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February 29, 2016 3:30 pm

Media Watchdog Says Growing Number of Palestinians Condemning Child-Perpetrated Terror Against Israelis (VIDEO)

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A man-in-street interview revealing that most Palestinians object to child-committed terrorism. Photo: Screenshot.

A man-in-the-street interview revealed that many Palestinians object to child-committed terrorism. Photo: Screenshot.

Palestinians are growing increasingly disgruntled with the incitement in schools and the media that is causing children to risk, and often lose, their lives committing acts of terrorism against Israelis, the head of a watchdog group told The Algemeiner on Monday.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) director Itamar Marcus, this sentiment is being expressed more freely and frequently, even in the Palestinian Authority-controlled press, which many adults hold responsible for egging on kids to become “martyrs” for the cause of “ending the occupation” of the entire state of Israel.

A recent case in point, he said, was a January 21 broadcast on the Fatah faction-run station, Awdah TV, in which a series of man-in-the-street interviews revealed a majority of Palestinians opposing child-perpetrated terror in principle, and a smaller number who said they were against it for being ineffective.

But all interviewees, according to a PMW dispatch, “blamed and condemned ‘our TV channels’ for inciting children to commit stabbing attacks,” and the moderator of the show concluded with a call to end “incitement on TV screens… enough spilling the blood of our children.”

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The following is the transcript from the broadcast, provided by PMW:

Awdah TV host: “What is required of children during the process of national liberation?”

Palestinian 1: “First of all, the children are victims… The children are deprived of everything considered children’s entertainment. Our children, unfortunately, their entertainment is the weapon…”

Palestinian 2: “Our children are required, like the adults, to resist with every means they have: with knives, with rocks, with Molotov cocktails, in every way they can resist, they also need to resist…”

Palestinian teacher: “As a teacher, I believe that you need to sow love of knowledge in a child, that is most important. That he should go and fight while still a child — I am totally against that…”

Palestinian 3: “These things are not for children. The children need to learn and live their lives, to go to school, to play…”

Palestinian 4: “I am against children’s stabbing operations…”

Palestinian 5: “Stabbing operations by children are negative operations, because they don’t bring significant results, they aren’t organized. There’s nothing positive about it, only negative — that we lose a child…”

Palestinian 6: “As we see and hear — most of the stabbings taking place are very weak, and they do almost nothing to change reality…”

Awdah TV host: “Do you think that the media and incitement on TV influence our children?”

Palestinian 7: “Of course. It confuses the children when they see these things. I prevent my children from watching what is happening on TV, stabbing operations or shootings. I prevent my children from watching. It confuses them, causes them to want to do this…”

Palestinian 8: “What is happening today in the media has a negative influence. It doesn’t tell them ‘No.’ It encourages them to take to the streets…”

Palestinian teacher:” I think that the media plays a large role. Especially our TV channels. Even when the situation has calmed down a little, you see that there are broadcasters among us and known satellite channels that begin to incite. Even if the incitement is indirect, it is incitement. You feel that the child does not know what to do. Unfortunately…”

Awdah TV host: “Enough with this incitement on TV screens, on [Facebook] pages and social media. We must protect our children and must develop a strategy of struggle built on responsibility… enough spilling the blood of our children.”

Nevertheless, it was on Awdah TV earlier in January that a music video was broadcast, calling on Palestinians to drown Israelis “in a sea of blood, kill them as you wish.”

When asked how the same TV channel can promote terror on the one hand, and air the views of anti-terror Palestinians on the other, Marcus explained, “It is not a statement by the station against terrorism, but rather that children should not be involved. And the song about drowning Israelis in blood can be construed as aimed at adults.”

PMW also published IDF statistics, released on February 17, according to which some half of the terrorists participating in the surge of violence that began a few months ago – referred to commonly as the “lone-wolf intifada,” and characterized by stabbings, Molotov cocktail-hurling, rock-throwing, shootings and car-rammings – have been under the age of 20, and at least 10 percent of them have been under the age of 16.

Marcus told The Algemeiner that because many of these young Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces either before, during or after committing terrorist attacks, more and more adults in the PA are coming out against their participation.

Watch the broadcast (with English subtitles provided by PMW) below:

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