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January 27, 2016 6:10 pm

The Really Insane Thing About Ban Ki-Moon’s Speech

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United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, pictured, this week addressed the Security Council "on the situation in the Middle East." Photo: World Economic Forum.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, pictured, this week addressed the Security Council “on the situation in the Middle East.” Photo: World Economic Forum.

Yes, it is outrageous that Ban Ki Moon essentially called terror attacks a natural result of “occupation,” and Netanyahu was right in slamming him for it.

But that wasn’t the strangest part of the speech.

The title of Ban Ki-Moon’s talk was “Secretary-General’s remarks to the Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East.”

There were 52 paragraphs in the speech according to the official UN record.

Of those 52, three were about Lebanon. Two referred to Syria – one about refugees and one about the Golan.

The entire rest of the speech was about Israel and the Palestinians.

The Secretary General of the UN gives an overview of the Middle East without mentioning Syrian atrocities, without mentioning Iraqi instability, without even mentioning ISIS.

Nothing about Iran. Nothing about Saudi Arabia, which is killing more civilians in Yemen than Israel did in Gaza. Nothing about Egypt or Libya. Not a word about Kurds.

On the contrary – Ban Ki Moon implied that if only Israel would just give some more concessions, then the rest of the region would be inspired to make peace. “As the wider Middle East continues to be gripped by a relentless wave of extremist terror, Israelis and Palestinians have an opportunity to restore hope to a region torn apart by intolerance and cruelty.”

The word “obsession” hardly does justice to the single-minded Israel fetish at the UN.

But, yes, we must also be angry at the Secretary General’s justification for terror.

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  • Randy Williams

    Anti-Semitism, it’s a trick we always use it, and we bring up the holocaust any time some one criticizes Israel ~ Shulamit Aloni

    Israel must see the sword as the main, if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no — it must — invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation-and-revenge

    It looks like a Bar David/Danny Seaman convention around here….

    • Andy Williams, you surely aren’t as stupid as your remarks imply ? Anti-semitism is a fact, throughout the World, not a ploy ! ( as demonstrated by hundreds of idiot sheep following the totally racist BDS nonsense in Ireland this last week ! )
      Israel’s instruments as you call them , include being 1st on site to give real help/ aid to hundreds of thousands of humans during any and every disaster over the last 10 years !
      Leading the world in innovation in technology, medical sciences and weaponry ( to defend themselves & the Western World !!
      Medically treating literally thousands of ‘ potential enemies’ from Syria,Gaza & Palestine in their ultra modern hospitals & medical centres, often with no charge levied !!
      Perhaps it is time for you to delve into the realities of the area rather than glibly pumping out the trash from the World’s PAID media !!

      • Marion

        Gordon, I could not have said it better.

        Thank you for your wisdom.

        As long as the muslums can be blindsided by the corrupt media, they will never arise from their poverty and ignorance. Where is all the money that has been sent to help the Palestinians? Arafat’s family lives in luxury in Paris. He stole millions if not billions of dollars and stashed it in Sweden. With all the money sent to help lift them out of poverty, the only ones prospering are their corrupt leads. It is time for them to get rid of the trash keeping them blind to the truth about Israel. Why do their people sneak into Israel to get the medical care from Hadassah for their families – because they don’t want their neighbors to know they trust the Israelis to do the right thing. Hadassah even treats the terrorists – why I don’t know but that is who Israel is.

  • Ben Ki moon you are just an ignorant and obsessed as the rest of them on top of it you are a lazy man go and read how dare you ? the UN office just closing down nothing makes sense anymore you walked in the tunnels made by gammas you declared that they were building them again now you want us to give land sorry they should leave period it is our land the arabss are killing themselves the world is succumbing to terror accepts islam sorry it is the end of times we Jews hold our grounds our rights our religion our God our land do what ever you want we will defend ourselves the world has gone crazy

  • Zalman

    There’s nothing wrong with being a clerk. It’s a decent, time-honored ocupation. It is, however, not an occupation generally lending itself to distinction or acomplishment. Mr Ban Ki Moon is a most undistinguished clerk, devoid of the ability to understand. He may have been lucky so far, but politics is still only politics.

  • Israel

    I do not blame only Ban Ki-Moon the UN is showing its ugly face for years.

  • Samuel Kleeblatt

    this morning i was thinking about palestinian refugees in Belgium. we had one family in our village. the husband was most of the time in prison for locking up his wife at home and some other offences. i asked myself “refugees” ? but according to what we know from the medias refugees can only come from not safe countries. I then asked myself unsafe would mean Israeli occupation makes it unsafe ?! it could not be true. It occured to me that the territoriess considered as unsafe by the EU are the territories nor controlled by Israel. (I.E. those controlled by the PA and Hamas) Our neck tied politicians are such hypocrites that they fight the occupation while considering the “liberated” palestinian land as unsafe and flood it with funds. These funds do not help the Palestinians, they are used like drugs and also to fight Israel and preach hatred, thank you

    • Marion

      Two state Israel will never work. They only want to flood the land and eventually push Israel, as they say, into the sea.
      Why hasn’t the world woken up to terrorism all over the world committed by Islamic terrorism. You NEVER see Israeli terrorism. It is all fabricated. Israel is constantly attacked by the muslims.
      Who puts their children at the front of the lines?-muslims. As Golda Meir said, “there will only be peace when Muslims love their children more than they hate the Jews!”

  • Ronald Lewis

    Mr. Secretary General of the world?
    Who is occupying Gaza and murdering Palestinians?
    Answer: NOT Israel
    but HAMAS
    Who is murdering Muslims, Christians, Kurds, Syrians,
    and Iraqis and Yemenites and Lebanese
    by the tens of thousands in the Middle East?
    but, ISIS, HEZBALAH, SAUDI ARABIA, and other Jihadists.
    Do you want to ENCOURAGE GENOCIDE?
    If so keep giving Jihadists and the world
    moral excuses for beheadings and systematic savagery.
    Mr. Secretary,
    Thanks for helping DESTROY PEACE instead of improving it.

  • Ariella M

    What a little piece of garbage. He’s not stupid, he’s simply anti-Semitic, as is everyone else who thinks like him. If you’re not anti-Semitic then you have to be a complete imbecile to accuse Israel in any way for what is happening. Clearly it’s a waste of time for Israel to have these meetings and talks all the time with delegates such as Ban Ki-moon, because eventually they will show their true colors in the same unfair, unrealistic, obnoxiously judgmental way towards Israel. Thank G-d Israel is strong and always will be!

  • Michael E

    I have always considered Ban Ki Moon a very stupid man. Now I also consider him a despicable man. And yes, the whole of the UN is a cesspool.

  • He is a symptom of the big problem: Ignorance & Hate
    He is just one more useful idiot who’s dangerous actions/words help to 1: Justify his own job, 2: legitimize the continuing anti-Semitic sentiment accross the globe 3: Appease Palestinian attacks on innocent Israelis.

    Thanks Mr. Moon. Thanks for nothing!

  • Lisa Simmons

    His comments are outrageous. He is not fit to be Secretary General of the UN. He is supposed to be promoting peace but remain impartial. He is going the absolute opposite. I think he should go now, not wait until his announced retirement date. He’s made the UN a laughing stock.

  • A message to Ban Ki-Moon

    Even he ostrich takes his head out of the sand. It’s time you too remove your head from being buried. Shame, that you do not condemn the atrocities performed by Isis, Syria, etc. and only find fault with Israel.

  • Myron Slater

    Yes, we know, the UN is antisemitic, so what’s new?

    • Lori Motola

      What is new is that Jews continue to be amazed that non Jews are anti semitic. Some stupid Jews, sorry MOST stupid Jews, think a holocaust could never happen again….

  • Ruth Nguyen

    This man is a disgrace to the UN, the world……how date he make such speeches. He should be forced to resign because of his utter biais
    This is not “United” nations…it is “anti Israel organisation” anti semitic…hateful …

    • Scott

      He is not a disgrace to the UN. He is literally representative of it.
      Therein lies the greatest crime….

  • Ban Ki Moon’s speech at the UN About the Middle East.

    People who consider themselves as “politically correct” are actually “morally bankrupt”. As Secretary General he aiding and abetting the forces of darkness.

  • Galit Chantrell

    Outrageous comments from Moon.

  • VictorMc

    Nauseating little man with no brains nor intellect. Where do they find these people?

  • Reform School

    Wouldn’t moving UN World Hindquarters to Nome provide its gnomes an environment as cold as their socialistic hearts?

  • Eliot Schickler

    Ban Ki-Moon is an automatic homosexual!

    • Mark Benzimra

      That’s a rather stupid and ignorant comment to make !

  • Jonas

    I’m wondering if Ban Ki Moon is corrupt as Kofi Annan seen the balance of his view on the ME it must be.

  • Zvi Fink

    Israelis are frustrated with the anti Israel rhetoric and actions by the UN since the UN withdrew its forces from Sinai in 1967 despite international guarantees. Does MR. Ban suggest and justify that we start killing UN personnel as a result of this?

  • Beth Cohen

    There is nothing surprising about Ban Ki Moon’s speech. On the contrary, if he had spent more time on Syria, on the crimes against humanity being played out every minute of every day, then I would be in shock. If he had mentioned the freedom Israeli Arabs have the fact that they are, rightfully so, members of Knesset, that their families have education and more opportunities for advancement… Well that would be something. But the UN is united nations against Israel. Israel blaming is what unites the nations. So no surprises here. The kidnapping and selling of women and children, the rules of Sharia law that promote inequality and horrific murder of women and anyone not abiding these laws, that is not what the United Nations is about. Blaming Israel for everything wrong, now that is its raison d’etre.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    This man should be banned to the moon.
    He is such a Jew hater, that I think he is being well paid by the Muslim countries.

    He is supposed to be impartial.

  • Richard E Sherwin

    actually it doesnt sound to me like he’s mad at all; just scared out of his mind from the rest of the madmen in the UN General Assembly, and the rest of the muslims in the Mid East. He knows the UN is bought out, powerless, and the only ‘safe’ target is israel, the only liars and hypocrites he can defend safely are the palestinian gangsters running the ‘palestine’ illusion. what else could one reasonably expect from some figure head of a nut house but the speech he gave, gives, and will give as long as he’s the UN’s mouthpiece?

  • It could be worse: Mr Obama could become new SG of the UN …

  • Frederick D Warnick

    Why does not Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon say some things about:
    ISIS, Syrian atrocities, atocities in Yemen, Gaza, Egypt, or Libya?

  • theo

    Yes, the man is an imbecile He has swallowed everything Abbas has told him He has neither the insight nor the general depth to discern fact from fiction
    But then he typifies the organisation he heads

  • Fred

    It is extraordinary to have biased & prejudiced leader in a supposedly neutral organisation such as the UN cesspool. Man Ki Moon is obviously soaked in anti Semitism and love for the Arab squatters he seems devoid of any neutrality or rationality as for logic that would be to much.
    The Emir of Qatar is happy for his friend.

  • Peter Joffe

    Ban ki-Moon is right.. The best way to defeat the terrorists of Islam is to join them and abandon civilization. Don’t fight them! Lie down and die. Let your wives and female children become sex slaves and servants to randy Muslim males and their Islam approved free sex philosophy. What a bright future awaits the world under the guidance of Politically Correct world ‘leaders’ as us Ban Kimoon. There is no such thing as Politically Correct as what it really is to deny that Islam is the root of all evil.The world is cowering in the face of barbarians and mainly Israel try to lead us out of darkness. Muslims men get sex through violence as few of them, if any are able to win a woman with love, protection and care.

  • JarredS

    How in heavens name do people like Mon Key Moon get elected to these high positions,the UN is a nepotistic corrupt useless organization that is infested by parasites….There are numerous countries that are being occupied,yet this idiot chose Israel to pull up….The English occupy Gibraltar and the Malvinas…Turkey occupies Cyprus and Kurdistan,China occupies Tibet,Indonesia occupies West Papua,and the list goes on and on and on….Send these Lists to this Jackass….

    • Cenwynn Pearce

      JarredS, He got elected to a high position because he is a yes-man. Now How Obama was elected to his position in America is anyone’s guess, and it shows that there is evil amongst us everywhere. The worst tragedy would be the election of Obama to the position Moon is leaving. I tell you, if this happens, you have not seen anything yet. And daily we are hearing of these stupidities and you think nothing could get worse. Well it will. How do you wipe the slate clean and start again. By sacking all the morons there are in power and by electing good, honest, men who care for their countries and the World. Netanyahu has everything to teach leaders without lies and insinuations. Put him head of the UN and protect him dearly.

  • Isaac Semaya

    Ban Ki Moon’s speech about the Middle East was a FARCE. It is not the first time he showed his ANTI-SEMITIC views. The US and the Western world should demand he step down.

  • Andria Switzer

    The UN sucks up resources that would be better spent at home, s complete waste and a betrayal of its mission. It’s a bastion of prejudice and discrimination. Instead of showing leadership it’s demoralizing- let’s keep our children away from its toxic environment.

  • Robert Lubowitz

    Mr. Ban Ki-moon should reflect upon all the important things in his life, in the fields of Medicine, Technology, the Arts, Science, etc, which he has as a result of the Jewish people generally, and the Israelis in particular. The Jews have done more than any other people on Earth to improve the quality of life for everyone on this planet. If he really believes that it is Israel that is the obstacle to peace in The Middle East, he should try to live without all the things that enrich his life because of them. He’s just another ignorant, self-deceiving anti-Semite, who wouldn’t understand the history of the region if he was lulled to sleep by listening to horrors committed against Israel by these “people”, who strap bombs to their women and children, and hide behind them.

  • montlasky

    Don’t you see?
    The name Bankimoon means manonthemoon. That’s were he lives-on the moon!
    His telescope is not powerful enough to accurately see what’s happening on Eartn, hence the space garbage he spews out every time he focuses his telescope on Israel ,and that’s all the the time. Throw the bum out!


    It appears as if the pope and Ban ki moon have both been living on Mars for the last 10 years.
    They are not in touch with reality at all.
    The world is in a mess and they cannot see it!
    It boggles the mind when they utter their comments.

  • Unfortunately, Ban Ki-Moon, has always sided with the so called “Palestinians”. He has time and again blamed Israel for the atrocities committed by the enemy. To think that “if only Israel would just give some more concessions”, seems like a joke. The opposite is exactly what Israel must do… to stop affording more concession to the takers. With this statement the UN Secretary-General is simply playing the same game previously played by the Palestinian and American Leaders. They perhaps think that we are stupid? And that we are going to allow ourselves to be dragged into their facade of lies and destructive behavior.

    God bless and protect Israel.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    How long must we endure the bizarre extremism of UN officialdom?!

  • The UN Secretary General’s inane remarks about the Arab-Israel conflict prove he does not know the root cause of the conflict. Giving Arabs more Israeli territory will not appease them. Arabs don’t want peace with Israel, just pieces. As long as Arabs deny the reality of the Jewish State of Israel, the conflict will continue.


  • Lyone

    There is no occupation. How many years ago did Israel withdraw from Gaza? Palestinians are in control of the West Bank. . . . and they are in full control of their own destinies.

    There has been no occupation for years, and we need to stop allowing anti-Israel rhetoric to govern how we talk about the situation–and how everyone in the world THINKS about it. Stop agreeing with the notion that there even is an occupation!!

  • Isaac Waterman

    Mr. Ban Ki Moon should be sent to the “MOON” together with all his followers. He has no idea about the real situation in the Middel East. Maybe being on the MOON” will give him a better look at the real siuation on the ground in the Middle East.
    But he also has to clean his glasses, otherwise he will not see the difference.
    Hopefully he will like it on the “MOON” and will not come back.

    • Debbie Scholem (nee Berlin)

      Thank you Isaac. Your comment made me laugh which is a lovely change from feeling the frustration of it all.

  • Edna

    Ban is not the only one obsessed by Israeli.

    Our new and ‘improved” Canadian Liberal Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion had the nerve to “warn” Israel equating the building of setllements with murdering Palestinian terrorism.

    He pompously spoke as if he were speaking on Canada’s behalf.

    As the Liberals received 35% of the vote, there are 65% of us who refused to vote for them, and Mr. Dion is not speaking on behalf of us Canadians.

    The whoke world is in a turmoil, North Korea says it has a nuclear bomb…and Iran will probably follow suit in the near future.

    China and Saudi Arabia have horific human rights crimes in their country….and all our Monsieur Dion is obsessed with is tiny democratic Israel and its even tinier settlements.


  • Julian Clovelley

    What concerns is the gradual drift on the part of Israel under the present Government into unreality

    I’m not sure it can be recalled from that delusion, which seems fed by Fundamentalist religious backwardness and imperialist aims – and a great deal of influence from an American pseudo fascist Right so insane that one wonders when America’s own internal security will be forced to act against it.

    So long as the West Bank remains occupied and the Settlements continue to exist, Israel will be recognised as a de facto Apartheid State that has de facto annexed Palestine, whilst those who have long supported its right to exist have only the hope that a saner Government will eventually hold power in Israel. Modern Israel presents itself as owing far more to Eastern Europe – especially Russia – than it does to anything recognisably “Jewish”. The occupation of the West Bank seems remarkably similar to the seizure of the Crimea

    As Christians in the West progressively free themselves from Biblical Literalism the Jewish State seems determined to sink deeper into it using fable to delineate themselves as a people different from their neighbours and myth to justify seizure of territory clearly belonging to another state.

    In all this it parallels a barrage of insults against the very body that gave Israel real existence after the second world war a right to form a state that was granted largely in recognition of the appalling treatment of those labelled “Jewish” by themselves or their enemies

    Living in the UK in the nineteen sixties – itself a nuclear power based in a tiny territory – I grew up knowing my real life expectancy in the event of a conflict was ninety seconds. Israel’s would be considerably shorter.

    What the UN is trying to do is call the Israel to which it gave birth to return to sanity

    • You couldn’t be more off base if you tried. I am a retired Officer in the Canadian Forces and served three tours in the Middle East, particularly Sinai, The Golan and Lebanon.
      The Arab masters in all of the region want nothing to do with a peace process. They want to continue their terrorist acts against Israel with the intent to make Israel the bad guy in the eyes of the world. This has resulted in a huge increase of antisemitic acts blaming Jews for all their woes. They have no one to blame but their own Archaic life style and the hatred of each other as well as the Democratic State of Israel. Just listen the words of Retired British Colonel Peter Kemp, former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, commending the actions of Israeli troops in Gaza as the most humanitarian Army in the World today.
      Wake up and smell the Roses, Israel is not the Villain here.

    • Cenwynn Pearce

      Are you frightened to name the Body that gave Israel to the Jews. ‘The Body’ has a name. It is not America or any country in the middle east. ‘The Body’ is ‘God, The Spirit and Jesus Christ’. Let that sink in. Because if you do not let that sink in, you are going to be damned when our good Lord returns. Wake up World. The land the Jews are on is called Israel of which Jerusalem is a part of. Leave the Jews to their God given land and everything, and I repeat, EVERYTHING, will fall into place.

  • I’ve been working with Korean poets and writers and translators and artists for the entirety of the 45 years of my small press literary arts publishing house, Cross-Cultural Communications.
    I cannot think of a single one of the wonderful creative Koreans I’ve worked, and continue to work with, who would
    not be ashamed of the name Korean in the context of Ban Ki-Moon’s extremely intolerant statement, which gives aid and comfort to terrorists while, at the same time, not a scintilla of compassion for the victims, the Jewish victims.
    Is Ban Ki-Moon consciously trying to sink to the level of a former UN President, Kurt Waldheim, who successfully concealed his Nazi past for so many years of his UN tenure?

  • Jeff Saddlemire

    Just another puppet from Satan!

  • John Watson

    The anti-Semites at the UN, including the Secretary General, have always blamed Israel for every problem in the middle east. It is time for the United States to withdraw from this evil institution. The anti-Israel crowd and the dictators have leeched off of the American taxpayer for far too long. Without US tax dollars this foolish excuse for a peace organization would fold faster than I could fold a piece of paper in half. I as an American taxpayer would like to tell all of the leeches at the UN to go to hell. But then they have created that condition here on earth. May they and their one world government allies end up in the lake of eternal flame!