You are an idiot if you think words don’t matter. There’s free speech and there’s hate speech.

  • David Samuel

    This is not a person whose views will change just because she has been expelled from School and discharged from her position with the French Mission in New York, as embarrassing as that might be. If anything she will treat the notoriety as if it were a badge of merit and it will likely reinforce those views. Those whose business it is to watch out for and keep track of people who display a propensity to become a danger to society should be alerted to add the name of Amira Jumaa to their list, for she has displayed the same mind set as those who ultimately become active terrorists. She’s not done yet and should be watched.

    • E P Campbell

      Old ‘CIA’ motto: “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean people are not out to get you”.

    • Watched? Active terrorist?

      Are you kidding? Someone stated a rather foul mouthed argument in the direction of another human being. That is wrong, agreed.

      However, if you leave your comfort zone, fly out to areas that do not live under western media depictions (i.e: Anywhere outside of europe and north america) you will come to see that the majority of people that make a big chunk of this earth disagree with the notion of the entity that is Israel. This does NOT make them terrorists, active or dormant.

      Many people have their reservations regarding certain countries; Iran, Saudi Arabia are two off the top of my head – does that make someone like that deserving to be placed on some “list” and “watched” ??

      Face the facts: no matter what anyone says or does, a big chunk of this earth will disagree with there being a piece of land called “Israel” and another big chunk will argue against that notion.

      This is not terrorism, stop implying it to be as such.

  • Adam Z.

    Very glad that this happened. Good to know that Science Po is setting an example.
    Let’s be clear that it’s not all Muslims that are the problem. It’s the ideology of hate and the desire to rid the world of a people.

    Modern day Germany and Israel can get along, so it’s not a cut-and-dry issue stemming only from past relationships. It’s important to understand that this is an ideology of perpetuated hate. Not just for Jews, but for modern, western civilization as a whole.

    As a Canadian Jew, and supporter of Israel, I’m also proud to say that I know many lovely people who are Muslim—friends, co-workers, and other community members.

    • Laura

      So did those who were killed in San Bernardino. Just a few weeks before those muslims killed them in cold blood, many of them attended a baby shower for their daughter. This kindness and compassion and friendlyness, and loveliness didn’t stop the muslims from planning and executing an attack on the very same people who thought just like you…..hmmmm

  • Dan

    This young woman was ‘stupid’ only in one thing: she openly published what other Kuwaitis think (I am referring to the article, the other Muslim nations are the same)

    • Carmen

      I agree with your comments. Those who do not agree with her comments and remain silent are just as guilty for not chastising this ignorant woman.

    • She was stupid not for freely stating her views about a political entity.

      She was stupid in the way she did it. Calling people rats, and implying they can be bought is nothing short of stupid, rude, insulting, hate ontowards others and finally has no place in any discussion.

      Stating her views, even if they go against mainstream western thinking, was not incorrect. I can have a view against Israel, but that does not mean I treat Israelis with disrespect.

      They are human beings and deserve their basic rights of respect. If I cannot provide them, then it is reasonable for me to simply ignore / not answer / walk away peacefully.

  • Golum

    Sooo Amira ….you come from the anus of arab countries, kuwait, that doesn’t understand
    the meaning of any kind of human rights …you attend the “prestigious Science Po university”….in France…(because in kuwait, they don’t have schools just oil & desert)… where you have an epiphany about the Jews…”you guys are scum and rats and discriminated against wherever you are.” and then you state: “I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.”….Is that right???
    I suppose you haven’t heard that not only is Israel the only Free Democracy in the middle east…but that an arab poll taken recently asking arabs living in Israel (including palestinians) if they had a choice of any arab country to live in or Israel…which would they choose…80% said Israel is the best place to live!!!…Not baaad for a bunch of rats & scum!!! Lets all hope you go back home and run around in your giant black diaper for the rest of your “feh Cocktah” Life!!!

    • Lanie

      What he said!

    • Bob

      Golum you described it all perfectly. Nothing more needs to be said about this ignorant women

    • Responding to someone who labeled a whole population as rats by labelling a whole country as the anus of arab countries simply puts you in the same category of stupid.

      Stay polite, stay peaceful my friend.

      (Im from Kuwait by the way)

    • Ronnie Sidman

      Thank you!!!!!!

  • AviG

    No big deal, I feel the same hatred for her, that’s why it’s called being enemies. Kinda hot for an arab I guess.

  • Peter Weinberg

    Interesting that she made the remark in an institute of higher learning. Perhaps she was there to try and improve the Nobel Laureate score, which currently stands at Dispersed Rats 170 Kuwaitis 0.

    • Golum

      Very Good Peter!!!

    • Joseph Gottdenker

      I believe there are less then a half dozen Muslim Laureates in total. They should spend less time and energy in teaching their people how to hate.

    • Dan L

      Nice one Peter!

  • Ike Zmel

    This is one more case of Islamic education, the words she spited out are what she was thought since she was born. It is time to shut down ALL ‘Madressas’ and Islamic schools in the west and deport anyone with her views on Jews or the west in general back to their ‘lovely’ origin countries to keep killing each other as they already proved they know how to do best.

  • She is the end result of Islamic theology.

    The non-Muslim world needs to force a reformation of Islamic theology.

    Without reformation, the violent spread of this hate ideology will continue.

  • Bruce H Crocker


  • Edward

    She deserved to be expelled.

  • Very sad that an educated, young woman would hold such despicable views. The Science Po University made the right move to expell this woman from their university. Likewise, the French Embassy in New York also made the right decision. She, also, should be deported back to her home country of Kuwait.

  • Mr M Zuhdi Jasser should be seen often on TV . He is a voice of reason for Muslims , and could be a source of assimilation for Muslims in America.

  • Bonnie

    The Jewish People have a mantra, “Never Again”! Believe it! I pity you and your beliefs. You have clearly been brainwashed. How did you even get into college? I will not stoop to say anything else about you. Clearly you have not actually been educated.

    • scottindallas

      why are they doing it again to Palestians?

      • C. Brose

        What “it” are you referring to? The expelled Jew-hater suggested rounding up Jews and putting them in ovens. Israel is doing no such thing to Palestinians.

  • Dr. Francine Fleischer

    Enough bombarding people with lies. More Muslims are killed by suicide bombers than anyone else! This violence and anti-Semitism must be stopped. It’s about time that institutions of learning take a stand! Finally! Better late than never!

    • Jill

      The Universities are terrible. Both in Canada and the US they allow anti Semitism to flourish on Campuses. They need to take a stand to promote tolerance and acceptance within the younger generation.

    • scottindallas

      Israel systematically denying Christians and Muslims human, civil and property rights is more offensive. But, you find mere words more hurtful than wars based on lies, drones, bombings, arming terrorists, supporting dictators.

      • A. Silverman

        Scottindallas — can you document this systematic denial of human, civil, and property rights via unbiase sources? Just sayin’ don’t make it so. It would also help you shed this light on the subject if you were to provide a table comparing human rights and religious rights in the neighborhood. Please be sure to include human, civil, and property rights of Sunni, Shia, Bahai, Druze, Yazidi, and various Christian sects in that neighborhood. You can limit to those bordering Israel, or add non-border states such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc.

      • Kent

        Scott, you really need to check your facts. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has a rising Christian population. All other Arab countries have a dwindling Christian population.

      • C. Brose

        Scott, you should read the Geneva Conventions some time. In it, they spell out what is legal in warfare and what is not. Using human shields, for example, is not allowed. Targeting civilians is not allowed. Engaging in hostilities, while NOT wearing any sort of uniform items that would distinguish the combatants from civilians, is not allowed. Using civilian objects such as schools, hospitals, ambulances, etc., in a military capacity is not allowed. Attacking civilian objects is also not allowed, except when the enemy is using them in a military capacity.

        The Palestinian terrorists, and other anti-Israeli terrorists, routinely violate all those rules in their war on Israel, making them war criminals. Anybody who doesn’t have an anti-Israel agenda knows this. Your hatred for Israel has blinded you, and cost you any capacity for objectivity, not to mention rationality.

      • Lanie

        Still an idiot.

  • Ilana Goldstein

    Why not send her to Kuwait where she will be amongst he delightful people

    • France Noveck

      Excellent ! ILiana

  • This Amira Jumaa is a very sick person. Expulsion is probably too light of punishment. She needs serious professional help!

    • Dan

      Dear Jamie
      She is not sick.
      She just wrote/said what others think

      • Leo

        Educating an idiot makes the idiot dangerous

  • rita

    bravo au Nouvel Observateur de révéler cette histoire. Enfin la France commence à comprendre.

    Quant à cette malheureuse Amira, qu’elle sombre dans l’abîme le plus profond afin qu’on entende plus parler d’elle

  • basha kline

    I guess she will go back to Kuwait as a martyr.

  • Shame on you to talk about another humain
    Being you have a coplete brain wash
    I feel sorry for you

  • Anne Christianson

    You are a sad, sick brainwashed person. We will pray for your healing in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

  • Dennis Herman

    It is a wonder that any one person could be so infected with anti-Semitic feelings that she has made to the age of twenty. The suffering that Jews have gone thru for so many years, and she never got the message that we are no different then any other human. Her upbringing must have been one of hate. Glad to see the French addressed the issue.

    • rm

      It would be interesting to see if she or her Islamo-fascists friends blame “Islamophobia” for her sacking.

  • Paul

    Maybe now she can attend some great school in Kuwait – oh, wait there aren’t any.

  • Any one not happy with other people they live with or country ,they need to be rid of,it’s like rotten apple’s in a basket.

  • Christopher Field

    If this kind of rejection from “Polite” society even slightly diminished this type of rabid anti Jewish hatred I would encourage more, but it doesn’t.

    The rejection needs to come from their peers not “The Man” to avoid being reinforced.

  • Rachel

    This women should be ashamed of herself. It’s not enough for her to just be expelled and loose an internship. Maybe she should be sent to Palestine and see how it is to live without women rights. She needs some education on Jewish history and all the Jewish people contribute to society, she is way out of line.

  • Hill

    Good she should be expelled.

    The university did the right thing.

    Based on her idiotic comments it was probably family money that got her into the university in the first place. If her immature and vile rant is anything to go by. Because it ain’t her brains.

    So now Amira Jumaa can crawl back to the shit hole her family bought her way out of.

  • KrazyKafir

    Islamic texts and teachings inculcate this view of Jews, but not only Jews, but those who do not submit to Islam. The Qur’an and Hadiths are filled with clear motivation in this direction.

    • As of the Talmud for Christians ,,,!!!!!!!I guess only Alexander the Great respected all religions and thus for didn’t force his beliefs on his conquests!!!!free will!!!!!!!!!!

  • Howard Wallick

    There is no French embassy in New York. The French embassy is in Washington DC. There are a French consulate and a French mission to the UN in New York.

    • France Noveck

      Correct. There is a French Consulate.

  • Charlene Cohen

    Someone who has so much hatred and anger in their hearts, minds and soul will be responsible for their own destruction. What came out of her mouth is vile and evil. Suspension was unacceptable, expulsion doesn’t change people like this, but may be a lesson to others who consider spewing such venom!!

  • ronen

    I don’t understand why she was expelled, obviously she has the skills and state of mind to be an Arab politician one day…

  • Benjamin Weiss

    Hate. The only hate I that is worthy, is the hate of the hatred itself of one person or groups of persons toward others. At Jumma’s age she should be able to think for herself and break out of the Kuwaiti box of her upbringing that she espouses. I always wonder where this hate comes from. Can this hate be coming from a subliminal Kuwaiti envy and fear of the Jewish People.It is sad,and I hope this handsome and apparently personable young woman overcomes this handicap in her lifetime, and sees people as nothing more than people with all the good things and flaws that people have.

  • Mike

    “French embassy in New York”? Seriously?!
    Some basic general knowledge for you guys at the Algemeiner: embassies are diplomatic missions located in capital cities, such as Washington DC. Consulates (or consulates general) are located in other cities.

    It really doesn’t help your site’s credibility to have basic errors like this.

  • Jacques Amar

    La décence et le bon sens l’emportent !

  • jeye

    Now where are the defenders of free speech (and charlie hebdo) when you need one?

  • Jane Iglesias

    Bravo! It is time to stop spreading hatred. I know that France has laws against spreading hatred and I commend the University in enforcing it. It is shameful that a supposedly educated young woman can even think in this manner towards any human being. I see how antisemitism is spreading in Universities in the U.S. and I would welcome actions such as this. I am neither Muslim nor Jewish, but I see how the world is always attacking Jews unjustly. It breaks my heart to see how antisemitism is spreading. People need to be educated and learn history. I truly hope that this young woman learns from her mistake and actions.

    • They’re also spreading hatred for Muslims,,Christian’s,,blacks ,,,and so on and so on ,,,it’s their game ,,,,we should not fall into it!!!! Free will!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Spoiled 20 years old girl , who knows nothing and resist to open her ears and hear the rest of the world . It’s so easy to pick on Jews , incredible but if all these antisemitic people were smart they would understand that by insulting us every single time its just another prove for their jealous ness.
    Amira , please excuse was for being so smart . Oh well we invented almost everything useful in this world
    One thing I really don’t understand how this kind of Humen being , gets to study politics?
    Dear Amira , people like you makes us only stronger.
    Shalom !

  • Ben Zevulun

    This is 1 case out of how many others which go the opposite way!!! Anybody remember Dreyfus???

  • Tobi Ruth Love

    It is about time anti-Semitism was confronted and dealt with. It is one thing to disagree with Israeli politics and to state your views in a productive way. It is another to call names, deny the very humanity of Jews, and threaten to exterminate them. I don’t for a moment believe that this girl who thinks she is above repercussions for her actions will reconsider her ideas. She will probably be even worse and blame Jews for her expulsion rather than her own behavior. But what this will do is show people like her that anti-Semitism is not condoned by the world and that perhaps they should think before making such disgusting statements.

  • Brian Drexler

    By the same token, I would have told that Kuwait whore her whole country was taken over by the Iraq and left in the dust. Be thankful the USA came in and liberated her country. A woman in her country are not allowed to drive must less do anything except obey their husbands and raise children.

    • Simpson

      You’re mistaking Kuwait with KSA.

  • I’m not Jewish myself but I can understand the remnants of hate and oppression the Jewish communities still live through today. That being said, though I disagree strongly with Miss Jumaa, I believe in her right to speak her mind and her opinion. We can’t be hypocrites about this, we either believe in free speech or we don’t. Politically right speeches are nothing less than intentional lies and deception, it runs on the same line as the Taqiyya of the Islam system. When we silent such words, we allow them to grow in darkness and give it power as it stains the hearts and souls of the bearers and eventually will find allies amongst secret societies and soon after within our very communities. I would much rather knowing of the cancer and addressing it as it comes to light than to let it rot to a point where drastic measures need to be taken in other to cure the source.

    • Anna

      She has full right to speak her mind and call other humans ‘rats’ and to wish to send them into ‘ovens’, and people around her have full right to disassociate themselves with her and her views.

      I think you’re confusing being politically correct and being civil. If she had enough brains to be critical without dehumanizing others, she would never generate such backlash.

    • Jill

      Are you serious? Free speech? She was saying that this Israeli student should be taken to an oven! Her comments were towards a particular person….. This is called bullying and is not tolerated in schools.

    • Regina

      Thank you for this.

  • Jim Brown

    Good,it’s nice to know that the Jew hating witch got the boot, academia should be free of this kind of crap, she is trash

  • Simon

    Very good for them its a shame antisemitic kids talk like this

  • Lauren Goldman

    Anti-Semitism aside, she certainly has an overinflated sense of self-importance. Hopefully, she will be back in Kuwait where she belongs, and not infecting actual people with her pathetic opinions.

  • Cindy Schreimel

    Justice served.

    • C. Brose

      Not even close, really, but it’s a good start.

  • dante

    what is a vile barbarian doing at a french university? she has no place in france. she’s an embarrassment to kuwait (if it only knew it).

  • Karen wallis smith

    What an ignorant , despicable excuse for a human . Jewish people have given so much to the world in science , medical, music, It. Her people couldn’t even irrigate the desert. All her people are interested in is keeping slaves to do manual work and collect material things. Thanks for the oil . Shame most of you do nothing for humanity with the money . If anyone had written the same about a Muslim there would be an outcry!!!! Two faced , stop using the west for your education !!!

    • sp4rky

      Spitting all your hatred, you and everyone else on here is just as bad as her doing the same. Don’t think you’re all high and mighty and in the right, so look at YOURSELF first.

      Individuals from everywhere have given so much to the world in all those things, including Arabs and Jewish people so go read and learn some more about history before you starting shooting crap about one “group” being better than another.

      Also you’re wrong, if anyone wrote the same things about a muslim (which they do constantly, EVERY day) there wouldnt be an “outcry”, as there obviously haven’t been.

  • Jodi Lewis Lipsitz

    Good to see the French having our back! About time!

  • Paulette Volgyesi

    Hateful language like this should not be tolerated. A better idea would have been to suspend her, offer sensitivity training and only expell her if there was another incident.
    Otherwise, she has learned nothing and will likely blame the Jews for her expulsion.

  • Sam

    Is she aware that Kuwait actually expelled all of its own Palestinian workers in 1991. This was done in reprisal for the Palestinian siding with Saddam Hussein during the Persian Gulf war.

  • Jane

    Bravo, SciencesPo! I wonder at what age Jumaa will realize that she had been brainwashed into losing a great educational opportunity.

  • paul

    Great news…Money it seems CANT BUY EVERYTHING…

  • Steven Richardson

    Bravo! It’s about time France took action against such hate mongers.

    If she’s so proud of being Saudi, let her go back there where she’ll have to cover herself from head to foot with a birqa. It might be the best way to shut this vile woman up with her despicable hate speech.

  • phlipper

    you should be ashamed:

  • Monty Pogoda

    She got what she deserved but should be indicted as well and sent to prison.

  • Warren R. Smith

    Is there a full transcript available of the Amira Jamaa vs. unidentified Israeli in this diatribe?

  • anne sydney

    I applaud Science Po’s disciplinary committee’s decision to expel this rabidly racist student. The Institute has set a benchmark for social justice, condemning antisemitism as a racist ideology that dehumanises people and that has been responsible for many of the greatest crimes in history and especially in living memory. The world would be a far better place if academic institutions throughout the world responded in like manner to the antisemitism that is growing unchecked on campuses internationally. As Science Po has so clearly shown and demonstrated, it is unacceptable to spread hatred and advocate genocide.

  • Dante

    I read about it and I am happy about her being expelled.

  • Linda wagschal

    The decision of the professors At sciencef po did THE right thing!

  • Lily

    Never Mind. She is pretty, rich and connected (internship at embassy). They will get her a husband very quickly. And when she and her like bear 10 children each and Europe soon (and the rest of the world) will be filled with them, she and her like will say the same of members of other religions.

    God will give us another star… without you.

  • Zucker

    About time Amira finds a nice kuweiti
    husband who will keep her at home.

  • Hger

    Your anti-semitic comments provided you with a future” N O N E

  • Gloria Shessel

    It is about time. I believe that racism runs in all directions, meaning if these comments had been directed at this young women by a Jewish person, or a Christian, or some other religion then they to should be expelled. For far to long the pendulum has been swinging against the Jews, and for that matter Christians and all for Muslims. It must swing not to the right or to the left but to a balance where all people can get along. If this cannot be achieved there is no hope for the World.

  • Pat

    You my dear,
    are a spoiled uneducated jerk,
    who just lost out on a wonderful life of opportunities!!
    Pretty but Ignorant…
    Time for you and your family to teach you the basics of Life!!

  • Martin Bookspan

    Is that all the punishment she’s receiving?? She should immediately be put in shackles,
    put on trial for incitement to murder, tried, convicted, and sentenced to 120 years in prison!

  • Richard Evans

    Thank G-d this has happened. majority of students have no experience of life. Now a days to be in a privileged position at a university, students have not seen the outside world.
    This is the parents fault. Put them in a serving capacity,ie helping in hospitals, charity organisation.
    This will teach them reality.
    The hatred that was issued by this student is unacceptable. I am afraid that this attitude is on the increase. G-d bless G-d’s chosen people.

  • Patrice Lieb

    An educated woman should have kinder, deeper thoughts in her mind than the published words indicate. Too bad her education has ended. She will be left with only hate when she might have achieved higher knowledge of what the world should be. I hope Amira that you educate yourself with the words of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Theresa.

    • C. Brose

      Interesting that there is not a Muslim equivalent to those names you mentioned. I really wish there was.

  • Lauren M H

    Well, well,, well. . . . .an anti-Semitic student got expelled from the prestigious Grand Ecole “Science-Po”. She is a Kuwaiti.
    A good example that we actually do reap what we sow. . . . . and people say there is no god!

    I wonder why her country, Kuwait, doesn’t let these poor palestinians immigrate there . I mean, it’s not as if Kuwait is poor, or that the palestinians aren’t muslim. So why won’t you let these poor people enter your country, Amira?

  • Dr. Bob Solomon

    Oil buys power. Would she have been dismissed at $120 a barrel? Immigration buys power.

  • Meredith

    It makes me wonder why the U.S. Liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein if the end result was Nazism like this.

  • Eva

    Very good solution!

  • yves souvenir

    Dear Amira,

    i can only say that i am pleased, when you are on such a prestigious University does not give you the right to say… without consequences.

    I have no pity with the palestinians at all …they encourage terrorism , it is only their leaders who does it, i am sure palestinians are peaceful , but they have little or no chance to express it.

    Learn form it and move on, if you continue it will be a poor future for you.


  • Karsten Bannier

    She obviously has a lot of knowledge but is very short in wisdom. Nothing more than just another idiotic brainwashed Jew hater !

  • Josephine Bacon

    She was expelled, what happens to the rest of the antisemites? No doubt they compete in the antisemitic cartoon competition sponsored by Iran. Can you imagine if any other race were targeted in the same way as Jews?

    Where did Jumaa get her ideas from? As far as she is concerned, her comments are merely repeats of the mainstream media in countries like Kuwait.

  • JarredS

    What a horrible disgusting woman,she is starting her hateful racist life at a very young age…France is getting rid of her Jews,and getting scum like this Amira Jumaa’s instead.
    BTW Amira is a Hebrew name….Meaning Princess,one who talks……

  • Too little too Late?

  • Ngare

    Brethren Jews, just a little while and God will revenge on your enemies for He promised it. No weapon will ever prevail against thee. ( Isaiah)

  • Peter Joffe

    The Jewish contribution to civilization has been immense and without them the world would not be a better place. On the other hand the contribution of Islam to the world has been destructive and archaic.

  • Daniel Morris

    France expels a pretty young Kuwaiti student from a state university and fires her from her internship with the French Embassy for posting anti-Semitic remarks to an Israeli student on a social network: vive l’ France! American history textbooks characterize Napoleon as a megalomaniac tyrant. They gloss over the facts that Napoleon freed the Jews of France from ghetto laws, his code lumped the ghetto laws in with Fuedalism. Vive l’ Emporeur!

  • Excellent news.

  • Sylvia Navon

    Amira’s hatred is amazing in its intensity. A little Arab girl who apparently is rich enough to have lived very well. Makes one wonder what really fuels such viciousness. I’ve never encountered that level of hatred even in my older cousins who survived the Holocaust or anyone else who experienced it. Pathetic. Kol hakavod to the committee that expelled her.

  • fred

    Pity, such measure are not taken at other Universities. In itself one should note the expressions are as close to the NAZI doctrine of superiority.

  • Rick Miller

    Bravo, PIPS!

    The mere mentioning of ovens is akin to threatening African-Americans with lynching or Christians with beheading.

    All Americans should be as disgusted with anti-Semitism as they are with any other type of hatred.

  • Susa

    Finally some university backbone. I applaud Science Po for it’s courage in this “BDS” world especially in academia!

  • Linda Golden

    The opinion, quite commonly shared, by an Arab woman student. How sad that this was not widely publicized by the French university that expelled her…perhaps they wanted to avoid riots by their Arab population…you get what you get I guess.

  • Tabitha Korol`

    An impressive reaction by The Paris Institute of Political Studies to the blatant anti-Semitism and pure hateful rhetoric. This should stand as an example to other schools there and in America. There’s no doubt that this could result in civility on campuses.

  • Murray

    At first I said as I read “Freedom of speech!”

    Then upon reading what she wrote, this is one sick piece of garbage. Let her go back to Kuwait where she will be with accomplished individuals whose claim to success is living atop an oil reservoir.

  • ruth gilmour

    What a hateful person. what a nasty personality. YOU wonder about her education at home, the hatred she was instilled with. NO moral judgment. No Human values. What arrogance.
    Hope her expulsion will serve to teach others how to talk and behave.
    I doubt it, but its an excellent move of the Uni. I wish it was published everywhere so make an example of this kind of behaviour.

  • Andrew

    Wow, I am amazed that they actually did the right thing.

  • Kai

    That homely THING needs to be neutralized.

  • How do you fight such disgusting blind hatred?
    Her remarks sound like a diatribe from Hitlers “Deutsche Beobachter”. Such ignorance from a person educated in the land of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” is truly disturbing. Unfortunately
    there are many more where she came, culturally. This type of hate speech is so common in the Islamic World. They preach peace and spout hatred. They certainly bring shame to there religious philosophy.

  • stevenl

    Now I remember.
    Surprising but welcome decision by the elite class! Must have taken a lot of courage. The first step is always the most important.

  • Emanuel

    She’s very cute too bad raised with hate in her heart.

  • Jack

    Serves her right!

  • Elke Blinick

    guess, money and brains do not necessarily go to together. How to self emulate in one fell swoop. Maybe she can now work in UN security council or human rights.

    • Elke Blinick


  • SeeGG

    It’s great to see that this university is doing the right thing. I’d love to see colleges in the US show the same courage. In particular, there has been a case at UCLA of a young woman who has been posting horribly anti-semitic comments on her FB page. Thus far UCLA has done nothing.

  • Harriet Dickman

    It is so sad that such hatred exists in this world. It would appear that her family has much wealth. Why haven’t they taught her proper values and to love, not hate.

  • Ira Nelson

    “J’accuse”! The spirit of Emile Zola is alive & well in Paris (for the moment, at least)

  • JR Bailey

    I support the freedom of speech so I had no problem with most of what she posted, her opinion her business.

    I was with her on her right to say what she wanted to, right up until the moment she said that the Israeli’s folks and the Israeli with whom she was debating, should be put in ovens.

    When she said that, she crossed the line from merely having an opinion to advocating serial murder, if not outright genocide considering her earlier sentences, maintaining that there was no place on the planet for Jews.

    Civil discourse requires the foundational concept of ” agreeing to disagree”, the young Kuwaiti woman not only doesn’t believe in such a concept, she firmly believes in the Quranic and Hadithic doctrines of genocide against the Jews.

    Thus, the expulsion was not a violation against free speech, it was an act of support for civil discourse. One simply cannot espouse genocide in civil conversation.

  • a switzer

    Every such incident needs to be widely publicized so there will be fewer if there are consequences; plus the university needs to establish it has a standard and will not tolerate hatred and bigotry. To do less looks complicit.

  • D. Schultz


  • Arsene Lapin

    This is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps the tide of western guilt is turning.Perhaps the benificiaries of politically correct over-tolerance are about to get their come-uppance.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    לקנאות ולא סנקציה .

  • NuritG

    Amira Jumaa is the elephant in the room and the room. She is the new generation who learn from zero age to hate Jews for no reason never to know her hate is baseless and her society is the room where she learns hate never love for fellow man. Sent her back to her Kuwaiti room with a note, uncivilized people must remain in the uncivilized room. She has no place among zovilized prople.

  • Onymous

    Absolutely revolting. Such a person has no place in elite institutions of Western countries

  • Yadja

    Good and may there be many more. Easy to take down Christians and Jews they don’t mutilate you for it.

  • the ovenized one

    “I am from Kuwait so my country can buy you and your parents and put you in ovens.”

    maybe she can burn in her own oil fields?

  • Eric R.

    I am surprised a European university would expel her. Given that almost all European faculty these days are frothing, psychotic Jew-haters, I would have thought they would have given her an award.