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January 21, 2016 2:54 pm

Jewish Human Rights Group ‘Horrified’ By British Doctors’ Request to Revoke Israeli Membership From World Medical Association

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An international Jewish human rights organization expressed horror at a request made to the World Medical Association (WMA) by a large group of UK doctors that Israel’s membership be revoked.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) sent a letter to WMA President Sir Michael Marmot to protest.

SWC Director for International Relations Dr. Shimon Samuels warned that “the very mission of the World Medical Association (WMA) ethics programme is about to be impugned by a group of 71 British physicians intent on expelling the Israel Medical Association from your membership.”

Samuels noted that the WMA was established shortly after World War II, when “Nazi doctors and nurses committed inhuman experiments on children, exterminated the handicapped and murdered over six million Jews and countless others,” adding that it is “inconceivable to discriminate against the state of the Jewish victims and survivors.”

Samuels went on to mention that Israeli hospitals regularly employ Arab doctors, and that Jewish medical teams have administered treatment to Arab patients from across the Middle East, “even from countries intent upon their destruction.” These include fighters in Syria coming across the border for Israeli treatment, and, as one Israeli Foreign Ministry official told The Algemeiner, “many people from Gulf countries come to Israel for medical treatment” as well.

The SWC urged the WMA “to resist attempts to distort the WMA purpose,” and cautioned that such moves would also negatively affect “Palestinian colleagues and patients.”

A WMA spokesperson, meanwhile, confirmed for The Algemeiner that the association had received the request from 71 British doctors to revoke Israel’s membership.

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  • IsaacBrajtman

    It would be nice if the 71 doctors exposed who they are ,what their reasons are and what they have contributed to medicine and society in general.

  • IsaacBrajtman

    It would be nice if the 71 published their names and their contributions to medicine and the world in general

  • stevenl

    There are plenty of “Mengele’s” in the British Medical establishment. They finally decided to reveal their UGLY face.
    One more enemy of humanity unmasked!
    These are “some” of the barbarians who hide behind the BBC and the Guardian.

  • Goodie

    I would not get too excited about this event. Seventy-one out of more than 130,000 UK medico’s is hardly worth a second thought. Britain has a large number of Muslim doctors, and many doctors are very left wing. I cannot imagine Sir Michael Marmot, an expat Australian and co-religionist paying too much attention to these unethical scumbags.

    • stevenl

      You underestimate the maliciousness and viciousness of this barbaric action. It probably has much more support than you can see. These same “MDs” are MIA when it comes to the barbarism of the Islamists towards the people of the ME! They are cowards!

  • All commentators express disgust about this outrageous action against the Jewish State Israel and against Jews and Judaism.

    It is a lie, a defamation similar to the blood libel in the medieval.

    However, readers must realize, who is behind this defamation. It is the BDS-movement, co-founded with the support of the “new Israel fund”, an infamous Jewish pro-Palestinian lobby, funding anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist activities.

    Disgust is insufficient to fight such a defamation. It is clearly the NIF which must be stopped. The best way is to pillory the board, staff and members of the NIF. And to boycott them financially, socially and academically.

    For well documented information please revert to by Edwin Black.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Stop selling Britain any equipment, drugs or medical advancements from Israel. Let them shop elsewhere in the Middle East.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Horrible. Unheard of. Unacceptable. How can these people be so Oh, I see. Britain. Never mind.

  • If these doctors respond in the most vile manner to save human life they aren’t worth any other life of other people.Great Britain was pro-German in the early thirties and now has a vast “other”population.
    How much hatred can a people have to not think they won’t save life.?

  • Eugene Sekulow

    An incredibly obscene move. That the Association is so secretive about who the sponsors of the move are makes
    the gross effort even more ugly.

  • Samuel J. Savitz

    It’s unfathomable that a professional group, let alone physicians, would be so irrational (if not bigoted) as to seek to expel Israeli physicians from a World Medical Association given the enormous contribution that Israeli physicians and scientists have contributed to medical science and instruments throughout the decades.

    • stevenl

      For many the key to the algorithm is the denial of the uniqueness and equality of every and each life. Therefore for these “evils” destroying other people life becomes a duty. Once you understand where they come from, “human logic” explains the rest.
      They are part and parcel of the human spectrum! From infinitely good to infinitely bad.

  • Why such consternation? Medecin sans Frontiere have already sullied their reputation, by that exhibition in Paris, supporting the “oppressed” in Palestine/ Gaza, with condemnation of Israel.Complete with mandatory poster of a misunderstood terrorist,and somewhat economical reporting of the truth.Their founder states wearing the “yarmulka” is showing support for policies of the demonic state of Israel.

  • Phil R.

    If anything, what this shows is that the British equivalent of the Israeli Medical Organization is unworthy of membership in the WMA. Instead of practicing medicine, these clowns are making up lies about a country that actually does make real medical contributions.

  • penny miller

    It is true that there is a disproportionate number of Moslem doctors in the UK due to colonialism,and their attitudes do not reflect the views of the majority of most English physicians.
    If these doctors have a problem with their Israeli counterparts. why don’t they publish their names and also volunteer to go to Israel and provide medical treatment to all the Arabs in the area as Israel does?

  • Zucker

    Another success story of NHS….these 71 should be confined to the ward called “the looney bin.”
    They all deserve to be with Head Nurse Ratchett of “One flew a above the cuckoo nest” fame.

  • Ariella

    The 71 doctors should be expelled for their complete lack of medical ethics, what they just tried to do to revoke Israelis!

    • stevenl

      Short of one! The “72”!

  • px fragonard

    They’re jealous of the fact that 50% of Nobel Prizes for Medicine went to Jews in the 20th century. Little Israel is a giant in scientific research, particularly in medicine.

  • Martin Novack

    The most important aspect of this foul letter by the Britidh Doctors,is their failure to,publish the names of the 71 physicians.Why?

    • Sally isaac

      Is there no way that we can lobby for the publication of the names of these bigoted anti Semites

  • Bernard Ross

    71 doctors is a large group?
    I am sure there are at least 71 muslim doctors in the UK.
    why worry, I am sure that the muslims will embark at anything non constructive.

  • Jerry Itzig

    I guess Israel should deny those doctors all the drugs and apparatus that Israel has produced! How can a doctor with ethics, make such a ridiculous statement? Oh, I guess they have no ethics.

  • This is not surprising as a disproportionate number of British physicians are Muslims, many are emigres from Britain’s colonial past such as Pakistan. Syria’s Assad is a British trained physician.

    The British Medical Association, being composed of Brits won’t condemn them; probably cheer them on as most of them aren’t as good as Israeli doctors.

    Don’t be upset about it; it is their problem to deal with and if they don’t their problem.

  • Dani

    Do not ask anything from people that would even pay the slightest atention to such requests. Do not play their game. Let them go with Mengele to hell. They will come back asking foregivness fifty years from now as theyalways do.

  • Edward Gordon

    If these so called Doctors think Israeli Doctors should be
    ousted from the World Medical Association let them stop using Israeli Medical developments.
    Where were they when various disasters happened around the world, who were the first responders. ISRAEL.

  • Horrendous! Why are there groups who continually pick on Jews?

  • Who are these 71 Doctors? Their names and addresses should be published for all to see. I wonder how many Jewish Doctors there are in this group?

  • ART

    Let everyone of these bigoted Drs foreswear the use of medicines and treatments created by Israeli and Jewish Drs and firms, clearly inform their patients of the refusal to use the best treatment and why. Let everyone of these bigots refuse to properly treat their families This is exactly like the nazis with their campaigns against Jewish art, music and science

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Let’s get the names and addresses of all there doctors and broadcast them to the public at large. Let’s give them the publicity and exposure they deserve.

  • zadimel

    The hatred against the Jewish state never ceases to amaze me. Even among a group of these physicians,who if they needed such services of one in Israel , would be treated with the same expertise and compassion as anyone,including enemies who seek the destruction of the Jewish state.

  • Dennis Michaels

    They call themselves Doctors! These foolish Brits!
    Most of many medical breakthroughs ere discovered by Jewish people!
    The fool Brits should be thought of as Mentally ill and treated for their diseases appropriately!

    • Same old Same old…. Israeli medicine is probably almost the best in the world. There is a tremendous amount of medical tourism here. Many medical students cannot pass in the Israeli medical universities, so they have to go to Italy or Europe,. I think the UK is considered to LOW a standard. Last time I was in the UK,
      I had a hand x-ray, a North African doctor, told me “No Brock”.

      She could not read the X-Ray, or speak the language.
      Living here in Tel-Aviv, I see the higher standards, NO comparison
      The UK is so short of doctors, it takes all the rubbish from NORTH AFRICA.

  • Naomi

    Poor wording of the letter by SWC. Instead of defending ourselves, the finger should be pointed at the doctors by posing a few questions to them, via WMA, and exposing their bias, i.e.: ‘Which country treats its enemy’s wounded and ill in its hospitals?’, ‘Are these doctors for co-existence or are they for ethnic cleansing (Arabs live in Israel but no Jew is allowed to live in the area of so-called Palestine?),’Have these doctors spoken to and visited the conflict from both sides and given equal time to both sides?’, etc. Questions are a much more powerful tool than defensive explanations.

    • The letter would certainly have sounded stronger without the reminder of the Holocaust. It makes Israel appear weak, even to a supporter.

    • Samuel J. Savitz

      Naomi, your comment was precisely on target. Too bad we’ll never have a response from those to whom your questions would be posed.

  • Yeshayahu Hollander

    Is it not amazing that the request of 71 British doctors – out of over 170,000 members of the British Medical Association – gets ANY attention?
    Someone has lost all sense of proportion.

    But the one to be “horrified” should be the World Medical Association! If Israel is excluded, the WMA which would become a political organisation, and would loose the greatest contributor to medical advances. In this case, Israel should simply open a new world medical organisation, and compete with the political WMA.

  • Iam not Jewish but i read your newsletter daily what sort of doctors are these ? i come from Australia on the gold coast we would be shocked to have these so called doctors in our country.Regards. Victor

  • I am disgusted, surely they joke , can only assume jealousy at root, most of all good Doctors are Jewish, as in most other professions.

  • Michael Levy

    It would be nice to know who these doctors are and what their religious backgrounds are. They are the anti-semites of the medical world and it makes it hard to believe that these doctors are educated people. Do they realise that most of the cures in medicine were introduced by Jews? Do they not know that Israeli doctors perform free surgeries on their (Israel’s) enemies? let me say that, sometime in the future, these same people will need the Jews in some form or another and I hope that I will be the first to remind them of their past deeds.

  • Howard Rutman

    Obviously these “medical doctors” are certainly not Christian MDs. Their request extends the Nazi idiology which the British citizens should be ashamed to represent them in any form. All over the world Jewish doctors have been advancing medicine helping people in every walk of life.

  • theo

    A closer look should be taken at the 71 British doctors
    They bring disgrace to their profession and to the W M A
    Israel ,the one democracy in a sea of tumult and a country that establishes a hospital on the Syrian border to treat Syrian war casualties ,is to be chastised and ostracized ( Syria, as is known ,is not a friendly country to Israel )
    These 71 are themselves a cancer that needs to be excised


    Those doctors names should all be published.
    I wonder how many of them are Muslim

    In future, Israel must keep all medical invention with in Irael.
    Why are these Jew haters so keen to “expel” Israel from the WMA.


  • Bella Ceruza

    Israel should ensure that eand every one of those doctors is denied the use of every single medical development that has come from Israel.
    The docs are welcome to use all medical developments from Qatar!

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    These doctors remained strangely silent when Saudi-Arabia recently brutally executed 47 “terrorists” (really opponents of the Saudi ruling family mafia) by beheading and firing-squad – so I suspect that most of these anti-Israel doctors are Muslim as a large percentage of British doctors today are of Muslim origin.I don’t think that 71 doctors are a “large group” as is reported : there are thousands of physicians in the UK so 71 is a relatively small number.

  • John Train

    These 91 British doctors should be identified publicly by name and a demand be made that they no longer be permitted to prescribe any medication whose research and/or development was expedited by Israeli participation and/or Israeli basic scientific findings.

  • tan

    71 British doctors is not ‘a large group of U.K. doctors’. It is more nut bars than i’m happy about, who all happen to be doctors.
    The ..SWC response, to my mind, was way over the top.
    The paragraph from Dr.Samuels letter quoted says that ‘Nazi doctors and nurses….murdered over six million Jews and others ‘, which is nonsense, hyper balderdash.
    It also shocks that Dr. Samuels thinks that what some Nazi doctors and nurses did to Jews, and others, has or can have anything to do with responding intelligently to the medical nutbars. That is hysterical irrelevant dribble, and will be read as such, undermining whatever rationality Dr. Samuels managed to include in his missive.

  • Jacqueline costeaux

    Unbelievable. Are the British doctors so frightened of the muslins ins their country that they think diunf doing this will show how distant they are from Jews.

  • Stuart Kaufman

    A few days ago, I visited Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, only a few kilometers from Gaza. I met with Dr. Chezy Levy, the hospital’s director, Israel’s former Surgeon General. He pointed out that the hospital is constantly treating patients from Gaza. I personally saw arabs walking in seeking medical attention. The hospital in Gaza actually sends patients to Barzilai in ambulances because the Israelis treat them with the latest and most advanced medical care. I asked Dr. Levy why he expends such efforts upon our enemies. He responded that every Israeli physician takes the oath written by Maimonides in which he swears to treat every patient as a fellow human being, with no other considerations. Each one of us must actively fight in every way the efforts to delegitimize Israel. By failing to stand up for Israel we elevate the profane over the sacred, immorality over righteousness. It is that basic and that serious. Every decent human being has an affirmative obligation to stand up for Israel against the savages, including the “educated,” “civilized” savages and their allies. Failure to do so is tantamout to spitting in G-d’s face.

  • mark alcock

    Doctors swear the Hippocratic oath to serve with humility ,not to be so upright and bias that they judge their fellow foreign doctors on matters which are not medical .Nor should they assume the authority to judge and condemn on behalf of their ruling institute i.e. UK Medical Society.

  • The BDS-Movement did it again. BDS is an anti-Semitic NGO. The establishment of BDS has been supported by the “new Israel fund”, the NIF, (Notorious:Infame:Fiendish).

    The NIF is still supporting BDS and prostitutes for the sake of the Palestinian cause.

    In fact, NIF Switzerland is managed by a Jewish physician. This is outrageous.

    Please revert to

  • These stupid doctors should visit an Israeli hospital especially in Jerusalem any day of the week, any hour of the day. There are as many if not more Arab patients being treated than Jewish patients. Such actions are those of antisemites or pro-Arab ‘activists’.

  • Mandrake

    Algemeiner in cooperation with the many Jewish organizations should get the name of all the anti-Semite British doctors, their specialty, town where they work, and expose them in clear language for what they are in newspapers and other media, in England and possibly in the USA.

  • It is stunning how so many so-called intelligent Drs can be so ignorant. Come to think of it, it’s probably doubtful so many Drs are so ignorant, it’s more probable they are just bigots. Give it a few more years living with Muslims and they’ll be begging the Jews to come back.

  • What audacity! Half the medical procedures they themselves use to-day were invented or started by Israeli doctors, not to mention the medication they to-day treat their patients with.
    It’s obvious to even a blind person, that this “mad” suggestion
    is only JEALOUSY!!!!!

  • I am reading with horror about the request from 71 UK doctors who have requested the revocation of Israel’s membership from the World Medical Association. First I would propose that no Israeli methods, inventions, therapy’s, medical tests and such be allowed to be used in the UK. Let them go back to the dark ages in medicine and see how they like it. No jewish doctor be allowed to treat or save a UK national. Once they start dying en masse, then maybe they will reconsider. Shame on them. But the real question is: what in G-Ds name is going on in the world? Haven’t jews not suffered already enough? Are people going mad? I would appreciate a honest reply.

  • I don’t understand WHY these UK doctors want to expel the Israeli Medical Assoc. from the WMA ? What is their reason?? Makes no sense to me – especially when Israel’s standard, in their hospitals, is that he who needs help sooner, gets it – and in many cases, arabs and other Muslims get medical attention before Israelis! What do these UK doctors want?????

  • Julian Clovelley

    This appears to be another propaganda article based on something that would be rejected by the WMA in line with current and previous policy

  • Mariana

    The world is getting a real banana!

  • Ron

    One has to wonder how many of the British doctors are named Ahmed, Mohammed or Osama.

  • Carol Ann

    Is there a list of the names of the 71 doctors that has been published and available to the public?

  • marlene

    Consider the mentally challenged source – the UK – hates Israel, hates Trump, hates God.

  • Sarah Olsen

    Shame on these 71 doctors!!!!!!!
    They probably support all Nazi doctors who did kill milllions of Jewish people.

  • If Israeli citizens are expelled from the World Medical Association, their next goal might be to expel all Jews.

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    Please help Shurat HaDin SUE the terrorists in court:

    Shurat HaDin’s victory for Israel on FaceBook:

    Thank you!

    PS: * * * *