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February 15, 2016 1:35 pm

Jewish Groups Slam UK Celebrity for ‘Deeply Offensive, Insensitive’ Remarks Likening Jewish Women to Witches

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David McIntosh. The reality star compared Jewish women to witches. Photo: Facebook.

David McIntosh. The reality star compared Jewish women to witches. Photo: Facebook.

Two major Jewish groups criticized UK reality star David McIntosh on Monday for comparing Jewish women to witches, The Algemeiner has learned.

“His remarks are deeply offensive and insensitive to religiously observant Orthodox Jewish women,” the Anti-Defamation League told The Algemeiner on Monday. “He should have known better than to invoke the comparison, and we hope he retracts it quickly and apologizes to those he offended. ”

McIntosh, a British TV personality and actor who starred in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, made the remark on Sunday while commenting on the appearance of “two Orthodox Jewish women” he saw remove their wigs during a flight. He wrote in a Facebook post that the women had “short hair as if butchered off with a rusty space” under their wigs, and asked, “Does anyone know what the point in this is?”

“With those bald heads and the way they are dressed they look like a pair of witches from Roald Dahls Witches gonna seriously scare kids or grown ups like me,” he wrote. “In fact I’ve got it they don’t want outsiders mixing with their woman[sic]! And the trick 110% works damn those guys are smart.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of The Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Algemeiner he believes McIntosh “obviously feels that a body-building regimen and tattoos make him attractive to women and in turn he can only relate to women through their physical attributes.” He then called the reality star “clueless” about those living a “Torah values-oriented life, wherein sexuality is a private matter between a man and his wife.”

“I wouldn’t label him an antisemite on this incident, just someone who is completely clueless about a values system about sexuality that is beyond his comprehension,” he added. “One suggestion for the future: If the sheitel [wig] thing confuses him — don’t look next time.”

McIntosh’s social media followers also attacked him for his Facebook post, The Huffington Post reported. Some users tried explaining that it is part of Jewish culture for women to cover their hair, which only their husbands may see in private. One woman called his comments antisemitic, saying, “You can rest assured an orthodox Jewish woman would not mix with you even if u pranced around in your shortest short shorts lol so your opinion of them means nothing.”

McIntosh replied, “Heyyyyyyy I posses all the qualities women need in a man and more p.s $10 there gonna be after me by the end of the flight.” He also denied his comments were offensive. “How is what I said racist lol! I’m asking a question plus the woman in particular did look like genuine characters from witches,” he wrote.

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  • Abigail Stein

    Generally, orthodox women would not remove their wigs in public. Is it possible they were cancer survivors whose hair had not grown back in yet? Would the public reaction to him mocking cancer victims be any different? In any case, it’s not the sign of a well brought up person to be commenting and judging people based on their looks.

  • mcintosh is a rotten apple

    mcintosh is a rotten apple deserves to be fed to the pigs

  • JarredS

    If only this idiot should kept his mouth shut,now the secret is out….

  • JarredS

    Ever wondered what a condom full of walnuts looks like….

  • dante

    yes, he’s a narrow-minded, intolerant pig, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a racist. he might be. but, it could be that he’s just a swine.

    (and, one must wonder about the women who made a spectacle of themselves. very pretty. one can go on about the virtues of a modest life but that certainly entails conducting oneself with decency in public.)

  • Sifter

    But if he suggested veiled Muslim women looked like closed table umbrellas, there would be three days of rioting, looting and burning of cars. Methinks Jews need to get physical.

  • shloime

    wearing a sheitel is a curious custom not commanded by the torah, and actually condemned vehemently by some of our rabbis. and it was far less common in our grandparents’ generation than our own. (really.) i see very little difference between the sheitel and the hijab, since neither are authentically religious, but are the result of social coercion and fear of “uncontrolled female sexuality”.

    all of which is a broader societal issue, and does not excuse cultural insensitivity, ignorance, or the boorishness towards the individual women involved.

  • Harry

    This is the root of all racism. The world has gone deeply evil by blaiming racism on the US, one of the least racist country in human history.

    Antisemitism and hatred of other landless non-Muslim and non-Christian peoples is the root of racism, not hatred of the African continent’s people, who stole it.

    Most people don’t even know it was Christian antisemitic Britain and the powerful Catholic Empires that ruled the slave trade after they beat the Islamic colonialist racists.

    While Eastern European and Jewish whites were more persecuted and enslaved for longer despite their white skin.

    It was enevetibal thhat that too would be balemd on the Jews, and the best liars to ever exist the British would be the abolitionists, once it was popular.