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February 25, 2016 7:23 am

At London College, Speakers Spread ‘Rumors’ That Israel Harvests Organs of Palestinians (VIDEO)

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 "Israeli Apartheid Week" in May 2010 on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. Photo: AMCHA Initiative.

“Israeli Apartheid Week” in May 2010 on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. Photo: AMCHA Initiative.

Earlier this week, SOAS, University of London lecturer Rafeef Ziadah hosted SOAS’ first “Israel Apartheid Week” panel event in front of 300 students, and it wasn’t long before the sickening propaganda started flying.

Sahar Francis of Addameer, a prisoner support group, said that Palestinian hunger striker Islam Hamed was threatened with rape by his guards and that Israel’s prison authorities hoped he would die so the courts would implement a “forced feeding bill.”

She continued, saying that Israel has been rumoured to harvest organs from its own car accident victims and from dead Palestinians. However, she said, she couldn’t confirm this.

Steven Salaita, an American author, who was once hired and immediately fired by an American university, was also on the panel. He claimed that he had been fired because his course, in which he would humanize indigenous Americans, was too emotional for Americans to cope with.

He spent most of his 20 minutes last night viciously attacking those who support Israel. He asked what a student should do when someone expresses a visceral attachment to Israel. He answered:

“Allow a Zionist’s internal conflict to exist. Exacerbate it!”

He said that “humanizing Palestinians undermines the Zionist project,” and therefore Zionists associate Palestinians with Hitler and “have a fear of binationalism which is actual democracy” (this drew huge applause and cheers).

He continued that “Israel directs so much of its violence at children and takes more Palestinian land for water and agriculture.”

He then mused on the symbolism of Palestinians throwing stones. He said there’s a miniscule chance of harm from stones (although tell that to the family of Asher Palmer who was killed along with his one year old son when a Palestinian thrown rock smashed through their car windshield).

He said Israelis see stone-throwing as “an act of rejection” and that “stones assume primordial importance and an existential anxiety.”

He then compared the indigenous Americans to the Palestinians and spoke about his forthcoming book on the topic. I called out at the end of the Q&A and asked why we shouldn’t be boycotting both himself and America, to which he just gave me a vacant smile.

Black Students’ Officer, Malia Bouattia, was also on the panel fresh from her appearance on Channel 4 News when Jon Snow flummoxed her when he asked her which other countries besides Israel she was boycotting.

I asked her again. She replied that when the call comes from Saudi Arabians to boycott Saudi Arabia then she will. She obviously doesn’t know what happens to protesters in Saudi Arabia.

The event was sponsored by War On Want, yet again, and I confronted WOW executive director John Hilary at the end telling him how disgusting it was that WOW uses resources that should help disabled people on antisemitic events instead.

The evening became more farcical when six police officers appeared led by a middle-aged woman pointing them towards me, saying I was banned from the area for disrupting a funeral!

The police were very, very nice towards me though. They had no idea why they were called or who called them.

It would have been nice to have leaflets to give out; something I have always asked for. As students filed out I told them “Don’t believe the lies, there are two sides to every story.” Many stopped and wanted to know the other side but I and my contemporaries had no leaflets and so some 300 students went home believing Israelis rape prisoners and harvest organs from dead bodies.

“Israeli Apartheid Week” continues for the next two weeks at SOAS where there is an exhibition of photos of Palestinian rock-throwers and dead Palestinians with claims that they have been “executed” by Israel. All this is going virtually unchallenged as is the case throughout the country.

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  • SLMorris

    Access the website of Stand With Us. They have leaflet materials ready for copying.

  • Dorothy Nicolazzo

    Why would Israel want the organs of mentally diseased individuals,
    as evidenced by their depraved and amti-social béhavior? SOAS is

  • nat cheiman

    This is obvious rubbish. But hey! The students are not cleverand they lap this up.
    On the other hand, it may not be a bad idea to harvest organs from terrorists.

  • I don’t get it. Is Israel Apartheid Week a new phenomena?

    Was this event a surprise? How can Diaspora Zionists be so unprepared? There are numerous organizations that have published all the leaflets, prepared pdfs for signs, put strategies in place to counter this propaganda.

    When Diaspora Jews and other Zionists wake up and realize this is war, a propaganda war designed to sever Western support for Israel we will then win it. Not before.

  • So Richard, write your own leaflets. It doesn’t cost a fortune to photocopy a few hundred pages!

  • Isaac brajtman

    Ita a poor reflection of the intelligence of the students who can sit and listen to this obvious rubbish and not question it

  • Bill Toews

    Hatred against Israel is rampant. The centers of “higher” education are the breeding ground for so much of this.

    • rookie

      Because Israelis used the centers of higher education for recruiting our unsuspecting youngsters and using thm for their purposes, destroying them by drugs and indoctrination on a way… That’s not a secret, everyone who’s been at Oxford or London college knows it. And now it’s just a proper payback to Israelis, thank God – finally!

  • Jean

    “The Epoch Times”, a free newspaper put out by the free Chinese, tells of how thousands of organs are harvested from prisoners in China. Most of the prisoners are followers of Falun Gong, which is no a religion, but a community of exercises, honesty, generosity, etc.
    These stories of organ harvesting by Israelis are copied from what is happening in China.

  • Marion Abramowitz

    Dear Students

    Please try and contact either ADL, Bnai Brith, WJC, HADASSAH, or even Simon Weisenthal Center regarding leaflets that would give you the printed handouts. Organizations such as SOAS need to have their virulent propaganda shown to be what they are, gross distortions of history and current happenings. Students, you need to pursue thiis, Thank you for your efforts.

  • Livin’ Out Loud

    Yep; because the unhappy, jealous, angry can’t pull the Jewish folks down – they start inventing things about us. One of the things that they’re jealous about, is our closeness to G-D. The Bible would forbid this heinous act, if it were even thought about. In the Bible, people sacrificed animals for the Lord. For the folks that believe in the New Testament, their Lord sacrifices his son, a man?! Oops…he couldn’t be confusing that with this hateful lie?! ? Re throwing stones, the Palestinan “must do”. A minuscule chance of harm from stones? Baha.
    ?I was listening to a great psychologist on the radio. He was commenting on the fact that many men grow into the bodies of men, but stay at the mental age of nine. These are the scariest men of all. There is the proof! Unfortunately, these same men are partially running our country, and all but one (Bernie Sanders), are running for office!! Let us all pray…?? Peace ✌?

  • M Hochenberg

    I’ve looked for the name of the London college, but was unable to see it anywhere in this article.
    What a strange omission !
    It gives the impression that this has been deliberately withheld.
    Is there something to hide?
    If not, then please explain and provide the ‘missing’ name.

  • stevenl

    People in position of knowledge and authority must be punished when they spread false information. This is not freedom of speech!