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March 8, 2016 8:28 am

UNRWA School Holds Ceremony Celebrating Stabbing Attacks

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An UNRWA school holding a ceremony honoring and celebrating Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israelis. Photo: Facebook.

An UNRWA school holding a ceremony honoring and celebrating Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israelis. Photo: Facebook.

On October 20, as Israelis were being stabbed and run over daily by Palestinians, the UNRWA Gaza City camp school “A” held a ceremony supporting the stabbings and car rammings.

Remember, even though the West characterizes the terror attacks as being prompted by general frustration at the “occupation,” the Palestinian narrative has always been that the terror spree was purely meant to defend the Al Aqsa Mosque from Jewish infiltration. Yet the timing of this ceremony was specifically to support the wave of terror that was then reaching its height.

Here are some of the signs that the UNRWA students were proudly holding:

unrwa gaza2

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“We will live like flying hawks, and we will die like steadfast lions, and all of us for the Palestinian homeland”

unrwa gaza3-2

“We heed your call, oh Al-Aqsa, our blood and souls we will sacrifice for you, oh Al-Aqsa”

unrwa gaza4
Jerusalem is our honor and glory, let us sacrifice for her our souls and all that is dear to us

unrwa gaza5

“My soul is a sacrifice for you, oh Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem is in our hearts, Al-Aqsa is in danger, everybody rise in order to save Jerusalem, let us join hands in order to liberate and save Jerusalem”

unrwa gaza6

Our eyes are on Jerusalemwe will perish and it will never be worthless”

unrwa gaza7

We heed your call, oh Al-Aqsaour blood and souls we will sacrifice for you, oh Al-Aqsa

unrwa gaza8

(We) are masters and not slaves, we are the ones from among whom a shahid is born everyday”

unrwa gaza9

If the Jews are the wind, the revolution is tornadoes”

unrwa gaza10

[Left poster] “How can the light appear, if our blood would not be its fuel, and how could we regain Al-Aqsa if we would not be its soldiers

This is not UNRWA teachers expressing their support for terror on Facebook, as bad as that is. This is UNRWA itself teaching its students to support stabbing Jews — and encouraging them to die in the process.

This is beyond disgusting. It is proof positive that despite UNRWA’s denials, its schools are being used as a platform to teach hate and violence.

There is no oversight, there are no checks and balances, and the only reason we know about it is because all members of this particular school — principals, teachers and staff — were proud enough of teaching hate that they held a public ceremony celebrating and encouraging terror, and put it on Facebook. If this is what some UNRWA schools publish publicly, who knows what kinds of hate and antisemitism are being taught behind closed doors?

UNRWA pretends that it takes reports about abuses like this seriously. Its commissioner general said that last week, referring to me specifically. if that is true, then we should expect UNRWA to publicly denounce this ceremony and make a pledge to its donors to take specific, audited steps to ensure that things like this can never recur.
But history shows that this will never happen. The pages will be silently removed (I have made copies on public Internet archives) and UNRWA will stay silent. I have already shown institutional antisemitism at UNRWA schools, and the organization has simply removed the evidence without admitting any wrongdoing.

UNRWA head Pierre Krähenbühl might claim to take these reports seriously, but all that means is that he will do everything possible to cover it up.

That is, unless the public, the media, and the donors demand answers. 

The pattern is clear. UNRWA employs antisemites and terror supporters. Its schools teach hate. It shows no interest in solving the problems, only in covering them  up. The time has come to demand that UNRWA face consequences for supporting and encouraging its students to commit terror acts.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

UPDATES: Matt Lee of AP asked the State Department spox to comment. They will check out this story and get back to him.

This was not an isolated case. UNRWA schools in Lebanon also held ceremonies to support the terror spree at the same time, officially and unofficially.

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