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January 24, 2016 4:55 pm

Shocking New Israeli Report: Over 40% of Europeans Hold Antisemitic Views

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Israel's Education Minister Naftali Bennett, pictured, was accused of Stalinist behavior and seeking to brainwash Israeli children and deny them access to good literature. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

More than 40% of European Union citizens hold antisemitic views and agree with the claim that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians and behaving like the Nazis, according to data presented during Sunday morning’s weekly Israeli cabinet meeting, the Hebrew news site nrg reported.

Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day this week, Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett, who also serves as minister of education, presented the country’s 2015 antisemitism report, pointing to the trends emerging in Europe as a result of the spread of radical Islam; the refugee and migrant crisis; the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS); and the rise of the extreme Right.

The “new antisemitism” explored in the report deals mainly with Jew-hatred among Muslims, rather than fringe parties in various European countries. The report states that “anti-Israel protests and accusations that Israel is a blood-thirsty, illegitimate country creates a slippery slope that eventually leads to the assault on Jews identified with Israel.”

Another aspect of antisemitism raised in the report, according to nrg, is that it has led to Jewish “enclosure in guarded areas and to a record high in emigration from Western Europe.”

The report discusses the rise in antisemitism following what it calls a “triple alliance against the Jews – an increase in antisemitism on the part of Muslim immigrants; a rise in the extreme Right, accompanied by xenophobia and violence against minorities; and a rewriting of Holocaust history, mainly in Eastern Europe…and in Western Europe, dissemination of hate-filled propaganda by radical left-wing movements, which promote boycotts and the delegitimization of Israel and create a climate that encourages attacks on Jews for their identification with Israel.”

The most blatant antisemitic violence committed in 2015, according to the report, was the HyperCacher attack in Paris, in which four Jews were killed, two days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The report also cites the growing trend of individual acts of antisemitism in France, and the accompanying rise in the desire of French Jews to leave the country and seek refuge elsewhere.

The report also examines the re-emergence of classical antisemitism: “In Russia and Ukraine, the Jews are portrayed in the media as a group whose loyalty to their country is dubious.”

As for the United States, the report looks at the “new antisemitism” on campuses across America, with 75% of Jewish students saying that they have either experienced or witnessed antisemitism.

Diaspora Affairs Ministry Director General Dvir Kahana, who also attended the meeting and presented the report with Bennett, said that his office has created a multi-annual plan to combat antisemitism, in which other relevant ministries will take part. This year’s focus will include tackling incitement on the Internet, providing policy tools to governments and organizations with which to fight the phenomenon and to aid threatened communities, as well as individuals who suffer from antisemitic attacks.

This is in keeping with a report released by the UK Parliament’s Education Select Committee – also ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

The committee is comprised of MPs who launched an inquiry in September into the effectiveness of Holocaust education in the British school system. According to the Chronicle, Committee Chairman MP Neil Carmichael reached the conclusion that: “Too few teachers, particularly history teachers, are being trained to teach the Holocaust and our report calls on the government to act. We expect the Department for Education to ensure the support it gives to Holocaust education is as effective as possible.”

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  • Skull

    where I’d written “the ex-NATO European countries”, what I meant was the old, Cold War NATO European countries. There is no ex-NATO, of course. Hey, I’ve been up all night and I’m not as young as I used to be a few decades ago. Learn to deal with my senility ☺ ☺ ☺

    • Skull

      Ha, just noticed that the date/time thing is set to Yank time on your page. Duh me! ☺ It’s 6am over here in Berlin. That information should clarify my “up all night” comment for you guys. C ya

  • Skull


    First off, excuse my use of capital letters, they’re just for emphasis, ’cause there’s no italics, bold or underline available.

    I’m a goy (or is it just “I’m goy” – is “goy” a noun or an adjective? Excuse my ignorance). I haven’t read ALL of the comments, but I read enough of them to feel the need to reassure you that anti-semitism is thankfully NOT a majority opinion here (at least as far as I can tell, anyway). I’m sure that someone’s most likely already made the comment here that “even one anti-semite is one too many” (and if no-one’s written it yet then I’m proud -and feel honoured- to be the first to say it here): EVEN ONE ANTI-SEMITE IS ONE TOO MANY!!!

    I’m a German-born Aussie who moved to Berlin (the city I was born in) just over 14 years ago. I grew up Down Under with parents who had experienced the Third Reich (my Dad got conscripted and stuck into an AA-gun crew near the Franco-German border when he was a 16-year-old in the Hitler Youth Air Cadets; he was 17 when the war ended), but who blessedly (I say that even though I’m an atheist) instilled in me two very important values: Tolerance and Respect For The Individual, be they white, black, yellow, red or green (just to keep all the Political Correctness fans happy: Caucasian, African, Asian, North American Native or Martian ☺).

    Once upon a time, I used to be neither anti-Jew nor pro-Jew, just neutral, but I was definitely VERY anti-Israel (which I’m now just as “definitely VERY” ashamed of, having had my eyes opened and learning more and more during the last six months or so). The “Wir schaffen das” situation here in Germany motivated me last year to do a bit of research, as a result of which I then made the effort to obtain authorised English translations of the Quran, Ibn Kathir’s Al Sira, and Sahih Bukhari’s Ahadith. I had NO IDEA what I was getting into … Oh my [insert Deity-Of-Your-Choice here], the bile, the hate, the Islamic “Übermensch” (there’s no other way to describe it) ideology. I started visiting SO-CALLED “hate sites” that tell people exactly what sort of ideas and TWISTED principles are taught in Islam. More importantly (for me, personally), these “hate sites” tell me things that the German media won’t. By the way, I did not get “sucked in” by what I read about Islam and M….MAD on those sites, as I had read exactly those things myself in the afore-mentioned authorised translations of the Islamic “scriptures”.

    I also started informing myself as to what Muslims themselves were disseminating in the Net (ya gotta be fair, y’know). Well, F_CK ME DEAD!!! (my sincere apologies to those who are offended by profanities). It’s all a conspiracy against the oh, so innocent Religion of Peace – a conspiracy led by the U.S., the ex-Nato European countries and Russia. Yes, that’s right, they’re all in cahoots together. And guess whose evil tune they’re dancing to? Hey, you guessed it – it’s you guys! I couldn’t believe how many Muslims (I admit that there were probably a few fakes among the bloggers and commentators, but still) actually believe the above-mentioned conspiracy theories – and if they don’t actually believe it, well, they’re doing a helluva job spreading the conspiracy crap around (lovely visual, isn’t it? ☺). Oh, and the Mossad organised 9/11! Even that ISIS clown Baghdadi is a Mossad plant!!! (Stop laughing so hard, you’ll rupture something! ☺)
    I need to state that I don’t hate Muslims, I actually do know some very decent ones (I honestly do), but I utterly hate and despise this megalomaniac, violent, illogical, nonsensical, semi-plagiarised “religion” of vomit, chunder and spew.

    By the way, I’m bald (by choice – I started shaving my head in my early twenties), with tattoos on either side of my skull. You can imagine how often I get to hear “Nazischwein” and similar things screamed at/after me by groups of young “persons of a different cultural or religious background”. We’ve got a Jewish quarter in Berlin and I’ve NEVER EVER gotten any hateful looks there, and certainly never had any prejudiced comments screamed at/after me. I’ve been treated with the utmost courtesy and respect, despite my appearance. My neutrality towards Jews has transformed into very amicable feelings. I’m very appreciative of the way I’ve been met with a “let’s see what he’s really like first, before we condemn the man”-attitude in the Jewish quarter. I don’t dare to walk into certain other neighbourhoods of Berlin, of course (certain streets I wouldn’t even walk down in broad daylight!). I’m not a pussy, I just don’t feel like being knifed for the way I look (I’m not expressing prejudice here and I’m not being paranoid, it’s just an unfortunate risk reality). The Central Council of Jews advised its community (as far back as 12 months ago) to refrain from wearing articles that would identify them as Jewish because of the risk of being attacked by certain people (google it if you don’t believe me).

    By the way, apologies for my haphazard sentence structures and my over-use of parentheses.

    Wow, I’ve certainly babbled on for a bit too long now, haven’t I? Let me just quickly say that my anti-Israel stance is now pro-Israel, because I’ve also paid repeated visits to Haaretz, Jerusalem Post and I can’t remember whatever other sites (hey, I’m old, leave me alone ☺). I have gained the greatest respect for how humanely Israel has defended itself against unspeakable animosity and hatred (and yes, NOW I know why it’s called the “Israel DEFENSE Force”). The sum of the last few months’ newly acquired knowledge and subsequent (belated) realisation of the truth reminds me of Martin Niemöller’s famous quote (google it, if need be)except that today’s National Socialism is Islam (Islam and modern military technology – BAD combination).

    (from a FORMER confirmed Israel critic, who now knows better)

  • Dave In Arizona

    The only thing shocking about this is the number is less than 75%.

  • Roberto

    Don’t vory,look at the last pictures of Merkel yeies,doasn’t look so happy.Real germans will step on the streets and than….alahu akbar or VIVA JERUSALIM

  • Mark

    No wonder. Such European countries like France and Britain were responsible for Holocaust a little less than the Germans. And modern Europeans are seeking to prove that victims are guilty themselves.So Europeans are blaming Israel that ” Israel behave himselve like the Nazi’s ” . When so called European democracies will be replaced for a fascist dictatorships regimes, then they will like israel and hate all foreigners.

  • You are so wrong Naftali. It is at least 60%!!!

  • Paul Grad

    Boycott Europe and cut all US military spending on NATO. Let the Euro-Racists pay for their own defense, instead of sucking off the US taxpayer.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    40% in Europe and 26% in America means that the only solution is to break their heads and bones and then it will stop.

    Jews have had to cope with anti-Jew behavior from the Greeks, the Romans and then the Church.

    The Church as brainwashed the Christians to hate Jews and we suffered horribly because we did not fight back.

    I would rather have died like the heroes of Masada and there not be one Jew on this planet than to have suffered as we have for thousands of years and what do we have to show for it> A Schmuck like Zuckerberg or anti-Jews who deprive Joanathan Pollard of 30 years of his life.

    I wish that every Jew who perished could have converted to Christianity and then they would still be alive.

    Naive? Perhaps but I believe in Jabotinksy, Sharon, Begin and Netanayou.

    Am Israel Chai and punishment to our enemies.

  • Yale

    The item prompts several responses:

    1) Has anyone thought seriously about whether “Holocaust education” actually prevents the spread of anti-Semitism? It is NOT intuitively obvious that it does. It may well advance the spread of anti-Semitism by documenting that Jews get “preferred treatment” in having their disasters become part of the education of the general public.

    2) There is still no agreed cause for anti-Semitism. Combating a problem is much more difficult if you don’t know what is causing it. Jews often point to the Jewish contribution to global civilization as reason why anti-Semites shouldn’t hate Jews. What if these contributions are why they do?

    3) The Muslim role in all of this needs to be understood better. To the extent that Europeans feel threatened by the growing Muslim social impact in their home countries, they will look for a scapegoat, and as usual, the easiest target here will be the Jews. In the absence of an agreed strategy for reducing the Muslim impact on European culture, transferring the hostility to a group Europeans know won’t attack them is an easy out.

    All of this suggests that the strategy needed is to focus on telling Europeans that if they wish to preserve their culture, they need to make common cause with a people that has stood up to the Muslim onslaught. Israel’s success in doing so may become a contribution of even greater worth than its accomplishments in water management.

  • Oscar Shank

    So criticism of Israeli state policy and/or conduct is anti-Semitism? Is criticism of US government anti-American?

  • Tal

    The only shocking thing about this is that it’s not 100% because they sure act like it.

  • Rosa Ergas

    Antisemitism will always exist for no other reason than for being Jewish.
    Jewish people, work hard, study hard, and for these reasons are successful. This is why there is such a high percentage of antisemitism. Also, the fact that we are THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, just because we accepted G d’s laws, which were rejected by other tribes, because they were too hard to comply with. Antisemitism will never stop, if they do not get passed all the above reasons.

    • andre

      im from South Africa and I agree with you

  • Elizabeth Palacios

    They have the number of the beast 666. GOD Bless Isarel!

  • Francis Figliola

    Believe it! The reason for all of the anti Israeli-Jewish propaganda! Sad part? It is also coming from so called “intellectuals”! Leftists have taken to the dark side, ignorance slathered with malice!

    • Robert Davis

      Right : they mean to say “you fear antisemitism? Ok we will give it to you from morning to night so you fear us and become our slaves”. Leftards are jealous people mostly for economic reasons and ill intended. Since they are too stupid and lazy to work they think only of doing evil to others and Jews will be an easy target until they understand psychology and politics.

  • A stupid article written by an identity politic opportunist weasel troll!

    • You and Blum can kiss my tuchus! This is anti democratic, repressive censorship! Your lying, manipulative, sophomoric, fabricating, pseudo journalist joke, Blum crafted an article so obvious, anti climatic, and evident to anyone with the cerebral function of a plastic carrot or a Clintinista libtard! Muslims hate Jews, Hey lets get the broad a Nobel Peace Prise for journalism! DUUUUUUUUUUH! What does she do for an encore? Pick her nose?

      • Robert Davis

        bilgrey :apart from insults what are you able to say in support them? you’re a psychiatric case.

    • Stanley Tee

      Avrohom Bilgrei, what an absolutely nonsensical post. You provide not a single shred of evidence to back up your ridiculous statement, you don’t even try to argue. You simply trash – and then you have the utter nerve to call the writer a troll. I suggest you look up the word “troll” and then look in a mirror.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Only 40%? Seriously? In either case this is the last generation of Jewish existence in Europe and anyone not planning to leave is a fool. After that, who cares?

    • Robert Davis

      Why after? it is BEFORE that you should day! If we show how little we care for their nonsense and cowardice or fight it, they would understand they are wasting thir time,effort and future on a lost battle.

  • pat

    My experience is that it’s more than 40%. It seems quite PC to have a problem with Jews; some people establish frienships on the basis of it. Look at our “friend” Roger Waters, whose own father died fighting facism, and today his “worthy” progeny is a highly active member of the BDS movement, and I’m the only one I know who has a problem with that. For me he’s gone from hero to “just another brisk in the wall; and Jews must be asking themselves: “Roger, did it need to be so high?”

    • Robert Davis

      Most people have SOFT brains and are easily brainwashed by the medias and leftwing governments’ hostile attitudes. It wont last for ever but Israel’s “leaders” should behave as patriots not leftwing opportunists to balance the european and American leftwing trend.

  • Robert Davis

    I amvery disappointed with Benett’s negative attitude which looks very much like a biaised lefter artitude : the reason why so many europeans probably far below the 40% 40% he states are antisemitic is because the medias keep saying LIES about the conflict and ISRAEL DOES NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL TO COUNTER THIS PR : Isqrzael refuses to claim sovereignty over Western Palestine, never states San Remo, artilce 80 of the UN Chart not any positive point showing Israel has the R>IGHT to claim sovereignty and does not have to bend tolies and does not use its pr sites to defend properly Israel and wastes its potential on a stupid pr hardly with Worth to be called so. Stating the number of stabbing attacks is NOT even pr it is just sundry information of no value as PR. We citizens cannot do Israel’s work it is up to Israel to do its PR since it has the means but not the brains. At least stop showing thge negative side due to your LACK OF INTELLIGENCE, LACK OF WILL TO DEFEND ISRAEL AND COWARDICE.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Shocking New Israeli Report: Over 40% of Europeans Hold Antisemitic Views”

    Why the shock?
    Europeans have been demonstrating their hatred for Jews for centuries.
    The very same centuries during which they have been murdering each other.

    Let them stew in their hatred. When there are no Jews around the Euros kill each other to keep their populations in control. A good thing.

  • Partha

    Sir, it is we Indians, who respect Jews , the maximum. A few days back, one of our Jews Hero named Lt. General Jacob, who was a hero for all Hindus in India died because of old age ailment. We always remember his contribution and big Hero of India. Outside Israel, India is the safest Nation for all Jews and we invite Jews to visit our land .Jews are the great great nationality. Only fools deny Jews contribution in various Scientific achievements . You people are the real world Hero.

    • David Zohar


      Many thanks for your kind words.

      We have great respect for General Jacob who was the real hero of the Liberation of Bangla Desh from Pakistan.

      I had the privilege of serving as Israeli Consul in Mumbai from 1969 to 1972. My family and I have warm memories of India.

      JAI HIND!

      David Zohar

    • caleb

      I adore India (food, culture, people) and hope to visit one day. India is a cradle of civilization. Much of our mathematics, medicine, astronomy is from India. Fortunately with Modi the ties between our two countries are improving.

  • Michel Olivier

    only 40% ?

    • Robert Davis

      40% PRESSURE maniacs! They only try the pressure trick when they see it works. And it does work with jews!

  • Santha Csaba

    Unfortunately, very true.Especially in former Soveit block countries.Just look at Russia, Czech republic, Hungary…..
    I am Hungarian from Serbia, where thw situation is not different at all.
    Israel should be engaged in more pro active aproach toward those countries.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    This report is understandable.
    Europe has allowed millions of Muslims into their countries, with the result that the Muslims lie about the true situation in Israel.

    Israel is the ONLY country in the world that has to defend itself from terrorist attacks, by the Muslim population.
    They lie to the worlds that Israel is committing a genocide against the Muslim population, and of course, the world believe this. The world has called Israel an apartheid state, knowing that the world apartheid makes Israel sound worse than the South African apartheid.
    One only has to visit a hospital and see Muslim doctors and nurses working with Jewish doctors and nurses,
    Muslims and Jews sit and eat in the same reastaurants and share buses.

    The big problem is, that the PA leader, Abbas, is the worst liar in the world.
    He has said that the Jews want to destroy Al Aksa, and then the imams preach hatred and murder of Jews.

    Abbas said that Israel refuses to sit and talk peace. But Israel has made so many offers to talk peace, but Abbas refuses this.
    He wants all the Jews out. He even showed a map of “Palestine” with no Israel.
    Abbas has spread the lie to the world, that Israel is worse than the Nazis, and that Israel is commiting genocide against the Muslims.

    And the other liar, Erekat tells the world that Israel is killing the Palesinians.

    Of course, the international media, loves to write anti Semitic, anti Israel propaganda.
    The International media is the worst offender of the lies about Israel.
    typical.. Israel shoots and kills 12 year old girl That is the headline, Under that, the report says that she tried to stab Israeli. But when a girl tried to enter a Paris police staiion ,and had a knife in her hand, she was shot dead beore she evn entered to police stion.
    That was small news

    So, when Israel fights back, it is “genocide”

    • Robert Davis

      europeans are VILE but not stupid : they do NOT believe a word arabs say they ACCEPT THE LIES MOSTLYBECAQUSE THEY INVENTED THEM for pressure purposes on Israel. What purpose? good question, I think they are looking for someone on whom they can show how powerful they still are, to whom they can impose their rule. And Israel’s “leaders” are soooo stupid they cannot defend themselves against them what with OLD fears including demonizing which I call GOSSIP. Unfortunaely I am the only one to call that gossip they call it …nukes!

  • Palestinians are Semtics , most Zionists hate Palestinians
    I guess Jews are Anti -Semtics !

    • Robert Davis

      Very funny! I guess you’re a moron.

  • stevenl

    Not shocking and not surprising. I come from there.
    The elite like in the US is fundamentally antisemitic and brainwashes the citizens in the believe that it is all Israel fault.
    It is pure psychopathic jealousy. They failed in 40-45 and they want the Palestinians to succeed through martyrdom. Then the Sunnis and Shia will get rid of the Palestinians who are of no use for themselves or for the Muslims in general.
    The same trend is taking place here with the democrats and liberal Jews.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This statistics are sober and somber indeed. It appears that large swaths of Europe are undergoing a recidivist descent into the xenophobia, scapegoating, anti-Semitism, anarchy, and nihilism not witnessed on this scale for more than half a century. The countries of Europe will need to combat such behaviour especially via education promoting as well as fortifying the adaptation of the Noahide laws as guidelines for normative living in civil habitation and law enforcement.

  • In 2016, more than 45% of Europeans will probably hold Anti-Semitic views. As Europe’s Muslim population increases, Jew-hatred will abound. It’s Muslim-driven Jew-hatred that threatens the existence of European Jewry. And European civilization will continue to decline, as more Jews wisely make Aliyah.

    • Robert Davis

      It depends on whether Jews will eventually defend themselves or not.

  • Ethel Carol

    And this is shocking–or surprising–because…?

  • Rachel Cohen

    This should shock no one–the rise of Nazism in the 1920’s did not end in 1945–the spirit of Nazism remained as a undercurrent and then rose to the surface where it remains. And now all western European nations are governed by Marxist globalists–and with this political ideology always comes persecution of Jews. Added to this is the fact that Marxist globalists have joined forces with Islamic globalist terrorists to destroy their common enemy–resultant is an exponential increase of anti-Semitism. This will become much worse–more Jews should come home to Israel–Israel needs its people back.

    • Robert Davis

      Try to defend yourselves before giving up!How about set bombs with medias? You will see their pr will drop from 100% down to 0% there are a million other ways to defend onself but viuoence presently is the best. Others can be used AFTERWARDS w<hen the enemy will know he better shut up.

  • Sam Harris

    How about one hundred percent!

    • Robert Davis

      How about WHINING ?

  • brenrod

    it is time to reject euro lecturing and stalking of Israel, tell them to get their house in order first…. demand that they take steps to end attacks on Jews. europe is becoming once more the existential enemy of the Jews… Israel should be thinking about them differently and devises means and ways to neutralize their threat.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Shock? I mean really.
    Has anyone visited the inner small towns in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary etc since about Oslo times?
    I have… I was even greeted by a Druid Procession on a Sunday at one such delightful small villages. Not specially set up for us but a standard celebration.
    One renegade item who was an MK and head of nothing less than the Jewish Agency, el Burg, escaped from Israel and apparently settled in Germany. He loudly asked his associated sewer creatures to take also “cherman” citizenship.

    We must face the tragic condition affecting or infecting many of our… folk. If not too late already.

  • Both in private and in public, prominent social psychologists believed that Hitler had “Jewish blood” that accounted for his pulling the wool over the eyes of his European competitors. See

    • Robert Davis

      I am not surprised : jewish opportunist cowards are the worse of all. But if jews defended themselvesthese cowards would behave differently. The way you want them to behave by…talking them over which does NOT work.Only violence works with them and most cowards of all religions. Only jewish renegades think they must do a lot more TO BE ACCEPTED BY OTHERS.

  • Hsp

    Sad that Europeans, a mere 70 years after witnessing the GENOCIDE of 6 million Jews and 5 million others, believe this nonsense about Israel being an apartheid state. Wait until the violence by Muslims in Europe becomes untenable and Europe is forced to take radical steps to protect itself. Then, perhaps you will understand what tiny Israel has had to face by both the Palistinians and other hateful Muslim countries.

  • nelson marans

    There has always been antisemitism in Europe, whether latent or blatant. Certainly the flow of refugees from Muslim nations has not helped the situation. In addition, the far right of neo-Nazis, cooperating with so-called academics of the left, have not helped the situation.

  • fjorthur

    Sorry, meant Was there a study to know how many of these haters also are self-loathing Europeans?

  • fjorthur

    Was there a student to know how many of these haters also are self-loathing Europeans?

  • rbockman

    Nothing surprising here. It’s an old story. We Jews just have to watch our heading. When the Jew hatred gets serious we have to readjust our direction and move on. We tend to get too comfortable in our surroundings. It happens over and over again, since Babylon. Keep your passports current. Most of the European experience is over for us and the end of the American odyssey is not far off. Our choices are either keep moving or make Aliyah.

  • Eric R.

    Europe is sick, evil, depraved, psychotic and genocidal. There is no hope for it to ever be redeemed. Ever.

    Jews must leave and Israel must quietly, and with deniability, tell the Europeans that Israeli nukes are aimed at European cities and over Europe for an EMP attack, and if Israel is nuked (by Iran), Europe will be destroyed.