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March 7, 2016 4:00 pm

Iranian Foreign Minister: Muslim Governments Normalizing Ties With Israel ‘Shameful’

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarift. Photo: Wikipedia.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarift. Photo: Wikipedia.

Iran’s foreign minister attacked certain Muslim governments for trying to normalize ties with Israel, calling the move “shameful,” Tehran’s semi-official news agency Fars reported on Monday.

Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed this sentiment to reporters on the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Indonesia on Monday. He said that such Muslim countries are warming up to Israel “at a time when the Zionist regime is under serious attack by the West and NGOs are taking a stance against its crimes.”

Zarif went on to stress that Iran would “never abandon its support for Palestine.”

The OIC summit, titled “United for a Just Solution,” opened on Monday at the Jakarta Convention Center. With participants from 49 Muslim-majority countries, it focused on “Palestine, the Judaization of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.”

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  • John McMillan

    …And Zarif is supposed to be Obama’s new best friend. The moderate, educated Iranian. If we could only go back to 2008 and not have elected Obama. What a egregious mistake. In reality, it was all right there: Rev Wright the bigoted, anti-semite that was Obama’s spiritual mentor and godfather to his daughter; his best friend Wm. Ayers, an anti-Amrican terrorist; Obama’s association with the muslim brotherhood and Louis Farrakhan. It was all there–we just didn’t want to see it.

    Obama has been a dangerous President. If you think of what he has been successful at, it has been the mainstreaming of muslims. He is not a man of peace. Have you ever heard one word condemning acts of violence against Jews in the US or anywhere?

    Clinton has sworn allegiance to sustaining Obama’s foreign policy. That’s a HUGE problem for Jews. Have you ever heard Hilary Clinton speak positively of Jews? Why is her closest aide de camp a Palestinian?

    I’m not sure who I am voting for but it’s not Clinton. I don’t want more of Obama and that’s all she is. A rubber stamp. She has no ideas of her own. No vision. Just Obama, Obama, Obama. I guess she has to mention his name X number of times a day to get his endorsement. I stood on line for 5.5 hrs in 2008 to vote for him; In 2012, I voted for him, but only to defeat Romney. This may be the first election in my life that I may not even vote, I am so profoundly disillusioned. Bernie Sanders is the only honest one and he will never get elected. What has become of this great country that the best people, Kasich, Bush, Sanders, cannot get elected.

    Zarif is more of the same: more hate, more death to follow. Once they wipe out the Jews, then what? Then comes the Christians…

  • Jonas

    Read his face
    Know there history
    See there actions
    Behold there living
    Beware of Iran ww III will start over there

  • Atle

    The hatespeech coming out of the Iranian government is shameful.