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January 25, 2016 6:33 pm

Haaretz’s Owner Proves Paper Has an Anti-Israel Political Agenda

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The Left-wing Israeli daily Haaretz. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Left-wing Israeli daily Haaretz. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

With a circulation as low as 6% market share of Israeli print media according to recent research, Haaretz is utterly unrepresentative of the Israeli public and political system at large. Yet, Haaretz is still considered by outsiders to be the Israeli equivalent of the New York Times.

To be clear, Haaretz, even with a low circulation, is still a vital part of Israel’s dynamic and democratic free press. But the fraught and often aggressive discourse that characterizes so much of the Israeli debate sounds very different to a foreign audience.

Indeed, Haaretz, through its English-language website, has demonstrated that it is more concerned with its international audience than its domestic Israeli one. Haaretz, unable to exercise any meaningful influence at home, is using its English-language website and print newspaper to encourage external pressure on Israel.

The latest and most prominent example is an opinion piece by the newspaper’s proprietor Amos Schocken, titled “Only International Pressure Will End Israeli Apartheid.”

Schocken’s piece would not be amiss on anti-Israel hate sites such as Electronic Intifada or Mondoweiss. Schocken refers to “nearly 50 years of Israeli apartheid,” and compares Israel to the former South African regime:

The Israeli apartheid regime is also illegitimate, and it is no surprise that the complete identification which the government is creating between Israeli policy and apartheid is causing the world to question not only Israel’s control of Palestinians without rights, but also the legitimacy of the state itself and the whole Zionist idea. If, as in the government’s policy, apartheid is a necessary condition for the fulfillment of Zionism and the existence of Israel, then Zionism and the state are illegitimate.

Schocken is entitled to his opinions, even to the extent of portraying Israel as an illegitimate state. However, he is apparently hell-bent on “weaponizing” his newspaper in order to delegitimize Israel:

Whoever fears Israel’s insistence on maintaining its apartheid regime and understands that there is no chance of eliminating it from within, should view the EU labeling of settlement products, the pressure FIFA has placed on Israel and Brazil’s refusal to accept Dani Dayan as ambassador as encouraging signs. This is a crucial beginning of global action against an illegitimate situation that Israel insists on maintaining, but will be forced to give up. The government will predictably take “appropriate Zionist responses” to this pressure and pass anti-democratic initiatives to suppress and silence Israelis who, understanding that only external pressure will bring change, draw world attention to displays of Israeli apartheid.

Haaretz, for Amos Schocken, is an integral part of this “global action” against “Israeli apartheid.” Where does Schocken draw the line? If labeling settlement products or refusing the credentials of an ambassador are a “crucial beginning,” what exactly is the end game?

For the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign, Israel is also an illegitimate apartheid state that deserves to be destroyed. If Schocken has adopted the narrative and language of BDS, then, presumably, he is content to see Israel as the pariah amongst the nations. Haaretz then becomes the token Jew, much like those small yet very vocal anti-Zionist (and sometimes even antisemitic) Jews who serve as fig leaves for the BDS campaign. After all, if Jews and even a major Israeli newspaper are in favor of boycotting the Israeli “apartheid state,” then this form of assault on Israel’s wellbeing must be legitimate in the eyes of the uninformed observer.

Haaretz is striving not for objective and accurate reporting but for promoting a political agenda. It is incumbent, therefore, that the foreign media see Haaretz as a political entity rather than a primary news source. Using Haaretz as a cover for biased reporting is unacceptable.

While Haaretz is a product of Israel’s vibrant democracy and free press, it also plays a major role in the demonization of Israel. Amos Schocken’s latest opinion piece sadly acknowledges that Haaretz is anything but an unwilling accomplice.

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  • what was precious in the words of Mr. Shoken, was when he wrote: “The pressure that FIFA has placed on Israel…”
    When one is looking for a body that is beyond suspicion or redoubt FIFA is not it. At this time FIFA is without a chief, since Seth Bladder has been charged with corruption and the theft of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as taking bribes in the awarding of the World Cup to Doha.
    As for Brazil, Brazil the whole country, is built on “occupied” territories and practicing “apartheid” on its native population. So criticism from Brazil, whose president is also charged with corruption actually makes Israel look good.
    Shoken is a very wealthy leftist, who is terribly confused.

  • Daniel Dravot

    My mother told me that her great grandfather, a Texas Ranger, used to say that some people “just need killing.”

    Sometimes the old ways really are the best.

    • shimon russo


  • Just before the elections last year in Israel, I received an offer for a free trial subscription to Haaretz.

    It was sent by the New York Times as a special offer from them. Turds of a feather?

  • naro

    Just remember that most anti Israeli Jews are making a good living spreading the anti Israeli propaganda with Iranian money. Iran maintains a large stable of Jewish prostitute writers and academics who would sell the Jewish people for a few shekels.

  • Brent Pudsey

    I hope that the Haaretz, will not continue to stir outrage. Newspapers primary job is to report the news. Commentary like the work of newspaper owner , Amos Schocken will just be like pouring gasoline on the ground and throwing a match.

  • This is the true spirit behind the owners, editors and staff of the Haartz.

    Many readers believe this defamations against Israel, because, once, many years ago, the Haaretz was a decent daily.

    http://blogs. and-the-elders-of-zion /

  • Oron
  • Possible Shocken’s Parents Are Not Jewish.For This Reason He Is Anti Jew & Anti Israel. It Is Advisable To Investigate And Deport Him To Gaza And Then He Will Appreciate Israel

  • Uzi Kattan

    Haaretz is not he New York Slimes equivalent. It is more like Der Sturmer!

  • Rivka Leiner

    I beg to differ with the premise that Haaretz is a legitimate component of Israel’s free press. The reason is simply that the principle of a free press does not imply the right to falsify facts. Haaretz has an editorial slant and policy, like any other news outlet. But they have gone beyond interpreting current events according to their word view into the yellow journalism of inventing facts.

    I was extremely alarmed when told by a recent olah from a major US Jewish community that Haaretz was considered to be a high standard,reliable Israeli news outlet. Many of the complaints that I hear from American Jews inside and out of Israel are informed by the deliberate misrepresentations on every issue Israel faces, internally or externally.

    • I agree with you. Freedom of the press in Israel is a fact. We are the only country in the Near & Middle East and among Islamic and Arab countries with a free press.

      We are also the only country with a news media such as HaAretz, which has a clear anti-Israeli position. I do not say a critical view, I say its an anti-Israeli view.

      Therefore, Haaretz is the prime source for critics and opponents of Israel, who wish to hide their hatred against Israel and against Jews.

      Do you know, that the HaAretz is owned 20% by a German media company? This might be the reason why HaAretz has this special reputation.


    I wouldn’t even use this rag to wrap fish.

  • Bob Moore

    If Israel is an apartheid state and still allows its newspapers to publish such rubbish.
    Then what is the PA? What would they do had a Palestinian newspaper published a piece denouncing the legitimacy of its existence?

  • Ely Erlich

    Correction to my previous post – many thanks to Algemeiner (who I found through honest reporting) for addressing the extremists in the Israeli press.

  • Ely Erlich

    Many thanks to Honest Reporting for addressing the extremists in the Israeli press for once.

    However, I do appreciate that they wouldn’t have time to deal with the international news corporations if they had to address every horrible article in Haaretz, every day (including statements which shock even my left-wing Israeli colleagues).

  • Robert Davis

    “unwilling accomplice”? are you kidding? it is willing of course. Why? for finacial reasons at 95% and 5% dogmatic communism. What are foreign governments waiting for to stop considering Haaretz important? The Jews blow up this paper. Only then they will acknowledge the fact haaretsz is NOTHING. Likewise for european leftwing Israel bashing medias. They think that as long as it is not bombed it means Jews are not important.

  • Shmuel Galor

    On the issue of the Israeli-Arab conflict, Haaretz FB in English has become the principal social club and meeting place for conspirational Jew-haters, plain anti-Semites, neo-nazis, jihadists, ISIS/PLO/Hamas/Hizballah supporters, and the “useful idiots” of all the above scum.
    Read the comments to the posts at “Haaretz” FB page (after taking an anti-nausea medicine) on the Israeli-Arab issues! Examine the commentators!
    Haaretz has become the main provider of anti-Semite ammunition, and this merchandise, with its Jewish/”Made in Israel” labels, is very appreciated by these sickening clients.
    If you, by mistake, have “liked” its sites or its FB pages (The Hebrew or the English), please, “dislike” them!

  • Dave In Arizona

    Hmm. Barack Obama must be one of their editors.

  • Since Mr. Schocken favors BDS why don’t those of you who actually read the Haaretz start by boycotting this Palestinian rag.

  • This is a Jew who lives in Israel and must know, from his very own experience, the evil and hatred perpetrated by those oh-so-downtrodden “Palestinians” for decades. He knows that the Arabs’ desire to kill every Jew and eradicate Israel is not the product of a (non-existent) Apartheid but of plain vicious anti-Semitic hatred systematically implanted in their children, nicely mixed with jealousy, with a good seasoning of Islamism added.

    He knows that there was no Jewish “apartheid” rule, let alone settlements, before 1967, when Arab armies moved in to kill every Jew and destroy Israel.

    The motivations of this man are either sick self-hatred, or the desperate wish to become prominent in the (unfortunately growing) anti-Israel world. However, I would not at all be surprised if this Jewish anti-Semite received money, maybe substantial money, for his hate writings, from some outside sources (Arab, EU, US Liberals, or the like. George Soros and his ilk would be a perfect candidate). It would be well worth investigating.

  • john Train

    A Leading supporter of Haaretz is Robert Eshman, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.

    His email is

  • Liza Jones

    The charges that are made against Israel’s government in Haaretz are libellous and probably would meet the criteria for sedition–apartheid, for one—and should be prosecuted by Israel’s courts. It seems Haaretz has free reign to broadcast libels and despite its low circulation it is still the go-to authority for Leftist support and as such damages Israel’s democracy.

    It seems to me that the country has an obligation to challenge Hareetz legally especially since the Haaretz political intent goes way beyond the needs of a democratic and free press. Shurat Hadin might be able to help. But in the meantime a concerted effort to boycott this rag and make its owners and employees personae non grata.

  • Denis MacEoin

    Making any comparison between Israel and the apartheid state of South Africa provides complete evidence that Israel is NOT an apartheid state. There is no comparison between the two situations. Where are the Israeli apartheid laws, where are the divided transport systems, schools, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, beaches or anything else? Since this is so obvious, we have to ask what possible motive any intelligent person can have for perpetuating this myth.

    • Robert Davis

      It is just one out of 100 weapons just as the military have. The military do not have only kalach, they have lots of weapons to be efficient.

  • JR Bailey

    Mr shocking is nothing less than a traitor, a Kapo right out of the Ghetto, right out of the Camps.

    His self hatred is readily apparent, and his frustration that fellow Jews cannot see the light as he sees it, no doubt leads him deeper and deeper into hating his self karma into hating his fellow Jews, and perhaps worst of all hating the only country on the planet, where Jews actually run things.

    He cannot be honest about any subject matter pertaining to the political situation between Muslims and Jews. No facts will deter him from propagandizing anything and everything relating to the terrorist agenda against Israel.

    A mountain of murdered Jewish victims will never be enough to convince Schocken that Hamas, Hezbollah, and the other terrorists really do not want peace, or a two-state solution, they want to destroy Israel ( which Schocken also wishes to do ) and kill every Jew in it, and then move on to killing the rest of the Jews across the globe.

    This is the sad fact their Haaretz will not face, and will never admit: the Hamas, Hezbollah, al Isamiyah, al Qassam, will under any and all circumstances obey the commands of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, to murder all Jews who will not submit to Islam and convert to Islam.

    Schocken and does not believe in such doctrines, he does not believe that Islam teaches that, or that Muslims really do believe that as fact, not as theory.

    His disbelief is the same as the Jews disbelief in 1930s Germany and Austria and Poland and France: those Jews did not believe that there was even a remote possibility that the civilized peoples of Europe could possibly ever allow the mass murder of Jews, even though they knew the level of anti-semitism was severely intense during that period.

    Mr Schocken is nothing less than a traitor, a traitor to Israel, a traitor to Jews everywhere, and a traitor to Israel: like the most fanatical Muslim terrorist Mr Schocken wants to kill every Jew in Israel, but instead of using an ak-47, or an explosive vest, or rockets, or missiles, he is using a computer and a keyboard, and the Internet.

    • Melita Tchaicovsky

      It seems to me that he probably receive funds from Islâmic organizations to fund his newspaper and his anti-Israel political Agenda. Can this explain his hypocrisy?

    • Robert Davis

      schocken is an OPPORTUNIST mostly. He knows he is a good for nothing and the only way for him to make money is to put out anti Israel stuff. This is what europe is asking for and he knows it. Of course there must also be some “ideology” but I am sure it does not exceed 5% and it is the Financial aspect he is most interested in.

      • Joe Bill Scott

        In other words he’s just a whore.
        But if that were the case the 80% not owned by the German could be purchased.

  • J. Szanton

    There is only one reason that I am sorry not to have a subscription to HAARETZ: I can’t cancel it. While I have no hesitation regarding the right of free speech, I do feel that this does not require that a microphone and stage be automatically handed to everyone that has a message. If Amos Schocken can provide himself with one, so be it. Even if he has a well defined and pathetic illness of the mind..

  • Bernhard Lazarus

    Disgraceful. cannot compare SAFRICA with Israel. The former was about changing a country ie equal rights for all inhabitants, however the enemies of Israel wish to destroy the country as made clear since independence.Haaretz is a disgrace and should be trated as the allies treated the press during WW2. SINCE WE ARE UNFORTUNATELY AT WAR FIGHTING FOR OUR EXISTANCE

  • Nanushka Glasser

    972 Magazine and its Hebrew language twin Mekomit, are the primary news organs of the Israeli radical Left. The are also the main Israeli news source for the international anti-Semitic Left, free of any professional ethics that may remain at Haaretz.

    Their primary funding source is the Rockefeller Foundation, which got its own fortune from Standard Oil – now know as Exxon Mobile. Exxon STILL funds them.

    The foundation is run by Judith Bodin, – former pres of U. of Penn. (Wharton School of Business).

    Which of course leads to the question, why does BIG business fund the news organ of the Israeli anarchist Left?
    To add to the irony, Rockefeller is also a huge donor to “sustainability”!

    I would love to read an expose on this, and what are their motivations.

    • What their motivations are, Nanushka? Either anti-Semitism or sick self-hatred. Of course, money and / or nice safe jobs don’t hurt either.

  • Are Jews the only people who so blatantly criticize their own and so often, or am I so sensitive because I am a Jew.

  • brenrod

    Haaretz is one more anti semitic organ propagating anti semiti blood libels. These blood libels such as “apartheid”, like in the middle ages are intended to incite the public to murder Jews. Orgs and media like haaretz are guilty of incitement to genocide and those participating should be given the same punishments as those at Nuremberg. Only the gallows should be available to those who incite Jewish genocide with blood libels…. the same for the Israeli left who utter “apartheid”…. they are the ones causing the revenge murders and stabbings of Jews globally.

  • steven plaut

    two thirds of haaretz readers only get the paper because of the marker, its business supplement, and in spite of its treason

  • Monty Pogoda

    Schoken is a sub-strata snake whose sentences are shockin’. He is a Traitor in no uncertain terms and should be incarcerated for life. That should shockem at Ha-Aretz.

  • Joe D.

    Leftist liar, hope to see the date when he will tried as a traitor of Israel!

  • Bernhard Lazarus

    The comparison between S. Africa and Israel is totally absurd since in the former it was about a change ie equality for all, whilst as far as Israel is concerned it is the destruction of the state aided and abetted by the renegades of Haaretz.
    we are in a state of war forced upon us by some of our neighbors and hence to maintain freedom of expression must be protected by shutting down the likes of Haaretz who encourage and support those wishing to destroy democracy in all its forms

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Can Haartez explain where the Israeli apartheid is taken place?

    Haaretz is one of the major causes of BDS.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    s Haaretz being funded by Abbas and gang?

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Why has this treasonous rag (not even worth used toilet paper) not been closed down?
    Freedom of speech is one thing, but treasonous media is treason, Haaretz should have been closed down years ago, and the owner arrested for what he is doing.
    Imagine if he was an Arab in an Arab state.
    He would have been executed

  • Goldstein…

    Anyone, like Schocken, who rants against his own country in this manner
    is nothing more than a Traitorous Momzer!!!

  • The fool Schocken will always find a large crowd of European fools who admire him.

  • In Switzerland, the “well informed anti-Semite and hater of Israel” obtains his information from Haaretz. Its journalists live from defaming and demonizing Israel and Judaism.

    The Swiss weekly for the un-committed and indifferent Jews, the “Tachles” is publishing anti-Israeli articles from the Haaretz, fie. Its a real shame. The old daily news, the NZZ, is permitting to use Haaretz as the prime source for anti-Israeli comments.

    Mr. Amos Shocken, your Haaretz is causing damage to Israel, to Judaism and to Jews. Can you still sleep at night? Are you not ashamed?

  • stevenl

    Everybody is aware of it. PC works its full force. A far left Israel-destructive entity. Shame on the US liberal Jews for they support this antisemitic piece of “Garbage”!
    Reminds me of the Pravda and the French communist party.

    • Rafał

      As for political correctness – I would say that using such libelous terms (apartheid, occupation) is just what real PC would avoid.

  • Rachel Cohen

    This is not a revelation–Haaretz is run by Godless Marxist backstabbing Jews.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    If Amos Schocken feels the way he does, he does not propose a “solution” to his feelings. What would he like to happen for Israel to undo the terrors that it has caused the “Palestinians” and all Muslims and the world. Should we just turn everything over to Abbas and company and hope that they do not want to make Israel judenrein? Where will he go and the other leftists like him? Where will they live or die? It is interesting that they all believe that because they hate Israel that the enemies of Israel will provide a secure and safe place for them in a Jew free Arab country. Self hatred to its worst.

  • Ephraim

    I think it IS the Israeli New York Times. Same bias, same hatred of Israel, same thing.

  • “…Haaretz is utterly unrepresentative of the Israeli public and political system at large…”

    I am so glad to hear that, because I sometimes wondered why Israelis would be so unattractively suicidal. I probably count as one of the Haaretz Readers online, because I am subscribed but only for reasons of “know thy enemy” and for the reason some people are fascinated by awful freak shows such as “the most ugly bodies” …”the fattest people”…. etc.

    And, btw, I am not Jewish.

  • The correct spelling of Haaretz is Der Sturmer. The correct spelling of Schocken is Goebbels.