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January 31, 2016 2:02 pm

Ex-IDF Intel Chief: ‘State of Facebook’ Greatest Mideast Threat to Israel

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Amos Yadlin was briefly detained at a London Airport. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Former head of the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate Amos Yadlin. Photo: Wikipedia.

“The most dangerous nation in the Middle East acting against Israel is the state of Facebook,” said the former head of the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate on Friday, according to Hebrew news website nrg

“It has a lot more power than anybody who’s operating an armed force,” said Amos Yadlin, who is also the executive director at the Tel Aviv-based Institute for National Security Studies. “Unlike before, there’s no longer an existential military threat facing Israel. Rather, it’s a strategic threat.”

Yadlin said there was not enough being invested in confronting the scourge of anti-Israel material, including antisemitism and incitement to violence against Israelis, circulating on social media.

Yadlin was speaking during last Friday’s CyberTech Conference in Tel Aviv, which actually coincided with a cyber attack against Israel’s electric grid that Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz called “severe.”

Public Security and Information Minister Gilad Erdan, meanwhile, said the government had set aside NIS 100 million to “develop solutions to the battle on social media,” according to nrg.

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  • Philip

    Israel NEEDS help…..psychiatric help !

  • Philip

    I know of no more hateful, arrogant nor insane country…than israel .

  • Linda Wren

    The very fact that they are not Jewish blood but Khazars is a fact they can not deny or fight against so they have to try & stop free speach. You can’t be antisemitic if your not a Jew to start with.

  • Linda Wren

    Lol.😅 That won’t save them

  • lmlinda

    Why don’t you try being decent human beings, it would cost you a lot less.

  • Saleh Elkmeshi

    This is a false flag joke…

  • Herman Miller

    Better to be hated and alive than to be loved and destroyed by Palestinian terrorists!

    • Audrey Grenier-Williams

      It’s better to be hated?? Really? Because I’m pretty sure you guys don’t need or want the world hating on you considering what happened the last time a nation started hating on jewish people. You can call Palestinians ‘terrorists’ but they can say the same about Israel. It really all depends on what side you are on.

  • loraine haley

    Facebook gives regular everyday people a voice. A platform for the ideas and opinions of the common men and women. Its these people who are expressing empathy for the plight of the Palestinians. Newspapers dont print letters to the editor detailing the many U.N. violations committed by Israel. And television is even worse in its bias. But with facebook we can educate our friends and family about the realities of life in Gaza. It was the grassroots outcry against South African apartheid that brought change. That same righteous rage is now directed against Israel for the same reasons.

    • Larry Melter

      the attacks on Israel seem to bear the hallmarks of deeply rooted and latent anti-Semitism. I think they reveal an overt obsessiveness in attacking Israel, thinly veiled deployment of classic anti-Semitic motifs and tropes as an anti-Israel and anti-imperialist rhetoric. Much of this as over hundreds of thousands of men women and children have been killed by the Syrian regime since 2011 in Syria, and many of them Palestinians.

    • Fox

      Lorraine I must say that you are full of shit and a victim of some nasty propaganda, paid for by oil dollars.

      Israel does not practice apartheid, and unlike in S. Africa where the blacks were the majority and did not have the right the vote…The Arabs of Israel are in the minority and have the rights and freedoms of any citizen of Israel.

      Sadly your bigotry and ignorance are showing.

  • haider

    close face book , close internet, close every thing, in fact ban mirrors for that also shows the true face, funny leaders with their funny logic.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    It figures that it would be an Agnostic Jew like Zuckerberg to pose the greatest threat to Israel through Facebook.

    What is wrong with Jews who run away from their fantastic heritage from Jacob Astor, to Steven Colbert and now Mark Zuckerberg?

  • Robert Adcox

    For all of the whining I’m hearing, I hear nothing about all of the overwhelming support FOR Israel on Facebook -and let me tell you for every obnoxious, hate-filled message about Israel I’ve ever seen there have bee dozens which favor and show love for that nation, including mine. Yes, there are always going to be anti-Semites and other idiots in the world. You knew that when you set up Facebook walls. You must also know that the “State of Facebook” is a joke; any coward can spew hatred while hiding behind a computer screen. Why don’t you focus on the positive feedback Israel constantly receives?

    • David

      Define Semite.

    • Richard

      It’s all negative in my news feed. The way it should be.

    • Blue

      We are not antisemetic. We are anti dead women and children and do not sypathize with isreal anymore.

      • Fox

        Anti dead people?

        Does that include anti dead Syrians? Over three hundred thousand and none of you folks seems to care or takes the time to be hysterical when you read news of those real atrocities.

        who are these dead people that you speak of? The ones that die in wars which their own leaders start? Are they the people who get killed when the Arab League along with Egypt offers up a ceasefire which the Israelis accept and the Hamas turns down, claiming that they would rather have their people die then accept a humiliating deal.

        Are those the dead people you are speaking of? I blame their deaths on you Blue and your ilk who spend their time criticizing Israel while playing stupid to those who start the wars and use the deaths of their people as a propaganda tool to service your bigotry.

        • Obi Owa

          Wars are instigated by INTERVENTIONIST REGIME CHANGE advocates of Israel. Truth and openness is the enemy of TYRANTS and DESPOTS. It is also the first casualty in conflicts.

  • Yani

    I totally agree… Facebook is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. It provided a venue to thousands maybe millions of viscous Zionist Jewish loud mouths to vomit their obvious lies in the most incompetent manner in full view of the whole world. It’s a PR disaster for Israel!

    • Richard Chen

      There’s a simple solution to this, which will put all the problems to rest.

      Stop bombing Gaza.

      • Kit Bonde

        That’s how simple it is!!!!

      • Bill Martin


        • Rozita

          Speak for yourself!

      • Rozita

        I totally agree Richard. If Israel acts like the democracy it purports to be to the whole world, then maybe no one would hate it as much.

      • Herman Miller

        Better to be hated and alive than to be loved and destroyed by Palestinian terrorists!

  • There is a lot of bad attitude concerning Facebook and my love for Israel. I share important knowledge about Israel for the sake of their spiritual safety and also learning the importance of Israel and how prophetically Israel figures in the tribulation ahead for the unsaved and those who claim to be Christians ,but they are ignorant because there is no excuse for them before God and they will be judged and declared a heathen before God because they chose not to support His elect people and bless them as the scriptures teach. I love Israel and will continue to share the history of Israel with my many friends and family who are here in the USA and in Israel as well. Know that I will always speak up for Israel and also know that I am not alone in this , because there are many beside me that support Israel,the IDF and many Messianic Jew Ministries.Shalom to Eretz Yisrael and everyone in it. It is the strongest nation in the world because God is their protector and their Champion forever !

    • pro

      Steven; so why are you so proud to support Israelis burning Christians Churches and farms?

      Where did you learn to hate Christians as much as you do?

    • Dr Elys

      I wish religion was the opiate of the masses. All you insane fanatics who think God is on your side and against the Unbelievers – you make me sick. You are the most dangerous element in the world today. Zionist, Muslim, Hindu, Christian. God doesn’t support killing others to purify the world.

  • Rodolfo Plata Lopez

    El Dios del Antiguo Testamento es posiblemente la concepción religiosa más aberrante de lo Divino: Jehová es demiurgo celoso, intolerante, iracundo, violento, vengativo, sediento de sangre, que tutela un pueblo racista, rapaz, mitómano, criminal y genocida serial. Tener como verdad:1) El mito de que los textos del Antiguo Testamento son palabra de Dios. 2) El mito del pacto del Sinaí. 3) El mito de Jhave prometió el territorio cananeo a los descendientes del patriarca Abrahám y ordenó la guerra de exterminio de las doce tribus cananeas;4) Y el mito de que el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, autorizó la fundación del Estado de Israel en el territorio Palestino sin el consentimiento de sus habitantes; son los mitos que prueban que la fundación de Israel en territorio palestino es ilegal.

    • Celia Leal

      I jsut glanced at the frist liens of this posting and I am astonished that it was really posted in conveying the author´s views about the danger of facebook: he, the author of this posting, is simply the example of a terrible misunderstanding of Religions, of the State of Israel, of all Israelis and other God-worshipping religions around the world. He talks about the “Mith of Sinai”, the “Mith of the promised Land” and so forth.This is what contributes to a distortion, bias and incitement from terrorists and other proxies, who have been attacking Israel for decades.

    • pat

      Menudo padazo de imbécil estas tu echo.
      ¡¡ viva Israel !!

  • Martin Kessler

    It isn’t the “State” of Facebook , it’s the “State” of Palestine, that amorphous, non-bordered collection of bastard souls birthed by the marriage of Oslo, hovering over the Land of Israel that the enemies of Israel keep in a state of suspension as a beacon to draw attacks on Israel, on three fronts–Race, Faith or Nation; an attacker’s ready choice.

    • Meghan Anton

      Amen. We now know the cyber-enemy and their tactics. Israel’s supporters need to suit up and show up, using the same media to expose Israel’s opponents lies and malicious propaganda. We do not have to be their victims. We have faced more deadly foes and won. Remember – the TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!

    • I think Facebook is a disaster for social media. It has too much influence because it silences people with different points of view. It opposes free speech. I lost my account for voicing opinions which are Christian and pros life and pro Israel and anti Islam and anti abortion and anti gay marriage.
      If Israel wants to spend 100 million they should develop their own social media which is pro freedom of speech. They can bury Facebook.

    • If Israel wants to spend 100 million they should develop their own social media which is pro freedom of speech. They can bury Facebook.

  • Liz Wagner

    …….because getting people to hate anything Jewish is easy, and getting Jews to go along with it is a no-brainier. Of course, FB gets a lot of help from the news media, and shouldn’t get all the credit. Last century, the story of the Holocaust was “buried” by the NY Times through a lack of prominent coverage. This century, it is the Jewish state that is being buried via an avalanche of twisted, errorneous, mendacious coverage, complimented by similar or more mendacious filth spread via Facebook and other websites and social media.

    • Meghan Anton

      War can be waged on any field, and this is a level playing field. too much wasted energy on playing the victim. Let’s flood the media with the TRUTH! Expose their malicious BIG LIES. Remember — the TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!
      ARMCHAIR WARRIORS UNITE! Let’s GET TO WORK and not stop until we achieve our victory.

  • Fed up

    Surely Israel has the cyber capability to bring down this Facebook scourge,it’s a war!

    • I totally agree.but how do you get social media to stand behind you? Fr what I’ve seen on Facebook here , most Americans love and support Israel. Not all! I read the Torah every day, and I read the Bible. I don’t think Israel will ever be at peace until Christ comes. Now is a war of radical hatred of Islam toward Israel. It has always been there , Obama has opened it up like turning up an hour glass that has been waiting for centuries for Satan’s hands to grasp ! And that he has. The most important thing Israel can do , is have the strongest relationship possible with Hashem !! This conflict cannot continue without complete extermination of the hatred against Israel by Muslims !!!

    • This you may be able to stop . but how do you stop the world wide assult that Muslims are just starting to inflict on the world ? Who will or can stop them ? We are not yet able to get rid of the scourge and influence of one Barack Hussain Obama ! He still has another year to help Muslims secure a hold on America and the Middle East !!!

    • Meghan Anton

      Israel is us. Israelis are us! Stop depending on governments and get your minds working and fingers typing. Expose them!!!

  • Denis MacEoin

    Facebook has just signed a major agreement to exclude all forms of extremism from its pages. Israel and Israel supporters worldwide should force them to stick to this. In Australia, a very effective anti-hatred group is working hard to stop online (mainly FB) anti-Muslim and antsemitic hate. They too will use the agreement to put pressure on FB to remove whole swathes of hate speech. The Israeli government must finance its own monitoring and pressure group to counter the threat outlined above.

    • Brutally Remastered

      ” The Israeli government must finance its own monitoring and pressure group to counter the threat outlined above.”

      You mean, of course, by demanding more money from the USA.

    • Meghan Anton

      Put your money where your mouth is. All supporters of Israel can fight from the safety of our homes. Israeli government has enough to do to provide safety. Unite and fight! Go through organized groups such as Honest Reporting and more.

      • pro

        Maybe if Jews would stop burning Christians Churches and farms; they wouldn’t have to be afraid of what social media is reporting.

        Interesting bond Israelis have formed with radical Islam persecuting Christians together in Palestine

  • stevenl

    Either Zuckerberg put his acts together and eliminates the anti-Israel biases or FB should be dealed with through cyber-warfare and in court!

  • Atilla

    The Mossad should put facebook executives and tech staff on their Kidon units lists worldwide and Israel should block it by any means, and not just in Israel.

    I’m sure some clever IT specialist (such as those who came up with Stutznet ) could come up with something.

  • Appears as two separate issues?

    (1.) social media Facebook?
    (2.) cyber attack on Israel’s electric power grid?

    Distinguishing the dangerous but singular anti-Semitism and the equally dangerous but different usual, for propaganda purposes, knee-jerk anti-Israeli “spin” should be made? Combining the two is no longer effective?

    Illustration: Israel could come out tomorrow with a cure for cancer and there are people who would reject it because the Israelis did it!!! Normal anti-Israeli knuckle dragging bloodthirsty, campus dwelling dwarves. Compared to what, ISIS, AlAssad, Alqida. Alshahbab, BokoHarum?

    You mention three powerful sources. More information would be helpful?

  • Avrohom Bilgrei

    Another opportunist POST Zionist elitist advocating for repression!

    • Meghan Anton


  • Dan Gomez

    Peace, social media has been a weapon that has been used to carry out numerous attacks not only on Israeli but all the nations. This plague has made it easy for our enemies to carry out there barbariac attacks at almost free will. I say make it harder for anybody to have these tools and start charging fees. These sites are f tee and can be used at will.put laws in effect immediately, anybody who wants to use social media whether in peace or not should be charged as if you were getting cable or phone services. Start charging and limit access in areas where is hostile. Peace to all. Shalom

  • Regarding this highly explosive subject, rest assured, there is a project in the works which will catapult this issue to the forefront.

    It is being worked on with a highly capable partner. Stay tuned….

    • stevenl

      Never too early!

    • Meghan Anton


  • melisa l skaggs

    We should all boycott facebook since its pretty anti israel

    • Now you know how we feel down South when Yankees and Jews
      Attack us with their revisionist History. Also, their completely off base coy
      Remarks about Southern Baptists. I guess the old adage about what
      Goes round comes round applys here. Your own medicine tastes bad
      Don’t it?
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!

    • Now you know how we feel down South when Yankees and Jews
      Attack us with their revisionist History. Also, their completely off base coy
      Remarks about Southern Baptists. I guess the old adage about what
      Goes round comes round applys here. Your own medicine tastes bad
      Don’t it?
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!
      Post Script: This just shows how selfish you are. Many poor people use it
      As a free means to stay in touch with their loved ones.

  • Any body who becomes a yogi will not do justice. mark sukerburg has joined yoga, meditation etc with the buddhists. so you cannot expect anything from him even though he is a jew. See any yogi doing a thing forcefully when the situation arises. No He will go on talking philosophy

    • D Cripps

      It ain’t necessarily so, Cylus. Recognising people’s responsibility for, or ownership of, their actions, without bias, is part of Buddhism. I have been a practitioner since 1972; since the era of Tony Blair’s PM-ship in the UK, I have been very active in trying to alert UK politicians and others to the dangers of sharia-based Islam, and in posting links to articles such as the above to UK political parties’ Friends of Israel groups and elsewhere (British press largely not taking notice ’till Israel fires back’). Buddhist teachings refer to “compassion”…and also to “idiot compassion”… (It’s long and covers a range of examples.)

      Selective “idiot compassion” and/or plain ole enmity selectively excuses Palestinian exhortations to violence against Jews/Israelis on Facebook pages; but it may be some of Facebook’s many employees who are showing their leanings, rather than Mr Zuckerberg.

    • Meghan Anton

      Hmm, since when are mindfulness, peace and remaining centered a bad thing?

  • Harry Orenstein

    Remember that Amos is trying to feather his political nest as a Labour-Zionist.
    Beware of political candidates and what they proclaim – they have an agenda

  • Albert Richter

    It’s sad that our country has to bring our problems to Israel, even when we in the U.S. have failed to remove this ” Media Server,” after we started to learn it’s Evil Side.
    FACEBOOK is the NEW BIG BROTHER in the world, And to make matters worse, IT KEEPS NO SECRETS & shares all information with everyone with deep pockets!

  • Reform School

    Might solid worldwide distribution of Klavan-on-the-Kulture

    eliminate frontal lobotomy as treatment for hostility?

  • Peter Joffe

    Democracy is its own greatest enemy. Free speech, tolerance and political (in)correctness are destroying our freedoms. We are tolerant of those who are intolerant of ourselves and this will and is our undoing.Facebook have a right to publish lies and hate and we support them in doing this. Suicide is the real name of Facebook.

  • A possible “State of Palestine” is a greater threat to Israel than Facebook. There are existential military threats facing Israel including: Iran’s nuclear program, Hezbollah’s massive rocket arsenal, the Islamic State, and the PLO/Hamas terrorist entities. And delegitimizing the PLO terrorist entity should be a top priority.

  • Alex

    I’m surprised initiatives being put forward receive little support from the public, such as this one that has 51 thousand likes, but only 291 people (including myself) have stepped up to the plate and made a donation to –

    “Putting an end to terrorist incitement against Jews on Facebook – a crowd funding project to place billboards in the California neighborhood of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg”

    “What’s the most effective way to murder Jews? The answer to this shocking question can be found on many Arabic Facebook pages: “spray the knife with anti-insect poison before stabbing” and other anatomic directions for more effective stabbings are being posted daily.”

  • Dov

    So why can’t Israel jam the facebook operative?

  • Alvaro Contreras

    100 million shekels would be 25 million dollars…