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April 13, 2016 10:31 am

Report: Former Libyan Dictator Gaddafi Asked for Israel’s Help During Uprising Against Him

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Former Libyan President Muammar al-Gaddafi, pictured, reportedly asked for Israel's help during the Libyan uprising. Photo: US Navy.

Former Libyan President Muammar al-Gaddafi, pictured, reportedly asked for Israel’s help during the Libyan uprising in 2011. Photo: US Navy. – A new report suggests that former Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi sought help from Israel during the uprising in his country in 2011.

Gaddafi sent a request for diplomatic support to Israel via a third-party country, warning Israel that if rebels were to topple his regime, they could pose a broader threat, Israel’s Army Radio reported Wednesday. The request asked Israel to urge the U.S. and France to reign in military action in Libya, which consisted of airstrikes on the country at the time.

Israel, however, decided against taking any action. Gaddafi’s government was ultimately toppled in October 2011. Since 2014, two rival governments have been controlling Libya.

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  • Yadja

    Obama used a UN Resolution “Responsibility to Protect” to use military resources to oust Gaddafi. He did not go through our Congress because Gaddafi no imminent threat to America and it is unconstitutional for an American president to assassinate a world leader.

    Hillary and Obama were giving weapons to al Qaeda in Libya and Gaddafi kept al Qaeda in tow. Why an American president would do such a thing? But then why would an American president encourage Egypt to put a Muslim Brotherhood into place and oust Mubarak who kept them in tow? Why would an American president draw Red Lines in the sand concerning Assad then walk away? As evidence piles up we in America see a president who is not only no friend to our allies but no friend to us.

    After Gaddafi dead we saw Benghazi. Who encouraged Muslims to attack American compounds on 9/11, Morsi. Obama put his hand into the Arab Spring and made it an Arab Inferno that continues to burn today and is has long reaching consequences around the world.

  • I did read all the early articles concerning Mr. Gaddafi in Algemeiner which I didn’t read before. They were no many comments in the early articles has his reason. The truth is that Mr. Gaddafi was mind attacked by foreign people including people agents from Norway under cover up, Mr. Gaddafi private pilot was a Norwegian pilot to control his move doing the year before he was killed. Mr. Gaddafi was pushed from behind mentally against Israel and against some western countries as it does happen to day anti Israeli propaganda in many waster universities and some Hebrew men were killed in Europe and USA. Mr. Gaddafi’s mind brought into insanity by staged fake events is as what is happening in EU and USA, Mr. Gaddafi went on against Israel not by his own will but pushed from behind mentally trough fake staged events in Libya by the same people who did push thousand of people from behind into universities and into fake organization against Israel!!! The image of Mr. Gaddafi was set up! Just as German country leader face was seen in the media when knowing been Mobil phone recorded by Obama administration or Russia Putin face when been mind attacked by the conflict in Ukraine or the face of Mr. Netanyahu in conflict with Obama, Mr. Gaddafi was a country leader of many years which under mind attacks of many years did prevent him mentally to reach goals been out of focus just as a child is mind attacked at school which prevent him to concentrate on his studies. We se mad faces of politicians in the USA political campaign, we see Obama face changing all the time under mental stress and yet those politician didn’t lead many years as Mr. Gaddafi. When Mr. Gaddafi start to realize that he was mind attacked brought in extreme FAER believing a reality which didn’t exit and was the cause of the wrong doing, he wanted to correct him self coming out of the labyrinth of hell, it was too late! The reason Mr. Gaddafi sought for help from Israel which is the fact that Mr. Gaddafi was never against Israel but brain twitted by foreign agents!

  • One Libyan man did say “in Gaddafi time we hade one dictator” now a day we have hundreds of dictators! The photography of Mr. Gaddafi in this article talks! We see that he was mind attacked by terrifying staged fake events for many years which gradually his own brain did attack his mind into insanity which of course did push him from behind mentally to do what he did! No one own earth could see Mr. Gaddafi gradually becoming ill? We know Shakespeare British play Othello were a strong man is mind attacked gradually brought into insanity ending killing his beloved wife and himself. This did happen to Mr. Gaddafi in another way round which is the same as a whole psychology tactic. Mr. Gaddafi was a naïve and generous man which many countries in Africa did admire him including the Palestinians. When a man is mind attacked as Mr. Gaddafi was mind attacked, not only his mind was brought into insanity but his own sex is completely destroyed and then the Norwegian news paper media did come up with articles about Mr. Gaddafi’s abnormal sex forgetting Norway does and did sexually abuse thousands of children’s who do becomes man – make gays, lesbians and pedophiles and targeted into becoming political activist for recruiting defenseless naïve people into becoming political activists worldwide from Morocco, North Africa, Israel, the Middle East, Asia, USA and South America. Those abused Norwegian children’s is a man – made industry of gays, lesbians and pedophiles who do target naïve people into becoming political activist in countries which Norway did give big money to country leaders under cover up of social support projects to corrupt country leaders to make sure that the targeted naïve people who are man made political activists will rise in the right fixed time to take down the corrupt government leaders by demonstrations creating chaos in the country, find out witch countries their country leaders were discovered naked money corrupted! And where the big money did come from! In this article do not stand that Norway and Denmark did take part in attacking Mr. Gaddafi forces under NATO fake flag. The French country leader at that time was manipulated into believing that Mr. Gaddafi was a danger to the international community! It is not and never was the case! It was all about Mr. naïve Gaddafi which did trust people been betrayed!!!! Even the Arab world was prevented to see that Mr. Gaddafi was gradually becoming mentally ill. Most of the Libyan people did love Mr. Gaddafi! Free school, free health care, good housing possibilities which Norway could only dream of! Here Mr. Obama did his biggest life mistake! They did kill Mr. Gaddafi in a terrifying cruel conduct for the corrupt NATO and Obama to hide behind their crimes leaving not a single trace of Mr. Gaddafi to cover open their war crimes! If Mr. Gaddafi was not killed taking into international court he will wine the case supported by millions of people round the world! The recruited activists against Mr. Gaddafi did get green light to kill him when taken in believe if Mr. Gaddafi survives they will be punished with death which is not the case! The sad situation is that Ms. Hillary Clinton is involved in the massacre of Mr. Gaddafi which I’m sure she is regretting to day, some USA citizens were brutally killed in Benghazi, what goes one way comes in other way round, the law of nature. Come on! Stop the stupid shit!!! I do miss Mr. Gaddafi and his children’s! I really do! It looks like men have no right to have fun anymore. Mr. Gaddafi was a great man, he could become a greater man if he got the chance helping many countries in Africa and of course looking for making peace with Israel, after all his mother is of a Hebrew mind and a very generous women as her son is! God let Mr. Gaddafi and his children’s rest forever in peace! Amen sees the light!