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February 25, 2016 5:22 pm

Ahead of Peres Visit to South Africa, Muslim Lawyers Association Seeks Former Israeli President’s Arrest

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Shimon Peres. Photo: Mark Neiman / GPO.

Shimon Peres. Photo: Mark Neiman / GPO.

Muslim lawyers in South Africa have requested that an Israeli dignitary be arrested upon arrival in the country this weekend, the Turkish state-run Anadolu Agency (AA) reported on Wednesday.

Former President Shimon Peres, who is scheduled to attend a fundraiser hosted by the Israel United Appeal and the United Communal Fund, is the object of the request.

“We have launched a complaint with the South African Police Services, the Hawks [specialized police services] and the National Prosecution Authority to arrest Peres for war crimes and crimes against humanity,’’ attorney Yousha Tayob of the South African Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) told AA on Wednesday.

Tayob was referring to Operation Grapes of Wrath in 1996, a 16-day war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, during which Israel – whose prime minister at the time was Peres — conducted more than 1,000 air raids and heavy shelling.

“Peres violated many laws that protect the right to life,” Tayob, told AA. “He breached many international laws.”

It was also in 1996 that the now 92-year-old founded the Peres Center for Peace, described on its website as “ Israel’s leading organization promoting peacebuilding between Israel and its neighbors (particularly between Israelis and Palestinians) as well as between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel.”

Two years earlier, Peres had won the Nobel Peace Prize, together with assassinated Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chief Yasser Arafat, for the negotiations with the Palestinians that resulted in the Oslo Accords, which gave birth to the Palestinian Authority, today led by President Mahmoud Abbas.

But, according to AA, Peres is not alone in being targeted by the MLA. In June, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was in the group’s crosshairs for “committing crimes against humanity” during the period following the ouster of his predecessor, President Mohammed Morsi, in 2013. Al-Sisi, said AA, canceled his plans to participate in the African Union Summit as a result of the MLA request for his arrest.

Though so far South African authorities have not responded to the MLA demand for Peres’ arrest, Tayob told the AA, “We’ve given the prosecution authority sufficient evidence to prove that Peres committed these crimes.”

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  • toshiko banks

    Excellent writing – Just to add my thoughts if you are interested in a SSA-3373-BK , my business filled out and esigned a fillable form here

  • sidney sands

    If the Muslim Lawyers paid for by Muslim countries, hope to stop the legal entry to South Africa, by Shimon Peres, it should not be forgotten by the Black South Africans , that it was the Muslim Arab Slave Traders who sold their ancestors into slavery, Jews helped them gain freedom and stood with Nelson Mandela and the ANC.

  • nat cheiman

    Tayob is a known buffoon purporting to practice law. He is brainless and attempted to fool the media about an arrest warrant relating to the Mavi Marmara incident not long ago.
    These halfwits survive on bovine manure. If breathing was not a reflex action, people like Tayob would not be alive.
    It is morons like this that make people like Donald Trump popular.

  • zimri

    Proactively thinking, take action against the MLA and their collaborators. One, create a dossierbase of its perpetrators;
    two, sanction their air travel and swift, three, take down their sites. All these and more strength in unity.

  • Ronimus Meriam

    OK, Peres Shimon president of Israel former from HaAvoda come to talk to rav Kot at Beit Din Tallinn synagogue rather than Helsinki “Nazi death camp”. I hope for positive reply. Br M Ronimus Finnish Old Litvak, I World war holocaust surviver, “Rinat”, diplom of Foundation for new immigrants in Jerusalem holder by A. & N. Margulis

  • sander poritzky

    Only an anti-Semite would accuse a Jewish act of defense a war crime.

  • The apartheid mind of the muslims exposed. they did not ask for the arrest of Mr bashir of Sudan but ask the government to arrest the israeli president

  • Eve Laing

    It seems that we must change our tactics in relation to the continuous attacks around the world towards Israel, blaming Israelis and Jews in particular for everything that goes wrong. We should no longer be re-active, instead let’s be pro-active. B’nai B’rith is resourceful and quickly puts right any lies or slander targeting Jews, but it is re-active, after the fact. Can we continue to be this way? It isn’t working. We are being hammered from every country and Israel and Jews, wherever we are must change the way we respond to being attacked. We can do it, we are clever and resourceful. It is a matter of getting together and foreshadowing what actions to take. IE: Just for starters why not let Universities know that we will withdraw our funding for tuition and scholarships if they do not stop anti-Semitic attacks on our children attending their institutions…..Come on you clever people out there….what else? What about a Day for ‘Appreciating Jewish Services and Products’ where we put down our scalpels, chalk, test-tubes, pens, whatever we work with when the anti-Semitic attacks cross the line? We are not associated with what wonderful accomplishments we make for society, but only for our alleged riches or power over governments….Haven’t we all heard enough of that? Why not protest by taking a day off? Let the non-Jews realize the benefits we bring to our varied communities…

  • David Polovin

    ‘Muslim” lawyers? Where’s your lawyerly interest in the atrocities committed daily in the name of your religion?

  • What would you expect from Muslims? To me they are the most intolerant.It does them no good to continue to be so hateful.

  • Would would you expect from the Muslims? To me they are the most intolerant.It does them no good to keep on being hateful.

  • Jack Holan

    This is not a threat but you arrest Shimon Peres you have no idea what kind of problems you will bring upon your head. He is the most respected political and Peace seeking Israeli equal to Yitzchak Rabin. This respect is in the Arab World Russia China Europe the PA: South Africa be careful of what you wish for you are biting off more than you can chew.

  • Steve

    These groups in SA are part of a bds|Islamist alliance that seeks to destroy Israel. They’re a cancer much like Hamas|Hezbollah|Isis.
    Bottom line is they’re ineffective and just full of talk.

  • Yehudis

    Peres’ “war crimes and crimse against humanity”, among others were not committed against the Arabs, but against Israel and the Jewish people. Let’s not leave out his acts of treason, and his orchestration in the assasination of Rabin. Jews can’t rely on the corrupt Israeli judicial system for justice and the Hague could care less about rights of Jews. So, does it matter who prosecutes the criminal for his crimes, as long as justice is served?

  • Hello Masada , Your Schtick is up !
    The World is on to you .

  • Carl

    Of course, this tactic only works if you conceal/ignore the far more heinous and actual crimes committed by the Hezbollah terrorists. But who wants to consider the whole picture when so many are willing to hold Israel responsible for every malady in the entire Mideast.

  • zadimel

    Apparently, the Muslim lawyers believe that the Jewish State has no basic right to defend itself from those who wish to annihilate it and murder its Jews. I wonder if South Africa has any laws covering Jew-hatred and relevant human rights issues? Could it be possible that such malevolence is upheld by South African law?

  • Anschel

    The MLA ought to be sued for abuse of process, defamation, etc. What a bunch of hypocritical dirt bags!

  • Steve Loeb

    When do these lawyers get time to read the law … between stabbing Jews?

  • Andria Switzer

    Well Peres real mistake was the Oslo Acoirds and Nobel committee keeps rewarding every failed attempt with prizes. Interesting that Obama was awarded the prize before he did a damn thing but peace with Palestinians is less than illusive.

  • R. Eluchans

    Who are paying these Muslim Association of liars, sorry, lawyers?

    Iran, Gaza, PA?…probably with money received from the Western World.

    I would suggest the do something against Gazia, Hezbollah, and the so call “palestinian authority”for encouraging terrorists including woman and children to commit murder of civilian in the land they occupy illegally.

  • Larry

    Never knew the Muslims ran South Africa. Most of the slaves that were shipped to the United States were sold by Muslim slave traders. What a farce.

  • Yadja

    They just never give-up. They just keep on. Don’t know how or why Israel even gives any of these disgusting heathens the time of day.

    When it comes to Human Rights abuses and the killing of civilians Hamas, ISIS, al Shabaab, Hezbollah, al Qaeda et all take the cake. How many millions of people all over the earth have been killed by Muslims since that Muhammad came into being?

    Check it out. Time to just snuff these people out.

    • B.Abrahams

      Why don’t we address the real evil behind all those acts with which the Muslims try to destroy us. Because Islam, being an offshoot from Judaism, has some positive aspects, but the leaders in the world who use so-called Islamic wisdom, just to further their hatred and despicable ideas,take some Islamic texts, distort it in a way that their, often illiterate citizens can’t understand, and with the blood of their own people on their hands then try to destroy the only good thing in the Middle-East that can bring blessings to their folks and the rest of the world.
      So we shouldn’t kill those often innocent Islamic stooges but, like we arrested Adolf Eichmann, we should arrest those Islamic criminal despotic and tyrannical leaders, not only Assad, Erdogan etc, but the real culprits, and try those for a real court and see if those S.A. Muslim lawyers have anything sensible to say in their defence, apart from some empty fanatical slogans taken straight from one of their horror fairy tales they have so bountifully.

  • HaDaR

    Wouldn’t that be jolly!
    His own friends making him pay for all the blood OF JEWS that was spilled because of him and his policies!
    I would certainly not be among those protesting his arrest! I’d say “pass the Kosher Barolo, and LeChaim!”, as it is written: בְּטוּב צַדִּיקִים תַּעֲלֹץ קִרְיָה וּבַאֲבֹד רְשָׁעִים רִנָּה: -משלי יא, י-

  • ART

    enough is enough. Israel MUST counter with LAWFARE against, plo hamas leaders. Known muslim terrorists are welcomed throughout the world while Israelis must beg not to be arrested, This warfare must be countered

  • Howard

    it never stops with these idiots…. they press and they press and they press hoping the non-idiots around them just give up and give in