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March 22, 2016 10:17 am

Israeli Witness to Brussels Bombings: ‘We Were Praying When We Heard a Boom — Just Like in Israel’

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A photo from the scene of the Brussels airport explosions. Photo: Anonymous.

A photo from the scene of the Brussels airport explosions. Photo: Anonymous.

An Israeli present during Tuesday morning’s airport bombings in Belgium recounted the moment of the attack to Israel’s Channel 10.

Yisrael Yeret, who was on his way from New York to Israel – with a stopover in Brussels – told Channel 10 that he and a number of other Israelis were in the midst of conducting their morning (Shacharit) prayers when the blasts occurred.

“[Suddenly] we heard the kind of ‘boom’ we are familiar with in Israel, and a minute later, there was another explosion,” he said, adding that thousands of people were inside the airport at the time.

“We went downstairs, and we heard police shouting, each yelling something different. One told people to go to the right; another told people to go to the left. Eventually, they took us to an open, but fenced-off area of the airport,” where there were tens of thousands of people, some of whom fainted.

“We are now waiting here and nobody is giving us information. Members of airport security told us they want us to wait here for another 48 hours. In the meantime, they have been distributing bottled beverages to everybody, but we don’t know who’s who or what’s what.”

On Tuesday morning, three explosions occurred, one after the other — two at the airport and one at a subway station in the center of the city — killing more than 30 people and wounding 170. According to CNN, at least one of the blasts was a suicide-bombing.

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  • Salomon

    I still believe they prefer leniency over tougher security measures. Otherwise all the dogmas they believe in will crush!

  • Conrad Nadell

    It is amazing how unprepared the Belgium government has been. They are receiving thousands of potential terrorists from the Middle East and their heads are in their behinds.

  • Lia

    Seems as if Belgium should learn about security from Israel …

  • Luba Lallouz

    I do hope the world realizes now what Israel goes through every single day with Palestinian terrorists who have been stoning, stabbing, running down Israelis in their cars, murder, rockets pouring into Israel from Gaza! Why are the Palestinians being funded with all this terrorism day in and day out? Stop the funding!

    I don’t wish on anyone what happened in Brussels but perhaps the world will wake up now when it comes to terrorism! When you lose a loved one the pain never goes away. We had two family members who were bombed to death in a suicide bombing in a cafe in Morocco several years ago and an infant was left without his parents!

  • Globetrotter

    Now the Rest of the world feels like the Israeli did feel when the did get attacked day by day from Hamas, Hezbollah …
    Do they learn something from this? I hope and I hope that they find the right solution very soon, because all this craziness cost me personally a lot of money and quality of life and I have nothing to do with this maniacs.
    Slowly I get really pissed off, because of all this.