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April 5, 2016 5:04 pm

Swedish-Jewish Activist ‘Not Surprised’ Israeli Teacher in Malmö Told to Seek Employment Far From School Children ‘Who Hate Jews’

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Malmo, Sweden. Photo: Wikipedia.

Malmo, Sweden. Photo: Wikipedia.

A Swedish-Jewish intellectual said she was “not the least bit surprised” to learn of a report in the Israeli press on Tuesday about a teacher in Malmö who was fired for being a Jew.

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein told The Algemeiner that the only thing “baffling” about the incident recounted in the report is how “out-in-the-open” it was.

Hernroth-Rothstein, well-known in Sweden for her pro-Israel activism and both personal and public battles against antisemtism in Europe, was responding to a story that appeared in the Hebrew news site nrg about “A,” a decades’-long Israeli ex-pat who claimed she was let go from her position on the grounds that she would be hated by both Swedish and Arab children.

According to nrg, “A” posted on Facebook a description of her experience with the principal of the school where she had only begun working in February.

“Listen, ‘A,’ you know that I’m on your side,” she recounted her employer saying to her. “And it’s really unpleasant for me to say this to you, but I think that problems are liable to arise here as a result of your origins.”

“A” said he explained, “It won’t be easy for you here. Most of the Swedish pupils are racists. They hate everybody, but especially Jews, so it could easily be that you will be getting it from them and the Arab pupils. I suggest you seek employment elsewhere, far from schools. And you know that I’m telling you this because I care about you.”

“A” told nrg that Malmö “has become a place I no longer recognize. I feel the way I did when I arrived here 39 years ago – like a tourist. Though the buildings and streets are familiar, everything else has changed.”

“A” said that the “situation has grown increasingly worse since Operation Cast Lead,” referring to the three-week IDF incursion into Gaza – from December 2008 to January 18, 2009 – to stop terrorist rocket-fire into Israel and weapons smuggling into the Hamas-controlled enclave.

“I felt all choked up” during the conversation with the principal, she wrote on Facebook. “But I managed to stop the tears. I was silent, and not only because I couldn’t breathe, but because I already knew which ‘problems’ could arise. I understood that even the many scarves I would have to wear to hide my Star of David wouldn’t help. I would have to keep quiet when asked about my background.”

She continued: “On the way home, alone in a train car, I allowed the tears of my frustration to flow. I was angry with myself. I was angry with my frustration. I was angry with my tears. I was angry about maybe having to find other work, not as a teacher. Above all, I was angry at Sweden in 2016. When I arrived home, I began to look for another job.”

According to nrg, “A” moved to Malmö with her Swedish husband, whom she met in Israel, when he served as a member of the UN Peacekeeping Force. The couple divorced about a decade later, but she remained in Malmö, where she accumulated a number of academic degrees and became an integral part of the city.

“Malmö is lost to us,” Hernroth-Rothstein told The Algemeiner. “And by that I mean Sweden, not merely Jews. This is a city that represents an accelerated version of what we see going on in the rest of the country and the continent today, because of its relatively small size and the fact that the highly problematic areas — those densely populated by Arab immigrants — are in the middle of the city.”

She went on: “The Malmö orthodox rabbi has long sounded the alarm and filed numerous police reports citing harassment, both physical and verbal. Yet the answer, from both politicians and intellectuals, has been to condemn the Jewish state and excuse antisemitism by saying that it is the logical consequence of Israeli military actions. The fish rots from the head, and Malmö is an excellent example of this, as it has sold out and abandoned its once significant Jewish population.”

Hernroth-Rothstein said that Swedish municipalities have started segregating communal swimming pools, due to the complaints by young women that immigrant men molest them when they go swimming. This, she said, “is how Sweden responds to the violation of human rights and transgression of the Swedish law — it adapts to the perpetrator and abandons the victim, and I see the same thing happening to us Jews in Sweden today. Indeed, the teacher in question will likely receive neither a public apology nor compensation, but she is asked to adapt to the perpetrators and accept this reality. There is no excuse for this travesty of justice.”

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  • Mad Mullah

    As in the 7th Century AD.. when Islam was born, Europe is begin dragged into new Dark Ages. Turkey was a 100% Christian nation until it was overrun by Islam. Sweden is next.

    But what can be done? They are in already. Just by natural birthrate the population will double every 10 years, while the native Swedes remain static. Soon Muslims will be a powerful voting block, then eventually a majority. Goodbye Sweden.

    Denmark, in trouble, Belgium, in deep trouble, Germany, suicidal. France, embroiled in difficult debate. What might come next ? Segregated schools? Jews excluded from universities? Ghettos for non-Muslims? Prohibition of alcohol? Shariah law? ? Removal of artworks and other symbols of the Christian legacy? The list of possible demands is endless.

    The ideology and promulgation of this “religion” which is really a totalitarian political system in disguise, upheld by threats of burning Hell and promises of a hedonistic Paradise rooted in pre-medieval nonsense and superstition, with anti-Jewish and anti-Christian sentiment thrown in for good measure, is a growing threat to democracy, to European culture, and to the free world.

    What can be done? The answer is not pleasant. Neither is life-saving surgery. Close all mosques. Require all Swedish citizens to formally, in writing, renounce any personal religious belief or doctrine which conflicts with the constitution of the nation. Imprison this who refuse. Indefinitely. Any better ideas?

    • Michael Sheingold

      To answer you all from the Mad Mullah to Richard E Sherwin.
      The answer will not be what you might like but an answer witch is true from my view.
      True all Muslims are not a danger. And some might even be considered benign. It is the sickness of hate towards the life the fuels this utter disregard for life.
      The true danger how ever is the Quran. Where it say they have to give money towards terrorism. They are aloud to lie and cheat.
      Then what do one do towards all this then? Fight fire with fire?
      Na hose them down with water and destroy them with pig flesh.
      And that is just an idea….

  • albert snow

    If Sweden has a problem with 5% muslim population, how about Israel then having a 20% muslim population? Problems, problems, problems.
    Having more than 0,1% muslim population increases the internal problem in any non muslim state.

    There is only one way to bring back order, freedom, security and democracy in the secular nonmuslim states, and that´s having all mosques closed and having all devoted muslims expelled to muslim societies.

    • Rebellio Cross

      Michael Sheingold, You are absolutely right. Please keep on telling this and maybe we can change the world!

  • Charles Martel at the battle of Tours

    I may have to vote for Ted Cruz. We need to stop the Muslim invasion NOW! The Swedes get what they deserve which is a religion from the Dark Ages.Blondes do look great in Black except when they are covered in a Burqa.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Sweden is the first European domino to fall, and the other countries seem close behind. Adios, Europe.

    • Per Svensson

      Sweden has one of the strongest economies of Europe and was the top performer during the sub-prime crisis. Sweden will be the last country “to fall”. The situation in certain parts of Malmo is awful but no different from similar areas elsewhere, including the US.
      This winter has brought a helpful debate where secular positions have gained strength and you see many cities reacting (not allowing certain organizations to rent, enforcing ground rules in swimming pools etc).
      The problem with many of the comments here is that they echo favorite memes from racist sites and give a one-sided view of reality. Apply the same principle to your “favorite” area is any major US city and people would think the US is gone.

      • Sunshine

        Here we go again… spewing the word ‘racist’ when in disagreement/divergence of opinion.
        Most Swedes are Jew haters. Come to terms with the truth.
        I’ve seen enough stories and videos and read enough comments (from Swedes) to know they hate the Jews.
        And yes, your country will fall to Islam through fault of your own (no backbone). Your own police admitted there are now 55 no-go zones that are too dangerous to enter.
        Enjoy your economy for now… you sure are borrowing an awful lot of money.
        As to your media, it is under government censorship.
        Remember this.

  • Living near Malmö and not Jewish I can agree with the present spirit here – this and the last government has become completely paralyzed, they borrow money from abroad to be able to drag in more unidentified muslim migrants. There is a list of active blogs, where maybe 95% are communist/socialist. One of the few “alternative media” not obsessively poitically correct, tells a number of facts, the first article now tells that our media are only more reliable than the Turkish – that is the present situation in Sweden.

    • Bindon Blood

      And what are the people ,the Swedish people doing about it? Are they just accepting their fate and rolling over to wait for cultural and moral death? Why aren’t the Swedes who care about their country organising themselves into pressure groups to constantly harangue the traitors that govern them? I assume that all sane Swedes are determined to rid themselves of the people that have brought this disaster to their country and their way of life destroying in the process the future of their children and grandchildren and the sacrifice and destruction of their nation.
      If Swedes continue to allow the current elite to rule them they obviously deserve the awful consequences of their weakness and stupidity. Do the Swedish people care,really care? where are the protest groups ,the rallies,the strikes,the marches on Parliament? If the Swedes really care about their country they must act and act now. Peaceful protest and demonstration is the right of all free people who are being betrayed by those that purport to govern them.The Jews are an asset to your country ;they have lived peacefully and productively in Sweden for generations. They are being abandoned ,for what? A group of migrants who would destroy the very society that took them in. Insanity!! The time is now,unless the Swedish people just don’t care and have resigned themselves to their fate.

  • Valentina Davis

    Sweden is lost. I see the same thing happening in Canada but not on the same level yet. The Universities are accepting anti-semitic propaganda to infiltrate every aspect of University life and the Muslims are acquiring places of prominence within our political system. My province, Ontario, debated sharia years ago and it was not adopted, thank God, but it is an ongoing battle which most people are ignorant of.

  • robert davis

    The IDF actions to defending Israel from its enemies have nothing to do with what’s happening in sweden and the operation Gaza still LESS : antisemitism started in sweden when the present communist government took office and still keeps it in spite it lost élections!!!!! Criminals nowadays are usually antisémites because Israel did not rightly choose the communist system. If Israel did not defend itself not only antisemitism would not have abated in thse countries but it would even increased because then Israel would not be weak only politically but also militarily. The weaken a country is the more cowards will take on it. Anyway in sweden it’s the swedish people who are losing their country not Israel and they deserve it for not expelling and impeaching criminals such as their PM and his ministers.

  • Robert Pasman

    Do I understand correctly? Racism and anti-Semitism permitted by the Swedish Constitution? Where is Justice? Are children taught about good values in the Swedish schools?
    Or has fear taken possession of common sense? I hope not.

  • With an estimated Muslim population of 450,000__500,000 (5% of the total population ) has Sweden not already passed the point where she COULD do anything ? As a former government minister Jens Orback said “We must be open and tolerant toward Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority they will be so towards us.” Poor,deluded fools.

  • Eric R.

    Algemeiner, what’s the matter? You state you have 29 comments and only one posted as of this time?

    You have been posting very few comments lately – on any thread, and the ones you post are meek ones.

    Do you have radical Marxist SJWs doing the moderating?

  • tiki

    Look at Malmö and see the future Europe!

  • spencer

    The future of Europe will what has and is happening in Sweden today. They have been overrun by Muslims, a large percentage of then extremists, all because of Sweden’s open door policy and their wanting to be politically correct. And, who better to blame than the Jews. Ruthie is so right. Today the trend in Europe is to blame the victims not those responsible for the horrible mess that Europe has got itself into. If Europe doesn’t start taking steps to put things right rather than concede to the demands of the invaders, then Europe is doomed. It wont be long before Europe is “Europistan”.

  • Kate

    Simply appalling.

  • dante

    the amazing thing is not swedish cowardice and capitulation. (anyone familiar with the eager collaboration with nazi germany will not be surprised…same for norway, holland, belgium, france, etc.) the amazing thing is that the swedes think of themselves as noble, virtuous, sensitive and morally superior, even as they embrace the most primitive and repugnant hatreds.

    • Bindon Blood

      I’ve heard all the theories but still cannot really understand why the West is ,relatively suddenly,so enraptured by Islam and all things Muslim. This is even more baffling when the Western elites sneer at and denigrate Christians and Jews whose religious philosophy is one of freedom and enlightenment.What is actually going on?; something is going on ,something that is obviously conspired at and hidden by the ruling powers in all Western states.It doesn’t seem to matter how much they are abused,assaulted,robbed and mistreated by Muslims and Islam in general,the Western governments will not call a halt ;in fact their love affair with Islam grows ever stronger like a pitiful beaten wife infatuated with her tormentor.Any enlightening explanation would be welcomed.

    • Per Svensson

      @Dante: If you seriously believe Swedes in general “embrace hatred” I suggest you apply for a passport and travel. You will learn a lot. Cherry-picking bad examples doesn’t give an accurate picture of reality. US media has very limited coverage of other countries which doesn’t create the level of understanding needed put things in perspective.

  • Sylvia Ramirez

    This woman is a joke. “Intellectual” in her professional life, maybe, but a real head case in her personal one. Can’t respect anything she says, especially since she’s a judgmental hypocrite. I’d offer up proof, but that would really be up to my friend who knows firsthand how disrespectful this woman can be. She really should focus on herself before publicly commenting on anything, in my opinion, but I’m not dating one of the married guys she’s chasing and sending unfavorable photos to, so what do I know?

  • Nurit Greenger

    What is happening now in Sweden is the rule, it is the ugly history of the Swedes towards Jews for hundreds of years. Post WWII, for a short while the acceptance of the Jews, was the exception. The Swedes have always hated Jews. The latest “it is OK to beat up Jews because Israel does this or that” is just their latest Jew hating excuse. But they will get theirs. When Muslims start spending more time beating up the Swedes, not only raping the Swedish girls, vs beating up Jews, they will get it, hard. Actually there is huge Muslim on non Jewish Swede crimes but they cover it up well.

  • Barry

    Maybe it’s time for a boycott of Swedish products until such time as Sweden returns to the principles of Western civilization.

  • Carol

    Sweden, amongst others, caving to Moslem/fascist hatred. Anti-semitism never ceases to exist. To gain, and maintain power, the Jew is the scapegoat because they are , and always have been an easy target. When will man advance to being called human being?

    I have more respect for animals, of the four legged variety.

    Wake-up World! This is a beautiful planet, so why do we allow these evil hoods to run amok with our blessings?

  • Nurit Greenger

    Sweden, an example to Islamo-Nazism, an embarrassment to the civilized world

  • SteveHC

    This should by now come as no surprise to anyone. Unfortunately Sweden has been lost not just to Jews but to native Swedes as well. And this is by Sweden’s own choice.

  • fred

    Sweden was once an example of the ideal state. Sadly it has sunk bellow the gutter as the rest of Europe is doing.

  • brenrod

    meanwhile liberal Jews will continue to vote for those who will increase the immigration of muslims which will increase anti semitism. Jews are their own worst enemy who are always too late.

  • Lia

    This is not even a travesty of justice: it is appeasement, pure and simple. Swedish Jews should go home (I’m grateful that they have one), but the native Swedes must either take a stand or also start emigrating.

  • Ghilmeini

    No one believed me 15 years ago when I warned Jews of the sea change in atmosphere. You are paranoid! You are over-reacting.

    Malmo is America in 30 years.

    The far left thinks Islam is some form of Arabian Buddhism. It is not. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are the product of dysfunctional societies that has a built in hatred for Jews and Israel and come from cultures where speaking out and asking questions can get you killed and just forget about standing up for the diversity of others. Where once we were safe protected in Democracy and free societies, we are now the scapegoat of European suicide.

    Jews in Europe are an endangered species. The radical Islamists are the new SS and intend to hunt down every single Jew until they finish Hitler’s work.

    Many Muslims come to the west to get away from the ignorant Imams and retrograde societies; many have risked their lives to stop terror plots but the west still treats the MCB and CAIR like they are the girl scouts instead of the dark age anti-democracy bigots that they are.

  • Zg

    Islamophobia is a crime, firing a Jew for it’s religion, is natural. And this is in an exemplary democracy and bastion of human rights!!!!

  • Jose Duran

    This is unfortunate, but not surprising at all. Sweden , has fallen to its left leaning self destructing policies, that forgot about its origins and superior heritage it was called its own. Now the vocal, uneducated and militant , violent Muslim minority is forcing the country into darkness. A sizeable but unproductive and mostly uneducated Muslim minority, is destroying moderation and the western tradition left to die by the blind left elite.mthe country is done as a liberal democracy, unless something radical is done.

  • Ephraim

    Now, imagine if this happened to a Muslim ‘A’ anywhere!

  • Eric R.

    Get the Jews out of Malmo. Then Israel should nuke it to oblivion.

  • Scott Rose


  • Arlene Seidel Abrams

    Inexcusable……………… can free societies permit this uncivilized behavior……………………..Recognize the truth and act on it.

    • Corsair

      Nothing new (except, maybe, for the surprise to hear that Malmo is still in Sweden and hasn’t been turned into a caliphate already), unfortunately. It’s Sweden’s shame that something like this has happened.

    • Linda Golden

      The societies are so PC, they would rather sacrifice the rights of their own citizens than be perceived as being anti-Muslim. Well you should be careful what you wish for. I have said it before and I will say it again. Jews, leave these vile, anti-Semitic , places and go where your talents will be appreciated. Let these societies become what they apparently want…Jew free, welfare states where modernity, fresh ideas and innovation count for nothing and a people living in the 6th century will end up ruling life there. Iran gave the world rugs, Saudi Arabia gave the world oil. Egypt gave the world the pyramids built by slaves…people have alternatives to oil and can live without Persian rugs or pyramids.

    • LDN

      Is it not clear to you that Sweden will do neither.

    • shloime

      the “truth” is that in a democracy, even uneducated, unemployable savages get an equal vote, and it’s political suicide not to pander to what is perceived as a large block of votes. the centre of malmo has such a large block.

      and the “truth” is that liberal democracies find the anti-semitic lies appealing, because they mask the ugliness of their ingrained jew-hatred behind a socially acceptable veneer of “progressive” ideas, no matter how outrageously untrue they may be. when the swedish foreign minister repeats outrageous blood libels against israel, it is not because she herself has verified their accuracy, but because the lies have been repeated often enough, and they happen to align with her own prejudices.

      it would be most ironic if the xenophobia whipped up against the jews were to boil over and result in an expulsion of the very arab migrants who created it.

    • first of all, no society is ever ‘free’ — any more than lunches or rides are. second –sweden has been occupied by government ideologues for longer than most swedes care to recall, or are educated enough to. third — ‘truth’ in sweden is whatever the government ideologues decide is truth, and the people have been brainwashed (i.e. educated to jewhatred like in malmo) so long they cant be expected to see any other ‘truth’. Sounds just like the U.N. and the Eurocrats doesnt it. Where else could ISIS and pals flourish so well.

    • robert davis

      swedes have submitted to criminals such as their government and arabs. They deserve what’s in store for them, charia, head,hands cuttings etc.