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March 16, 2016 11:35 am

Netanyahu Takes Home $4,500 Per Month for ’42-Hour’ Work Week, Salary Slip Reveals

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's February 2016 salary slip. Photo: Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s February 2016 salary slip. Photo: Twitter.

The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu uploaded a photo of his February salary slip to social media on Tuesday, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

What the photo revealed was that the Israeli premier’s monthly gross salary is approximately NIS 44,000 ($11,290), and with an additional cost-of-living increase, it reaches some NIS 48,000 ($12,319) – bringing his net income to NIS 17,645 (approximately $4,500).

From the salary slip in question, the total of nearly NIS 31,000 that was deducted included NIS 21,000 in income tax; NIS 5,000 for national insurance (social security) and health insurance; and another NIS 3,500 to an unknown source (the line was blacked out).

The slip also indicates that Netanyahu is employed full-time, based on a 42-hour work week, and that he pays 48% in taxes.

According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the average monthly gross salary in the general population in October 2015 was approximately NIS 9,700 (around $2,500).

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  • Betty Schneck

    Isn’t much for the kind of work he’s required to accomplish as head of state. With due honesty we’re not asking about the kind of food he eats. It isn’t our business, even though it might be trefe, By the way did Ruth know you can kosher Canadian bacon?

  • E P Campbell

    Not much compensation for the most dangerous political job on the planet. Probably a lot less than Hamas and Fatah pay their cronies, some allegedly worth $$$billions.

    • Gerry

      This salary is a pittance. I doubt he works as little as 42 hours per week. Now, are we gullible enough to believe these figures? I dislike the man but I accept these low wages to be ridiculous. My suspicion is these figures are false and have been “leaked” intentionally to portray him a a selfless, ordinary bloke sacrificing himself for the good of the people. Does anyone really believe these figures? Come on, you’re having a laugh.

  • Lionel Gaffen

    Is there a point to this article, other than making a comparison to the average monthly gross salary?

    It’s really comparing apples and oranges, and has no particular relevance.

    A moreproper comparison would be to the CEOs of major corporations, which would likely show that our P.M. is drastically underpaid.

  • Must be one of the lowest-paid PMs in the world. Apart from José Mujica in Uruguay maybe, until he left in 2015.

  • Good. He gets reasonable salary only unlike many other leaders

  • Tony trenton

    Well he is certainly NOT doing the job of PM for the Money !!!

  • AFP

    The man deserves every penny and more. When he is not working he is STILL working. I can’t say that about POTUS. Oy. Golfing and visiting Cuba!

  • Ruth C.

    Yet he spends twice that amount on lobster, porkchops and ice cream.