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February 21, 2016 11:19 pm

Latest Batch of Clinton Emails Gives Glimpse Into Preoccupation With Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with then-US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Washington, DC in 2009. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with then-US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Washington, DC in 2009. Photo: Wikipedia.

The latest batch of emails from the server of former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton offers another glimpse into Washington’s preoccupation with Israel, i24 News reported on Sunday, basing its information on the Israeli news website Ynet.

Among the 562 emails made public this weekend are exchanges Clinton had about different figures in the Jewish state, among them Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli National Security Adviser Uzi Arad, former prime minister and Labor Party leader Ehud Barak and former Opposition leader Tzipi Livni.

According to i24 News, one of the emails contained a transcript of a conversation between Clinton and Netanyahu that revealed nothing, because it was redacted, but whose subject line was: “Very rough.” Another had to do with curiosity over Arad’s forced resignation, after a staffer sent Clinton an interview the former Netanyahu confidant gave to the Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot, along with an excerpt from a story about rumors that he had leaked sensitive information.

“Holy Moly! What more can you find out about this and why Arad had to resign?” Clinton wrote.

In another exchange – in January 2011 — former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk bemoaned Barak’s quitting Labor, and said that it “stabilizes Bibi’s coalition and eliminates any remaining moderating influence…,” also referring to Livni, who, Indyk said, “is intent on bringing the government down.”

The “bottom line,” Indyk wrote, was that “the already dismal prospects for a peace breakthrough just grew dimmer.”

About a rumor circulating that then-Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren, hearing of a secret meeting being conducted at the White House between Barak and President Barack Obama, “raced around the West Wing searching for Barak, opening doors and looking in rooms,” Clinton wrote: “Doubt that it happened, but these days, who knows???”

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  • HaroldT

    And how many American Jews will vote for her? What a disgrace !

  • outlaw

    headache-hiliar is a wrinkled, sour, old, bitter, left- liberal. she supports her husband’s initiative in 1990s with rabin (thank G-D he died) and peres (who shot have died instead), and with the whole systemic maneuvers of fascist back stabbing of 0b0m0, She is a criminal and liar, like her husband. indyk, ross, sandy berger, were/are 0b0m0 mid east men who were the advisers under clinton/peace of brave terrorist depredations. dan schnappiro is about as JEW loving and helpful as berger, indyk, ross.

  • stevenl

    She is a Alinski’s baby and is surrounded by Islamists and antisemites. Furthermore one of the initial sponsors of their foundation if I am correct is a super-rich Muslim from the ME!!! Huma is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood of Egypt etc, etc…. Her son-in-law if I am correct is also a far left Jew!!!!
    So what should we expect? At least we know some of the enemies.

  • Isn’t Clinton’s “closest” advisor/girlfriend a Muslim Brotherhood member?

    So I am not surprised about the apparent obsession with Jews and Israel. Jews are mentioned more often in the Koran than even in mein Kampf, I am told.

  • Tzipi Livni wanting to bring down the government is not even news. She doesn’t care about Israel or even about Jerusalem.

  • Isahiah62

    Indyk’s peace breakthrough

    translation force a two-state piece process- give land to terrorists, give them more money, cut Israel in half,when it does not work b/c it will be refused by Arab “piece partners”, HRC and UN can denounce/blame Bibi & Jewish houses.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Hillary Clinton is an anti-Semite–who is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Carol

      My answer to you is “right on “. Hil Clinton has been an enemy of the Hebrews. Her love affair with PLO Arafat, and company, goes back… I not correct?