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February 9, 2016 8:00 am

Medical Breakthrough: Israeli Scientist Heading Int’l Research Team Reverses Alzheimer’s Symptoms in Mice

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Dr. Shira Knafo (second from left) with her medical team. Photo: Universidad del Pais Vasco.

Dr. Shira Knafo (second from left) with her medical team. Photo: Universidad del Pais Vasco.

An Israeli research professor, heading an international team of scientists, has discovered a way to inhibit the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, the Hebrew news site Walla reported on Monday.

Dr. Shira Knafo, head of the Molecular Cognition Laboratory at BioCruces Health Research Institute in Basque Country, Spain was able to do this by studying the plasticity of the brain, fundamental to learning and memory.

According to a paper she and her team published last month in the journal Nature Neuroscience, Knafo discovered that the synapses of the brain can be made more plastic using a certain small protein, which inhibits the processes normally associated with impairment, from depression to full-fledged cognitive disability. Brain-impaired mice administered the protein were reportedly restored to full cognitive function.

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  • Carlos Oliveira

    As is well known ,L-Carnitine ,as Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR), in very small doses, are effective peroxinitrites scavenger,improves mitochondrial function, are heavy metal chelators, improves brain energy, lowers tau and betamyloid accumulation in the brain,are GSK3β inhibitor , that can helps as a support therapy in the treatment of diabetes mellitus,have antidepressant effects ,and regulates too PTEN too, enhancing axonal plasticity ,as we can read in the article bellow.Title of the article: “L-Carnitine Enhances Axonal Plasticity and Improves White-Matter Lesions After Chronic Hypoperfusion in Rat Brain”,published in the Journal Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism,2015,authors Masato K and colleagues ,we can read that:”L-carnitine regulates the PTEN/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway, and enhances axonal plasticity while concurrently ameliorating oxidative stress and increasing oligodendrocyte myelination of axons, thereby improving white-matter lesions and cognitive impairment in a rat chronic hypoperfusion model”.Maybe , researchers from the Molecular Cognition Laboratory at BioCruces Health Research Institute in Basque Country, Spain, could study deeply L-Carnitine and Acetyl L Carnitine as enhancers of neuronal plasticity.

  • Colorado17yr ALS research establishes link between ALS and Alzheimers and shows how Alzheimers was enhanced in the last seventy five years. Mice are not people. Mouse models didn’t work for ALS. ALS is a natural protein structural “injury” to the body that is triggered. Ninety percent diagnosed with ALS carry no gene. Veterans are twice as likely to be ALS diagnosed regardless of what war they served. Including the Cival War. This shows ALS is “triggered” unknowingly. Science Medicine is wagging the dog in “treating” both with 100% failure. Wag the tail. See a cure for both.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Instead of finding a cure why couldn’t they find a way to give our enemies Alzheimers?

    • Seriously Mr. Levy??!! After watching what this disease did to both my parents I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. You ought to be ashamed of yourself….

  • Miriam

    Sounds very hopeful but does anyone remember •Flowers for Algernon”? a 1970’s novel about a similar treatment?

    • Flowers for Algernon wasnt a novel. It was a short story but they did make a movie of it. The subject didnt have altzheimers.He was simple minded but I get your point.

  • H. Givon

    Wonderful news! The international team led by Dr. Knafo is a perfect example of the possibilities benefitting humankind when nations work together. There are cures to be discovered by dedicated people who work 24/7. It is time to declare war on debilitating diseases instead of people! Thank you, researchers, wherever you are!

  • Shelley

    Of course it was Israeli doctors who were able to do this and bring it to the world!!!! This is what Israel is about!!!!! Not only do their scientists and doctors make these discoveries, they share them with the world!!!! And yet…. The world consistently turns their backs on this country!!!!! How very sad!!!!!!
    I will Always support Israel!

    • ClaireB

      I shall always support Israel and be proud of the way they are building this beautiful country.They have amazing researchers in medicines, Nobel prize winners, and they are very good in technology.

      The media never mentions that they are first to sent a group anywhere in the world to help people who had an earthquake for instance. Shame on the media for not reporting that the hospitals have treated so many Palestinians and syrians.

    • Maureen Fadlun

      Shelley it is so nice to here such kind words. Wish there were more people like you around. This is a miraculous breakthrough and hopefully it will help many people and prolong lives in the very near future. I am proud to be an Anglo/Israeli

    • Linda Jensen

      Amen and Amen

    • Lindon Blood

      Absolutely correct!!. Our friends ,the Jews ,lead again. May they do so for ever more. It must really wrankle with their detractors but they will benefit from this work just the same.

  • I pray that this is so. My only sadness is that by the time this or any other discovery is ready for market, it will be too late for my mom. I’ve been blogging about her demise at With love from Israel!

    • Chris F.

      The time to market is long. This discovery is only in mice. It hasn’t been tested on humans yet, so nobody’s sure if it will work for the masses. And, they don’t know what the efficacy is for people. Based on typical clinical trials, IF THIS DRUG IS SUCCESSFUL, it unfortunately won’t be ready for market for about 8-10 years. In a world where I’m replying to you using my phone quickly, clinical trials take a very long time.

    • Benny Elhad Gamaroff

      Dear Miriam,
      Instead of waiting for this drug to help your mother, why not try something which is already in use, and has helped others in a similar situation.
      It is a healing method that cannot do any harm and may just help, or at least, slow down the process of Alzheimer. If you can arrange to bring your mom to me, I will try and help with no charge to you.

      • Dear Benny! I am always saying how all Benny’s are wonderful. (Both my son and my husband are Benjamins) Unfortunately I am very afraid of having inherited Alzheimers too and do have many symptoms too. I was at Ihilov tested by Dr. Ash and showed reduction of my responses…What can you do in this matter – I read that you offered to Miriam to bring her mom to you. My my is in a home probably beyond help BUT could you please help me?!!
        Thanks in advance, Agi 0522830127

  • That is WONDERFUL news!! May God bless your efforts to bring about a cure for this horrid disease.

  • a. silverman

    27 named co-authors! I guess she was the balebusta.

  • Marci Paul

    I am in awe of Dr Knafo and her team. My sister-in law has started showing signs of Dementia/Altzheimers. Her mother lived with Altzheimers for many, many years she died from Pneumonia. Is there anything that we can do for her now and do you think that your treatment will eventually be made available to the public? Please let me hear from you.

  • AndreiVincenzo

    G-d Bless Dr. Shira Knafo and her staff on their medical break through. It seems we are hearing more and more about our friends and loved one developing this debilitating disease. I pray the we will find that efforts for clinical trials will soon follow. We must begin with baby steps, Thank you Dr. Knafo and your marvelous research team!!

    • Hal Lin

      I presume that if this research ripens to a cure for Alzheimer’s and other such disorders those who boycott Israel academicians will not avail themselves of this drug.

      • hal lin… your line let em do without, including all the other drugs/treatments the jews have discovered/made etc.