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February 28, 2016 8:31 pm

University of Kent: It’s OK to Be an Antisemite if You’re a Famous Journalist

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Haaretz columnist Amira Hass, who has called Jewish immigration to Israel a crime. Photo: Wikipedia.

Haaretz columnist Amira Hass, who has called Jewish immigration to Israel a crime. Photo: Wikipedia.

In late January, Amira Hass gave a speech at the University of Kent, and accused the “Elders of Zion” — a group of  Jews — of planning the eternal subjugation of Arabs in the territories:

And I ask myself did the Elders of Zion really sit together at the beginning of the Seventies and then during the nineties, and plan, and have all these military orders, all these changes? I believe that they knew for sure that they don’t want to give back the land and in the Nineties, my conclusion is that they wanted to do everything possible to stop the two state solution.

So this Haaretz writer went down to the depths of classic antisemitic conspiracy theories and used it in a university lecture.

People naturally complained. And the university response is almost as sickening as the original statement.

Asked to clarify the University’s position and what action will now be taken to prevent the use of further antisemitic rhetoric at the University under the guise of political discourse about Israel, David Powell, Head of the Office of the Vice Chancellor told us to confirm that no action would be taken, writing:

“A debate may doubtless be had about the precise point that Ms. Hass may have been making in her own presentation but we would note that she is a bona fide (and award winning) journalist working for a respected Israeli newspaper.”

There you go! If you are a “bona fide” and award wining journalist, you cannot be possibly say anything that is too offensive for college audiences!

It’s a get out of jail card for antisemites!

Antisemitic conspiracy theories are not to be shunned, as long as they are promulgated by someone who is famous. Hass’ fame allows antisemitism to rise from something that is reprehensible into something that can be legitimately debated.

That is exactly what the University of Kent is saying.

As far as this new guidance —  that being an award winning journalist may say whatever he or she wants on campus without consequence — I wonder if that rule applies to all forms of bigotry, or only one specific kind?

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  • Otto Schiff

    Antisemitism = Stupidity.

  • Lia

    There’s antiSemitic. Than there’s Stupid. Then there’s Advanced Stupid.

  • Mother Nature

    JOKE, job interview at Haaretz

    Haaretz: How many Jews died in the Holocaust?

    Interviewee: Not enough.

    Haaretz: Welcome aboard.

  • Eric R.

    Has the Mossad ever considered eliminating this kapo?

  • Theodore Crawford

    She looks very unhappy. She should be.

  • If Ms Haas believes that moving to Israel is a crime, it would seem quite appropriate for her to therefore make a fair trade off and leave Israel, possibly for the ‘territories’ where she of course will be welcomed graciously as she has been before!

  • Isahiah62

    one more reason the traitors should be deported OUT of Israel, deprived of Israeli passports. If Jews born in Jerusalem are not Israeli citizens according to USA courts why must we recognize her status as an Israeli?

    It gives them legitimacy if they say from Israeli newspaper. But of course it’s Haaretz, which can loosely be called a newspaper, but not properly called journalism. Propaganda written for English speaking leftists and normally full of libel.

    As for Protocols in the 70’s – yes it was a SOVIET propaganda, same KGB who invented Palestine Liberation Front (PLO) in the mid 60’s.

    Will alternate points of view be aired at this same university?

  • Michael Garfinkel

    I presume the question that closed this piece was rhetorical.

    In the event that it wasn’t, I can assure you that only Jew-hatred is acceptable in the academy, provided it is masked, however thinly, as anti-Zionism.

  • stevenl

    She is a big ass!

  • Dave

    Amira Hass, you’re an Ass of the worst order. I should have thought that trotting out an old, debunked Tsarist forgery was beneath you, but with this you join the absolute lowest of the low.

  • Myron Slater

    That University is obviously antisemitic to allow that writer to tell lies only because she is famous?

  • Denise Rootenberg

    Who is more stupid – a Jew, supposedly an “award winning journalist”, who invokes the evil canard of the Elders of Zion as fact, or a university that thinks because she is Jewish/Israeli, whatever she says must be acceptable to other Jews/Israelis? I now infer that whatever a British award winning journalist says is OK too.

  • Julian Clovelley

    I find that articles such of this one lose credibility in that Algemeiner constantly uses as columnists people with a very skewed and political and territorial gain based expression of view

    I frequently see attacks on media outside Israel that use a claim of “antisemitism” when in truth it seems that the particular attacked writer’s main defect is that he or she hasn’t swallowed extremist propaganda coming from either the Islamic OR the Zionist side.

    • Chava

      If this quote is accurate and Hass really did refer to
      “the Elders of Zion” – this is a classic anti-Semitic canard and goes beyond criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism (yes,I know Amira Hass is Jewish). I would like to hear a tape of the lecture. By the way,I am a center-left Israeli and I myself have many criticisms of Israel.