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April 6, 2016 9:52 am

Kevin Costner, in Israel for ‘Criminal’ Screening, Says He Doesn’t Need ‘Permission’ to Visit

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Actor Kevin Costner, pictured, is in Israel filming the upcoming action film, “Criminal." Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Actor Kevin Costner, pictured, is in Israel filming the upcoming action film, “Criminal.” Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – The Cinema City multiplex in Glilot, Israel, on Tuesday was the scene of the pre-premiere screening of the upcoming action film, Criminal, which stars Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

Criminal tells the story of Jericho Stewart (Costner), a death-row inmate implanted with the memories and skills of deceased CIA agent Bill Pope (Reynolds), in hopes he could complete Pope’s last mission—preventing a diabolical plot that could cost many lives. Other behind-the-scenes figures involved in the film are Israeli director Ariel Vromen and Israeli producer Avi Lerner. The movie debuts on April 15. Costner, 61, arrived in Israel earlier this week as the guest of Moshe and Leon Edri, who head the film’s Israeli distribution company.

Costner told reporters, “This time I’m here [in Israel] to support Ariel [Vromen]….This is his country, his parents are here, and I’m very proud of him. He’s a young man who is truly doing well.” Speaking of Gadot, Coster said she was “lovely” to work with and “a wonderful partner.”

Asked whether he was pressured by anti-Israel activists not to visit the Jewish state, Costner said, “I don’t ask anyone’s permission to travel. I’ve received lots of love here. I wouldn’t have missed that.”

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  • A class act -Always one of my favorites!!!

  • Rita Crespi

    Can’t wait for the movie to open. I think I’ve seen every movie he’s been in and I’ve never been disappointed. Classy guy!

  • Nina sussin

    Think very highly and fondly of him as an actor and a person. Thank you

  • Leah

    Excellent comments people!!! I admire those mega stars who defy the BDS pressure and do the right thing! I will always support them, cuz they support Israel!

  • Atilla

    Now there is a movie I will see !

    • Leah

      Me too. Dear Kevin Costner, you rock!!!

  • nat cheiman

    What a guy!! He is his own man.

  • Reform School

    He needs no permission, only a visa. Mastercard won’t do!

  • Al Talena

    When will the gov’t grow ‘baitzim’ and deal with the traitors from within?

  • Ephraim

    Good for you. Nice to know that love supersedes hate.

  • stevenl

    Great GUY!

  • Alana Ronald

    Why would he need anyone’s permission?

    • Rachel Greenberg

      The BDS people like to think that no one should visit Israel unless they have BDS’permission…laughable mo rons

  • dante

    G-d Bless Kevin Costner. In public life, Decency is a quality that is in short supply; it’s probably about as common as Courage or Honesty.

    Today, the herds of senseless anti-Israel lemmings congratulate themselves on their “courage” and they seek to stampede over anyone who doesn’t join them.

    The Decency and the Courage of Kevin Costner are inspiring>>>>and, he’s a gifted actor>>>>

  • Glenda Urmacher

    Especially the Jewish big shots.

  • Glenda Urmacher

    it would be lovely if all professionals had the backbone of Mr.Costner.
    Especially the Jewish bishops!

  • Courage as Churchill said is the most important character trait. It makes all others possoble. Thank you Kevin.