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February 15, 2016 3:18 am

British Hypocrisy on Arab Terror

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Palestinian rioters. Photo: Wikipedia.

Palestinian rioters. Photo: Wikipedia. – The British government says Israel is being too harsh in giving prison sentences of 15 years each to five Palestinians who murdered a Jewish toddler. Yet when the British had to deal with Palestinian terrorists, they themselves were a lot harsher.

The current controversy has to do with five Palestinian Arab teenagers from the village of Hares who ambushed an Israeli automobile near Ariel in March 2013.

Of course, Palestinians ambush Israeli traffic all the time. They throw rocks, they hurl firebombs, and they shoot rifles at Israeli motorists who are guilty of what we might call “driving while Jewish.” Very few of these attacks are reported in the American news media.

Except on the occasion when they are particularly “successful.” As in the March 2013 attack, when the ambushers caused the Biton family’s car to crash. Their 4-year-old daughter, Adele, was paralyzed and suffered additional injuries. After two years of countless surgeries and suffering, she died as a result of complications from the injuries.

The Palestinian killers should have been tried for murder. But the Israeli prosecutors in this case offered them a plea bargain of 15 years. The killers accepted what has to be one of the most lenient punishments on record for murdering a child.

Yet that wasn’t lenient enough for the British government. Last November, a British diplomat in Israel took the extraordinary step of personally confronting the Israeli prosecutor to “raise our concerns” about the punishment that the killers might receive.

After the murderers recently received the agreed-upon 15-year terms, the British government again expressed its “concern” about what it called “Israel’s child detention policy.” The British don’t seem too concerned about the Palestinians’ child-murder policy. For some reason, their interest is limited to the welfare of the killers, whom they dub “children” because they happen to have been 16 and 17 at the time of the attack.

British Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood is vowing to “continue to monitor developments in the case of the Hares boys and raise the issue with the Israeli authorities.”

Why in the world would the British government take such a special interest in Palestinian baby-killers? According to the British embassy in Tel Aviv, the issue is “of interest and concern to the British public.” I find that difficult to believe. I doubt the average Englishman has even heard of the Hares killers or Adele Biton.

It’s not just that the British government is displaying outrageous indifference to Jewish suffering and immoral sympathy for Arab killers. It’s also the hypocrisy of it all. Because when it was the British who were being targeted by Palestinian Arabs, they weren’t very sensitive about Arab feelings.

Just read Prof. Monty N. Penkower’s masterful new book, Palestine in Turmoil: The Struggle for Sovereignty, 1933-1939, and you’ll see what I mean. There he describes the response of the British when a Palestinian Arab from Jenin (in what is now called the West Bank) assassinated a British assistant district commissioner in 1938.

The main suspect in the assassination was taken into custody, and then shot dead “when he tried to escape.” Sure he did. According to the book, “The British military authorities decided that ‘a large portion’ of Jenin should be ‘blown up’ as well. A heavily armed convoy carrying 4,200 kilograms of gelignite carried out the demolition.”

The severe British response in Jenin was not some one-time occurrence. In numerous Palestinian Arab villages where there was rioting or terrorism in the 1930s, the British used Arab-driven “minesweeping taxis” — what we would call human shields —“to reduce British land mine casualties.”

The British also routinely “dynamited the houses of Arab villages” from which there had been attacks on British soldiers or police, the book says.

Was all this dynamiting and minesweeping the work of rogue forces? Hardly. It was advocated and defended by senior British government officials.

For example, Lord Dufferin, undersecretary of state for the colonies, said nobody had a right to complain about the minesweeping taxis because “British lives are being lost and I don’t think that we, from the security of Whitehall, can protest squeamishly about measures taken by the men in the frontline.”

Prof. Penkower also quotes a particularly striking remark by Sir John Shuckburgh, undersecretary in the Colonial Office. He said the British were confronted with “not a chivalrous opponent playing the game according to the rules, but with gangsters and murderers.”

“Gangsters and murderers.” That’s exactly whom Israel is facing right now. That’s exactly who killed little Adele Biton. So before any British officials today start lecturing Israel, maybe they ought to take a look in the mirror.

Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • Atilla

    Israel should expel and ban forever that POS Limey ” diplomat.”

    There is a muzslime in UKistan planning another 7/7 right now.

    Poetic justice.

  • dan ehrlich

    What’s it their business? Every time something happens in Israel it makes headlines in the UK…Never mind the Russian carpet bombing in Syria in which scores of civilians are killed, Israeli domestic politics grabs the attention of the UK Government.

  • Betty Schneck

    Chamberlain was also a peace man in a war that could have been avoided where so many died needlessly. It’s Britain’s fault that they sided with only one rather than cooperating with the aggrieved. Briata8in was the one who believed in divide and conquer. Whenever they used the technique hostility rose up with the offended sides. Just look at India and Pakistan.
    The British must remember that Israel belongs Biblically to the Israeli Jews. Again and again read the “Old Testament”

  • Stephen M. Flatow needs to tread carefully when he rants on about the issue of “hypocrisy” in connection with the issue of dealing with terrorism.

    I draw his attention to:

    1) The assassination by Zionist terrorist gunmen (members of the ‘Lehi’) of the British diplomat Lord Moyne (and the wholly gratuitous murder of his lowly driver, Corporal Fuller) in Cairo on 6th November 1944. This gangster-style ‘hit’ was carried out at a time when British soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians were dying in the war against Jewry’s greatest foe: Hitler’s Germany.

    2) The murder of 100 British Army personnel and civil servants when a huge bomb was detonated in the cellar of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, on 22nd July 1946. This had been planted by members of the ‘Irgun’ Zionist terrorist gang.

    3)The bombing of the British Colonies Club in Trafalgar Square, London, on 7th March 1947. Located next to the famous St Martin-in-the-Fields church, the club was a rest and relaxation centre for Commonwealth servicemen (mostly West Indians). Many was maimed or badly injured by the blast. One of the perpetrators of this bombing, carried out by the French sub-unit of the ‘Lehi’, is still alive and is associated (on an “emeritus” basis) with the University of the Sorbonne, Paris.

    4) The kidnapping, torture and hanging with piano wire of two 20-year old British Army sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, in the eucalyptus groves in Netanya, Palestine, on 31st July 1947. This was done by (and not just at the orders of) Menahem Begin, leader of the ‘Irgun’, as he revealed in his book “The Revolt”.

    5) The murder on 6th May 1948 of Rex Farran by a parcel bomb addressed simply to “R. Farran” at the Farran family home in Staffordshire, England. The bomb eviscerated him. The bomb was intended for Rex’s older brother, Captain Roy Farran DSO, an SAS anti-terrorism expert.

    6) The massacre of circa 150 villagers (men, women and children) of Deir Yassin, Palestine, who were dragged from their homes and shot by ‘Irgun’ and ‘Lehi’ terrorists in a joint operation on 10th April 1948. That, along with other similar acts, was designed to make Palestinians flee from their homes and farms, thus allowing cynical Zionist propagandists to claim that “Israel is a land without people for a people without land”.

    The above six instances are only a few of numerous acts of gangsterism perpetrated before and after the foundation of the state of Israel by Zionist terrorists, not only in Palestine/Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East but also in the UK.

    The Palestinians will never forget was has been done to them. Israel will never be safe until it atones for those great wrongs.

    • art frank

      Typical Jew hating brit. And a troll. Target of these inbred savages should be your christian family.

    • zadimel

      Regarding #1, many Jews in the uniform of the British military services died protecting Britain and the West during WW2. Indeed, the nuclear weapon used against Japan in WW2 was developed in part by scientists who happened to be Jewish. It is estimated that it saved one million Allied lives, as well as countless Japanese lives by bringing WW2 to a close with the surrender of Japan. Regarding #2-5, pre-state Israel was prevented from receiving thousands of Holocaust survivors by the British, and many were sent to camps in Europe.Promises made after WW1 were not kept by Britain. So much for Jews. This has the healthy smell of oil. Regarding #6,some of the people of Deir Yassin were firing on convoys seeking to help Jewish forces in their struggles against attacks by the British led Jordanian Legion in Jerusalem. The answer: Don’t f–k with Jews.

    • Mark

      Muslims did not even start to call themselves palestinians untill 1969 – soley because they had no legal claim on the land and decided to call themselves by a name they did not even know the meaning of.

      If I call myself a rabbit, it does not make me one.

      The term means foreign invaders, a name given by the romans of and to mock the jews.

      From the word phillistines, a warlike people that had no connection to jews at all.

  • A Zionist

    James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990–12 February 1993) was a boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, who was murdered on 12 February 1993, at the age of two. He was abducted, tortured and murdered by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson (born 23 August 1982) and Jon Venables (born 13 August 1982).
    Bulger disappeared from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, while accompanying his mother. His mutilated body was found on a railway line two-and-a-half miles (4 km) away in Walton, Liverpool, two days after his murder. Thompson and Venables were charged on 20 February 1993 with Bulger’s abduction and murder.

    The pair were found guilty on 24 November 1993, making them the youngest convicted murderers in modern English history. They were sentenced to custody until they reached adulthood, initially until the age of 18, and were released under new identities and on a lifelong licence in June 2001. In 2010, Venables was sent to prison for violating the terms of his licence of release, and was released on parole again in 2013.

  • It is just the “fine wine” of good old virulent British antisemitism.

  • Reform School

    “All Men May Be Created Equal, But Muslims Are MORE Equal!”

    Who knows Brits better than Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies?

    Understands Islam better than Eire-born comic Pat Condell?

  • Dani Renan

    The Perfidious Albion, as usual.

  • All the problems and chaos today in the ME was and still is the folly of the British empire.

    Those who really want to understand British anti semitism should read the following book: Trials of the Diaspora by Anthony Julius

  • I am not anti-British (in fact, some of my forebears were British), but the two comments (above) remind me of a very irreverent ditty my not-of-British-descent grandfather used to sing, “There’ll always be an island, where England used to be”.

  • Golum…

    The Brits are getting theirs…..Their love of araaaabs isn’t being returned…they are taking over neighborhoods and attacking their “Hosts”…just like in Germany and Paris…….there is major regret in the air…..a huge backlash is coming!!!

  • British hypocrisy on Arab terror is not surprising since Englishmen are scared to death of Muslims. By appeasing Islamists and meddling in the internal affairs of Israel, England thinks it can curry favor with Totalitarian Islam. Islam will eventually cause the extinction of England’s culture.

  • Jonas

    What about Arab Hypocrisy on British Terror.
    Wasn’t Margaret Thatcher who kicked the s**t out of the working class?
    Weren’t the same Brits who want to the Falklands?
    Haven’t been the same Brits who stool everywhere on the globe?
    It’s time to pull the plug out of this bathtub in order to
    sink the bloody island of Britain.

  • Stan Feinberg

    what goes around, comes around