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January 20, 2016 6:41 pm

Israeli Medical Association Says British Doctors Trying to Boot Israel From World Medical Association

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A doctor uses a stethoscope to examine a young girl's heart and lungs. Photo: wiki commons.

A doctor uses a stethoscope to examine a young girl’s heart and lungs. Photo: wiki commons.

British doctors have submitted a request to the World Medical Association to have the Israel Medical Association expelled, Israeli news website nrg reported on Wednesday.

Dr. Ze’ev Feldman, a representative of the Israel Medical Association, said 71 British doctors had reached out to the WMA asking for Israel’s membership to be revoked. He said British medical journals have published letters to the editor carrying accusations against Israeli doctors, including malpractice against Palestinian patients.

The information was brought to light during a hearing for the Knesset Science and Technology Committee, which discussed the academic boycott initiatives adopted by the American Studies Association, the American Anthropological Association and those considered by other groups.

Technion President and chairman of the university presidents board Professor Peretz Lavie said during the discussion, “We have no complaints about the academic leadership around the globe. Our problem is on campuses. When it started it was on marginal campuses, but quickly it spread to the leading US campuses. The students who are exposed to these kinds of actions, will be the next generation’s senators, and herein lies the great danger to the long term.”

“The American Anthropological Association wrote in a report that we are apartheid universities. The association decided to put to referendum a boycott of Israeli academia. We must reach each of the 12,000 members of this association. This is a symptom, and if we do not act the fire will spread. There needs to be one place to focus the issue,” he said.

The American Anthropological Association adopted a resolution last year that requires its 12,000 member body to vote on whether to boycott Israeli academic institutions. The vote is expected to happen later this year.

Prof. Zvi Ziegler, president emeritus of the Technion, gave a pessimistic outlook on attempts to forestall boycott efforts in academia.

“We are powerless to stop the tide,” he said. “I am very fearful for the future.”


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  • Manny

    I could not find evidence that there is a current petition calling for the boycott of Israeli doctors by the WMA. All the recent articles are quoting the same recent statement by Dr Feldman at the Knesset.

    Back in 2009, a group of UK doctors headed by Derek Summerfield attempted to force the resignation of Dr Yoram Blachar, then President of the WMA. Is this what Dr Feldman was talking about?

  • Jamie Kirkwood

    About time Israel was punished for its crimes. The sooner Israel realises that it was lucky that in 1947 the Balfour agreement that Britain created, bringing Israel into existence was a generous gift that they have rudely abused the better.

    They must return to the 1947 borders and be thankfull and stop being the expansionist troublemakers that the rest of the world now see them as. Israeli bullying of one of the poorest countries in the world is absouletly pathetic and I think everyone has had about enough of it.

    • Gerry

      Coming from people who invaded a country and seized land out of greed only (Mexico), or poured billions of tons over a country (Vietnam), the assertion is laughable.

      Or from a country who acted as a bully against local populations (the UK) and sent troops to the Malvinas (Falkland) islands…

      Israelis were not given the land, they bought part of it and fought for the rest. Nothing was given to them.

      In addition, Israelis never asked Jordan to attack them in 1967. But it’s not about what Israelis do or think. We all know this.

    • bruce edwards

      Sad to hear such an uninformed comment. Israel is and will be the home of the Jewish people for eternity if they maintain the will to preserve it. The whines and complaints of those with absolutely no skin in the game is pathetic. Palestinians have blown their chance to share this holy land of the Jewish people time and again during the last 25 years. Israel’s patience with their Jihadi desires will wane until the chance for a Muslim country in the holy land is ended.

  • Stephanie

    Why ia everyone here defending the Drs but no one is actually addressing the accusations? Seems suspect…

    • Gabriela

      Stephanie, clearly Israel is famous for treating Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese who ever needs help. The readors of Algemeiner know what contribution Jewish and Israeli doctors are to the world and their environment. We don’t need to prove ourselves here. However here are some links:

    • Joseph

      The accusation are absurd. They are completely unsubstantiated. They are just the latest example of blatant antisemitism. For you to not understand that immediately makes you suspect.

  • Amrik

    Israel will stand forever! God bless you.

  • Shimrit Manning

    The thing is that British medical ass. is filled with Muslims. Hence the boycott.

  • Chris

    I take my hat off to these 71 doctors who have taken this stance. Most of the commentators here are blissfully or intentionally ignorant of the egregious practices that have led to this proposal. I’m sure that most of you would have no problems if it was the Iraqi medical association being targeted, for example.

    • Joseph

      Israel gives the best medical care in the world to the very people who are trying to destroy them. Is that egregious?

  • Marvin Koch

    The Israel Medical Assn should hire a professional British public relations firm to get the message out to the members of the British medical association. The Arabs have hired some of the top American PR firms already, and one such company is responsible for the entire BDS campaign.

  • Avram

    Has anyone seen the letter?

  • Chris Grimley

    The hasbara assault here is breath taking in how well it has been organized.

    I don’t know if the allegations are true, but I do not that the Zionists have absolutely no respect for a people that they invaded and drove 3/4 million of them from their homes by massacres and terror, while bulldozing over 600 of their towns and villages.

    So yes, an investigation is certainly warranted.

    • joan

      I do not know where you get your information from, but the numbers are totally wrong. there never were 3/4 million Arabs in Palestine before 1948. However, under the UNWRA they have multiplied, because nobody wants to give them homes in any of the Arab countries. Unlike the hundreds of thousands of Jews thrown out of Arab countries, who found refuge in Israel.

    • Joseph

      So you prefer to believe the lies of terrorists who oppress women, murder gays and deny basic human rights to their own people. Is that really who you want to take sides with?

      Just for the record, Israel was attacked by the entire Arab world in 1948 the day after it declared it independence. For months prior to that day Arabs within the territory had been attacking and killing innocent civilians much like they are doing today.

      Despite this Israel still provides the best medical care to Arabs for free. Just one question. Who is going to provide medical care if Israel is destroyed?

  • I was disgusted to learn about the British doctors attempt to revoke Israel`s membership from the World Medical Association.

    It seems these doctors have ignored the massive achievements by the Israeli Medical Association for the benefit of the world – they do not represent British doctors, but themselves.

    I would like to know the reason for this – it seem to be mainly political and affiliated to the BDS movement.

  • Reuben Statman

    I am digusted to learn that these British doctors have taken this issue against the Israeli Medical Association – they do not represent the British Medical Council thankfully,

    They have ignored what the Israeli Medical Association has given the world.

    I would like to know what prompted this

  • Shandy McJarrow

    This is shocking to say the least. If I knew how to start a petition I would. If anyone out there in Britain can start one I will support you.
    I am ashamed to be called a ‘Brit’ when they act like this.

    • Ben Alofs

      The minimum one may expect from Dr Feldman of the Israel Medical Association is a proper explanation of why 71 British doctors are asking the incoming president of the World Medical Association, well-known UK and international medical academic Sir Michael Marmot, to take steps against the Israel Medical Association.
      It has nothing to do with “malpractice against Palestinian patients”. Dr Feldman is either dishonestly trying to hide the true content of the letter of the signatories or he did not even bother to read the details of the complaint against the Israel Medical Association.
      The signatories aim to relaunch the evidence-based 2009 campaign about the collusion of Israeli doctors with the torture of Palestinian prisoners. The Israel Medical Association not only refused to call on Israeli doctors not to become implicated in torture, the previous president Yoram Blachar, vilified those who expressed concerns and blocked any queries about the role of doctors in interrogation units in Israel.
      This is why back in 2009 725 physicians from 43 countries asked the World Medical Association to undertake action against its Israeli counterpart.
      A 2011 report “Doctoring the Evidence, Abandoning the Victim: the Involvement of Medical Professionals in Torture and Ill-treatment in Israel” gives testimonies of over 100 victims of torture and ill-treatment. Its summary affirms that “medical professionals abandon their duty by failing to document and report torture; by passing on medical information to interrogators; returning detainees to the custody of their interrogators when in danger of being exposed to further torture of ill-treatment; and in extreme cases, by taking an active part in the interrogation.”
      It is because of this that the 71 British doctors, of whom I am one, are asking the incoming president of the World Medical Association to take action against its Israeli counterpart, because the Israel Medical Association refuses to acknowledge, let alone denounce the role of Israeli doctors in the torture of Palestinina prisoners.

      • Joseph

        Seriously? That is what you are operating from? I just finished reading the report. It is biased from the first sentence. It assumes that Israel is guilty from the outset. It takes accusations as fact instead of as the object to be proved. When doctors don’t see evidence of torture, instead of seeing this as exculpatory, it assumes collusion.

        This is a pathetically anti-Israel and antisemitic document. I realize the innocent until proven guilty is an American thing, but assuming guilt and then weighing all evidence for its ability to confirm that guilt is not justice. In this case it is bigotry.

  • Stephen Franklin

    71 British doctors signed the letter. There are more that 230,000 British doctors in total.

    The Israeli Medical Association should not assume that the 71 represent anybody beyond themselves.

    • Ben Alofs

      Dr Feldman of the Israel Medical Association has either not bothered to read the letter signed by the British doctors or is trying to misrepresent their complaint.
      This is not about “malpractice against Palestinian patients”, this is about the Israel Medical Association refusing to acknowledge, let alone denounce, the role of Israeli doctors in interrogation units in Israel and their involvement (indirectly or directly) in the torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners.
      The 71 British doctors have written to the new president of the World Medical Association, the well-known UK and international medical academic Sir Michael Marmot, relaunching the 2009 evidence-based campaign by 725 physicians from 43 countries against the collusion of Israeli doctors (in particular the Israel Medical Association, IMA) in torture.
      In 2011 the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, published a joint report “Doctoring the Evidence, Abandoning the Victim; the Involvement of Medical Professionals in Torture and Ill-treatment in Israel”. It contained the testimonies of over 100 victims of torture. Its summary affirms that “medical professionals abandon their duty by failing to document and report torture; by passing on medical information to interrogators; returning detainees to the custody of their interrogators when in danger of being exposed to further torture or ill-treatment; and in extreme cases, by taking an active part in the interrogation. Because of their unique social status, the presence of medical professionals in facilities where torture or ill-treatment are carried out indicates the boundaries between the permissible and the impermissible: it grants Israeli Security Agency (ISA) interrogators a stamp of approval, whether explicit or tacit, that their conduct is acceptable.”
      The report also notes that this conduct by doctors “furthermore precludes the victim from presenting evidence which can aid in pursuing justice through various legal and administrative proceedings”. The significance of this can be seen in the fact that “over 700 complaints alleging torture/ill-treatment by ISA interrogators have been filed since 2001 and not one single criminal investigation has been initiated.” Complicity by doctors is therefore a significant force in maintaining the impunity of ISA interrogators.
      The report notes that “medical staff in prisons, detention centres and hospitals which treat prisoners are part of the broader administrative systems, primarily the medical apparatus of the Prison Service, the Israeli Medical Association and the Ministry of Health.”. Torture continue to receive the full institutional backing of the state.

      This is why the 71 British doctors, of whom I am one, are asking the World Medical Association to take steps against the Israel Medical Association.

    • Jill

      Nazi fascism started with a small group of thugs..
      We need to write this World Medical Association and let them know that if they boot Israeli drs then they also will not be privy to medical discoveries and technologies developed in Israel.

      • Jules

        That sounds very much like blackmail to me. And why the need to summon up the memory of Germany in the 1940’s. That particular playing-for-sympathy tactic is getting more than a little tired.

  • yves souvenir

    Dear British doctors,

    British doctors carry no accusations? Belgium doctors? .. Why was the malpractice of the Palestinian patients not made public troughs the news channels here in Belgium by the Patients themselves? than? Because we have a program it calls Panorama here on Belgium TV which addresses malpractices done to the people …

    I wouldn’t worry about the vote..the good will always prevail.


  • Colin Fuller

    And there was me thinking British Doctor’s had some kind of intellect, boy was I wrong.

  • Jonathan Kay

    Usual lies filled with the Muslem hate

    • Muslims are the hateful ones,

  • Jonah

    Yes it would seem you are powerless, but not God. This world is going to be hit with a tsunami of pestilence on a scale never heretofore seen on earth since it’s very existence. The world will need all the doctors it can muster up and the Jewish doctors are the best on the earth they will have the answers for the dellimma. If they are rejected the world will suffer, those that accept their services will survive the upcoming disasters. I have warned you of the ten horns which rise as this dispensation draws to an end. They are lead by a loud and boisterous little horn. America and the Brits are two of the ten horns that does not mean the people have turned against you just portions of their governments. If living in extremely persecuted areas the Jewish doctors should move to safer venues….while they still can. Their are country’s that will greet you with open arms, but avoid at all costs moving to any of those countries that are part of the ten horn kingdom hopefully the increase in pestilence will give you some ground cover.

    • Dag Gadol

      Why is it that people like Jonah delight in the idea that “God” is in the business of smiting people left, right and centre and sending pestilence to punish the “sinners”?

      As for the practice of trying to match world events with the “Revelation”? We’re in deep trouble if some trigger-happy Christian decides to try to speed things up by getting some arbitrary group of nations (Gog and Magog) to shift the war in Syria a bit to the left where “Armageddon” can be found.

      While the Israeli doctors are considered to be competent, that does not excuse them from responsibility for human rights abuses, and the World Medical Association is being asked to examine if such claims are valid. There’s no reason to suppose that if Israel is ejected from the WMA that it will result in the destruction of humanity.

  • J.J. Surbeck

    Before we get “fearful” or panicky, how about getting more information on who exactly are these “71 British doctors” are? Can we have a list of names, titles, job descriptions and locations? I wouldn’t be surprised if most if not all of them are Muslims, and then the question becomes “what did you expect?”. Given the nature of the accusations they used to demand Israel’s expulsion, which are pure slander, they deserve to be sued in court and asked to pay heavy damages. More information is needed and a counter-strike approach must be contemplated here. When the enemy attacks, inflicts such losses that it won’t want to come back. They think they’re the only ones who can defame others? They may find out otherwise soon enough.

    • elliot paul stern

      Well said. I would almost be totally sure the doctors are muslims, and the Brits are bowing to their muslim population. It most certainly proves that you do not have to be a radical islamist to spread hate and stupidity. The number of medical and scientific advancements made by Israel is incredible and continues to be at the forefront of wonderful break throughs for the human race.

      How can 71 supposedly medical professionals be this ignorant. How can any association in Britain bow to this stupidity.

      Give us the names of the doctors. here in the USA we have the freedom of information act. What do the Brits have accept ass kissing their muslim population.

  • Gail Maizel

    I don’t think Britain can be considered as a world class health system. No one in the states runs to England for treatment. It is Israel or US. And the quality of your dentistry stinks too.

    • elliot paul stern

      How true

  • Dave

    This is starting to look serious. Would every Alumni write the Anthropology Department of his Alma Mater and to the President of that University and tell them how he feels about this attack on Israel’s institutions? Sign with your full name and the years you studied in the institution. That might sway some minds.

  • Perhaps Israel should refrain from sharing with these universities the results of it’s prodigious penchant for new discoveries and medical advancements. If these disgraceful groups believe in their boycotts, then surely they should reject Jewish or Israeli inventions and the Israeli government should make this policy of restraint – disengagement quite clear. Why do we seem to pander for a pat on the head from those looking to cause us harm and take full advantage of the fruit of our collective efforts? We should pursue legal action against any University’s Medical School using, presenting or teaching advances patented, discovered or formulated by the Technion and Weitzman. Cut them off from access to the brain power; deny permissions for archeological digs; deny visas to attend symposia, bar individual academics from presenting papers or doing research. Try this approach for a couple of years and who knows the tide may turn – nothing else seems to be working. Nothing wrong with an offensive position, it may even garner some respect.

    • elliot paul stern

      You are right. So right that Israel should implement that policy right now, today, this second.

    • Jill


    • Ethel K Berger