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January 27, 2016 3:12 pm

Italian Newspaper Distributes Kippot on Holocaust Remembrance Day in Show of Solidarity With European Jews

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A man wears a kippah Photo: Enough is Enough Facebook page.

A man wearing a kippah Photo: Enough is Enough Facebook page.

An Italian newspaper distributed white yarmulkes with its daily edition on Wednesday as a show of solidarity with Jewish communities in Europe on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“We intended it as a gesture of closeness and solidarity with the Jewish people, now that antisemitism is getting stronger in Europe and that many Jews are abandoning our cities,” said Giulio Meotti, a writer for Il Foglio, according to The Jewish Voice.

Meotti noted that many Jews in Europe have stopped donning the traditional Jewish skullcap out of fear of antisemitism. In Marseilles earlier this month, following an attack against a Jewish schoolteacher outside his Hebrew school, the local community head called on locals to refrain from putting on the kippah, a suggestion that drew condemnations from others in the French and international Jewish communities.

“Hatred of Israel has returned to dominate the media and politics,” said Meotti, according to the Voice. “Anti-Semitism does not shock anymore. But we must pay attention. Because they start by hitting the Jews but they do not stop there: we are all in danger.”

The initiative by Il Foglio Editor-in-Chief Claudio Cerasa, followed French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia’s call on Jews to wear kippot in order to show a “united front” against antisemitism, especially in the wake of recent attacks. Simultaneously, an online campaign was launched under the hashtag  , also calling for individuals to wear kippot as a sign of solidarity. In addition, Strasbourg Chabad Rabbi Mendel Samama handed out 100 kippot to passersby in the city’s center around the same time.

“Solidarity is the only weapon we have. That little kippah is the symbol of our greatest and most precious freedoms. And of Israel, the outpost that Europe should defend and love,” said Meotti.

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  • Sol

    It’s nice that Mr. Meotti shows support for Jews, although for a sad reason. He states,” Because they start by hitting the Jews, but they do not stop there: we all are in danger” This hardly reflects pure altruism. Defend the Jews because anti-semitism is morally wrong, not because ” we are all in danger”! If Italian and French people want to show solidarity with the Jewish people, a good place to start would be to not support Iran! The celebrated & warm visit to Italy & France by Rouhani on Holocaust Remembrance Day says it all. Rejection of Anti-semitism must come by deeds, not talk! Can Europe & the rest of the world ever be cured of the disease of Anti-semitism? Doubtful! It is historically a deadly disease!

    • Buddy Macy

      Sol, Giulio Meotti is a great friend of Israel and the Jews. I think he made the statement you quoted in your comment in order to provide another, more general reason for supporting them. He despises anti-Semitism in all of its forms and has consistently displayed “pure altruism” in his support of Israel and the Jews. Please see some of Giulio’s published articles, here:

  • Ezra

    If the law of the lands of the EU protects minorities and the right of citizens to worship in their own way, why is there a need to distribute kippot and make statements about fighting anti Semitism. The problem that the laws enacted in the EU are not being enforced. Perpetrators of anti Semitic crimes are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and the Europeans have now become accustomed to anti Semitic acts as though they have become the norm. Is there any wonder Jews are concerned and fear for their safety in Europe. Is it a wonder that so many French Jews have left and continue to emigrate to Israel. The problem is that EU politicians pay lip service to the problem and wring their hands about the terrible anti Semitism that has reared its ugly head once more, but the police and judiciary WILL NOT enforce the laws and punish the perpetrators whether they be Moslems, left/right winged anti Semites.