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March 4, 2016 5:05 pm

Major Jewish Group Condemns ‘Vile Antisemitic’ Rally in Greece Featuring Banners, Texts Calling Jews the One and Only Enemy (VIDEO)

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Protesters at the rally in Greece, pictured here, held banners that said the "only one enemy" is international Zionism. Photo: CFCA.

Protesters at the rally in Greece, pictured here, held banners that said the “only one enemy” is international Zionism. Photo: CFCA.

A major international Jewish organization on Friday denounced a recent rally in Thessaloniki, Greece that featured signs and literature promoting antisemitic stereotypes of Jews.

“It was a particularly vile antisemitic demonstration,” Daniel Mariaschin, executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International, told The Algemeiner. “The fact that it happened in a city that is so important in Jewish history and whose population suffered – more than 90 percent killed during the Shoah – makes the demonstration even that much more outrageous.”

The demonstration was aimed at protesting new electronic citizen cards in Greece, according to the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism. Members of the Greek Orthodox organization Agios Vasileios initiated the protest against “instruments of Antichrist and the New World Order” and were seen holding religious banners, along with Greek and Byzantine flags. One of the banners said, “No to the citizen card. There is only one enemy: International Zionism.”

Among the literature available for purchase at the demonstration was one booklet titled “The Jewish-Zionist vampire Soros is thirsty for Greek blood.” Protesters also shouted slogans against “Jewish” Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris.

Mariaschin told The Algemeiner the attacks on the mayor were “an outrage.” He said Boutaris, who has visited Israel a couple of times, has worked hard to build better relations between Greeks and Jews.

“We hope that the people in leadership positions, the political leaders, the media figures, media outlets and so forth will roundly condemn this vile expression of antisemitism,” Mariaschin said.

Nearly a thousand people attended the protest, which was held at the end of February, according to Greek journalist Sofia Christoforidou. She added that one of the speakers at the event, a man named Abbot Methodios, suggested that Christians are enslaved by Jews and claimed that Jews “were cannibals, when the Greeks were building Parthenons.” Christoforidou said the audience applauded his antisemitic rant.

Methodios threatened the Jews with a “Greek Hitler” at a similar rally held a few weeks earlier in Athens.

Watch disturbing footage from the rally below:


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  • Joseph

    As a Greek and a Jew I suggest we cool down here. Like in any other community, there will be those who chose to hate and those who stand aside and watch and those few that would stand by your side. Let’s us not speak about Greece and Greeks in general, since each individual has his or her own believes. It is our responsibility as human beings to reach out to those who do not know us and to show them who we really are. Throwing back mud will not resolve this. Finally, there are many stories of Christian Greeks who provided shelter to Greek Jews compatriots during WW2. More than in any other place, considering the small population of the country. Let’s not forget that as well

    • Yosef

      Are you Jewish ? LOL

    • Yosef

      Are you Jewish? LOL

  • Tika Rosenthal

    I listened to the speech twice. The only time that the word Jew was mentioned
    was in connection to the Masons. I know most of my family in Greece
    were Masons. Here in the United States it’s like Kiwanis or belonging to
    the chamber of commerce.
    In Greece, they think it’s like a secret organization that is going to overthrow the government.
    Still, he was telling people that they shouldn’t be afraid, anyone with Jesus in their heart,
    will see better days. He did say that everyone that wasn’t on the side of Orthodoxy,
    the Greek Church, were betrayers of the Greek people. Hey there’s lots of
    Greek people that don’t believe in the church either.
    So I guess he better go bathe in the blood o’ Jesus!

  • Jonas

    For the nice Greek summer more Islam even more Muslims even more Muslim Turks and less support from the EU.
    IL g*d forbid NO gas deal with GR.
    The GR church in IL should be handled as an hostile institution.

  • Dov

    So what else is new, that they hate us? That’s normal and the sooner we realize as Jews that we are different and that we should act with pride that we are Jewish, the anti-Semites will always remind us. As the old saying, Jews do not create anti-Semitism, but anti-Semitism creates Jewish pride.
    Thank you for the narrow minded Greek religious group for helping us as Jews be proud. The question only is, are these same religious Greek-Orthodox against Jews in Israel (they have a church in Jerusalem) and in Brooklyn?

  • Jon

    WTF does an electronic citizen card ( which I wouldn’t care for either ) have to do with hate and “international Zionist” except propaganda from islamists ?
    Get a grip people!

  • Cindy holt

    Cindy holt
    March 5, 2016
    7:43 pm
    Unfortunately as a student of the entire bible BOTH tanaka and into the commonly called New Testament, this anti semantic thought and the behavior it inspires will continue and increase.. Until the beginning of the end where for a brief time Israel will receive her peace and recognition.. we as (Christians) believers in Jesus MUST stand with and help protect our brothers and sisters .. We ALL owe the Jewish people our utmost thanks and respect.. IT IS BECAUSE OF THEIR DETERMINATION and ABILITY TO SURIVE that WE HAVE OUR BIBLE.. It is in what you call the Old Testament that WE can UNDERSTAND and KNOW that OUR G-D is and has ALWAYS BEEN ALIVE.. Without them there would be NO Root to be grafted into!! Do NOT join with the world against Israel.. These terrible things will happen..BUT ISRAEL WILL KNOW THAT SHE HAS FRIENDS.. And people who will die alongside of her… Fighting against evil.. Our L-RD Jesus , Yeshua the messiah stands with his people!!

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • judorebbe

      Save the crap! – Your Christian Bible (aka New Testament), with over 100 anti-Jewish passages (over 40 referring or alluding to Jews as deicidal maniacs), has been a major source of Jew hatred for the past 20 centuries, among Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern (such as the Greeks) Christians.

      • dante

        if you can’t recognize an expression of friendship & goodwill when you read, you should not bother to share your thoughts; they are unworthy and they spread pessimism and despair.

        while one can’t disagree with your historical summary, one can’t allow that to be the final word; if one does, one makes oneself a prisoner of the past, to barbarism, and destroys any hope for improvement.

        Cindy Holt is to be thanked and appreciated. she represents the best in humanity and the possibility of a better future.

    • ScottAdler

      What is “tanaka” other than a Japanese surname?

    • Tika Rosenthal

      Please, must you proselytize your Christianity on this thread? I am a proud Jewish American of Greek parents. My mother fought in the Civil War. My father defended your country with the British commandos. Was wounded three times. The first Greek officer who died in battle during World War II was a Jew. My mother’s family has been in Greece since the time of the Roman empire. Greek Jews have always been proud of their culture. I know not all Greeks think like these people, what is wrong with these Horyati? Do they not realize how much Jews have sacrificed?
      And now the Israeli government has just signed a new trade agreement with Greece and Cypress. I guess Greeks do not know what side the bread is buttered on.
      Maybe they do not want to move forward. Maybe they are happy with their economic condition. Maybe they do not want the prosperity that the Israeli trade agreement and tourism will bring.
      Judging by the influx of people amassing on the islands, perhaps this will be your new future. And you don’t want any kind of identity card? If it was good enough for the refugees, but are too high minded for you to have one? You do know that is how they found the terrorists that attacked Paris? Some of them had been issued Greek identity cards. Besides you will need those cards in your wallets when you are attacked by your own police and military.

  • Michael Levy

    I am really disappointed in the Greeks. I thought that they were a cut above the usual anti-Semitic vermin. Looking at the video, it looks as if they are just stupid and idiotic as the rest of the anti-Semitic world.
    Shame on you Greece, I thought that you were better than the rest. Remember, bless the Jews and you will be blessed, curse them, and you will be cursed. Judging by the way Greece is in trouble right now, I guess that I realise which one of the two, Greece chooses!

    • Mikey P

      Michael Levy,

      Your predisposition is wrong.

      The Greeks aided in one of the highest kill ratios in the Holocaust.

      I have a Greek friend who described to me that, in the 1970’s, he and his friends would throw darts at photos of Israeli basketball players–and at nobody else.

      My friend is no anti-Semite, but he was brought up in an environment where it was assumed that the Jews were their main enemy and their main target for hate.

      Greek politics is not what you would call civil. There is a disproportionate share of fascists in Greece, and a disproportionate share of Communists–both traffic in anti-Semitism, the former, in classical anti-Semitism, the latter in modern anti-Semitism.

      Greece has hated the Jews since the time of the Jewish Revolt under the Hasmoneans in Judea and since Greece’s conversion to an anti-Semitic form of Christianity.

      • Pong

        We should be careful in judging all greeks the same.
        All jews in Zakinthos were saved from germans with mayer and bishop of the island being the major players. Both were recognized by Yad Vashem as the righteous gentiles. When a terrible earthquake hit the island, Israel sent humanitarian aid with the massage that the jews remember what the Greeks of Zakinthos did.
        Are the greeks anti-semitic ? Yes, they generally are, but the jews should remember good deeds even more then the bad ones.

    • ed g

      Where did you get that idea? Greeks have always considered anyone that is not Greek Orthodox as the antichrist. They are just as backward as any of the Europeans were. Im surprised there was no Golden Dawn supporters amongst the crowd.

  • tiki

    The Greeks really don’t have any problems!
    So, it’s a good thing that the Muslim immigrants, taking over their islands are there to remind them that they do!

  • Greece needn’t worry about being run by Jews ( although that would be no bad thing, as the Greeks seem incapable of ruling themselves.) She has new fellow citizens from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq with whom to build a future who will likely share her views. They are going to be a new demographic reality in Greece , so I hope they enjoy each other – they certainly deserve each other.

  • SteveHC

    Apparently Greek-Israeli fraternity is not valued by the Greek population, at least not when they feel or think that European economic and financial pressure on them has eased up.

    So maybe Israelis and Jews worldwide should consider a boycott of Greece and Greek products.

    • Mikey P

      This should be a lesson to Israel that any cooperation with Greece on natural gas or on defense coordination will be short-lived and will only expose Israel to having the rug pulled out from under it at the worst possible moment.

      Israel should boycott Greece as concerns natural gas and defense.

      Trusting in Greece in those sensitive areas will only result in Israel being stabbed in the back, as a result of profound Greek anti-Semitism.

      Greece has one of the highest rates of anti-Semitism in all of Europe…and that IS saying something.

    • Tika Rosenthal

      OMG! What would they do without Jewish tourism?
      There goes the airlines, the cruise ships, and the tourism dollars it brings in.
      Tourism is one of Greece’s largest source of money. Do they have an aerospace industry? Do they manufacture cars, trucks, or tractors? What industry does Greece have?
      Sorry the Halvah factory in Volos is not an industry. Agriculture and tourism. Who can survive on that? Greece in a few years will be another Pakistan.
      A boycott sounds like a good idea. The only thing I will not boycott is George Dalaras and Glykeria. I even like the Israeli feta cheese better! And Spanish olives and Italian
      Olive oil.

  • Jack HOLAN

    It’s not just Greece and the migrant issues will only serve to intensify the Anti-Semitism both amongst Native populations and the baggage the migrants bring to Europe. If this open door policy of Frau Chancellor Merkel spreads to any other major European Country it will be conclusive that there is no future for Jews iin Europe. It may be time us to forget Europe since Europe wants to forget us and History of what they’ve done to us for Centuries and the Migrant Muslims carry no guilt for the Kaffur. There is Israel the US, Canada and other places with greater saftey.

  • Myron Slater

    If this is the way the Greeks want to act, then Israel shouldn’t help the Greeks with their economy, let them figure it out!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Protest, Protest, Protest.

    But can you fight the Jew haters?

    No, No, No.

    That’s why Jews are so hated because we can’t threaten our haters but try to make nice to them.

    Remember the Holocaust?

  • enufizenuf

    The detritus of a civilization 2500 years ago – that’s all that’s left.

  • HaroldT

    They deserve all that the Muslims give them.
    With so few Jews in Greece their anti-Semitism is inexplicable.

  • brenrod

    bio wmd secreted in their cities is their just desert

  • Ed

    It is a sad testament for a failed people that subsists on the charity of neighbors that cannot even acknowledge its own shortcomings but instead stays mired in the gloom of failure taking comfort only in blaming ghosts for its misery. The greek people are being held down by an anchor of delusion that its miserable situation is not due to its own shortcomings but an imagined outside force holding it down. Greece shall be forevermore doomed to spell its title as greece, no longer deserving of even the minor dignity of a capital letter.