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April 8, 2016 1:47 pm

Major Jewish Organization Expresses Concern Over Vicious Stabbing of Orthodox Jew in New York

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Photo: Tony Webster/ Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Tony Webster/ Wikimedia Commons

A spokesperson for a major Jewish human rights group told The Algemeiner on Friday that it is troubled by the early morning stabbing of an Orthodox Jew in Manhattan.

Evan Bernstein, New York Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said, “We are concerned by the report of a violent attack on Avraham Fekete, a traditional Orthodox man, at the Bleeker Street subway station early this morning.” 

At approximately 3:00 am, 55-year-old Fekete was stabbed inside the subway station in Greenwich Village. NYPD officers told the New York Post that the victim was found with stab wounds to his face, neck, arms and hands. Fekete, the report noted, “was wearing traditional Hasidic clothing” and only speaks Yiddish. He told police through an interpreter that he was sleeping on a bench on the No. 6 train platform when “he woke up and saw a black man holding a razor.” The victim was stabbed repeatedly and then robbed. Two passersby flagged down a police car following the attack. Fekete was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he is in stable condition.

ADL’s Bernstein added that the organization is “also keenly aware – and respectful – of the NYPD’s current classification of this attack as being motivated by robbery, and not by the victim’s religion. We appreciate the NYPD’s ongoing investigation into this crime and we wish Mr. Fekete a full and speedy recovery.”

Friday morning’s stabbing is the latest in what appears to be a series of attacks targeting Orthodox Jews in New York. In February, Keny Rochelin was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime after knifing 25-year-old Orthodox Jew Yehuda Brikman in Crown Heights. In separate incidents in November and December, two Orthodox Jewish men were also victims of stabbings in Crown Heights.

Following  the assault on Brikman, the ADL issued a statement in which it expressed its worry that “Brooklyn’s Jewish community is once again suffering from apparent targeted acts of hate…This alleged hate crime is just one in a series of traumatic attacks over the past several months in which Jews across the city, especially in Brooklyn, have been singled out for violence.”

“While we have not documented a rise in the overall numbers of antisemitic incidents in New York City,” the ADL added, “we are seeing a troubling pattern in which members of the Jewish community in Brooklyn are experiencing the worst kind of antisemitism.”

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  • Shimon

    It has come to this situation and so low in character. These Arabs or whomever, are blinded by what is portraid over the media what is openly displayed to kids far younger then what the brains or parents give them to understand is wrong. The sickening thing is that they derive pleasure from these intolerable actions they minds watch. The sooner these games are illegally barbed from their homes and not allowed to portray the images the better the World will be. Where have such actions been allowed in younger years. Hopefully they find the criminals and lock them up for life. But I mean life as a deterrent to others who have similar ideas in their bad educated life. Murder is not for an individual to decide. This is not in his hands. I pray for a better World.

  • If a White man commits the “robbery” it is politically safe to classify the crime as a hate crime. If a Black man commits a robbery or assault, it is politically explosive to classify it as a hate crime.

  • Emily Winters

    We have to figure out how to prevent this from happening, and figure it out fast!

    • Uncle Sam

      Don’t sleep on the subway for starters. Carry weapons. Even a cane can be effective. Train everyone in martial arts. Strengthen and defend the community. Remember the Jewish Defense League. Don’t submit like sheep. Hashem helps those who help themselves.

  • Lynn Sharon

    The first article noted that an Israel,had been stabbed. The article described the victim as a Hassid. Are US journalists living in a mad world? What indicated that the victim was an Israeli? It seems to me that the media requires a semblance of education. The victim, who spoke only Yiddish, had not been interviewed prior to the article. Once again, it is obvious that whoever submitted the first report should change his profession.

  • Jonah

    Welcome to Obamas America. If the culprit had been arrested teams of liberals would swoop down to defend the perpetrater and by the time the legal process was carried out the Jew would be aressted for hate crime, why because he was a Jew in the public which incited attacks by his very presence. Their are liberal groups who are offended at the site of Jews and they are protected by hate crime legislation. What will be the Jewish communities reaction to these attacks? If Obama could run for reelection …..they would vote him into office…better yet they are going to vote Hilliary and humus into office bringing more dire consequences on their heads. So how can you protect a group of people who refuse to protect themselves. Is it an Unsolvable dellimma? Is Chuck Shumers reaction one that would limit the rights of individuals to arm themselves only to be stabbed. Chuck would probably resolve the issue by allowing more peaceful Syrian Isis militants into the country. The liberals solution for everything is open the borders and put real teeth into hate crime legislation. It seems though that all hate crime legislation when boiled down to its true Essense protects speech against Jews and punishes those that oppose Islam. Why is this so?… … Chuky….being the devout liberal Jew you are. It seems once all liberal actions are strained through a seive they vehemently protect anyone who wants to kill a Jew. Can you laugh this off…laughing Joe Leiberman. As you to fruitcakes are defending the liberals to the death you are being surrounded by knife wielding antisemitics and what do you hear about it in the liberal press….crickets.

  • Hamanslayer

    The ADL is an important major Jewish organization, whose nob is to deal with defamation, antisemitism, hate campaigns and incitement, and, hopefully, the media’s beloved constant lie-filled anti-israel propaganda.
    When it comes to violent attacks and physical protection of Jews and Jewish institutions, we need to revive the JDL, not to rely on the ADL. When the JDL patrolled Crown Heights in the 60’s, Jewish kids stopped being afraid to walk in the streets, and violent attacks against Jews declined to a very very small fraction of what used to occur beforehand.

    Too many people — mostly on the left and anti-orthodox, anti-tradition, anti-Jewish-nationalism, have been quick to denounce Rabbi Meir Kahane (who was murdered in N.Y. an Arab terrorist, while on a visit from Israel) as a “racist” — but Rabbi Kahane made a major contribution to Jewish life and security in America when he organized the JDL.

    • judorebbe

      As one of the early JDL generation in Philly, (from 1969 thru 1971) … Thank you. You are absolutely right.

  • ted weiss

    But not a beeep from the reform movement that betrayed Israel

  • Reform School

    Who authorized Evan Bernstein (or Abe Foxman) to be an official spokesperson for Diaspora Jewry? Can one assail others for inserting religion into otherwise unrelated stories when one’s own editorial policy allows it, without being a hypocrite? Are we becoming our own worst enemy?
    VICIOUS stabbings? VIOLENT attacks? Are there GENTLE stabbings? PACIFIST attacks? If the Algemeiner does not wish to be labeled the next Weakly World News, National Enquirer, Pink Police Gazette (or similar rag) it must resist sensationalist adjectives, whether in headline or copy.

    • Uncle Sam

      No just lay down and die and stick your head in the sand!

  • Ron Ruthfield

    Evan Bernstein, New York Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said, “We are concerned by the report of a violent attack on Avraham Fekete, a traditional Orthodox man, at the Bleeker Street subway station early this morning.”

    Mr. Bernstein is “concerned”? He should be outraged!

  • brenrod

    probably farakhan black muslims.
    Why do the Hasidim continue to wear like clones these 18th century Polish fashions which draw attention to them as Jews. I thought the original idea was to not stand out and to appear ordinary… now its become an idol.