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January 27, 2016 6:37 pm

Swedish FM Mocked on Social Media for ‘Hypocritical’ Holocaust Statement After ‘Justifying Palestinian Terror Against Israelis’

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Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom. Photo: Facebook.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. Photo: Facebook.

Israelis reacted with contempt to the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement issued by the Swedish foreign minister on Wednesday, with comments on social media mocking Margot Wallström for her “gall” and “hypocrisy.”

One member of the Twittersphere — who posted a link to the statement (titled “The battle against anti-Semitism and racism must always be fought”) – was Israel-based international human rights lawyer and Middle East analyst Arsen Ostrovsky.

“You have no right, none @margotwallstrom, to speak on the #Holocaust, when you justify terror vs #Israel!” Ostrovsky wrote.

Speaking to The Algemeiner shortly after expressing his outrage, Ostrovsky expanded on his abbreviated criticism.

“It is a travesty of justice and gross offense to the memory of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, that Margot Wallström, who has excused, justified and condoned terror against Israelis, has the chutzpah to now invoke Holocaust Remembrance Day to talk about fighting antisemitism,” he said.

Ostrovsky was referring to a series of recent remarks on the part of the Swedish FM blaming Israeli policy for the surge in Palestinian terrorism. Earlier this month during a parliamentary debate, for example, Wallström said an investigation was necessary to determine if Israel has been committing “extrajudicial killings” of Palestinians during the recent wave of violence. This caused the Israeli Foreign Ministry to announce that Wallström and other Swedish officials would not be welcome in Israel.

Equally striking was Wallström’s response to the November 13 Paris attacks, which left 130 innocent people dead at the hands of ISIS followers. As Swedish-Jewish activist and political adviser Annika Hernroth-Rothstein told The Algemeiner in the immediate aftermath of the bloodbath in France: “One hour after the attacks, at 10:45 pm, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström was interviewed on Swedish national TV [SVT2T], and she said that ‘to fight radicalization, we have to go back to the situation in the Middle East, where especially the Palestinians see no future. We either have to accept a desperate situation or act forcefully.'”

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  • Oneill

    Wall storm you are a disgrace,the Jews are back in their own land,judea

  • Michael E

    Anti-Semitism is widespread in Sweden today, in media, politics and of course the huge Muslim population. They have just replaced the “evil greedy Jewish banker” with “Israel” as an excuse.

    What is totally tabu in Sweden today, however, is to say something that can be interpreted as negative about Islam or Muslims.

  • Atilla

    Wallstrom should be banned from Israel, now and forever.

    And when it is thrown of of parliament ( it will probably end up in the UN…) it should go onto the Mossad’s Kidon unit’s training list.

  • Morton Friedman

    How does one describe a female dog in Swedish?

    • Dan

      Morton, please do not call her a dog. Dogs are decent beings meaning no harm.

  • Esther Kaplan

    The Jewish half of me is mortified by the Swedish half.

  • Theodore “Ted” Crawford

    SHE is radicalized! Only Adonai can break her cold, wicked heart. Her viewpoint is that Israel is totally at fault, and the Muslim Palestinian Arabs are their innocent victims, NO MATTER WHAT the actual evidence indicates. She is in severe denial, embracing and promoting falsehood that she wants so very badly to be true.


    Margot Wallström has used the easy route and blames Israel for everything that is happening in the Middle East. Yet, she fails to mention the oppression in which Syrians, Saudis, Iranians and the rest of the Arabic countries are living under their leaders. Human right organizations in Israel are constantly monitoring what is happening inside Israel. The other Arabic nations have death, tortures, amputations, stoning, raping, etc, but
    Margot Wallström watches in silence.@gbensimon1

  • Robert Davis

    On top of an hypocrit focused on Israel’s Policy meddling wallenstrumpf is a liar. So called “palestinians” ie whoi are in fact jordanians since 1948 have a future in Jordan and other arab states, 20 of thyem. The only place on earth where they have no future is Western Palestine ie Israel. If Israel’s PM was not a coward he would have said it himself.

  • Reform School

    How sad Maggot Maelstrom hasn’t learned Muslim hospitality. Haven’t her guests made her dress like their “burqa wits?”

  • shloime

    typical anti-semite, she cries crocodile tears for dead jews, but supports the killers of living ones.

    • Marlene Josephs

      Shloime…You took the words right out of my mouth. Jew hating anti-Semitic BASTARDS like maggot maelstrom (she IS a maggot, isn’t she!) likes dead Jews but strong, independent Jews in Israel who can finally defend themselves after 2000 years in galut really sticks in her crow! She much prefers the helpless Jews having to bend their heads down so as not to offend their christian or moslem neighbors, knowing “their place”, walk in ditches as dhimmis in arab/moslem countries, withstand all kinds of tortures and horrendous deaths during the Crusades, various inquisitions and expulsions leading up to the Spanish Inquisition, hundreds of years of pogroms and finally the Holocaust. She and others like her will happily commemorate the downtrodden Jew…but the robust, healthy self-sufficient Jew…NO!…that’s just not acceptable!!! Even hitler and his nazis, may their names be erased!!!…were planning a museum of the “lost” Jewish people by collecting Judaic memorabilia to put in this museum. They are all such fools!!! HaShem Said that we are His Eternal People…AND INDEED WE ARE!!! I hope they have a stroke just contemplating this, don’t you?

  • Do the Swedes not have a minimum I.Q. requirement for government employees? Or at least a qualifying basic reading skill requirement?

  • stevenl

    Another owner of a FLAT BRAIN! Socialism will destroy Europe.

  • Peter Joffe

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. There are none so blind as those who will not hear. The Swedes are in for a very bad time that they may not survive as they have welcomes killers into their midst and will soon see what its like to have them in their own backyards, raping and killing. The Swedes are deaf and blind in the hope that their turn will not come. TOOOO late it has already come as Sweden accepts Islam and its savagery. Jews are not the problem. Islam is the problem and until Islam is stopped more European countries will fall and decent people will revert to the very dark ages!!

  • Paul la Demain

    Yes, “forceful action” should indeed be taken … on the person of this hag Wallstrom. In fact, a good swift kick in her pants would do her a world of good. Having shown her true colors, it’s become clear that this foul creature is beneath contempt. There’s no reason to accord such a person the courtesy customarily bestowed upon government factotums. Ah yes, some of my best friends are Swedes … and they are ashamed of her. We’re just disgusted and repelled by this obnoxious, uncultured, ignorant woman.

  • Jonathan Adams

    I am viewing your report and Margot Wallström’s remarks from the UK.

    I would read with interest reasoned objections to Margot Wallström’s position.

    But I am alarmed to read that she is being treated with contempt with no exploration of the relationship between understanding and condoning. Jewish opinions can defend themselves robustly without stooping to contempt.

    With a little historical exploration I can understand the Irgun frustration which led to the bombing of the King David Hotel – a refusal to accept British obstacles to establishing a safe haven for Jews – but I do not condone it.

    Contempt does not persuade me. It would be more persuasive if Israeli commentators would tell us how the situation would look different if Palestinians were indeed frustrated.

    Do you really think that a civilised society should ignore and not investigate allegations of extrajudicial killings?

    Contempt for one’s opponents may play well with a jeering crowd of people who already agree, but it is not a good presentation of Jewish or Israeli values.

    • Paul la Demain

      Hello Ali Mohammed. That you, again? This time dressing yourself up as a Jew and pretending to knowledge about Israel’s right to bar this microcephalic Swedish FM from ever setting foot in lands that are free from Sharia?

  • There is no difference between Margot Wallstrom and Ilse Koch..absolutely identical!…inside & out…

  • Mike

    This reminds me of a story where two whores hop into bed and one says to the other – WHO PAYS?