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February 18, 2016 1:53 pm

Netherlands to Implement Stricter Rules on Halal, Kosher Slaughter to Reduce ‘Negative Effects on Animals’

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A cow. Photo: wiki commons.

A cow. New regulations in the Netherlands will restrict Jewish and Muslim religious slaughter of meat. Photo: wiki commons.

The Netherlands is moving to implement stricter rules overseeing the religious slaughter of animals for meat consumption by observant Jews and Muslims, the Dutch Economic Affairs Ministry announced this week.

Once implemented, the new Dutch rules will ban the export of kosher and halal meat outside of the Netherlands, and will require all domestic religious slaughterhouses to register with the government.

Additionally, religiously slaughtered meat will have to be clearly labeled and will not be able to be sold at regular supermarket chains, according to a letter written by Junior Economic Affairs Minister Martijn van Dam and posted on the Dutch government website.

“I find the current implementation unacceptable. Negative effects on animal welfare must be minimized,” wrote Van Dam. Additionally, the junior minister said he had spoken to the leaders of religious communities, who agreed to comply with the new guidelines.

The issue surrounds the Jewish and Islamic customs of shechita and dhabiha, respectively, in which the animal is slaughtered by a single cut to the throat, rather than the more widely used method of stunning the animal with a bolt to the head.

According to Dutch News, since the animals cannot be stunned, an eye reflex test will be used instead to ensure the animals are unconscious before slaughtered.

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  • Harry

    They have been abusing animals forever. Now the are preaching to the one people in Eurasia to fight against it, we are the sole bad guy, the lie begun with Hitler.

    Suddenly, they are preaching to the Eurasion people who invented that hurting animals is against the law.

    That is European forgery and lies, in 3 sentences.

    Soon they will discover that they were always nice to animals.

  • Exactly how are the cows going to be made unconscious without the use of stunning? This article makes no sense.

    The Dutch should do the right thing and ban all animal slaughter, which is inherently cruel and inhumane, even with stunning. There is no need for people to eat animals other than to satisfy their gluttonous urges and lust for flesh.

    • twicemodern

      Don’t worry so much,when the cattle cars will be running East again those anti-Semite Dutch will reinvent them with proper waste disposals, eye scans to be sure that everyone is on board, properly stored “green” self assembled coffins and freshly packed low fat cheese sandwiches to tie people over.

      Muslim immigrants might get the best seats near the fresh air slots and other minorities will be back at the end of the rail car.
      Do you really think the Dutch know anything about contemporary history.Dutch politicians care about the new immigrant vote only and proper Fourth Reich Euro pension for all eternity, but what they really care about is having their fingers in your money pie and your fingers out of that pie.Antisemitism is officially condemned but unofficially accepted as Jews are too small a minority today and can be gratuitously offended.The coveted tourist visit to the Anne Frank house is a nice “front” used to hide reality as the Dutch are masters of deception in case you did not know.

      PS: I do like meat, especially deep red as I am training for the Gluttoniade event and a first or second place in it.