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February 19, 2016 4:26 pm

State Department Condemns Killing of US Citizen at Israeli Supermarket

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Tuvia Yanai Weissman, right, with his wife and child. The Israeli soldier was killed in a stabbing attack in West Bank. Photo: The Israel Project.

Tuvia Yanai Weissman, right, with his wife and child. The US citizen was killed in a stabbing attack in West Bank. Photo: The Israel Project. – The U.S. State Department on Friday condemned Palestinian terrorists’ fatal stabbing of a U.S. citizen north of Jerusalem one day earlier.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack that took place yesterday in the West Bank that resulted in the death of U.S. citizen Tuvya Weisman,” the State Department said, adding, “There is no justification for terrorism. This horrific incident again underscores the need for all sides to reject violence, and urgently take steps to restore calm, reduce tensions, and bring an immediate end to the violence.”

Israel Defense Forces Staff Sgt. Tuvya Yanai Weisman, 21, was stabbed by two Palestinian teenage terrorists on Thursday at the Rami Levy supermarket in the Sha’ar Binyamin area north of Jerusalem. Weisman was buried with military honors at Mt. Herzl on Friday.

More than 30 Israelis have been killed since the start of the current wave of Palestinian terror last September.

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  • Jan

    An Israeli man shops for groceries and is stabbed by 2 Arab terrorists. An unarmed 21-year-old attempts to stop the attack and is murdered in front of his young wife and 4-month-old baby daughter.

    The U.S. State Dept. calls for “both” sides to end the “violence”.

    Was the first shopper shaking the cantaloupes too hard?

  • Daniel Eichenberg

    The USA State Dept. and the Pope and the United Nations continue
    to repeat and repeat the same thing like an old, broken recording: afraid to call a victim
    a victim and a terrorist, a terrorist and violence, violence.
    What is the motive? Stupidity? Fear? Guilt? (With age and experience I understand
    more and more what the Talmud means when it says that Anti-Semitism is Halacha–
    it is a LAW established in creation and in this world. There is no justification.
    It will not go away. It is a LAW).
    As a human being, it disgusts and sickens me: both the violence against Jews and
    especially the hypocrisy and condemnation of Israel by so many governments and
    instituions. We need more and more LIGHT and TRUTH.

  • Louisa

    The State Dept. would do well to STOP drawing a moral equivalence between TERRORIST attacks from the so-called palestinians and DEFENCE against THOSE attacks from Israeli police, army officers and CIVILIANS under ATTACK!
    ISRAEL every single day condemns violence. Maybe if the STATE DEPT. of the USA simply condemned the TERROTISTS outright, without encouraging the so-called palestinians with their lobsided rhetoric, negotiations might begin.
    As long as the USA State Dept, supports the so-called palestinians’ TERROR attacks, by only giving lip service to condemnation of violence, these TERROR attacks will NOT stop, because the so-called palestinians have been given permission by the State Dept. as well as Ban Ki Moon who does NOT even speak up re:North Korean missile testing.

  • A typical mealymouthed response from the State Department! It is a profound distortion to speak about ‘the need for ALL sides to reject violence.’ Only the Palestinian side is committing violence and this should be condemned without obfuscation.

  • shloime

    “all sides to reject violence”?! what part of “blaming the victim” does the state department not understand?

  • I point and click on Comments (now 17) but they do not appear on the bottom. Why? I recently submitted a comment.

  • stevenl

    And what about IL citizens???
    This if further proof, if needed, that the US is NOT serious about a TSS!

  • Carl

    How about condemning the PALESTINIAN TERROR attack and demand the PALESTINIANS reject the violence. This is disgraceful issuing “balanced” statements implying equal culpability by both sides and equal responsibility to end the terror.

  • leonard feinman

    It sounds like the State Dept. wants to decry the violence. They even use the word “terrorism.” But they still admonish Israel to “contain” its own violence.

    That very idea bothers me, no end. (Fuming).

  • Sofia B

    May these bastards rot in their hell. It breaks our hearts, every time one Israeli citizen get murdered by these evil monsters. They have escalated their hatred, since that first Intifada in 1987, the first time I was in Israel.
    Now they are bolder and braver,as they have their support from all the fields from hell giving them courage.
    They are the biggest cowards, accomplishing nothing in this world, except, hate and death.

    We weep in sorrow for the family in their loss of their beloved Tuvya Yanai Weisman.

  • Andria SWITZER

    All sides should renounce violence? How about demanding Palestinian leadership stop encouraging, rewarding, acts of terrorism among its people, weather living in Israel or Samaria and Judea! How about condemning the imams that teach antisemitism, the leadership that praises it and the elected Arab MKs to support it? The statement is useless and intended to keep up the pretext of equal responsibility rather than deal with antisemitic hatred.

  • citizenstat

    Once again, our State Department shows it’s lack of spine by calling for “all sides” to reject violence” rather than making it very clear to the Palestinians that, unless and until they accept the Jewish state and forswear murder for genuine nation building, the emergence of a Palestinian state will be even less likely than it already is.

  • Jack Holan

    What is thin and hypocritical of both the State Dept and John Kerry is the charade of ‘condemns in the strongest terms”. On the almost non-exstant cases when an Israeli murders a Palestinian in an act of terror; the US Administration goes nuts demand that the Shin Bet keep the FBI updated, quick results, and the harshest punishment. The US never involves itself this way if its an American Palestinian killing a Jew, just ‘condemnation in the strongest terms”
    One year from now if a Republican wins the election, terrorists may face a new reality.

  • “We condemn in the strongest possible terms…”

    There goes that tape recorder again.

  • jakob wasi

    Such are the risks of living in a low intensity war like country.

  • Myron Slater

    Our State Department makes an asinine statement about all sides “rejecting violence,etc”, when the violence is from one side!

  • What will happen to the widow and child? Will they receive lifetime military benefits? Has a drive for donations been established. Please let me know.

  • A customary, twisted, U.S.State Dept.condemnation…..asking all sides to take steps to restore calm. Patently absurd! Without knowledge of the facts, one would think that “all sides” are wantonly murdering defenseless citizens. State Dept.silence would have been preferable to its sickening, dishonest apportionment of blame.

  • State Dept condemnation is hollow. Obama and State Dept support BDS…they demand Jewish products be labeled just like the Nazis labeled Jews. State Dept supported an arms boycott of Israel for over 20 years. Obama’s antisemitism matches the State Department’s historic virulent antisemitism.

  • Jack

    The State Dept. calls “for ALL sides to reject violence.”
    When did Israel ever not reject violence!

  • Abu Nudnik

    ALL SIDES? AGAIN? What sides did the stabbing?