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March 4, 2016 5:10 pm

British Jewish Groups Attack New Oxford University Antisemitism Inquiry as a ‘Cover-Up’

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Alex Chalmers, who resigned from the OULC over allegations of antisemitism. Photo: Facebook.

Alex Chalmers, who resigned from the OULC over allegations of antisemitism. Photo: Facebook.

Several British Jewish groups have already criticized a newly launched investigation into antisemitism at Oxford University, The Jewish Chronicle reported Thursday, with the newspaper noting that there have been “accusations of a cover-up.”

According to the report, the investigation has been limited to focus on the alleged antisemitic actions of two particular members of the “hard-left” student group Momentum.

But the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a long-established group that calls itself the “voice of British Jewry,” said that the new investigation should address the allegations of widespread antisemitism throughout the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC), the student club of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, rather than just the two particular students.

Similarly, the Union of Jewish Students, constituted by 64 Jewish societies on campuses across the United Kingdom, said, “It is important that among all the internal Labour politics we do not lose sight of the original issue of alleged antisemitism in one of the most prestigious Labour clubs in the country.”

The new investigation was ordered by the Labour Party, considered a center-left political party, after an earlier investigation by its student group, the OULC, was completed. The results of that earlier investigation were not published, prompting the accusations of a cover-up.

Allegations of widespread antisemitism in the OULC became public last month when one of its student leaders, Alex Chalmers, announced his resignation in protest over the group’s endorsement of “Israeli Apartheid Week,” as reported by The Algemeiner. In his resignation Chalmers gave numerous examples of antisemitic speech by members of his party. Shortly afterward, the Oxford Jewish Society announced that it too had been receiving many reports reflecting a longstanding pattern of antisemitism within the OULC.

When asked about how the new investigation would work, Baroness Royall, who has been appointed to lead the investigation, stated merely, according to the Chronicle: “I have only just been appointed and I too need to better understand the mechanisms.”


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  • Geoffrey Gilbert

    I will be 84 in May and do not believe in the myth
    of antisemitism. I call it what it is “Jew hatred”
    May I suggest you read “Judaphobia the history of
    an Obsession” by Klaus P Fischer.The word “antisemitten”
    did not come into use until Wilhelm Maar (a third rate
    German journalist) formed an anti-jewish society in
    Germany and covered its origins by using the term antisemi

  • Cindy holt

    Unfortunately as a student of the entire bible BOTH tanaka and into the commonly called New Testament, this anti semantic thought and the behavior it inspires will continue and increase.. Until the beginning of the end where for a brief time Israel will receive her peace and recognition.. we as (Christians) believers in Jesus MUST stand with and help protect our brothers and sisters .. We ALL owe the Jewish people our utmost thanks and respect.. IT IS BECAUSE OF THEIR DETERMINATION and ABILITY TO SURIVE that WE HAVE OUR BIBLE.. It is in what you call the Old Testament that WE can UNDERSTAND and KNOW that OUR G-D is and has ALWAYS BEEN ALIVE.. Without them there would be NO Root to be grafted into!! Do NOT join with the world against Israel.. These terrible things will happen..BUT ISRAEL WILL KNOW THAT SHE HAS FRIENDS.. And people who will die alongside of her… Fighting against evil.. Our L-RD Jesus , Yeshua the messiah stands with his people!!

  • A Zionist

    The All Party Inquiry into Antisemitism has existed in the UK for many years. Its chair, John Mann (Labour) is highly qualified and expert in monitoring antisemitism in the UK by referring to experts in the UK.

    The definition of antisemitism, which is available and used and recommended was on the website of the predecessor to the Fundamental Rights Agency. This definition, which is on the website of the US State Department, clearly sets out a definition and examples of antisemitism, as well as how antisemitism is displayed in relation to the Jewish State of Israel.

    The FRA removed this comprehensive definition on the basis that it was not their role to determine a definition of antisemitism! It is a bizarre statement. An organisation that is meant to combat racism, removes a definition of antisemitism, presumably a form of racism!

    If there is no definition, then how can antisemitism be determined? Following the brutal murder of Stephen Lawrence, the McPherson Report (1999) defined racism in terms of the victim of a racist attack and any other person. While this may be accurate for the racism of colour and Islamophobia, it is not accurate for antisemitism. It is glaring that antisemitism is frequently omitted from UK government trainings. Alex Chalmers confirmed that when it comes to antisemitism, Jews are excluded from determining an antisemitic event. Thus, he wrote, antisemitism is dismissed as Jews “crying wolf.”

    This is similar to that which David Hirsch (Goldsmiths College, London) has referred to as “The Livingstone Formulation.” When Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone was approached by a journalist from the Evening Standard who happened to be Jewish. During the conversation, the journalist was called a “concentration camp guard” and “a war criminal.” Livingstone was suspended from office, without pay for 2 weeks, for bringing the office of mayor into disrepute.

    What should have ended the matter, Livingstone played the part of the “victim.” He dismissed the accusation of antisemitism and claimed this was about his criticism of Israel and that behind this was the “Lobby.” There was an extraordinary display of supporters for Livingstone, including the Deputy Mayor, herself Jewish. Eventually, the suspension was overturned and there was great jubilation. What of the antisemitic attack?

    Apparently, antisemitism is a form of racism that can be ignored and abused to the extent that the victim of the racist, antisemitic attack, is charged and found guilty of “bad faith.” Thus, being an antisemite in Britain means “never having to say you are sorry!”

    Anyone who refers to antisemitism is dismissed as being a ploy and thus Jews are acting in “bad faith” or “crying wolf.” Eventually, Jenny Tonge was dismissed for her blatant antisemitism. The punishment was to be made a Liberal-Democrat Peer, where she regularly accuses Israel of stealing body parts in Haiti and there exists a powerful “Lobby.”

    Anthony Julius (2010) “Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England” produces a number of memos written by British civil servants during WW2. Many were malicious and antisemitic. For example, “why should be make an exception of the Jews? After all, everyone is suffering!” Or, ” . . Jews exaggerate . . they like to stoke us up!” In other words, these good British civil servants were indifferent to the Shoah. Livingstone invited to London, a Muslim imman, known for antisemitic rhetoric. Recently, he stated that he did not come across any antisemitism while in office!

    While I have great respect for John Mann, who recently reported that he had received numerous antisemitic emails, I do not have any confidence that the universities will do anything. My old university, Cambridge, allowed an offensive “Checkpoint” on one of its sites. Its Vice-Chancellor dismised the complaint by saying that people could walk round it! If this Vice Chancellor could make such a comment, there is little hope that British students will be educated about the influence of the BDS Movement and Students for Justice for Palestine, or how Jewish students are bullied, threatened,intimidated and met with verbal and physical attacks.

    While I respect David Cameron who is supportive of the Jewish community, he made a serious error of judgement, perhaps cowardice, in the face of a Labour MP’s question who, had returned from a visit to “Palestine”. This led to his outrageous comment about Jews building homes in our capital, Jerusalem – possibly to gain favour with the Muslim population, of which the MP is one.

  • Ephraim

    I am sure the Baroness will feel up to the task, in, maybe, ten years?

  • flopsybunny

    Is this the same Osford University linked to Hillary Clinton’s closest companion, Huma Abedin? Been reading about Huma Abedin’s family and her/their Muslim Brotherhood/Oxford University affiliations in recent Vanity Fair magazine, February 2016. No wonder Hillary is so anxious to please the anti-Jew arabs occupying the Jewish Homeland.

    • flopsybunny

      Oxford, not Osford

  • brenrod

    LOL, the labour party leader is an anti semite… why investigate?