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March 27, 2016 11:15 pm

Moving Facebook Post Defending IDF Infantryman Accused of ‘Executing’ Terrorist Goes Viral as Social Media Survey Says Most Israelis Support His Action

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A scene from the B'Tselem video in the immediate aftermath of the Palestinian stabbing attack in Hebron on Thursday. Photo: Screenshot.

A scene from the B’Tselem video in the immediate aftermath of the Palestinian stabbing attack in Hebron on Thursday. Photo: Screenshot.

The Facebook post of a former IDF soldier has gone viral since it was uploaded on Saturday night, with nearly 23,000 shares so far and almost 3,000 comments.

The post, written by Dror Zicherman, is a defense of the soldier accused of “murdering” a Palestinian terrorist who committed a stabbing attack in Hebron on Thursday. According to initial charges, the soldier shot the assailant — one of two terrorists committing the attack — after he was already restrained.

The incident is causing a storm in Israel, with a Buzzilla survey reported by Israel’s Channel 2 concluding that 82 percent of social media users in the country have been expressing support for the soldier and his actions, which have been publicly condemned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a cross section of Israel’s political and defense establishment.

Zicherman’s post, in Hebrew, reads — in part — as follows [Algemeiner translation, ed.]:

I have to get something off my chest that’s been weighing on me… since hearing about the soldier who killed the terrorist who tried to kill him…

On December 29, 2005, I was part of a team on a routine patrol during ongoing operational activities carried out by my battalion in [the Palestinian town of] Tulkarm [in the West Bank].

During the patrol, we received a warning about the intention of terrorists to commit an attack at a Hanukkah event in Israel. [My commander, Lt.] Uri Binamo, therefore, decided to erect a road block…

We received a specific order to check the cars leaving Tulkarm and heading to Israel, with the main detail at our disposal being the birth date of the terrorist in 1976. And so we did. We examined the cars carefully. Fifty minutes after we had erected the road block, a Palestinian taxi arrived with eight passengers from whom I took ID cards. One of these showed the 1976 birth date. Immediately, we ordered the passengers to get out of the taxi so that we could check them.

We checked the first three and saw that they did not have weapons on them, so we told them to move off to the side. The fourth passenger was wearing a leather coat. Though it was December, it was a hotter day than usual.

That passenger turned out to be a suicide bomber…

Uri wanted to check that passenger, whose leather coat had aroused my suspicion terribly. As he was being examined, I aimed my weapon at his head. When Uri saw me [do this], he turned to me and we had the following exchange, which I will never forget.

Uri: Zicherman, you are not to shoot.

Me: But he is wearing a leather coat.

Uri: You are not to shoot, period.

I, of course, listened to Uri, acting in accordance with the procedures whereby it is only permissible to shoot if a terrorist has been positively identified.

A few seconds later, Uri turned around and addressed the terrorist initially in Hebrew.

Uri: Open your coat and show me your shirt.

The terrorist looked at him all wide-eyed, as though he didn’t understand Hebrew, and then Uri started yelling at him in Arabic, while signaling me not to shoot, as I held my weapon with a bullet in the chamber, aimed directly at the terrorist’s face. But I listened to Uri and did nothing.

Uri: (In Arabic) Lift up your shirt.

The terrorist looked at me, then back at Uri and made a movement as though he was about to remove his shirt.

Instead, he detonated the switch of the bomb he had on him — nearly 30 kilos of explosives — and blew himself up on me and Uri. Uri was killed and I was critically wounded…

Why am I sharing this? Because I am sick and tired and very frustrated with what has been happening in our country… For months, IDF soldiers have been faced with the dilemma of whether to neutralize or kill terrorists. And each time, the same analysts on the various TV channels discuss what kind of society we have become.

The [current] incident hit a new record. A soldier kills a terrorist and all the media publish “photos of the atrocity” — of the “execution” — as though the soldier simply executed some innocent passerby who did nothing…

Everyone is competing for who can be the most shocked by this incident …

And the military assessment… is to disavow him. Everybody is …saying that the IDF doesn’t execute people.

True, an IDF soldier does not execute people. An IDF soldier kills terrorists.

That terrorist also wore a leather coat on a hot day. That terrorist also made a movement as though he was about to detonate a bomb. The soldier did not kill an innocent civilian. He killed a person with the means and intent to murder soldiers or random Israelis.

The procedures in question in the IDF are a joke, a very bad joke.

Tell me more about how humane our army is, but before talking about the rules of engagement, remember that because of [them], Uri is gone and I remain seriously impaired and shell-shocked.

Who knows? Maybe it’s better to be thought of as a murderer… than being shell-shocked.

What I am certain about is that the soldier in question is a hero and I salute him. He killed a terrorist and prevented innocent people from being harmed in the future.

Zicherman’s post was in response to the initial public condemnation of the IDF infantryman from the Shimshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade caught on camera by left-wing NGO B’Tselem shooting a subdued terrorist in the head. This was after two terrorists committed their stabbing attack.

According to a Channel 2 report on Sunday, an investigation into the actions of the soldier is underway, and during the next few weeks, the IDF Advocate General will determine whether to indict or exonerate him.

Attorney Yaakov Koren, who serves as a military court judge, told Channel 2, “I believe that all public statements are premature at this point. We have to let the IDF Military Police complete its investiation. On a theoretical level, it is clear that ‘executions’ cannot be permitted. On the other hand, we have to take into account the immense pressure that the soldiers serving in the territories are experiencing.”

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  • Lois Michal Unger Freifeld

    A terrorist came with a knife to kill Israeli soldiers. Instead he was killed. I stand with the brave soldier who acted properly.

  • E.S.Roshan.

    Beloved Government of Israel, and the LAW and ORDER, Knesset policies and the IDF Procedure must be in accordance to save and protect IDF First, and all the Israelites in the Promised land. In such a situation of battle with enemies ‘WITHIN’ whenever a IDF Soldier get doubt of something unusual or fishy, he must be generously permitted to do whatever defensive and this may NOT and NEVER CONSIDERED as coldblooded murder, at present the GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION IS SO SEVERE/SERIOUS because of so many Israelites injured,suffered and killed, in comparision with this UNPRECEDENTED SITUATION THE SOLDIER MUST BE RELEASED AND HONOURED. For to prove the whole world Israel is not become weak but strong evermore. Amen Shalom

  • Noneof Yourbusiness
  • Dani

    I can learn 2 things from this story. 1) thre should be bomb protection for soldiers at check points. 2) if you are a defeated terrorist laying on the ground, you better stay quite or you will be a dead terrorist.

  • What other nation is held to the standards of ‘normalcy’ while living abnormally under constant threat and attack other than Israel?
    What other defence force would continue to twist itself into an unpalatable pretzel of humane correctness under the most trying conditions of threats on the cusp of enactment?
    Israel’s anxiety to protect itself and its vulnerable people against a never-ending onslaught of murderous intent while at the same time, anxious not to offend the international community could be its undoing.

  • Mrs. S Rivera

    This is a disgrace to arrest this innocent soldier! I stand with Israel, I’m an American who is outraged by the double standards at the UN and around the world. So please, stop letting the leftist Liberal policies ruin Israel, this soldier is a hero!

  • What kind of world do we live in, every country is allowed to kill terrorists, no questions are asked. Except on country, Israel. In a space of about 3 months 30 Israelis have been murdered. Per capita the equivalent of about 1,800 Americans. How would America respond if that many of US citizens were shot, stabbed and or struck by cars to death in terrorist attacks in that short period of time. Israel has the right to defend her citizens. When the Belgian police shoots a terrorist no one questions them.

  • barney.wainer


  • Janie Bradley

    I am appalled that people are questioning the good people of Israel. What has happened in this crazy world that people are taking the sides of suicide bombers and terrorists? The Israeli people have been forced to defend themselves and I for one will ALWAYS stand firm FOR Israel!

  • duPont

    I stand with Zicherman and the current accused IDF soldier. To do otherwise is to invite the Arab/Muslim murderers to continue killing Jews indiscriminately. JEWISH lives count! The UN, may not agree but then it will become their problem when the Muslim Murderers come for them! I stand with the IDF and hope that they “neutralize” any terrorists that attempt to slaughter Jews!

  • CJohn Zammit

    I am with Dror Zicherman.

  • Marc Rosenblatt

    Thank you for sharing that experience. It gives the reader a totally different perspective when examining and drawing a conclusion in considering the situation that transpired.

  • atilla

    This sick joke sounds like some action that one would expect from the UKistan vermian that JAILED a UK Marine for killing a Taliban terrorist, NOT the IDF for Gods sake !!

    Even though I am not an Israeli, I am extremely disgusted with PM Netanyahu’s comments; I would have expected him to support ALL the IDF’s actions in a time of war.

  • Bonnie

    Perfectly stated….enough is enough. Let that brave, smart soldier go free. Trusting your own instincts is the best way to go……would much rather kill or injure a suspect than have any harm come to one of our own.

  • Without printing all of the “if/then” statement’s that could be argued in this case, and even while not knowing the outcome of the military investigation, I believe that this soldier should be shown mercy. How many of the people that he is responsible to protect have to die before there can be allowed an emotional response? People who don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist will find fault anyways, I believe the rest of us should show mercy.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman


  • Markus Elkana Brajtman


  • Michael D Perloff

    The soldier exercised good judgment because:

    – His unit had been briefed to be alert to the terrorist tactic of attacking Israelis and then detonating explosives;

    – Terrorist wounded in the act of attempted murder is on the ground without restraints;

    – Terrorist wearing a bulky jacket on a warm day while most others at the scene are in shirt sleeves;

    – Terrorist appears to have something bulky under his jacket;

    – Terrorist, who has already attempted murder, begins to move his arm;

    – Other trained first responders at the scene noticed the above and can be heard shouting warnings;

    – Crowd of people close by who were in imminent danger if a suicide vest had been detonated.

    Two pertinent questions should be asked:

    First – Was it incitement, treason, or something else that motivated the extremist left-wing B’Tselem gang to remove the audio portion of the video it circulated?

    Second – When does the soldier get a well deserved medal?

  • Francis Figliola

    Premeditated? Murder? Nonsense. That soldier at that precise second was in a special consciousness of the moment. He was not in our world at the time he fired. How can the judgers forget that IDF deals with Kamikaze’s!

  • Ida wax

    If this Soldier had been wounded or someone had been blown up by this Terrorist, he would have been called a Hero by Netanyahu instead of a Murderer. Thank G-d he is alive, and is a Hero.

  • Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

    Moshe Feiglin posted this on his Facebook page. He is absolutely correct.

    “There is nothing more moral than eliminating a terrorist who attempts murder. Whoever doesn’t understand this literally sheds blood.
    How many soldiers and civilians will G-d forbid pay with their lives for the pandering to the nations ‘morality’ show put on by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister in response to Thursday’s event in Hebron, in which a soldier shot and killed an injured terrorist?”

  • Stan Nadel

    But in this case the terrorist had already been checked for explosives and been cleared. In addition all the soldier had to do if he was worried was to tell everyone to stand back until the terrorist could be searched (although he already had been searched).

  • A statement that I hope will acquit the soldier: “We have to take into account the immense pressure that the soldiers serving in the territories are experiencing.” However, the debate going on in Israel at the time, serves to the country’s honour. The moral code in IDF is skyhigh above that in other western countries. Congratulation!

  • Alarming Article.Israel is becoming a totalitarian state.Gouvernment is looking for scapegoats.Leaders are punishing victims.They have time to waist till the next terrorist murder.

  • NuritG

    [King] David also cut the head off Goliath after Goliath was already on the ground. He became King thereafter. In the putrid unJewish era David would be detained and would have faced murder charges!



  • Natalie Gavora

    Shoot first and ask questions later. When we have their commitment they will change and agree to live in peace, then we will also change.

  • I think we should all take a deep breath, count to ten and let the army do it’s investigation. The hypocrisy of the Palestinians in particular is mind-boggling, but we have learned to live with it. When one makes one’s mission to kill another person, especially one armed with a gun, one does not expect to come out alive!

  • Mario A. Dazo

    I salute all IDF soldiers and infantrymen. You must defend your country and people at all cost no matter what your enemies will say even it results to killing the terrorists. It’s all your God given rights because God give the land to you. If only I’m young at this time how I wish I will become one of your enlisted men and defend the Land of Israel! Bless Israel forever more! And curse those who curse Israel!

  • NuritG

    Time has come for Israel’s citizen to tell their government: ad-kan-till this point and no farther!

  • theo

    This incident is driven by the fear of what the world out there will think
    This is a particular psychosis which our leaders suffer from
    All the good Israel does ,the hospitals ,whether on the border with Syria, or the wonderful aid given when disasters strike
    Our leaders should claim our incontrovertible rights to our land Instead we have this pandering to the fear of what the goyim will think
    Of course our soldiers – every one of them deserves acclaim beyond what they receive This brave soldier too
    This was an incident waiting to happen
    It is time we assert our rights to our land and not to be cowed by those we will never please Notwithstanding the myriad of ways we heal a sick world ,we have to realize that our own defenders are our greatest possession

  • i agree with those who say the soldier should go free. he did not murder anyone, he killed a terrorist and no one is arguing the guy he shot was not a terrorist. no one is arguing he might have provided the shin bet with important information. the guy was wearing some thing unlikely on a warm day. the world already condemns israel, the idf, the settlements in judea and samaria, the jews in hebron, and –if our sociologis bds’ers are right– our sociologists left and right alike. there is no UN, or Eurocrat who will live, or die, with us … they cant even condemn the muslims in Brussels. So what and why are we listening to them. This terrorist is dead. Alive he wouldnt have stopped others from imitating him. So what’s the beef?

  • Susie Kaplan

    I moved to Israel one year ago. I have never felt threatened. I live in Jerusalem and walk the streets with no fear whatsoever. I have three grandsons in the army and It is because of these boys that I am able to “live” like this. They risk their lives everyday. We have a right, an obligation, a committment to DEFEND ourselves. It is so painful, so heart wrenching what this soldier has to face after he did…. what any soldier would do. DEFEND themselves and our people.

  • ita

    Execution is the word that should be used for what the Arab murdererd are. The UDF are merely defending themselves and the civilians they are suposed to protect. The Arabs sole intent is to kill IDF and inocent JEWS. They are not out fir a sunny day spatzier. It is the IDF’s sworn duty to “KILL” in defense all such sensless murderers before they have a chance to act. We are sorry to hear of Uri. The Arab he was searching should have been on the ground spread eagle. With hands restrained before any IDF got any place near him. Look how the Arabs treat JEWISH yeshiva students. Remember how US soldiers acted in Viet Nam. If a single person “ATEMPTED” to injur an US soldier they killed everybody in sight then burned down the whole village. The Arabs who had the knives funds and all their family’s funds should be conficated as payment for the injures and shock of the stabbed IDF. And the person who set up ahead to video this incident should be arrested as an accesory to a crime because he knew in advance what was to happen and did nothing to prevent or warn the IDF and infact encouraged it.

  • Jenny Mees

    There is a feeling of intense despair in my heart as I read that a soldier is to be prosecuted for protecting his country and its citizens. Everyday we see political correctness not only distorting the truth but totally annihilating it to fit in with popular opinion and current acceptable norms. These norms are the enemy of truth and justice and would have us swallow whatever lie or injustice that makes governments appear righteous. The soldier did what he was trained to do and he deserves to be honoured for his actions not vilified. He took out an enemy combatant who would happily have killed numerous innocents all in the name of a brutal political ideology called islam.

  • chaya lobl

    I am totally sickened by everyone’s one sided worries about terrorists.
    These people are saying CLEARLY on any public media they can that they want to, and will whenever possible kill JEWS. They proclaim it proudly and I have NEVER heard any of these left wing people LOUDLY proclaim their abhorrence of this.
    As OUR Torah teaches us,
    When someone is coming to kill YOU, kill HIM first.

    Where is common sense?

  • Any item covering this story should include mention of the second video showing that people on
    the scene thought that there was a danger that the terrorist had a bomb.
    IMRA provides a short version with English subtitles and a view of the terrorist in his zipped up jacket with a bulge (77 degrees F in Hebron at the time)- a photo taken from the official Hamas website.
    The video is important because it supports the claim of the soldier that when he arrived at the scene he thought that the terrorist may have a bomb belt [in the video there is such a warning]. In fact the video includes someone noting with surprise that the terrorist was alive.
    This second video puts what transpired in context: the soldier who acted did so apparently thinking that there was a clear and present danger. He did not, as the B’tselem video implies – come to a quiet scene where there was no possibility of thinking that there was a danger. I would further note that if someone had indeed checked the terrorist for a bomb that he either didn’t unzip the jacket or – as bizarre as this may sound – despite the warm weather decided to zip the jacket back up.

    A final observation: the treatment of the second video illustrates the interesting role of social media today. Almost all the media in Israel has either ignored its existence or mentioned it in passing only to drop any mention of it in the ongoing coverage. In the absence of social media – including YouTube – the second video could be readily removed from the public’s memory. Thanks to social media facts that for some reason are dropped by the traditional media still can reach the public.

  • sharonah rabinowitz

    Very sad that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chief of Staff Eizenkot made public statements before an investigation. I am extremely disappointed in both of them.

  • We in America are very familiar with innocent people being killed by police so when the circumstances as reported indicate the prisoner was restrained, this tells us that the justification to shoot him had passed as he was no longer a threat to anyone’s safety. Corrupt cops who do this in America are prosecuted for homicide justifiably. Shall Israel depart from its laws and say it’s OK because it was a terrorist? That might be acceptable in non-democratic nations but not in Israel.Jews can claim the moral high ground because justice is for all. We are not Islamic terrorists whose families are rewarded for murder. We are better than they are despite what our enemies and the ignorant profess to be so.In Gaza, murder is desirable and backed by the government and it’s Charter.

  • Gail

    My thanks to the unnamed soldier who acted on evidence and experience. By killing the attacker wearing the suspiciously hevy jacket on a warm dey, the soldier prevented what could well have been a Belgium Airport-style suicide bombing, thus saving many lives.

  • Social media should not be given any kind of credibility.