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January 20, 2016 4:02 pm

Watchdog: New York Times Downplays Palestinian Terror, Disregards Israeli Victims, Distorts English Language

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The knife from a foiled Palestinian stabbing attack. Photo: StandWithUs.

A knife from a foiled Palestinian stabbing attack. Photo: StandWithUs.

A media watchdog blasted The New York Times on Wednesday for “continuing to downplay Palestinian terrorism, disregarding both the Jewish victims and the English language.”

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) was responding to the way a piece that appeared in Tuesday’s “newspaper of record” reported on the current wave of terrorism against Israelis.

The article in question, called “Anger in a Palestinian Town Feeds a Cycle of Violence,” does not mention the word “terrorism” in relation to two young Arabs who were killed while engaged in stabbing and rock attacks, referring to their activity instead as “resistance.”

“To describe the history of violence by residents of the town of Sa’ir merely as ‘resistance’ is to describe the act of plunging a knife into an Israeli civilian’s chest — an act perpetrated by a Sa’ir resident last October — as something readers are likely to associate with noble World War II partisans or fictional Jedi heroes,” senior CAMERA research analyst Gilead Ini told The Algemeiner.

“This outlandish abuse of language, meant to downplay Palestinian violence recalls The New York Times’ recent description of a butterfly knife wielded by a Palestinian attacker as a ‘Boy Scout’ knife.”

Contrasting this with the newspaper’s word choice when it comes to Israeli behavior, Ini said, “The New York Times hasn’t described rare acts of anti-Palestinian violence by Israeli extremists as ‘resistance.’ On the contrary, a recent article referred to a ‘Jewish terrorist’ network, even though the Times has not once used the phrase ‘Palestinian terrorist’ in reference to the current wave of stabbing attacks targeting Israeli men, women and children.”

Ini asked, “Why does the newspaper have such a hard time straightforwardly dealing with anti-Israel violence?”

He concluded: “Palestinian assailants should not be confused with Boy Scouts. Violent antisemitism should not be confused with resistance. And New York Times advocacy journalism should not be confused with the fair and impartial reporting readers expect.”

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  • stevenl

    For the NYT, antisemitism is BLISS!

  • The Times article clearly suggests that Palestinians have good cause to be angry and that this cause leads them to strike out at Israeli civilians. Never, never would the Times cite anger as
    reason for Israelis to attack Palestinians. The Times article mentioned the “cycle of violence.” Here is how the cycle works: Palestinians stab Israelis, Israel responds, and this makes the Palestinians angry so they stab more Israelis.

    If the media were required to be truthful and disclose its mindset on news stories, The New York Times would proclaim that it is Israel’s very being, not merely the settlements, that is the obstacle to peace.

    I expect, now, the Times will follow up the twisted defense of Palestinian anti-Israel violence with an editorial blaming Israel’s “intransigence” for the attacks on Israelis.

    • stevenl

      Target misdirected. They should go after their deeply corrupted leaders. They won’t. They will be tortured then killed. Israelis are a more forgiving victim! So the self-destructive brainwashing keeps working. It does not take much to make people evil. It takes a life to become a mensch!

  • Judie

    Ma nishtanah halilah hazeh?

  • Esther Kaplan

    I never read the New York Times as experience taught me long ago it is incapable of creating a credible Fourth Estate forum. Every time I inadvertently come across an article such as you have presented here, I think to myself, “See? You were right.”

  • Gerardo Lopez

    The New York Times is a filthy newspaper headed by anti-Semites with now a few self hating Jews as cover. It has not been a serious paper when Israel is concerned for a very long time. May be due to the conversion of the original owners that then did everything to distance themselves from their link. Similar to Max Blumenthal’s self help and his lack of balance, the Sulzberger family went as far as mostly ignoring the holocaust in their paper when it was happening.

  • Is there really any point in trying to find balanced reporting in The New York Times, “all the news that’s
    UNFIT to print”? I’m waiting for a new holiday being declared, i.e., when the so-called “paper of record” closes its biased doors once and forever.

  • rachel robinson

    Where are those 10 comments, and why is it that we can never see them? This is a scandal in my opinion

  • Gail Maizel

    The NYT has lost all credibility. For the last 2 years Israeli ideals and values have never been mentioned once. They are the most moral army in the world. You should stick to your Sunday crossword puzzles.

  • stella

    This rag of a paper gave the murdered mother of 6 – a mention today – days after she was stabbed in her home with her children present by a terrorist.
    What is wrong with us for permitting this to go unchallenged?

  • Dave

    For the New York Times, stabbing a Jew and car ramming is not an act of terrorism. Israel’s self defense in view of such attack is the act of terrorism…apparently. So for those of us who long ago stopped reading the Times, we don’t give a F what the Times says or does not say.

  • Contortion of the English language is a favorite tactic of progressive liberals. The NY Times has taken progressive liberal linguistic contortion to new lows. Do not read or even look at the NY Times, because it will make you crazy with anger.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Another instance of Jew-hatred at the New York Times?

    File this in the “dog-bites-man” category.

  • HaroldT

    I hope no Jews buy the NY Times, but then having voted for the anti-Israel Obama a second time, they probably do.

  • Myron Slater

    Do not expect the New York Times to report the truth, especially when it comes to news about Israeli subjects, or Jews!

  • Far from the only “news”source ignoring the recent,constant Islamist terrorist knife attacks,car rammings and murders of Israelis,both jewish and non-jewish,in Israel.Example;do a search on the CNN website about the victims of these recent stabbings,car rammings and murders.You will find nothing listed !!